Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, Prototypes of the Antichrist and False Prophet
By Helena Lehman

As all are now aware, Barack Hussein Obama has won the Democratic nomination to run for US President, and is well on his way to winning the Presidential election on November 4th. Indeed, the media is now saying that there has not been such mass popularity for anyone running for President since JFK. Barack has a major cult following, and women have been seen fainting and weeping openly at his political rallies. It's almost as if Obama were a rock star rather than a politician, and that he may be destined to win the upcoming election based more on his cult status than on his readiness for the task.

Now, though this in itself might not make any born-again Christian suspect a dark supernatural element to Barack Obama's campaign touting "Change You Can Believe In," they should have taken major notice when internationally acclaimed talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey endorsed Obama´s bid for the presidency, and even went to one of his campaign rallies to appear on stage with him and his wife. At that time, Oprah cryptically said "He's the One" before leaving the stage. Now, this leads me to ask; "Why - pray tell - is Obama 'The One?' Furthermore, just what in particular is he the one for?"

Why this should raise some questions should be crystal clear to anyone who has been paying attention to Oprah's talk show and magazine - those perennially popular venues that unashamedly tout Oprah's personal world view and spiritual beliefs as the "IN" way to think. You see, Oprah is not just an imminently likeable talk show hostess. She's a spiritual icon for the New Age movement, has been called the African Mother Goddess of America, and has inspired articles such as CBN's "The Gospel According to Oprah" and Christianity Today's "The Church of O."

Don't believe me? Check out Wikipedia, where it also says: "Oprah's most significant role has become that of spiritual leader. To her audience of more than 22 million mostly female viewers, she has become a postmodern priestess -- an icon of church-free spirituality." To this, I would add that not only is Oprah's spirituality Church-free, it's also Christ-free. In other words, Oprah is preaching a different Gospel than the one in the Bible - one that is totally devoid of any reference to a loving, caring Creator God, or a need for His Son as our Savior.

If the fact that a New Age priestess is backing Obama's campaign doesn't make Christians stand up and take notice, Barack's most enduring Church affiliation should. Until very recently, Obama and his family attended the Trinity United Church of Christ, and were close friends with its long time pastor Jeremiah Wright, whose radical teachings included cursing America as a racist nation and damning it to Hell. Now, I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like the Christianity of peace, love, forgiveness and equality that is unquestionably preached about in the Bible´s hallowed pages.

Not only that, but Obama has shown that he is not a true friend of Christianity. In fact, Obama is fully pro-abortion (as opposed to pro-choice or pro-life) and pro-ecumenical in that Obama not only supports all faiths, but he is radically opposed to allowing Christians slightly more freedom to express their faith than people of other faiths, and vehemently critical of any reference to America as a "Christian" nation.

Though this may seem like a constitutional stance, and it sounds democratic and fair on the surface, Obama's views may cause him to be easily swayed by special interest groups who favor imposing unfair restrictions on Christians in regard to their constitutional right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. Indeed, there is no doubt in my mind that Oprah and her cronies would not only welcome but would encourage Obama to do so. The now all too frequent protests against Christians praying using Jesus' name in public, or displaying manger scenes or Christmas trees are a telling case in point.

There are also many questions about Obama's background and beliefs that have not been answered adequately in my mind, such as his associations with known radicals and whether or not he feels any patriotism or love for America as it was envisioned by its Christian founding fathers. The fact that Obama has refused to cover his heart during the playing of the National Anthem and initially refused to wear a flag pin during the early part of his campaign greatly disturbs me since I love my country, and want to support and improve it in any way that I can. Furthermore, I believe that this is the stance that every American should share, whether they are native born or naturalized.

In addition to these problems, Barack Hussein Obama seems unsure of whom or what to support on an international level, as was displayed during his recent trip to Israel. While there, Obama did a radical about-face regarding the topic of not dividing Jerusalem. Initially, Obama was supportive of keeping Jerusalem undivided, but then he quickly changed his tune when faced with Arab-led protests.

As a Messianic Christian who is quite familiar with Bible prophecy, I believe that any nation or group of people that attempts to divide, attack, or destroy Israel will pay the ultimate price on Judgment Day. It is therefore not only in America's best interests to continue supporting and protecting Israel, but it is also God's ultimate desire for America and all nations as revealed in Prophecy.

For those reading this who are strangers to Bible prophecy, let me tell you who Obama and Oprah remind me of in regard to the End Times. They unquestionably resemble the infamous Antichrist and the False Prophet, two secretly evil characters who will appear to be good, and will deceive many unsuspecting souls who don't read the Bible or have a personal relationship with God and His Son. So, if that sounds like you and you're voting for Obama, I'd think twice if I were you.

The Bible's Book of Revelation says that the Antichrist - who is a powerful political leader - and the False Prophet - who is a powerful religious leader - will arise to power just before the Great Tribulation, which is a seven year period when God's wrath will be poured out on sinful humanity. This time period will culminate with the Battle of Armageddon - aka World War III - and climax with the Second Coming of Christ to set up His Millennial Kingdom on Earth. Considering what a mess we sinners have made of the world lately (and at nearly every point in history), I'm really looking forward to His reign.

Now, you may wonder, do I think Barack Hussein Obama IS the Antichrist? Well, before I answer that question, I need to explain that there is going to be not one but two Antichrists on the world scene in its final years. The one the Bible calls the King of the North is THE Antichrist, and he will conquer the little antichrist called the King of the South when he attempts to attack the King of the North's territory. I believe the Antichrist, or King of the North will be a prominent leader in the European Union and the world, and that he will be a bonafide prince, just as the Bible says he is. In addition to him, though, there is the little antichrist - the one that Muslims call the Mahdi - and he could be anyone, as long as he thinks like a Neo-Fascist/Radical Muslim.

With his radical anarchist friends, associates in the Nation of Islam, and his leftist political leanings, Barack Hussein Obama has many of the earmarks of being that prophetically little-known individual called the Mahdi. In fact, his father and stepfather were Muslims and the young Obama was schooled in a Muslim community where children currently are regularly taught to lie, cheat and steal from unsuspecting infidels - and even kill them without mercy when the opportunity presents itself. There are even rumors that Obama has a false birth certificate, was not born in Hawaii, but Africa, and is therefore not a naturally born US citizen.

Despite the dire warnings that his Christianity may be - at best - superficial, Barack Obama is very good at pretending to be Christ-like. Couple that with his wild popularity, heavy ecumenical slant, politically correct immorality, slick communication savvy, youthful attractiveness, nearly universal appeal, and heavy funding from Muslims and other special interest groups, and you´ve got many signs proclaiming that Obama could be the Mahdi, a.k.a. the little Antichrist or King of the South. As President of the USA, he could secretly make an agreement with several Arab nations with the objective of destroying Israel. Then, the President may convince the Israelis to sign a peace treaty that will divide Jerusalem between the Israelis and Palestinians - but only if it will allow the Jews to build a new Temple on the Temple Mount near to the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Bible prophecies have much to say about what will happen after that historic peace treaty is signed. Using the guidance of the Holy Spirit that God has given to me and the knowledge I've gained from the Bible and the Gospel in the Stars, this is what I foresee happening then:

First of all, the Rapture - when millions upon millions of Christians around the world will be caught up to heaven to be with Christ forever - will occur around this time. This event will partly cripple the USA and cause it to be less able to defend itself against invasion or to help Israel. This is when the Bible teaches that the Arab-Israeli peace treaty will be broken after three and a half years. At that time, the USA and the Arab nations surrounding Israel will be invaded by a massive multi-nation military force led by the Antichrist, or King of the North in Europe. So, though the Antichrist will help Israel defeat the nations attacking her, Israel will still lose her sovereignty and the entire USA will be under attack. This is known to Bible students as the Gog-Magog Invasion, though most miss that it will be launched against Israel and the USA simultaneously.

Having gained the upper hand around the world, the Antichrist will enter and desecrate the new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and claim to be a god while demanding worship. This will cause Jews, Muslims, and Christians around the world to revolt against the Antichrist. As an inevitable result, all three religious groups will be targeted for annihilation by the Antichrist, and they all will be heavily persecuted until Christ returns to liberate Israel, destroy the Antichrist and his armies, and save the USA from annihilation.

Even if Barack doesn't win a ticket to the White House this time around, he no doubt will save some of the enormous sums he raised this year for his campaign to run for President again in 2012 - the year that the ancient Mayans predicted would see the end of the world as we know it. Time will certainly tell. And, even if Obama isn't "The One" - because he all too closely resembles that really, really bad guy of the Bible called the Antichrist or his twin in evil called the Mahdi, he certainly won't be getting my vote on Election Day.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, the United States is mentioned quite frequently in Bible prophecy. You just need to know the Language of God to figure it out, and I’d be happy to teach you. Just go to my web site. There you can find out about the four books I’ve written about it and see the many free articles that are available at