Tuesday, July 02, 2013


When I lived near Vancouver BC, Canada a little over 20 years ago, the local Evangelical Churches organized a “March For Jesus” Parade on the same weekend that the Gays were having their second annual “Gay Pride” Parade nearby in the same city.

I participated in that Jesus Parade and several after that, dancing and singing to worship songs as thousands of mostly Caucasian believers marched along a downtown Vancouver street waving signs, and driving decorated vehicles with slogans like: “God is Love”, “Jesus Saves”, and “Saints Choose God”.

As we walked, I was thrilled to see the huge turn out for our parade, which dwarfed the crowd that the Gay Parade attracted, and was featured on the local news that night!

What are all those believers who witnessed that doing today, and why aren’t others all over North America pushing their Churches to have big-time “March For Jesus” Parades in every city, every summer? I did a search on the Internet for “Jesus Parade” and there are few photos of any such events today except some featuring ethnic people, not Caucasians!

I think that this is a major tragedy, and a sign of the times we are in. My guess as to why this is so is that the Caucasian portion of North America’s population that believes in Christ has grown old, and many are too lazy, busy, sick or poor to try to fight their reprobate leaders for a permit to have a Jesus parade. In addition, most Christian youth groups appear to care little for promoting an otherworldly, moral lifestyle!

This is only partly why God is judging North America. Look no further than the Gay Agenda and the Pro Choice crowd to know the other reasons why we are under judgment.

For this reason, I think we ought to be staging death dirge parades showing Christ crucified while wearing sackcloth and ashes on the streets in repentance today, not having joyful parades. Though this would probably be prohibited in most cities today due to the Liberal community's marginalization of true believers, it still wouldn’t hurt to try!

Yours in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry