Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Listen to Helena Lehman’s Live Interview
with Host Bruce Collins on Lynn Marzulli’s
Acceleration Radio Show

On the Reality Radio Network this
Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 at 5:00 pm PST
(7:00 pm CST, 8:00 pm EST)

You can access the show LIVE at:

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• Are you disturbed or frightened by the massive
changes going in the world today?

• Are you concerned about what is going on spiritually
and unsure about how you should respond to it?

• Are you wondering if the world will end on
December 21st, 2012 and what the Bible and other
prophetic channels have to say about it?

• Do you wonder if there is a secret conspiracy
going on to keep you in the dark on important
issues that may change your life forever?

For some amazing answers that will get
you thinking about and acting on these issues,

Listen to Helena Lehman’s LIVE one-hour
Interview with Bruce Collins
on the Acceleration Radio Show

On the Reality Radio Network

This Wednesday, August 5th at 5:00 pm PST,
(6:00 pm MST, 7:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm EST)

Again, you can access the show LIVE at:

This will be a great opportunity to find out what the prophecies in the Bible and the Signs in the Heavens have to say concerning past, present and future world events that can give you direction, wisdom, insight and hope.

During the show, we will be discussing the information
in my newest, longest and most fascinating book.

It's called:

“The Language of God in History,
A New Biblically-Based Reinterpretation of
History that Traces the Ancient Religious
Use of God's Symbolic Language.”

This illustrated, fully-indexed 775-page book
discusses Biblical history, including the
origin of the Nephilim, and the current
world political scene in light of Bible Prophecy,
especially as regards the USA in the near future.

For great background information on the book,
a link box to a prior interview about the book,
and a fan-generated video featuring the
foreword of the book, go to this page:

Discover “The Language of God in History”:

Here is the link to buy the book:

I hope you can listen in to my show.
If not, the show will be archived for
listening to afterward, and I will post
information for this on this blog
a few days after the show.

Bible Scholar and Prophetess Helena Lehman
Author of the Language of God Book Series
Pillar of Enoch Ministry Books