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The Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014 and 2015 -
A Visual Prophetic Guide Focusing on the USA and Israel

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By Helena Lehman of the 
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)

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Thankfully, many within the Body of Christ have become aware of a startling celestial phenomenon called a Blood Moon Tetrad that will occur on Jewish Feasts in 2014 and 2015. The frightening trend, however, is that many in the professing Protestant Church, and many of those lost in Catholicism, Mormonism, the Worldwide Church of God and Jehovah’s Witnesses are being told NOT to pay attention to the warning embedded in this upcoming Blood Moon Tetrad on Jewish Feasts.

The primary reason they give for their dismissal of the Signs in the Heavens, including this Blood Moon Tetrad, is that this method of prophetic study is not of God because it supposedly has pagan roots, and it is therefore wicked and superstitious mumbo jumbo! So, before I continue, let me disavow these incorrect notions once and for all! If you doubt the importance of the upcoming Blood Moon Tetrad, please read my lengthy and detailed article about the importance of Sacred Astronomy and the Gospel in the Stars:

Sacred Astronomy: The Antithesis of Astrology

As the above article succinctly conveys, this upcoming series of four Full Lunar Eclipses should NOT be taken lightly! So please ask our loving Father God and Yahshua His Son to guide you with His Spirit, and pay attention to what I have to say about these Heavenly Signs.

This Blood Moon Tetrad will begin with a Full Lunar Eclipse on the evening of Passover, April 15th, 2014, and end with a Full Lunar Eclipse on the evening of the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, on September 28th, 2015. But what many do not realize is that this Tetrad is a part of a much bigger celestial message that extends from 2008 through to 2019. After discussing the upcoming Tetrad, I will show how it fits into this bigger celestial message that Yahweh God left for us in the heavens, which Enoch called the Heavenly Tablets.

Before we discuss the Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015 in greater detail, here are some salient facts about Full Lunar Eclipses or Blood Moons. First of all, a Full Lunar Eclipse can only occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposition to one another, or on opposite sides of the Zodiac, meaning that they are, or nearly are 180 degrees apart, with the Earth in exact alignment between them. Secondly, for a Lunar Eclipse to occur, the Earth must block the Sun’s light, casting a shadow on the Moon. The refraction of light within this shadow gives the Moon the characteristic reddish coloration typical of all Full, and some Partial Lunar Eclipses.

Though Lunar Eclipses are quite common, with two or more occurring every year, four Full Lunar Eclipses in a row over a 2-year period is much rarer, with only one such sequence every 100 years or so. But even rarer is a Blood Moon Tetrad that occurs on major Jewish Feasts that begin with a Full Moon. Although other Blood Moon Tetrads on Jewish Feasts have sometimes ended on Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement, or on Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles, all such Blood Moons over the past 2000 years have begun on Passover in the spring. In the last two Tetrads and the upcoming one, the autumn Blood Moons target the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot in the autumn.

Only seven such Blood Moon Tetrads have occurred in the past Two Millennia, with this Tetrad over the next two years being the eighth. In addition, significant events in Jewish history have occurred at each time one of the Blood Moon Tetrads on Jewish Feasts occurred. This is especially true of the last two, which occurred in 1949 and 1950, and 1967 and 1968. These two Lunar Tetrads were tied to the formation and triumph of the modern nation of Israel, which became a nation in 1948, and was recognized as a sovereign nation by the United States and United Nations in 1949. Then, in June of 1967, Israel won a decisive victory over her surrounding Arab enemies and took back control of the city of Jerusalem, which was Israel’s ancient capital, and has become its capital once more.

Another peculiarity of this particular Blood Moon Sequence is the signs of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac that they will occur in. Both of the Passover Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015 will occur in the sign of Virgo the Virgin, which is a symbol for the virgin mother of Yahshua as well as the Bride of Christ, while the Sukkot Blood Moons will occur in the sign of Pisces the Fishes, which is a symbol of the Two Houses of Israel. By their allegorical meaning, these signs have to do not only with the Jews, but with the Gentile believers in Yahshua and how they interact with one another.

Before 1948, these interactions often showed hatred and oppression toward the Jewish people, and mistrust and animosity on both sides. But starting in 1948, and perhaps a bit before then, a new attitude of mercy and compassion sprouted up between the Gentiles and the Jews, largely due to the Holocaust carried out by the Nazis in World War II, who succeeded in imprisoning and exterminating around 6 million Jews, and millions of Christians who refused to submit to Nazi control.

Since the Sun and Moon are in opposition during these Lunar Eclipses, the uncanny thing is that both Pisces and Virgo are being targeted by the Sun and the Moon with each one! This is God’s way of drawing our attention to the great importance of these two signs of the Mazzaroth, which are intimately connected with the redemption and salvation of God’s People Israel. This includes both the grafted-in and the natural Israelites, which are also known as the Two Houses of Israel.

As a biblically connected example, the Passover Solar positions and the autumn Sukkot Blood Moons will occur in the sign of Virgo, which signifies the Book of Revelation's Woman Clothed with the Sun. Furthermore, the Sign of Virgo is Clothed with the Sun in the autumn, and I firmly believe that the Sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun appeared this past October 2013, in an almost exact mimicry of the Signs in the Heavens at the most likely time of Yahshua's birth in Bethlehem - between September 11th and 21st of 3 BC. Here is my article about this phenomenon:


Another fascinating fact about this Blood Moon Tetrad is that the first three of the four Full Lunar Eclipses will only be visible from Australia and the Americas (especially  North America), while the last Lunar Eclipse in 2015 will be visible primarily over South America and Europe, and only partly visible in Israel. In addition, the Full Solar Eclipse that will occur in March of 2015 will only be visible in Northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, and the United Kingdom. This strongly suggests that this Blood Moon Tetrad has AS MUCH to do with the Jews and grafted in believers in North and South America (with an emphasis on the USA with its 7 million resident Jews) as it does with those living in Britain, Europe, Western Africa and Israel!  

I also find it very interesting which parts of North America will be targeted by these Blood Moons, which are SYMBOLS OF SPIRITUAL DECEPTION, BLOODSHED AND LOSS. In particular, the eclipse on Passover 2014 targets all of North America, the eclipse on Sukkot 2014 will target the Western USA, Alaska and Hawaii, and the Blood Moon on Passover 2015 will target the Eastern USA and the Unite Kingdom. Could these Blood Moons therefore be a sign that the unsaved Jews in the West and Israel, as well as Gentile believers that claim to follow Yahshua or Jesus are about to be greatly imperiled, especially after the Rapture? Is this extremely rare Blood Moon Tetrad a major sign that the Wrath of God is about to be unleashed, and the Great Tribulation is about to begin? I will explore more that suggests this is true later in this article.

Now that I've covered my overall spiritual impressions of these Full Eclipses, my graphics below show the Star Gospel signs and positions of the celestial bodies that will be visible surrounding them, while their visibility maps show which nations will be able to see them. Please note that the Star Gospel Maps associated with each eclipse are very long and detailed, so please click on them to view them better. When you do, they will open in the photo viewer and will be easy to read. Or you can right click and open them in a new window to see the details on them even more easily:

April 15th, 2014 Passover Blood Moon
Star Gospel and Visibility Map:
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4-15-2014 Full Lunar Eclipse Visibility Map
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As my diagram of the Signs in the Heavens on April 15th, 2014 shows in this article, Mars and the Moon will be in Virgo at the time of the Lunar Eclipse, and Mars has long been associated with war and bloodshed. But its true meaning is connected to a blood sacrifice made to atone for sins. Without Yahshua, all people are guilty of their sins, and liable to pay for them by the shedding of their own blood in death. In addition, when a person or group of people breaks a divine covenant, they are subject to pay for their sins with their own blood! 

To put a stop to this sad inevitability, Yahshua came so that we could regain immortal life through Him even if we die. But the world has rejected Yahshua’s greatest gift to us that is found in His shed blood. So, Mars in Virgo the Virgin at the same time as the April 15th Passover Blood Moon, which is a bad omen for both Houses of Israel, is a symbol of the coming bloodshed of many wayward Jews, Foolish Virgins, and new Messianics and Christians who will die violently during the Great Tribulation.

This same Blood Moon over the star Spica representing Yahshua as the Righteous Branch and Bread of Life is not a symbol pointing to the Rapture, but a symbol of the many righteous people that would die horrible deaths if there was no Rapture. Fascinatingly, the symbol for the Rapture that will prevent this blood shed lies in the sign in opposition to Virgo, which is Pisces the Fishes signifying the Two Houses of Israel working at cross purposes to one another, as they are today. 

In Pisces, the hope of the Rapture is personified by the planet Mercury symbolizing God’s Prophets in conjunction with the planet Uranus, a symbol of Yahshua’s hidden Bride and Her five Wise Virgin attendants. Also in the sign of Pisces this April, the Sun will rest in opposition to the Moon in Virgo. Though this sign does not mean that the Rapture will happen on or around Passover or the Day of Firstfruits during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, it very well could happen around then. This is due to the fact that Yahshua secretly ascended to Heaven as the Firstfruits of the Resurrection on that day. However, no one knows the day or hour, and the Rapture could happen at any time. 

October 8th, 2014 Tabernacles Blood Moon 
Star Gospel and Visibility Map:
Click Graphic To Enlarge, or Right Click to Open in New Window
10-8-2014 Full Lunar Eclipse Visibility Map
Click Graphic To Enlarge
In my book “The Language of God in Prophecy”, I examined the October 8th, 2014 Sukkot Blood Moon and the 2015 Passover Blood Moon as possible messages to the Bride of Christ about the Rapture as well. In particular, I showed the relationship between the Solar Eclipse or Sackcloth Sun on March 20th, 2015 and the Passover Lunar Eclipse of April 4th, 2015 over Easter Island, whose Moai Statues are a likely Sethite monument to their knowledge of the terrible times that will beset the inhabitants of the Earth at this time in history. 

I also discussed the close succession of this Solar and Lunar Eclipse as a possible fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy that the the Sun will be darkened and the Moon turned to blood before the great and terrible Day of the Lord, or the beginning of the worst part of the Great Tribulation (See Joel 2:30-31). To learn more about my views on this, I suggest reading my book, which I excerpted from in this article below the diagrams for the April 4th, 2015 Blood Moon.

March 20th, 2015 Sackcloth Sun - Full Solar Eclipse
Star Gospel and Visibility Map:
Click Graphic To Enlarge, or Right Click to Open in New Window
3-20-2015 Full Solar Eclipse Visibility Map
Click Graphic To Enlarge

April 4th, 2015 Passover Blood Moon Over Easter Island 
Star Gospel and Visibility Map:
Click Graphic To Enlarge, or Right Click to Open in New Window
4-4-2015 Full Lunar Eclipse Visibility Map
Click Graphic To Enlarge

Excerpt from Chapter 12 of “The Language of God in Prophecy”:

Could the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2015 be the signs that accompany the first of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation that mark the start of the last outpouring of God’s Wrath on a wicked world during the Great Tribulation, as well as the beginning of the most severe persecution of the Tribulation Saints? One thing is certain: the blowing of the First Trumpet will herald the beginning of massive Earth changes that will occur via an earthquake that moves mountains and islands out of their places. In addition, many heavenly signs, including a Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, and massive meteor shower will accompany this great earthquake that will shake the foundations of the world.

Interestingly, during a Lunar Eclipse, the Moon often appears red when the eclipse is at its greatest point. Furthermore, this effect is often intensified when the Eclipse is seen from less ideal viewing areas. The Full Moons in 2014 and 2015 will all be Blood Moons, and allegorically these may mark times of much suffering and bloodshed from intense plagues and a world at war.

The Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 likely indicate the time when some of the Seal Judgments and Trumpet Judgments will occur. After this, the outpouring of the last of the Seven Trumpets and Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath can be determined by looking for a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse in quick succession, which may mark the "Great Day of the Lord". Ominously, a total Solar Eclipse and total Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon will occur in the spring of 2015 AD - in conjunction with major events on the Jewish calendar. Since the Hallel Psalm prophecies suggest that the Great Tribulation will end in 2017, the eclipses in 2014 and 2015 may herald the coming of the last of the Seal Judgments, the Seven Trumpet and Seven Bowl Judgments between the end of 2014 and the end of 2017. 

Fourteen days after the New Moon on the Spring Equinox in 2015 - on the evening of April 4th - it will be Passover. Intriguingly, a Lunar Eclipse will occur in the sign of Virgo on that night that will be best viewed on Easter Island. This is significant because Easter Island was discovered on Easter Sunday, April 5th, 1722, and Easter will be on Sunday, April 5th, 2015 - on the morning after the Passover Lunar Eclipse! Virgo represents the ancient kingdom and modern nation of Israel, as well as the True Church, and both serve as forerunners to the coming Millennial Kingdom of Yahshua.

Illustration Adapted from my book
 for use on my Tribulation Timeline:
Lunar Eclipse Over Easter Island - April 4th, 2015

Could this be why Easter Island is covered with many enigmatic ancient stone statues - most of them with emaciated human torsos suggesting starvation and sickness? Could this be why their stone faces appear to be staring out in dismay at the far horizon in every direction? Could our righteous Sethite ancestors who knew Sacred Astronomy and the holy Watchers who guided them have been trying to tell us something by making Easter Island a modern archeological marvel and mystery? It is my belief that the answer to these questions is “Yes!” In fact, I am convinced that Easter Island is a giant marker pointing to terrifying earthly events that began around the time of the July Solar Eclipse over Easter Island in 2010, and will begin to reach a climax in intensity between the Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles in 2015 AD.

End of Book Excerpt.

September 28th, 2015 Tabernacles Blood Moon 
Star Gospel and Visibility Map:
Click Graphic To Enlarge, or Right Click to Open in New Window
9-28-2015 Full Lunar Eclipse Visibility Map
Click Graphic To Enlarge
The book excerpt shared above is taken from only two pages of my 800-page book on prophecy. To read more, the book is inexpensively priced as a downloadable PDF book from my POEM Web Site, and it is also available from as a Kindle book. The paperback is also available from both web sites, though the price for the paperback book is much better on my web site. The illustration of the 4-4-2015 Blood Moon over Easter Island used in this article is an adaptation of the illustration used in my book “The Language of God in Prophecy” that was made for inclusion in my Heavenly Sign Tribulation Timeline. To view my Tribulation Timeline, click on this text link. High Resolution copies of my Tribulation Timeline can be downloaded after purchase for only $7.00, which will help to support the Pillar of Enoch Ministry. To order the High Resolution version, CLICK HERE.

Before continuing, I wanted to clarify something concerning the visibility diagrams from NASA for the Blood Moons or Lunar Eclipses. In the areas that are white and therefore appear to be in daylight at first glance, they actually are not. The light areas indicate the areas where it is night time, and where the Lunar Eclipse will be visible in varying degrees in the night sky. So in the first three of the Blood Moons in the Tetrad, depending on which one, the Blood Moons will be best seen in North and South America and Australia or North and South America and the United Kingdom during their night hours, and while it is daylight, dawn or dusk on the other side of the world where Israel is located.

Fascinatingly, the Star Gospel depicted by the Sun and Moon Positions in all of the Signs in the Heavens that I have recapped in the above graphics relay an amazingly synchronous and complimentary story that unfolds in the Signs of Virgo and Pisces. These two Signs of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac are on opposite sides of the Solar Ecliptic, but have similar meanings changed only by spiritual emphasis. This means that the Eclipses in these Signs may symbolize opposition or conflict between Jews and Gentiles, revealed in events and actions that may by contrary to Gods Will, with Judah and Ephraim - or the Two Houses of Israel - trying hard to work together, but often tragically working at cross purposes.

In fact, it’s interesting to note that the seven Blood Moon Tetrads on Jewish Feasts that occurred prior to this 2014-2015 Tetrad all mark times of major conflict or change for the Jews and their Gentile persecutors, especially the Muslims and the Roman Catholic Church (who are secretly working in tandem with one another to destroy all opposition to their Ecumenical Movement and One World Religion efforts). The following chart by Lois Vega shows these seven prior Lunar Tetrads in relation to the upcoming one, and the conflicts and changes that they can be associated with in Jewish History:

Luis Vega's Blood Moon Tetrad Chart
For Best Viewing, Right Click Graphic to Open in New Window
Because of the strong spiritual opposition between the Gentiles and the Jews that these Eclipses in 2014 and 2015 appear to reveal, this Blood Moon Tetrad may mark the first two years of the Great Tribulation. The reason I say that it may mark the Great Tribulation and NOT the beginning of the Tribulation is rooted in the larger meaning of the Signs in the Heavens between the years 2008 and 2019, as shown in my Revised Tribulation Timeline.

This Timeline shows that the seven years of the Tribulation or Daniel’s Seventieth week appears to be marked in the heavens between 2011 and 2017 by a sequence of three Full Lunar Eclipses or Blood Moons marking 2011 and 2018 as highly significant years. It is my belief that 2011 marked the beginning of the Tribulation Period, and 2018 will mark the beginning of the Millennial Rule of Christ on Earth. Please see my Revised Tribulation Timeline to see these Celestial Signs by clicking on the embedded links.

I do realize that this disagrees with the mainstream Prophecy Teachers, who unanimously seem to teach the THEORY of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. However, I maintain that there is much reason to believe that the Rapture is a Mid-Tribulation event. The most telling reason to believe in a Mid-Tribulation or Pre-Wrath Rapture is the fact that the Woman Clothed with the Sun in Revelation, Chapter 12  - which signifies the True Church or Bride of Christ - is said to be hiding in the wilderness for 1,260 days, and 1,260 days equals 3-1/2 prophetic years (see Revelation 12:6). In addition, the word “wilderness” in Revelation 12:6 can be interpreted to mean “place of refuge”, suggesting that this 3-1/2 years is alluding to the length of time after the Rapture that the Bride of Christ and the Wise Virgins will be hidden away in safety in Yahshua’s heavenly mansions.

Now, since the Two Witnesses are not supposed to appear until after the Rapture of the Church, and they are said to preach from Jerusalem for 1,260 days or 3-1/2 prophetic years in Revelation 11:3, this strongly suggests that they will die and be resurrected near to the end of the Great Tribulation, and not at the Mid-Tribulation point (See Revelation, Chapter 11). It also means that they will be on the Earth for the same length of time that the Bride of Christ is in Heaven, suggesting that these two events - the Bride’s time of hiding in Heaven and the ministry of the Two Witnesses on the Earth - will overlap one another. In another recent article I posted on my POEM Blog, I also showed how the First Rapture may be tied to the middle of the Tribulation Week, just as Yahshua rose from the dead in the middle of Passover Week. Here is the title and link to that short, illustrated article:

The Case For A Mid-Tribulation Rapture In 2014

If you would like to learn more about my views on the Rapture of the Church, and my theory that there may be not one but TWO Rapture events at the beginning and end of the Great Tribulation, please read the following article at my POEM Web Site:

Come Up Here and Come Away! - Clues For Two Raptures

The case for the reality of the Rapture, the possibility that there are two Rapture points, and the conditions of the world at the time of the Rapture are presented in exhausting detail in the above article. So, if you havent read it yet, I highly recommend doing so, and sharing this information with your unsaved or backslidden friends and family using the link above. In addition, please watch and share the following video:


The above video is about one hour long, and well worth watching and sharing in its entirety. Please don’t skip it! Although he does not appear to mention it in this video, Paul McGuire has taught about and believes in the Rapture of the Church. But he also believes that those who will be taken in the Rapture are few because of the denial and apostasy in the Church today.

In this video, Paul clearly explains that the Church as a whole is in radical denial of the Signs of the Times, which is making it ripe for judgment by an angry God! As Paul clearly describes in the video, the world we know is about to change radically forever, and those who are not on their knees before Yahweh God praying, doing Spiritual warfare, repenting and asking for forgiveness will perish physically - and possibly spiritually also!

So, if you are not in the habit of praying continually for those who are lost, for yourselves, your families, your leaders, and your nation, NOW is the time! As we prayerfully and expectantly await the impending Rapture of the Church, the Sudden Destruction, the Bema Seat Judgment, the Great Tribulation, the Battle of Armageddon, and the setting up of the Millennial Rule of Christ on Earth, may Yahweh God bless you all, and Maranatha!

Yours In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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  1. greetings,
    Thanks for your teachings re the Blood moons, I have been having visions of them but never really understand what they meaneth. However I do my daily journal of these things. Yah has sent you to teach His ones and ones .
    Berukh and shalom. ( Eeden)

  2. Shalom,
    After reading your articles about astronomy & the 3 pyramids and the sphinx, and that you say that these monuments were built as symbols for the Messiah and the spiritual world, I find everything making sense except for 1 essential question: ancient egyptians & the pharoas were satanic and they had a contact with fallen angels, and all satanic civilizations use the serpent/dragon as an essential symbol.
    the sphinx that you say has the head of the Virgin Mary / church / Yeshua's birde & the body of the lion of Judea, is not making sense because the sphinx had a serpent on the forehead before it was destroyed.

    so u can sum my comment in 1 question:
    Q: ancient egyptians used demonic/satanic signs. how come they symbolize the heavenly kingdom ?!

    1. My answer to your question is rather straightforward. The Ancient Egyptians did NOT build the Giza Pyramids or the Great Sphinx. In fact, they were built before the Great Flood, by leaders of men that had nothing to do with the Post-Flood culture of Ancient Egypt.

      Unfortunately, in a process known as "syncretism", the Pagan Egyptians after the Flood incorporated the history of the Post Flood Egyptians - who were predominantly righteous followers of Yahweh until near to the time of the Flood - into their own history, and then Paganized it to fit in with their erroneous ideas. To learn more about this, read my Ministry Blog Article linked to below:

      My Sixth Prophetic Gem: The Witness of the Pillar of Enoch

  3. When God made His Covenant with the Children of Israel, He told them "I will show you signs in the sun, the moon and the stars".

  4. There is a problem according to the Nasa Total Lunar Eclipse for April 4th, 2015. Here is the link: Please double check and correct.

  5. My name is Yunus, me and my two colleagues, Rev. Jopie Rattu Ph.D. and Mr. Sridadi Atyanto, Ph.D. are studying the endtimes subject and have published some writings that can be found and freely download at
    We are thankful to our Lord Jesus to have discovered many things, some of which are: the fulfillment of 4 Jewish holy days, which is the feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, feast of Tabernacles and Hanukkah that occur precisely on the holy days with the same meaning. Other than that, we are also surprised that our timeline of the End of Times have the same sequence as was explained by Jesus Christ, all in the gospel Mathew, Mark, or Luke.
    Soli Deo Gloria.


  7. For an alternative interpretation that takes the blood moon prophecy in context of the entire passage of Joel see The Spiritual Meaning of the Blood Moon Prophecy

  8. Where do you sit now that none of the events you guessed have happened? I ask not disrespectfully; on the contrary, I had hoped this would have been updated after the June 2016 timeliness had been contradicted. I am curious to hear a revised or recanted account of these events.

    1. Shalom Jude,

      I haven't updated many old articles because I am ill and I have no one helping me. Suffice it to say that none of God's signs in the heavens are insignificant. All of them are put there for an important reason, and it is for His servants to ponder these things and try to see what they are saying. Sometimes our best guesses aren't accurate, but the fact that we are watching and seeking to understand these things brings God joy, no matter whether we are right or wrong in our theories.

      Although the events I hoped for did not occur, many other things that are bringing the Great Tribulation that much closer have occurred, especially the furthering of the Gay and Transgender Agenda with the legalization of Gay Marriage and the persecution of Christian businesses this has brought about, the Proxy war being fought in Syria between the USA (via NATO) and Russia, the flood of potentially hostile immigrants from Syria into the West, the rise of ISIS and the mass slaughter, rape, slavery and torture of countless Christians and moderate Muslims at their hands, and the NATO build up of troops and weapons at Russia's borders.

      I have written several articles with updates on my views concerning other signs in the heavens. If you become a regular subscriber to my blog, you will not miss any further articles. To sign up and to do a search of my more recent articles on the heavenly signs, look on the right side of my blog pages. There you can sign up to follow my blog, and you can also do a search for the signs of the Star of Bethlehem and the Sign of the Woman clothed with the Sun on my ministry blog. There should be a search function somewhere on the right side of the page.

      God bless, and Happy Holidays,
      Helena Lehman

  9. Thankle your for your kind response. I actually have about 30 of your tabs open thus far and have been reading all day. Lol
    In time I will read all of your revised and newerror insights. I believe you a sister, and have had the most profound of revelations even reading five of your posts. I have found very little to confirm that my own dreams, visions, study of theach gematria, and trying to weed out what belongs to God and to the occult. This has been most enlightening and I am very encouraged by what you've seen, and will prayerfully hope to add to this message to the body. You have my word I will pray for you and your health. Be well, sister. My spiritual native Cherokee great-grandmother's name was Helena, and it was that that caught my eye in searching that brought me here. I consider it no accident. Prayerfully yours.

    1. Thank you for your reply, and for letting me know what you are interested in within the prophetic realm. I am very happy that you are finding my blog posts to be helpful. :-)

      Please let me knoe if you have any questions via e-mail, or using my ministry web site comment form. You can find them both on the page at:

      If you would like to keep closer tabs on what I might be thinking, please sign up and friend me on Facebook, where I post frequently. The URL to my profile page there is:


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