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Astounding Heavenly Signs on Feast of Esther/Purim,
February 26th, 2021, 
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NOTE ABOUT GRAPHIC VIEWING: The graphics in this article are highly detailed, and add a great deal to the teaching capabilities of the article. As teaching tools, they should be clicked on to open them in a viewer and magnified with zoom features to see all the details. On a laptop, you can enlarge them greatly by opening the graphics in a new window.

In this article, as the above graphic shows, I specifically focus on the Heavenly Signs on the Feast of Esther or Purim, which begins on the evening of February 25th, 2021, and ends after 2 days in Israel on Sunday February 28th. This year, the main day of Purim falls on Friday, February 26th. Purim is not one of the original Feasts of the Lord, but it still has a strong prophetic significance for the New Testament believers as well as the Old Testament adherents that do not believe in Yahshua or Jesus. Like many of the Feasts of Israel, Purim is celebrated at the time of a Full Moon, and the Moon in its fullness represents the fullness or readiness of the Bride of the Messiah to be caught up to be with her beloved Bridegroom.

If you aren't familiar with the story of the Israelite Queen of Persia that is recalled in the Old Testament Book of Esther, which is 8 chapters long, let me give you a little background into it. In my book "The Language of God in Humanity", I discussed the strong prophetic aspects of this story around the Feast of Purim that has characters that represent Satan, godly angels, our Heavenly Father, our Messiah Yahshua and His Bride, which consists of the Born Again Saints who love and follow Him. 

The main character in this drama, which is also a love story that is tied to Yahshua and His Bride, is Hadassah, whose name means Myrtle. She is the orphaned ward of Mordecai, her godly cousin who also serves the King. When the King proposes to find a new Queen to replace the banished Vashti who has displeased him with her disobedience, Hadassah is one of many young maidens taken by the King's servants into his palace harem to be readied for their presentation before the King.

Meanwhile, Hadassah's cousin Mordecai is embroiled in a life and death struggle with the satanic villain of the story, the Agagite or Amalekite Haman and his family. Haman seeks to gain the King's favor, and he sees Mordecai as standing in his way. So he plots to kill not only Mordecai, but all the displaced Israelites living in Persia. As the drama unfolds, it should become clear to the discerning believer that Yahshua is depicted by the man called Mordecai, Satan and his demons are depicted by the wicked advisor to the King named Haman and his 10 sons, Esther signifies the Christians and Jews that are saved by the blood of Yahshua, and the King of Persia represents our Heavenly Father. 

Even the minor characters in the story have a major New Testament counterpart in that the seven eunuchs signify the seven angels to the seven churches, and the seven princely advisors to the king represent the seven lampstands or churches that Yahshua addresses in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3. To read more about the prophetic aspects of the Feast of Esther, please read the excerpt from my book "The Language of God in Humanity" that I turned into a blog post about Purim. This article shows that Purim has a direct correlation to the tribulation we are now experiencing that will lead up to the Great Tribulation:

The Feast Of Purim Tied To The
Tribulation And Great Tribulation!

Now, since the Feast of Esther or Purim represents the relationship of Yahshua with His Born Again Saints, the Signs in the Heavens on Purim likely reflect God's unfolding plan for the Saints from both Houses of Israel. In this article, I will explain that this is exactly what we see in the heavens this February 26th. But before I go into more detail about the Heavenly Signs depicted in great detail in my main opening graphic, I want to focus on what is currently happening in the world in respect to these signs. First and foremost, we are seeing a global loss of freedom and independence surrounding this Corona Virus Pandemic, the further weakening of our food supply chains, and the threatened collapse of the global economy. Many small businesses are failing, making the big corporate powers even more powerful. 

This year, there has also been many cataclysmic disasters, which are continuing all over the world at an alarming rate. The following short embedded video recently done by the Two Preachers on YouTube shows just some of the most recent disasters worldwide. Of particular note in this video is the flood waters that were literally blood red in Indonesia:

The disgusting blood red water that plagued Indonesia during that flash flood reminded me of the first of the 10 plagues that devastated Egypt just before the Exodus of the Israelites. This past few years, there have also been massive hail storms, catastrophic wildfires, terrible hurricanes and tropical storms, locust invasions sweeping the globe, mass bird, fish and animal deaths, droughts, floods, severe blizzards and record high and low temperatures all over the world. There has also been a massive loss of human life and their material goods and food crops everywhere. What all this brings to mind is the fact that the Rapture is a type of Exodus where - instead of fleeing to the wilderness or desert, or taking up arms to defend themselves as the Israelites in Persia were allowed to do during Esther's day - the Born Again Saints will find safety in our Father's House in Heaven via the Ark of their New Covenant with Christ. 

This is our blessed hope because, right now, we have entered into one of the darkest times in human history, when the forces of evil are deceiving everyone with clever lies and half truths while they spin their webs to enslave the gullible, even as they are planning to annihilate anyone brave enough to resist them. But Praise be to Yahweh and His Son Yahshua, who have given us the victory through the power of the Holy Spirit! Since we are born again, the Spirit of God is actively engaging with us, and we are keeping our eyes on Yahshua. 

Before I focus exclusively on the Heavenly Signs this Purim, I also wanted to recall the Jupiter and Venus Conjunction, and alignment of the Sun, Moon and three other planets in Capricorn and Sagittarius this February 11th, 2021. As shown in the graphic below, this Sign looked like the cross shaped Laminin molecule, which is a microscopic protein that binds the cells in our bodies together. This amazing Sign occurred 14 days before Purim. If you want to know more about it, a link to my article explaining the full meaning of this Sign can be found below it.

Amazing Heavenly Signs in Capricorn on
February 11th, 2021, 
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Prophetic Messages Encoded in the Passages and Ceilings of the
Great Pyramid at Giza, 
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The 14 days between this February 11th alignment in Capricorn and the date for Purim beginning on February 25th, 2021 ties to the 14-year time period that I propose for the Tribulation and Great Tribulation to be completed. The 14 years can be seen as two seven year periods, with the second seven year period that began in 2017 ending in 2024. The three articles linked to at the end of this article show all my research done surrounding this 14 year time period. Please read them to understand why I believe that the Great Tribulation is about to begin, and the Millennial Rule of Yahshua will commence sometime after the 1260 days, or 3.5 prophetic 360-day years of the Great Tribulation are over. 

So there are two seven year periods within the 14, with the first ten years of the 14 year period serving as the tribulation before the Great Tribulation. Although I thought it might begin in 2010, this 14 year period technically began in 2011, as shown by the length in Pyramid Inches of the Ascending Passageways in the Great Pyramid at Giza, and it will end sometime in mid to late 2024. The illustration above, and the one below this paragraph that show the 2010-2011 correlation for the beginning of the 14 years were taken from my book "The Language of God in Prophecy". 

Great Pyramid Antechamber Allegorically Tied to the
Great Tribulation, 
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In the Great Pyramid Antechamber graphic depicted above, I erased the dates I had originally thought were indicated by the length of the Antechamber, which is allegorically tied to the interior chambers called the Holy Place and Most Holy Place in the Temple and Desert Tabernacle. From what can be discerned from the Book of Jasher or Upright Record. and the "Antiquities of the Jews" written by the First Century Jewish Historian Josephus, the Sethites before the Flood built the Giza pyramids on the border between Upper and Lower Egypt. Furthermore, the Great Pyramid or Pillar of Enoch was built to serve as a sacred pillar-style altar dedicated to the Creator God Yahweh. This is also partly revealed by the following Old Testament Bible verses:

Isaiah 19:19-20 - “In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord at its border. 20 And it will be for a sign and for a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the Lord because of the oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Mighty One, and He will deliver them.”

Jeremiah 32:20 - “You have set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, to this day, and in Israel and among other men; and You have made Yourself a name, as it is this day.”

As shown in the two pyramid graphics above, the Pyramid Inch counted from the entrance of the Great Pyramid leads to the end of the Great Step leading into the Antechamber, and it is connected to the year 2010. This means that the Antechamber begins with the Pyramid Inch tied to 2011. The Antechamber depicts the Tribulation before the Millennial Rule of Christ depicted by the King's Chamber, which the Antechamber leads into. 2010 and 2011 were both marked by powerful Heavenly Signs including several Total Solar and Total Lunar Eclipses. This indicated that they were very pivotal years on God's prophetic calendar. 

That is why I believe that this Antechamber entrance tie-in to the years 2010 and 2011 was no accident. It also suggests that 2011 was the actual first year of the 10 year Tribulation before the 3.5 year Great Tribulation that is hinted at by the 10 days of tribulation mentioned in Revelation 2:10. This is a period of time in which the Saints have to suffer tribulation before they are rescued from the Great Tribulation, and I believe this 10-day tribulation period is the 10 years of tribulation that began in 2011, and will end this year. 

This 10 year period of gradually intensifying persecution should end sometime in 2021, and the 3.5 year Great Tribulation will immediately follow it. As my next article will show, I believe that the Rapture may very well be tied to either Passover, Second Passover or Pentecost due to the powerful Signs in the Heavens around those times, as well as to the many hints in the Bible that the Rapture is a springtime event, and it is Spring in Israel and the entire Northern Hemisphere from the Spring Equinox in March to the Summer Solstice in June. Regardless of when this tribulation ends, all of this human suffering that the Wrath of God will produce is going to lead up to the Millennial Rule of Christ. 

The coming Millennial Rule of Christ is depicted in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar that the prophet Daniel deciphered in Daniel Chapter 2. In that dream, a great white Stone from Heaven crushed the feet of the Idolatrous Statue that depicted Nebuchadnezzar's powerful Old World reign at the golden top or head of the statue. When the stone crushed the feet, the entire statue fell, indicating that the Stone depicting Yahshua also destroyed all the other less magnificent worldly empires that would follow Nebuchadnezzar's in the Old World (left statue leg) and New World (right statue leg). 

Just as Nebuchadnezzar's worldly power statue's destruction indicates, Yahshua's earthly return and rule will end all flawed, worldly human governments that were under subjection to the short 3.5 year reign of the New World Order of the Antichrist. After Yahshua wipes out the wicked and imprisons Satan in the bottomless pit for a thousand years, He will establish His godly rulership all over the world, and there will be true peace, security, freedom and liberty for all of God's people after that. 

Although this entire year is definitely within the Rapture Watch timeframe, February 11th was a very High Watch Day, as is the date for Purim beginning on the evening of February 25th. The graphic at the top of this article of the Heavenly Signs on Purim day this February 26th, 2021 shows why. But what the text I added to that graphic is trying to say won't make complete sense unless you've seen the revised graphic below that I created in November of 2017, which was based on a map that I created for inclusion in my book "The Language of God in History":

4 Corners - 4 Seals - 4 Horses - A Prophetic Map of the World, Click to Enlarge


To understand my development of the ideas in the amazing graphic shared above, please read the article that I wrote about the Four Living Creatures and their ties to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the first Four Seal Judgments that I've also linked to above. Now, due to all of the information that I wish to impart in this article, I will share different sections of the large Purim Sign graphic at the beginning of this article when I discuss the details in that section. In this way, I hope to be able to teach those who read it how to discern what the Heavenly Signs mean. I also hope to clarify my unique understanding of the Gospel in the Stars that Yahshua wrote into the Heavens when He created the Universe.
Focus on Purim 2021 Signs in Aquarius,
Capricorn & Sagittarius, Click to Enlarge

This Purim, there is a powerful alignment of planets in both Aquarius and Capricorn, with Pluto still in Sagittarius, as shown in the adjacent portion of the full size Purim Sign graphic. This sign pertains to all the inhabitants of the Earth. But in the beginning, when Yahshua created the heavens and the Earth, these particular Zodiac Signs were not only spiritually connected to the three Tribes of Israel named after Jacob's sons Reuben, Gad and Asher, but they were also physically connected to the American Continents in one of the four positional corners of the Earth that are spoken of in the Bible. 

But due to precession, the four corners of the Earth have shifted 180 degrees, and the Americas are now connected to the Solar Ecliptic constellations Virgo, Leo and Cancer. This signifies that the historical change in political power that we are witnessing right now with the superpowers shifting from the Western Hemisphere nations to the Eastern Hemisphere nations was all part of God's Plan as a punishment for what He foreknew about the selfishness, greed, corruption and rebellion against godly authority that would eventually and sadly engulf all of the Western nations that were once founded on Christian principles. Please study the world map shared earlier to understand what I am saying here. 

This means that these signs that were once connected to a specific corner of the Earth connected to the Americas are now aligned with the lands of the Russians, Asians and Australians - among the other nations of the Eastern Hemisphere. It also means that the Communist Russians and Chinese known as the kings of the East in the Book of Revelation are now involved in a silent war with the western free market nations using many attack points like cybertechnology, weather and Earth change technology, super strains of deadly viruses, and manipulations of world markets to create a situation where there will be widespread western economic collapse. 

Capricorn Signs, Purim 2021, Click to Enlarge

Interestingly, the Comet Tempel 2/10 P, which will be in conjunction with Mercury on Purim Day, was discovered on America's official birthdate on July 4th, 1873. It's also interesting to note that Tempel 2/10P has a number tie to Revelation 2:10 - where the reference to 10 days of Tribulation for the Saints occurs. Since I believe this 10 days of Tribulation before the Great Tribulation is referring to a 10 year period that began in 2011, the year 2021 should mark the end of that Tribulation, and the beginning of the Great Tribulation. See the first 3 articles linked to at the end of this article to understand this 10 year Tribulation scenario that - when it ends - will be immediately followed by the three and a half years of the Great Tribulation that will end sometime in 2024.

Pisces Signs, Purim 2021, Click to Enlarge

The next section of the Purim Sign Graphic shown here focuses on the Sign of Pisces the Fishes that is connected to the Two Houses of Israel. As indicated in the adjacent graphic section, the Ephraimite Fish representing Born Again Israelites who are covered under the Blood of Yahshua are symbolically riding upon the back of the White Flying Pegasus. This white war horse of Yahshua is directly above the Ephraimite Fish. Although this looks upside down to us here on Earth, the 48 ancient constellations were arranged in, and were meant to be understood within a circular storybook. This storybook has 13 chapters when Ophiuchus above Scorpio is included as an ecliptic Zodiac Sign. Because the Mazzaroth is a circular story, some of the signs may appear upside down depending on our earthly perspective when looking up at them. Seeing the Ephraimite Fish riding on Pegasus' back shows the secondary Rider on the White Horse that is preaching the Gospel to the Lost in a no-holds-barred effort to reach everyone before the end. This is exactly what the primary Rider on the White Horse signified by Sagittarius the Archer is referring to in the context of evangelization. Although Sagittarius depicts Christ coming as a Warrior Prince and Avenger of Blood to conquer the wicked - just as He is described in Revelation Chapter 19 - it also signifies His End Time efforts to evangelize the Lost via His faithful human and angelic representatives on the Earth. 

This can be seen when we realize that the Born Again Saints that love Yahshua act on His behalf in this dark world, and they are taking part in the worldwide evangelism and revival that is going on right now all over the world. This evangelization was actually made easier due to the Pandemic, and due to the many other heavenly and earthly Signs that I mentioned earlier. But the door to reach the Lost is rapidly closing now that social media sites are blocking conservative, Christian and Messianic content. These are all signs that Yahshua is coming again very soon, and they make great witnessing tools. Because the Ephraimite Fish is riding on the flying heavenly horse, it also signifies the Resurrection and Rapture, which is the ultimate supernatural deliverance and redemption of the people that Yahshua has a real love relationship with via the Holy Spirit. 

I know that my impressions of the meaning of the Rider on the White Horse differs from the traditional interpretation of it. But the translators that interpreted the Bible didn't know or understand the Gospel in the Stars found in the original 48 ancient constellations of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac. They also didn't know that these Heavenly Signs graphically depict, and add unwritten, but readily spiritually perceived details to the same prophetic stories revealed in the Messianic and End Time prophecies that were written down long ago, and which became the collection of many books that we call the Holy Bible.

Purim 2021 Signs in Taurus and Aries, Click to Enlarge

There are amazing Heavenly Signs in Taurus and Aries this Purim as well, and they are also tied to an End Time Horse Rider. But this time it is the one who rides the Red Horse. In this case, the Red Horse that the rider Perseus the Breaker is riding is so powerful and rebellious that he is depicted as a raging, red-eyed Bull. This is Taurus, which is also a symbol for the Tribe of Joseph, and two powerful nations connected to the sons of Joseph that have worked together to form the New World Order or Beast from the Earth connected to the USA and UK that helps the Beast from the Sea, which is depicted by Cetus the Sea Monster. This heavenly sea Beast signifies the United Nations, and in particular the United Nations Security Council. 

The Communistic and Fascist ideologies of the leaders in this Antichrist kingdom are openly coming together in an effort to deceive, disillusion and destroy the masses of saved and unsaved people on this Earth before Yahshua comes to rescue His Saints. This can be seen by the enslaving bands signifying sin and carnal lusts that are attached to the tails of the fishes of Pisces. which are also tied to the Sea Monster Cetus' neck. In addition, the constellation Andromeda that can be seen in this graphic is tied to a story in Greek and Roman myth that is a bastardization of a biblically sound principle. 

In the Greek story, the princess represented by Andromeda is tied to the coastal rocks of her home city for a terrible Sea Monster to reach and eat alive. This is ordered by the gods to serve as retribution for the transgressions of the people residing there that offended the gods by not following their petty ways. The hero of the story is Perseus who, with the help of Pegasus the flying white horse, saves Andromeda from her grisly fate. So we have Perseus signifying Yahshua controlling not only the Red Horse of war (rebellion) and destruction seen in what is transpiring right now, but as another Rider on the White Horse signifying Yahshua's evangelistic efforts in these Last Days. 

Meanwhile, the Fish signifying the House of Judah is swimming towards Andromeda, indicating the blindness of unsaved Jews who need to accept the saving blood of Yahshua. The Jews need to see Yahshua as the perfect sacrifice for their sins before they will be seen as protected Israelite citizens of the Kingdom of God. Since Perseus represents Christ as the Rescuer of Andromeda or the unsaved Jews, this clearly shows our Father God's intent to bring the Jews to a saving knowledge of Yahshua before the end so that they can take up their rightful place as servants of Yahshua in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

As I will show in an upcoming article focusing on Passover and Second Passover, the Signs of Taurus and Aries are also tied to a heavenly depiction of the Four-Horned Altar that once rested in the inner courtyard of the Temple and Tabernacle. At its most basic level, the heavenly bull represents rebellious sinners that are saved, but as through the fire because they are out of godly control, and are not are listening to the Holy Spirit. Meanwhile, the Ram signifies redeemed sinners that willingly submit themselves to God's authority. Those who are like the Ram (which depicts Yahshua as the Lamb of God) are allegorically referred to as sheep in the New Testament. 

Full Purim 2021 Moon In Leo, the Kingly Lion of Judah,
Click to Enlarge

The final section I wanted to discuss is depicted here. It shows the location of the Full Moon on Purim, which is a Full Moon Festival. That is why I find it so interesting how the Moon is almost on the directly opposite side of the Zodiac to the dramatic planetary line up unfolding in Aquarius and Capricorn right now. In fact, the Moon is sitting protectively in the center of the constellation known as Leo the Lion, which is tied to the Tribe of Judah and to Yahshua, the King of Judah and all Israel. This is an exceptionally powerful sign, and it means that the Bride of Christ and her entourage are being protected. It also indicates that this protection will be tied to the central regions of the American continents that are now tied to the Sign of Leo. 

In other words, The Sign of Leo where the Bride of Christ is protected is targeting the central and western mountain ranges running through the Americas that are far enough away from the coasts, which will be inundated with water during the first part of the Great Tribulation. This also makes sense since the Woman Clothed with the Sun signifies Born Again Saints and Messianic Jews whose ancestors fled to the wilderness, or once uninhabited portions of the Americas because of the European, Communist, Muslim and Nazi persecution of Jews and Non-Catholic Christians that was, and still is going on in various parts of the world.

There is much more I could reveal here, but this article is long enough. So I will continue revealing the saga that is written into this year's Heavenly Signs by God's hand in my next article, if there's still time. I personally believe we will not see the Rapture until sometime around Nissan 1. This is the first New Moon day of the first sacred month of Nissan on the Jewish Calendar, which begins on the evening of Saturday, March 13th, 2021. This means that the Passover Full Moon will be seen exactly 14 days later, on the evening of Saturday March 27th, 2021.

In closing, I have this to say. Because we are Born Again, and God is communicating His Will to us via His Spirit daily, we can rest assured that we are saved and sanctified, and that Yahshua will be with us in Spirit even until the end of this age, which is swiftly approaching! But until Yahshua returns for us, we are to be guided by the Spirit at all times, and for this to be the case, we need to stay focused on God's Word and pray continually so that we will not be deceived. Until Yahshua arrives to rescue us, we are called to faithfully shine His light and love in this dark world, and we are called to WATCH for His return, just as He COMMANDED us to do. 

The next article I publish is going to show how Christmas and Chanukah, and the actual dates for Christ's Birth, Death and Resurrection figure into all the Heavenly Signs over the past year, and several months. I didn't have room to cover all of that in this article, which is already too long. So, until next time, may Yahshua give you His peace, and keep you all safe until the day of our departure. 

With Much Love From
Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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Heavenly And Earthly Signs Possibly
Marking 10 Years Of Tribulation From
The July 11th, 2010 Solar Eclipse
To The 2020 Summer Solstice Eclipse





The Satanic Maligning of Saturn,




The Prophetic Ties Between
Yahshua’s Fetal Development
And The Jewish Feasts


Important Information About The Mark of the Beast:



Tuesday, February 09, 2021


Amazing Heavenly Signs In Capricorn On February 11th, 2021
(To Greatly Enlarge, Right Click Graphic, Open In New Window)

This Thursday, February 11th, 2021 - as shown above - there will be a powerful Heavenly Sign in Capricorn the Goat-Fish that will occur during the daylight hours. Furthermore, it will appear just 14 days or 2 weeks before the amazing Heavenly Signs on the Feast of Esther or Purim on February 25th, 2021. Fascinatingly, this 14 days is tied to the 14 years of Heavenly Signs that have or will occur from early 2010 through to the middle of 2024. The first 10 of these years appear to be tied to the 10 day tribulation period spoken of in Revelation 2:10, which will occur before the Great Tribulation 

Yahshua talked about these two Tribulation periods in Matthew Chapter 24. After the 10 year tribulation ends, which should be at any moment now, the three and one half years of the Great Tribulation should begin in rapid-fire succession. I believe that this could be before the end of Spring, which will be on the Summer Solstice of June 20th, 2021. 

The highlight of this alignment is the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the center of Capricorn. According to my extensive research, Jupiter and Venus were in conjunction a few months before and after Yahshua was born in September of 3 BC, and both of these planets are directly connected to Yahshua's twofold ministry as the Son of God, as well as the Son of Man. During Christ's first Advent, he laid the groundwork for our salvation and he showed us the Way to the Cross, to our death in this world, and our rebirth by His Spirit so that we could live for Yahweh.

These planets also reflect Yahshua's role as the Light of the World that is the source of all the light that shines in His Born-Again Saints. But to determine the full extent of what God is telling us through this powerful Sign, we need to look at the meaning of Capricorn. Capricorn has a dual nature, which is part fish and part goat. The salvation that Christ offers is reflected in the lively tail of the fish representing fallen, sinful humans saved by God's Grace to be counted as the seed of the Seed of the Woman. These are very loving people that are like fish in nature. 

Fish generally go with the wave and flow of the energy that God creates, and they like to ride on the currents of God's love. On the other hand, the Goats that signify the seed of Lucifer and the Nephilim that were destroyed in the Flood of Noah tend to be the bullies of the barnyard. They generally do not care about the other animals in the barnyard very much at all. In fact, they tend to be quite mean-spirited. They also are lacking in discernment, trying to eat or "swallow" just about anything that is within reach.

Laminin Molecule Diagram

The line up of the Sun, New Moon and five planets in Capricorn is also fascinating because the Sun and New Moon are symbolic of Christ as the Bridegroom and His Bride, Mercury shows God's prophetic voice, and Jupiter and Venus signify Christ as the Suffering Servant, Bright Morning Star, and Offspring of King David. All are in Capricorn's fish half, which signifies the Saints that are saved by Grace, and surrounded by God's Love! What's more, this line up of the Sun, Moon, and five planets resembles the Cross-shaped Laminin molecule that is the glue that holds the cells of all living things together! This molecule greatly resembles a cross shape in structure, as shown in the large graphic at the top of this page, and in the small graphic here. It therefore can signify Yahshua as the Creator of all life, and of Whom the Bible says: "All Things Consist"! (Colossians 1:16-17)

The Goat half of Capricorn represents the destruction of the Nephilim during the Flood of Noah, and afterward. So this Heavenly Sign of the Cross is pointing toward the supernatural solution to the DNA corruption that occurred before and after the Flood. This rampant corruption so angered and saddened God that He nearly annihilated all life on planet Earth during Noah's day. 

Right now, wicked people in the sciences, government, religion, and many other areas of human endeavor are conspiring to pollute the DNA of all living things again. That is why it is so important to be cautious and wary before using any experimental drugs that have not been tested or studied to see if they are targeting our DNA with the intent to corrupt it. This includes all GMO foods and drugs! 

We need to be as gentle as doves and wise as serpents to survive and thrive until Yahshua comes for us. But we also have to remember that we are protected by the Blood of Yahshua and by the Sign of His Cross! That is why this Sign has appeared in heaven at this time in history! It's there to show those who love Yahshua that we are signed and sealed unto the Day of Salvation and rebirth by the precious, perfect Blood that Yahshua shed for us on the Cross! Thank Yahweh for our wonderful Messiah!

Another point I wanted to make is the fact that, when I was directed by God to connect the entire Zodiac or Mazzaroth along the Sun's ecliptic to the globe of the Earth, these Signs aligned with certain regions of the Earth. At that time, I found that Aquarius was connected to the Eastern coastlands of the Americas and the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, Capricorn was attached to the central United States and all of North America's central region as well as the central region of Central and South America. Finally, the Sign of Sagittarius was connected to the Western coasts of the Americas and the Pacific Ocean. These connections were noted in my graphic at the top of the page. This is a Sign that this particular Heavenly Sign is meant especially for the followers of Yahshua in the Americas, although it also applies as a message to every born again believer that Yahshua is coming again very soon!

Also apparent in the evening sky on that night will be Neptune, which signifies the triune construction of the Word of God consisting of the Torah, Prophets, and Writings, or Wisdom literature. Neptune also signifies those who love the Triune God Yahweh consisting of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Son of God is the Bread of Life, which is being signified by the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt.  

In a few days, I hope to post a longer article explaining how the heavenly signs on February 11th are likely part of a much larger group of Signs in the Heavens that are all directly related to Yahshua's First Advent Ministry as the Son of Man, and all occur within the two year period between the end of  2019 through to the end of 2021. Wait until you see the bigger picture of these multiple signs! It is simply amazing, and it appears to be heralding a coming major deliverance of the Saints. 

At this time in history, that deliverance can only come upon the resurrected and glorified Yahshua's return with an army of holy angels that will gather up His beloved saints, and save them from the Hour of Trial spoken of in Revelation 3:10. This time of trial will be coming upon the whole Earth, beginning with the Sudden Destruction of the Wrath of God in the very near future (See 1 Thessalonians 5:3; Revelation 6:16-17, 14:8-10). It will be a terrible time of judgment and that is why it is called the Time of Jacob's Trouble and the Great Tribulation. 

I'm really looking forward to sharing more with all of my beloved brethren in the near future - provided that we still have time left on this Earth before the Rapture, which is rapidly approaching. Better yet, I hope to see you all in Heaven soon at the magnificent Wedding of the Lamb in our Father's House in Heaven! 

In Revelation 22:20, Yahshua said:
"Surely "I AM" Coming Quickly!"

With Much Love and
Many Blessings From
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry