Monday, November 22, 2010

Did God Speak To This Six Year Old Boy? - From Rev. Charles R. Sustar

Per A Friend's Request,
Here is one of the messages I received from my friend Servant Leung in China.

I thought it very significant that the boy’s name who gave this account of an amazing vision he had that suggests that the USA may be attacked by China in 2011 is Jordan, for we can only enter the Promised Land after we too have passed through and crossed the Jordan, which allegorically relates to our death via baptism, just as entering the Promised Land signifies our re-birth in Christ’s image.

In the vision, Jordan shares many things about our new life in Heaven and on Earth as well, which is so very heartening and joyful to think about.


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Re: A Dire Spiritual Warning and November 2010 Prayer Alert

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Did God Speak To This Six Year Old Boy?
Rev. Charles R. Sustar

One day last spring, Joan and I were having lunch with our friends Chester and Jean Sharpe. Chester told us of a family he knew that had an unusual thing happen. When he begin to relate the event, I asked him to send the testimony to me, which he did about a week later. It was so thrilling that I wanted to share it with everyone possible! With permission, I do so now.

Jordan is a six-year-old boy who lives here in Phoenix, Arizona. I am told that he is shy and retiring-not outgoing (that is the thing that makes this so astounding). To protect him from those who would not have his best interest at heart, I will not use his last name. You may know that this is the true testimony just as his mother heard and wrote it.

Here is the testimony: April 20, 2008

Jordan and God

We went to visit my grandparents (Jordan’s great grandparents) for lunch with the family. On the way home in the car with my husband, my mother, my son Jordan(6yrs old), and my youngest son (3 yrs old). Jordan started talking about God¡¬


First he said which got all of our attention. This planet will be destroyed. In2011 some things will start happening, like what I asked. There will be bombs. The armies are going to throw bombs at us, but we have things that can block bombs in the air and throw them back. Who is going to throw bombs at us I asked, China he replied. How does he even know anything about China, he is only 6 we thought? (Is he predicting a war with China in 2011?). There will be lots of volcanoes with fire coming out, floods and those twisting things, ¬what are they called mommy? I replied, Tornados? Yes, tornados, he said.

At this point we all had goose bumps and were in awe! Then Jordan said those bugs that look like ants, there will be lots of them everywhere but they will grow big and have faces. (Is he talking about the plague of the locust in the bible, but he doesn’t know what locusts are called? If you think about it, locusts enlarged kind of do look like ants) We will be scared he said, but God says it’s ok and not to be scared. He continued there will be a lion with lots of horns and fire coming out of his mouth. People will disappear and people left will be like huh? (Dismayed). There will be clones too. Clones? I said, Do you even know what clones are Jordan? Yes, he said when there is more than one of the same people. Who will be the people that are clones, I asked? Everyone, he said, after we die and go to heaven, there will be clones of all of us there and you will see and it will walk inside of your body and then there will be only one of you. (I wonder if he is talking about the Holy Spirit?)

Jordan continued saying, after the world is destroyed, the clouds will come down to the earth and God will re-grow everything on earth. God will say “trees grow” and they will grow. He will just tell just tell everything to grow back again and they listen. Everything will be new again. And God will live with us on earth. What happens to all the bad people asked his grandma? They will go with the monsters, he said. And the other good people that are already dead will open their eyes and they will Wake up, there skin will re-grow and they will getup and go to Jesus. What will heaven look like we asked?

In heaven the streets are made of gold and they are slippery (probably meaning shiny we thought). There are lots of flowers of all colors, lots of yellow flowers. There are lots of butterflies and ladybugs. Grandma asked, are we all going to live in our own houses in Heaven? Yes Jordan answered but all the houses will be connected together. There are no bad people there. Everybody is happy. The animals go to heaven too and they talk. The lions are nice. The goats are nice. The goats will sleep with the lions. Do we eat there? asked grandma. ¬Yes there is lot of food, and you can have anything you want. The trees talk too, if you want an apple all you have to do is close your eyes and ask for a apple and an apple will appear on the tree.

Anything you want in heaven, you just close your eyes and think of it and you will have it. We’re going to be invisible but not to each other. The other people who are not in heaven can’t see us. It’s like magic. Who tells you these things Jordan I asked, I just know he replied. Does God talk to you and show you these things his grandma asked, Yes, he said. He tells me I can make wishes but not for myself ¬only for other people. Your not suppose to wish for yourself. We all asked one by one are we going to heaven and he replied, if you’re good.

Was God talking through him to testify to us, did he have the Holy Spirit upon him? We do recall one thing later that night. Before eating lunch at my grandparent’s house we all formed a circle and held hands to say a prayer and my husband and me noticed Jordan went limp and fell in front of me on the ground. He then jumped up confused and got back into the circle. Maybe the Holy Ghost touched him then, or maybe that was just Coincidence. But we do believe that God was using my son to let us know that he is real and he is coming back for his people.

Well, Saint of God, what do you think about that? Did God speak to and thru this six-year-old boy?

Let’s review some of what he said: China Will Bomb Us In 2011

I gave copies of this to our congregation. A member sent a copy to John Hagee Ministries in San Antonia, Texas. A staff member read it and replied in writing that this will happen at that time during World War III.

The bible teaches us that the Earth will be destroyed by Fire. The book of Revelation says that God will cleanse the Earth by Fire and create a beautiful new Earth.

Exciting days are here!!! Jesus is Coming SOON!!!

If you feel that God Spoke to Jordan, feel free to make copies of this testimony and circulate them, especially to sinners, lost friends and loved ones.

God Speaks--- Will We Listen
Rev. Charles R. Sustar

Servant Leung