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Fire Storm in California, An Act of God’s Divine Judgment?

By Helena Lehman

Under a new bill signed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Mom and Dad" and "husband and wife" were officially banned from being used in California school sex education classes. With a stroke of his pen, the Governor told many California parents that their values do not matter, and they, and their children must be gender-neutral. Additionally, in public schools girls and boys can now use each other's restrooms. Therefore, in California, no distinction is being made between men and women, as if all the old biblical taboos and boundaries God put in place can be swept under the rug for an ungodly bid at freedom, and open rebellion against God, who “made them male and female.”

Folks, I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it seem patently obvious that these fires raging out of control in California grew worse than they have ever been in California’s history shortly after this bill was signed? Could it be that Yahweh God was judging the people of California who welcomed, and applauded this new bill that obviously was passed to please the huge Gay community in California, which has the largest openly, and repugnantly vocal Gay community in the world, and whose dollars help fund the multi-billion dollar pornographic film industry in Hollywood?

While I see the clear signs of Yahweh’s disgust, and open judgement in these raging fires, the rest of the world has been completely dumb about it. Instead, the media focused on how well the government responded to the disaster, and readily assisted the people who had to evacuate their homes. How nice that the government speedily came to the aid of all the computer magnates, gays, entertainment moguls, and people who work for them that live there! One wonders if the same courtesy would be shown in a poorer part of America, like the slums in Chicago.

I doubt it.

The Bible teaches that God's judgement rests on anyone who is not doing His Will, including backslidden believers. The Bible also says that no one is good except God, and the heart of man is desperately wicked. In fact, the only way to get to heaven is through Yahshua Ha Mashiach (i.e. Jesus the Christ). But even saved people have to do good works in keeping with the promptings of the Holy Spirit inside them, or they will suffer the consequences.

Since many of the Christians of California were not publicly complaining against the unjust bill that Gov. Schwarzenegger passed, or - for that matter - trying to stop it’s being passed, then THEY WERE NOT DOING GOD’S WILL!!!!!!

In the TV news coverage of the California Fires, I remember seeing that one house in a neighborhood that otherwise was totally burned was not touched by the flames. The people whose house was saved loudly proclaimed that it was a miracle, implying that they knew God had saved their home. At the moment I saw their faces, I heard the Holy Spirit affirming that these people’s home was spared because they did God’s Will whenever they could.

On the same note: this summer, a tornado passed within two blocks of our home. Though our neighbor's home suffered much damage from the high winds, ours was not touched.

Our neighbors are involved in the Mafia, often have loud parties with much drinking and swearing, and have treated us with open contempt and hostility. Meanwhile we are doing our best to live God's way, and pray for His protection almost daily.

Why do you think our house was spared, and not our neighbors?

Something to think about!

God’s Word is faithful and true, and God will not be mocked. We all need to live our lives in accordance with God’s Word, or pay the price by losing much in this life.

Being saved is not the same thing as being blessed. You can be saved without being blessed when you do not do God’s Will. And you can never be blessed unless you do God’s Will.

How it saddens me that this once great country has sunk so morally low!
“The Amazing Heavenly Anti-Peace Sign Formed in the Zodiac by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”

Part One - “The Rider on the White Horse:
Symbol of the Gospel of the Kingdom Being Preached”

Copyright © 2007 By Helena Lehman

NOTE: To better understand this material, see my illustrations for this three-part article series by downloading this 4 page PDF article supplement:

Many Bible Prophecy teachers have written about the possible meanings of the cryptic symbolism found in the Book of Revelation. Among these commentaries, much has been written about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse found in Revelation’s sixth chapter. However, none of the more popular commentaries on the Book of Revelation have noted that there is a definite Zodiac connection for many of the symbols in the prophetic language of this book.

As shown in my Language of God Book Series (see, these scriptural tie-ins to the Zodiac Star Gospel story are found throughout the many biblical prophetic scriptures, but they are especially numerous in the Book of Revelation. This suggests that we can apply Sacred Astronomy to determine the dating of key biblical prophecies, just as Enoch and his righteous Sethite descendents did prior to the Great Flood, as shown in the Pillar of Enoch, or Great Pyramid.

One aspect of this Zodiac symbolism that I mentioned in my books is found in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who appear consecutively when the first four of seven seals representing various stages of judgment are opened. The only one of the four horsemen I really commented on in my books was the first horseman riding on a white horse, which many Bible Scholars have incorrectly identified as the Antichrist. They have done so because of the apparent similarity to the King of kings on the white horse described toward the end of the Book of Revelation:

“Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war…” “Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations… He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.” -- Rev 19:11, 15-16 (NKJ)

To many Bible Prophecy teachers, it is obvious that the Rider on the White Horse in Revelation Chapter 19 is none other than Yahshua (Jesus) the Messiah returning in Glory to set up His Kingdom on Earth. They therefore think that the less sensationally described rider on the white horse in Revelation, Chapter Six must be an imposter, especially since he appears at the beginning of the Great Tribulation period, when the First Seal is opened:

“Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, ‘Come and see.’ And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.” -- Rev. 6:1-2 (NKJ)

Note that the First Horseman of the Apocalypse, or rider on the white horse is given a crown, and has a bow in his hand, identifying him is an archer. However, his bow has no “arrow,” which is a symbol of war and power. The lack of an arrow therefore suggests that the rider is being sent out during the first half of the seven-year Tribulation. For the first three and a half years, before the Bowls of God’s Wrath are poured out on the Earth, there will be a period of peace all over the world, though this time of peace will be heavily marred by ecological and geological disasters, which will be none other than acts of God’s vengeance on an imperiled Earth.

Uncannily, the white horse, and the crowned archer with the bow can all be found in the starry constellation called Sagittarius, the Centaur-like Archer among the twelve major signs of the Zodiac. As depicted in the Dendera Zodiac, Sagittarius depicts a mounted pharaoh, or king, whose pure white horse’s feet are trampling over a serpent shaped like a boat (indicating the serpent trail of Dan, and the Nephilim), while the arrow in the king’s bow is aimed at the heart of Scorpio, the most Satanic symbol among the twelve signs of the Zodiac! This Archer King represents Yahshua, while the white horse represents His perfection, and His role as an atonement sacrifice for sin.

As shown in my book “The Language of God in the Universe” (see, Sagittarius can be seen as a melding together of that first apocalyptic rider, and the white horse he is riding. In the Gospel in the Stars, this sign perfectly represents the dual-nature of Christ as both a conquering hero (the archer), and an atonement sacrifice (the hoofed, white animal) in one!

There are, in fact, two centaurs in the Zodiac. Sagittarius depicts Christ coming in triumph, while the decan of Virgo called Centaurus portrays Christ as an atonement sacrifice. These two centaurs are Scorpio’s righteous adversaries, and their bows depict God’s meting out of judgment against Satan, and his evil followers. However, these archer’s bows also signify God’s promises, blessings, and mercy, just as the rainbow sign given to Noah, and his kin depicted God’s promise to never destroy the Earth by water again. Interestingly, every rainbow symbolically aims an invisible arrow at God, showing that God would rather kill Himself than renege on any of His promises, just as He did on the Cross!

Now, as shown in my book “The Language of God in Prophecy” (see the prophet Zechariah depicts Yahweh holding a bow associated with the tribe of Judah, and an arrow tied to the Tribe of Joseph/Ephraim that are being used to defeat God’s enemies during the Battle of Armageddon:

“For I have bent Judah, My bow, Fitted the bow with Ephraim, and raised up your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece, and made you like the sword of a mighty man. Then the LORD will be seen over them, and His arrow will go forth like lightning. The Lord GOD will blow the trumpet, and go with whirlwinds from the south. The LORD of hosts will defend them… in that day, as the flock of His people. For they shall be like the jewels of a crown, lifted like a banner over His land…” - Zechariah 9:13-16 (NKJ)

Note here that the bow and arrow in Zechariah’s vision are being wielded by God, and those He is defending “shall be like the jewels of a crown.” This Scripture therefore identifies the bow, and the jewels of the crown belonging to the Rider on the White Horse in the Book of Revelation! As shown in my books, Judah prophetically refers to the Jews, especially those in the nation of Israel, while Ephraim signifies the Christians living all over the world, especially those in the United States. Therefore, the Rider on the White Horse appears to be a symbol representing a messenger ensuring that the Gospel of Christ’s Kingdom will be preached to the whole world before the Battle of Armageddon. This heavenly Kingdom will ultimately conquer the Devil’s kingdom in the air, and advance the knowledge of the Kingdom of God within those who become the Tribulation Saints.

Indeed, from the very beginning of the seven-year Great Tribulation, God chooses 144,000 Israelites from the Twelve Tribes of Israel to preach. Then the miracle-working Two Witnesses, and finally a mighty angel will preach the Gospel to the whole world before the fall of the Antichrist’s kingdom known as Babylon the Great:

“Then I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God. And he cried with a loud voice… ‘Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads.’ And I heard the number of those who were sealed. One hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel…” -- Rev. 7:2-4 (NKJ)

“And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.” -- Rev. 11:3

“Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth -- to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people -- saying with a loud voice, ‘Hear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water.’” -- Rev 14:6-7

In the final preceding quote, note that this angel is preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to the whole world, not just a few people! This angel, and the 144,002 other witnesses of God who will preach during the Tribulation will thus fulfill Christ’s prophecy that:

“…this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” -- Matt. 24:14

This preaching will be faithfully carried out because Yahweh does not want even one of His human children to perish in the Lake if Fire. Therefore, Yah is, and will continue to be merciful to those who accept His Son Yahshua as Savior - even up to the end of the Battle of Armageddon! Hallelu-Yah for that!

In Part Two of this article series, I will show what Zodiac signs the other three Horsemen of the Apocalypse are connected to, and what this connection means.


This is Part One of a Three Part Article discussing the use of Sacred Astronomy in determining the dating of key biblical prophecies. It continues with: Part Two - “The Riders on the Red, Black and Pale Horses, The Anti-Peace Sign, and the Mayan World-End Date,” and: Part Three - “The Anti-Peace Sign Chanukiah of the Four Horseman, and the Eclipses Marking the Great Tribulation,” which are based on Helena Lehman’s “Language of God” series books, available for purchase at, and

Helena Lehman is available to speak on this subject, and in many other areas concerning Christian and Messianic Theology, Sacred Astronomy, and the Gospel in the Stars. Please contact Helena for more information.

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Global Warming: A Consequence Of Apostasy In The USA, and The World

Copyright 2007 By Helena Lehman

October 18, 2007 - This article is a continuation of my article “The Amazing Star Gospel Connection of the USA and Israel, and the Zodiac in Bible Prophecy,” which was posted at this site recently. Before reading this article, it would be helpful if you read that article for more background on the points I will be addressing in this article, which is excerpted from my book:
“The Language of God in Prophecy”.

Now, if - as shown in my previous article - the United States is supposed to be a spiritual light to all other modern nations, it follows that the failure of the United States to give that spiritual light will cause the entire nation to suffer Yah’s (i.e. God’s) Wrath and Judgment. Though the United States still likely has more Christians per capita than any other nation on Earth, the government of the United States is becoming corrupt, and many apostate American politicians and judges are openly, and frequently attacking the premises upon which this great nation was founded.

Besides the democratic freedoms given to its citizens including the freedom of religion, the people of the United States swore to be “One Nation Under God” - whose national and spiritual motto is “In God We Trust.” The increasing failure of the people of the United States to honor these creeds, and to be a godly spiritual light in this dark world in recent times, has led to great misfortune for the United States. Clear signs that the U.S. Government, and many American citizens, are treading upon dangerous ground due to their immorality can be seen in many aspects of American society today, especially in the:

-- Media promotion that homosexuality is acceptable, and should not only be tolerated, but embraced as an acceptable lifestyle

-- Murder, rebellion, violence, sexual promiscuity, and pornography seen as entertainment rather than sin

-- Increasing usage of mind-altering, health-damaging recreational and prescription drugs

-- Legalization of abortion and euthanasia

-- Rapid escalation of violent crimes, murders, and all kinds of theft, including electronic and identity theft

-- Active promotion of Evolutionary Theory, which relegates the account of Creation in Genesis into the realm of myth

-- Increasingly open hostility toward Christian morality and values in our schools, and in the media

-- Deterioration of our legal system, which no longer supports biblical moral law, but promotes “tolerance” of sin

These immoral activities are a great affront to Yahweh, yet many Christian Americans condone these sins by their indifference, or refusal to show their outrage. Can any true believers in Yah doubt that America’s major national falling away from the truth in the past thirty years has reaped, and will continue to reap dire spiritual consequences for American citizens? After 9-11, how can anyone doubt that the moral degeneration of the United States, and the entire world has inevitably led to Yah’s judgment and wrath against many nations?

Indeed, though Europe had already fallen into many of the sins now becoming rampant in America (i.e. sexual immorality, promiscuity, political corruption, and apostasy) God did not begin to pour out His wrath on Europe immediately. Instead, Yah waited until increasing numbers of Americans followed Europe’s lead, and began to fall deeply into sin.

Currently, the world’s crazy weather patterns are one of the most obvious signs that we are in the End Times. In fact, so-called “natural disasters” are increasing exponentially all over the world. In 2003 and 2004 alone, statistics show that there has been a massive increase not only in the number, but also in the destructive power of storms, floods, and other natural disasters all over the world. For example, in 2004, many regions in the United States suffered from tremendous amounts of flooding from the unnaturally heavy rains that began in early spring that year, and continued throughout the summer. Even ordinarily dry States such as California and Nevada suffered from severe, and devastating flash floods, and mud slides. Later in 2004, and before more heavy rains came, there was unusual damage in California from severe brush fires. Though common to the ecology of the Southwest, these brush fires were burning increasingly way out of control.

Then, in 2005, the entire USA went from one extreme to another. Instead of too much rain in most regions (except Florida and the Eastern seaboard), many States suffered from severe drought, and heat. For example, due to drought, brush fires in the Western regions of the USA burned over vast areas in Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado for an unnaturally long period of time. Besides drought, daytime temperatures were extremely high. On July 24th, 2005, for example, the Weather Channel showed a map of the entire USA that was almost completely colored red, with temperatures in those red areas soaring with Fahrenheit temperatures in the high 90’s and lower 100’s. In my lifetime, I have never seen a TV weatherman’s map of this country that showed such a wide area of the country suffering from unbearable heat at the same time.

Then there were the hurricanes that racked the Southern coastal areas of the United States in 2005. There has never been a year in the recorded history of this country when five hurricanes hit the southern US coast in one season, or when two of the hurricanes were initially rated as category five - the most powerful level of hurricane in destructive force. One of these was Hurricane Katrina, which completely flooded the city of New Orleans, caused billions of dollars in damage to property, and killed thousands of Americans.

The totally erratic weather patterns of 2005 are continuing into 2006 around the world, with record highs and lows everywhere, and dire warnings about even more volatile weather to come due to Global Warming, which may be one of the plagues prophesied about in the Book of Revelation. Environmental changes attributed to Global Warming include increased severity of storms, severe melting of polar ice caps and loss of coastal lands, massive droughts or floods, and massive species extinctions. It therefore seems likely that these drastic changes in the weather of the USA are reflections of God’s judgment on America, and the world. Records prove that destructive weather patterns and earthquakes have been increasing all over the world, not just in the USA.

One example of this was the earthquake-generated tsunami that hit the coast of Indonesia in 2005, killing over 150,000 indigenous people, and many tourists from around the globe. Then there was the terrible earthquake that hit Pakistan, killing thousands more. Due to their severity and frequency, these disasters all seem to be signs that God is punishing the whole world for its End Time apostasy, not just America. When the World Trade Center in New York was destroyed during the Terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, Yahweh God’s Wrath and Judgment was also likely being shown to the people of the United States.

One reason the American people may have lost Yah’s divine protection is because they are no longer the spiritual lights of the world that they were called to be! Eerily, the destruction of the World Trade Center echoes the destruction of the Tower of Babel. Just as the city of Babylon was in that bygone era, New York City, and Manhattan in particular - is the heart of America’s business and economic world, and a world financial hub. As such, it is the headquarters for many multi-billion dollar international businesses and industries. In fact, the Twin Towers were viewed as the international heart of Capitalism by many icons of the financial world. Therefore, when Yahweh allowed those two gigantic pillar-like towers dedicated to “Mammon” to collapse in a terrifying avalanche of fire, smoke, bodies, and debris, Yah was sending a clear spiritual warning signal to America - and to the world!

Through this dire warning, some Americans were reminded of Christian values that too many of them had previously forgotten, or ignored. A few made some much-needed changes in the way they conducted their lives and businesses. However, the true implications of this national disaster were not really made apparent to many Americans, and too many of them refused to believe, or were woefully unaware, that God was judging America, and holding them accountable for their sins.

The godly values that all Americans need to uphold in order for God’s blessings to be restored can partly be found in two of Yahshua’s admonitions against money and wealth. The first is that “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). The second is that we should “store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:20-21). Our focus in this life is therefore not to be on the acquisition of wealth, or material pleasures. Instead, we are to care for our needs, and the needs of our families and communities, in a spirit of compassion, forgiveness, brotherhood, and love. Unfortunately, however, most Americans are slaves to credit, and are very wasteful in their propensity for buying more than they can possibly use in any given period - whether it be food, clothing, possessions, or entertainment.

Two other values that are being severely undermined in America (as in Europe) are the institutions of marriage, and the family. The escalating push in the media and Hollywood for the full public acceptance of homosexual marriage and lifestyles - if allowed to go unchecked - could result in tragic moral consequences in other areas. For example, it has almost become a prerequisite in our schools to teach that homosexuality is perfectly acceptable! But has everyone truly considered the possible consequences of such thinking, or how offensive it is to God?

Despite the charm and good-humor that some homosexuals in the entertainment industry convey, we must not lose sight of the fact that they are blatantly unrepentant sinners. In fact, all abnormal sexual behaviors are considered hideous crimes in the eyes of God. Therefore, the truth is that legalizing homosexuality, and making it a socially acceptable behavior, could also lead to the acceptance and legalization of such aberrant and sinful behaviors as polygamy, pedophilia, partner swapping, and incest! Do you doubt this possibility? Think again!

As an example of how lax America is becoming in its view of morality, an American court recently ruled that any woman who puts herself in a “compromising position” such as in a hotel room, or man’s apartment, can be considered to be giving her consent to be a potential sexual partner - whether she says so or not! The problem with a law like this is that any woman - even one who is unavoidably forced to walk alone at night - could be viewed as “asking” to be raped simply by her accessibility, and vulnerability!

Even if we do not commit sinful acts, or openly support them, our meek acceptance of them is as much a sin as actually performing these ungodly acts ourselves. Therefore, unless America and the world turns away from their self-centered, immoral, and materialistic lifestyles, it is my belief that this Divine Judgment of the United States will continue to get worse. In fact, this period of Judgment and destruction will likely not be fully lifted from America until Christ returns to set up His Millennial Kingdom on Earth.

The major consequences of the spiritual and moral falling away occurring in the United States are thoroughly explained in my book
“The Language of God in Prophecy” (available for purchase at, and This book is the last book in the four-book encyclopedic Language of God Book Series, that explores the symbolic Language of God hidden in the Zodiac and the Bible, and the need to understand the connection between the two in order to correctly decipher Bible Prophecy.

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The Amazing Star Gospel Connection of the USA and Israel, and the Zodiac in Bible Prophecy

Copyright 2007 By Helena Lehman

October 16, 2007 - There is an intriguing lead in determining where the United States figures in prophecy - a lead that no one to my knowledge has ever noted before, but that God has shown me. It stems from the fact that the continental United States consisted of forty-eight States from 1912 until 1959, when Alaska and Hawaii were added. Up until that time, the number of States was the same as the number of Levite cities in Israel, and constellations in the Ancient Mazzaroth! (NOTE: Mazzaroth = Hebrew word for “Zodiac”) Could this be just a coincidence, or a highly significant clue into determining the destiny of the United States? Let’s examine this clue to see what it may be trying to tell us.

Since Alaska and Hawaii are not physically part of the mainland appropriated by the United States, and do not share a common border with the other States in the Union, they are not part of the continental United States. There are therefore still only forty-eight States that make up the mainland United States. Could it be that these forty-eight States are meant to represent the forty-eight Levite cities, and constellations of the ancient Zodiac? One day, God gave me the answer to that question!

It happened while I was praying to God for help in finishing my book
“The Language of God in Prophecy” (available for purchase at, and While in prayer, I had an amazing vision of the United States, and its role in history. In this vision, I saw a bright blue sky where cool, cloudy Alaska suddenly appeared superimposed over a big silver crescent, and the islands of hot, sunny Hawaii were superimposed over a big yellow Sun shape. (See illustration shown full size in the Adobe PDF file linked to below).

In the next instant, the forty-eight continental States were spread across the heavens beneath the Alaska Moon and Hawaii Sun. When the vision ended, it became clear to me that Alaska was being depicted as an allegorical representation of the Moon, while Hawaii was an allegorical representation of the Sun. Meanwhile, the forty-eight other States stretched out across the sky could only mean one thing: they must represent the forty-eight constellations of the ancient Zodiac!

This vision clearly showed me that the fifty States represent the forty-eight constellations, and the Sun and the Moon that pass through the Zodiac every year! Could this be why 50 white stars superimposed over an azure background represents every State on the US Flag? Uncannily, while researching the history of the US Flag for this book, I discovered that the thirteen stars on the original flag were intended to represent a new constellation! This means that what I saw in a vision was anticipated and symbolized in the US Flag from the beginning.

This suggests that, coupled with the US Flag, my vision is Yahweh’s way of showing all Americans how important the USA is to Him as a nation, and a people “under God.” Incidentally, the original US Flag had thirteen stars on an azure background, and thirteen stripes: seven red, and six white. The stripes stand for the thirteen original colonies, which became the first thirteen States in the Union. Interestingly, the total number of the stripes in one color, 7 and 6, also indicate the year that America declared its independence from Great Britain. To better understand my meaning, click on the following URL to see the Adobe PDF file with illustrations showing the USA’s connection to the Mazzaroth, and the Original Flag of the USA with its 13 stars and stripes:

This idea that the United States is a symbolic representation of the Mazzaroth, and of literal and spiritual Israel is also substantiated by the dream that the patriarch Joseph had when he was a boy (Genesis 37:9-11). In that dream vision, Joseph was shown that the people in his life who were signified by the Sun, Moon, and stars would one day bow down to him. Like Joseph’s Israelite family, the United States represents every nation on Earth, and one day every nation will bow their heads to Christ, including the United States! But on another prophetic level, Joseph’s dream vision also suggests that the United States is truly viewed as a literal part of Israel in prophecy by Yahweh God, not just a spiritual part of it.

The association of the numbers thirteen and forty-eight with the United States are prophetically significant in several other ways. First of all, the USA’s connection to the number thirteen signifies that it is symbolically connected to the Sun transiting the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac, as well as to Jacob and the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and Christ and the twelve apostles. Secondly, America’s connection to the number forty-eight indicates that it shares a relationship with the Tribe of Levi, and the Gospel in the Stars.

Allegorically, the Tribe of Levi was the spiritual center of the nation of Israel, and - alongside the Bible and Yahshua (i.e. Jesus) our Messiah - the Gospel in the Stars should be a spiritual guide for the world. Since the number 48 is connected to the Gospel in the Stars, which recognizes 48 constellations, it is another clear indicator that America is meant to be a great source of spiritual light in this dark world. Based on the number of professing Christians in the U.S. population, and the many missionaries these American Christian congregations have sent out into the world, the United States is unquestionably the statistical world leader in both numbers of missionaries and churches.

Through Moses and Aaron, the Tribe of Levi inherited the priesthood. This suggests that, besides being considered a literal part of Israel, the United States is also being reckoned as the Tribe of Levi! This means that America is being called to give more spiritual light to the world than any other nation today outside of the nation of Israel. America, then, is the modern spiritual “navel of the world,” just as Giza in Egypt is the physical “navel of the world.”

As my friend Janice Moore pointed out to me, a navel is a scar left when a baby is severed from its mother by the cutting of the umbilical cord. It is therefore a potent symbol for the Fall of mankind, for this was when Adam and Eve were severed from their personal relationship with God. In addition, a navel is a symbol of our need for spiritual and physical redemption from sin
and death. All professing Christians therefore serve to remind the unredeemed sinners in the world that they are damned without Christ. As the greatest bastion of Christianity in today’s world, America is a symbolic navel of remembrance among the nations.

Stay tuned for more articles like this one, which is based entirely on exciting material taken directly from the book
“The Language of God in Prophecy,” the last book in the four-book encyclopedic Language of God Book Series, that explores the symbolic Language of God hidden in the Zodiac and the Bible, and the need to understand the connection between the two in order to correctly decipher Bible Prophecy.