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Although Cinderella and her Prince 
romanticize the concept of a prince 
loving a commoner, princes and kings
rarely dawdled with female commoners
except in their roles as mistresses.

Did you know that there were some really strange customs back in Abraham's day that were also found in Europe and England in Medieval times? Take for instance, the fact that Abraham's wife Sarah was incredibly beautiful, even into her old age. [SIDE NOTE: I wish I knew how she retained her youth, because I know it wasn't just God's blessing! (Although Abraham and Sarah were both extremely blessed!) They knew things back then that we have forgotten!]

As a result, Abraham was afraid for his life every time they were confronted by Kings, who could take any unmarried woman (virgin, harlot, or widow) to be his concubine, or arrange to have a husband killed off to take the desired woman as his concubine. So Abraham lied to both the Pharaoh of Egypt and King Abimelech of the Philistines, and said Sarah was his sister (she was his half sister, so it wasn't a complete lie). He did this to avoid death when these randy leaders desired Sarah, and wanted to take her to their harems!

Throughout Ancient times, as well as throughout Medieval and Renaissance Europe, it was the right of Kings and Princes to take any woman they desired for sex as they traveled about their kingdoms, whether they were married or not. This practice was carried out throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and England for thousands of years, and as a result, there are pockets of humanity that display some of the traits of the Nephilim, or genetically enhanced and modified children of the Fallen Angels.

Now, along with Genesis 6, we need the Book of 1 Enoch, and the Book of Jubilees, the Book of Jasher and the histories of the Jewish Historian Josephus to piece together the rest of the story of the Nephilim. From these books, we learn that the Nephilim were not all humanoid in appearance, but also were monstrous giants that were more animal-like than man or angel. In fact, due to this prerogative of Kings to spread their alien DNA around, it's possible that we are ALL infected with a little Alien Nephilim DNA now - even if we don't display some of their obvious traits, such as six fingers and toes, webbed fingers and toes, above average muscle mass, and/or great - almost superhuman strength. This is also why we need to be covered by the Blood and Body of Yahshua or Jesus! His perfect Body and Blood and DNA is not only meant to cleanse us of all sins of immorality, but to replace the infected DNA in our blood and bodies, and make us as God created humans in the first place. This will happen during the coming resurrection from the dead of all those who are born again by the Spirit of Christ.

A sad fact of history that most don't know about is that, outside of the patriarchal and Israelite kings of the Bible, most other kings were royalty because their bloodlines could be traced back to the Nephilim and Fallen Angels, who became the gods and demigods of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks even after the Flood! This is because some of the more intelligent humanoid Nephilim survived the Flood somewhere outside of the Ark, and as powerful giants, they could easily win kingdoms of their own. Thus, they slowly re-infected humanity with alien DNA through the prerogatives of kings described above! Although some say it was the Fallen Angels that reintroduced Alien DNA, this is unlikely since the ancient records and the Bible tell us that God imprisoned ALL of the Fallen Angels deep inside the Earth with impenetrable bonds, where they have been reserved for Judgment at the end of time.

After imprisoning all of the Fallen Angels, Yahweh God destroyed all the monstrous, gigantic Nephilim that ate humans and drank their blood before the Flood, and all of the humans infected with Alien DNA from humanoid Nephilim, during the Great Flood of Noah. But some of the humanoid Nephilim survived the Flood, mostly likely in an underground chamber that was sealed off from the flood waters. Unlike these humanoid Nephilim who were called the "men of great renown" or the heroes of old mentioned in Genesis 6, the monstrous Nephilim that died off in the Great Flood were giant beings that did not resemble humanity at all.

These are the Nephilim whose spirits became the demons that plague humanity today. Since these demonic spirits come from creatures that were not human in appearance, but were hideously ugly (to humans) and terrifying to behold, their spiritual forms are also very ugly. Thus, demons can display various, bird, reptilian and animal traits that pure humans do not have. So the descriptions of demons as ugly or hideous is highly accurate. These demons are the ones that born again Christians can cast out and order imprisoned in the abyss, or bottomless pit, just as Yahshua and His disciples and apostles cast out demons.

Though the Nephilim could be very ugly, Scripture tells us that Satan (or the Fallen Angel Azazel) can appear as an Angel of Light. In fact, all of the Fallen Angels were incredibly beautiful humanoid creatures that humans would have been in awe of, and also appropriately afraid of since they could wield supernatural power. Now, when the bottomless pit is opened after the Wrath of God begins to be poured out in Revelation, the demons trapped there will be released, and will begin to plague humanity again as they did in the days of Noah after the flood. This is when Noah prayed to God to remove this new and terrible plague of demons that was hurting his offspring.

Thankfully, God had mercy on Noah and his children by imprisoning all but ten percent of the demons that were on the Earth in those days in the abyss or bottomless pit. The rest of the demons were allowed to roam over the Earth to search for a spiritually unprotected living host in man or beast so they could continue their evil reign over humanity. So it is highly likely that all the cannibalistic serial killers and demonic cannibal attackers in these last days that eat the living or dead flesh off of their victims are, in fact, possessed by demons. Furthermore, these demonic cannibalistic traits will be greatly increased after the Rapture, during the Great Tribulation. So the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse coming after the Rapture is probably going to become a horrific reality, and those not protected by the Blood of Yahshua, or prevented from dying by the Mark of the Beast, will not escape it.

Luke 17:26 ~ “And as it was in the days of Noah, 
so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man...”

Sadly, we are now living as in the Days of Noah and Lot, when sexual sin and genetic tampering are rampant all over the world. In addition, the Elite Leaders and the heads of all the Royal lines of the world are showing their disgusting desire to mislead, kill and destroy most of humanity. There are also clear signs that they intend to do it in the very near future. These are sure signs that Yahshua is coming again soon to rescue His Bride, the true Church, or Church of Philadelphia (Brotherly Love!) just before all Hell breaks loose on the Earth.

This is why the Blood of Yahshua or Jesus is so important in our salvation, and why we are covered with His blood upon our acceptance of His sacrifice. This is also why we are commanded to continue in the partaking of Communion, or the Lord's Supper in remembrance. Christ's PERFECT, untainted body and blood were offered up because it is Christ's shed body and blood that cleanses us of sin! This is because every mortal human being contains damaged DNA that is already tainted from the physical decay that sin brings on. In addition, there is also a very real possibility that many human beings have Nephilim DNA in their veins already.

How's that for a Saturday or Sunday morning sermon? Care to invite me to preach at your Church? I'm an author of four great Christian theological research books covering much information like this that can greatly enrich a believer's understanding of Yahweh God, His Son Yahshua and the Holy Spirit, and I'd be happy to deliver this message at your Church if you cover my travel expenses and provide me with room and board. Just contact me and let me know you're interested. I can even bring along copious notes to back up my claims that can be printed up and handed to the congregation before I speak.

This was NOT written to inspire fear, but conviction in the necessity of accepting Yahshua or Jesus for our Salvation from all evil, including Nephilim DNA! Your life literally and spiritually depends on the free gift of salvation offered by believing in Yahshua, and loving and following Him to escape the Wrath of God to come!

This is important for people to know in these last days, when demonic deception is at an all time high. Yahshua came to save us from the pollution of all sin, including the genetic sin that has been going on since before the Great Flood, and is on the rise again with GMO foods already on our food shelves, and genetically enhanced children in the works.

With Love From
Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry 

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Jerusalem Temple Mount Under A Stormy Sky
Sadly, there are many Antisemitic people today that hate Israel and see high level, rich elite Jews as the enemy of all Christians, and as the primary creators of the New World Order. But this belief is an Illuminati construct - and NOT Israel's doing. It goes back to Nazi Germany, when the forged and false document called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was created and became the impetus for the Nazi Concentration Camps, where 6 Million Jews were sent to starve, be tortured, and die.

Some twisted people are now saying that these rich Jews behind the NWO want to do that to the Christians in America and all over the world through FEMA and other types of Concentration Camps. But it is far more likely that the Radical Muslims of the world, with their Jihadist and Terrorist cells, are actually behind this. They have infiltrated and taken over the West behind the scenes, and they are now almost ready to set their diabolical plans into action. This is to wipe out all the Conservative Constitution supporters, WASPs and Catholics in America and the West.

My point is that there are diabolically evil rich elites that identify as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Pagans, Occultists and Wiccans in the Illuminati - and THEY are behind this, NOT the MAJORITY of the Jewish people! The tiny nation of Israel is the Apple of God's Eye, and He is using Israel to judge the nations. In fact, Scripture says that ALL of the world's nations will eventually come against Israel, ALL of them will be judged, and many of them will be utterly destroyed. As I have explained in previous articles, the United Nations is behind this international scorning of Israel, and the United Nations Security Council fits the biblical profile for the Beast from the Sea perfectly.

Sadly, right now one of the seven heads of the UN Beast is America, and perhaps this is why, despite President Trump's friendship with Prime Minister Netanyahu, America is still acting like an ENEMY of Israel. The sad fact is that Trump never reversed Obama's decision to aid the ISIS rebels that hate, torture, rape, behead, burn and boil Christians alive because these rebels are jihadists that want to topple Assad's Liberal Muslim Regime. If they are successful, these rebels will completely islamify Syria, which currently treats women almost as equals with men, allows women to get a higher education, work in many professions outside the home, and serve in the military. In fact Syria shares many Western values and had become a model of democracy in a sea of Islamic oppression. This is why Pro-Christian Russia is fighting on Assad's side!

Sadly, with America's help under Obama, Radical Islamist groups that eventually formed ISIS started the Arab Spring, which toppled many Liberal regimes that were friendly to the West and brought the Radical Muslims to power in most of the Muslim nations. Furthermore, ISIS received most of its current military power from the USA under Obama, who left them many millions of dollars worth of military equipment in Iraq to give them the power to fight the West, take over Iraq and now Syria, and move toward their ultimate goal of destroying Israel. Under Obama, this insanity made perfect sense, since he is a Muslim, and not a Christian, and could even be the Muslim Mahdi.

But under Trump, who professes to be a Christian now, this policy of the USA should have immediately been reversed, and America should have thrown in its efforts with Russia to support Assad against ISIS! But NO! We are still doing the opposite, and as such, America has aligned itself against Israel. (UPDATE: In August 2017, Trump stopped backing the ISIS Rebels in Syria) Furthermore, Trump's Jewish Advisor and Son-in-Law Jared Kushner is attempting to form a peace Treaty between the Palestinians and Israel. This means that Trump's plan to make America Great again WILL FAIL, and America is therefore doomed! Furthermore, the FEMA Camps attached to multiple Walmarts throughout the USA will one day be used by these Radical Muslims to torture and kill every person that refuses to take the Mark of the Beast.

To further add to this insanity, ISIS not only wants to wipe Israel off the map, but America and the rest of the Western nations too! That is the major reason behind the Syrian Refugee crisis! It has created a crisis that is allowing Radical Islamic Terrorists to infliltrate the West in huge numbers. As the Terrorist cells in the West grow, ISIS plans to destroy Israel to set up its Satanic Caliphate, and then it plans to use the Terrorist Cells all over the West to take over the whole world for the demonic Islamic Moon god Allah, and to wipe out every last white and Christian on the planet!

This is the TRUTH of the matter, and ONLY GOD can stop it from happening. That is why Yahshua is going to come back, and there is going to be a bloodbath in the Middle East during the Revelation 18 and 19 Battle of Armageddon such as has never been seen before anywhere! At that time, Yahshua will strike all the armies of all the nations that will come against Israel and America in these Last Days and utterly DESTROY THEM! As the prophet Zechariah states:
“The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD... Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” ~ Zechariah 12:1-3
Many False Prophets have stated that Israel is either a Rothschild or Illuminati Creation, which is utter nonsense. Although there are extremely evil people in world politics everywhere that wish to destroy most of the world's population, God created the modern state of Israel for His own End Time Purposes, and it needs to be hated and misrepresented because God will judge the world through Israel, and cut every nation that goes against it into pieces.

But the Great Tribulation is not just about judging and punishing the wicked that come against both Houses of Israel in these last days, but about leading the Jews to repent and accept their Messiah Yahshua. This is made clear through the mouth of the Prophet Ezekiel:
 ~*~ Ezekiel 36:22-29 ~*~ “Therefore say to the house of Israel, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “I do not do this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for My holy name’s sake, which you have profaned among the nations wherever you went. 23 And I will sanctify My great name, which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst; and the nations shall know that I am the Lord,” says the Lord God, “when I am hallowed in you before their eyes. 24 For I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land. 25 Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. 26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. 27 I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them. 28 Then you shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers; you shall be My people, and I will be your God. 29 I will deliver you from all your uncleannesses.”

Delivered on April 8th, 2017 on Facebook
Through Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
PS: We need to keep in my mind that there is a Synagogue of Satan spoken of in the Book of Revelation where the congregants identify themselves as Jews, but who serve as the enemies of all born again Christians. This Synagogue is full of decidedly Antichristian Jews and Muslims, and also all Antisemitic Christians that claim that they have the blessings of the Jews because the Jews are no longer beloved by God. I explain all this in the following article on my ministry blog. Please take the time to read it:


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Monday, April 17, 2017


This Resurrection Sunday morning, I watched Godspell, the musical movie on TV, and was touched by the way the Hippie cast depicted some of the most memorable and convicting of Yahshua's Parables. I felt deeply moved by it, although like Jesus Christ Superstar, which I did see in 1975, it did not end with a Resurrection scene, but the crucifixion, and it mostly appears to have been filmed in a mock up of a garbage dump or junkyard, which was likely to accentuate the fact that Yahshua's true followers are usually poor in riches, but rich in Spirit.

Interestingly, God told me today that the reason for the lack of a Resurrection scene in Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar was that those were the years that the wicked among the Elite were downplaying the First Resurrection from the dead to try and humanize Jesus. They were doing this so that Jesus would more easily fit into the role of an Avatar or Ascended Master in the false New Age Gospel that was taking the Hippies and the world by storm back then.

Would you believe I never saw Godspell before today? I suspect many of my Facebook friends were born after it came out and either saw it much later, or never saw it at all either. So if you haven't seen it, please check it out. Anyway, I was curious to figure out why I missed seeing Godspell back then, since I liked to go to the movies. But I had a really messed up childhood, so I figured something horrendous was probably going on in my life when Godspell came out.

So later this morning, I checked Wikipedia, and saw that Godspell the movie was put in theaters in 1973, when I was 14 going on 15. That was the year I had eye surgery and almost died due to an adverse reaction to the anesthetic. In short, my heart stopped and they almost didn't get it started. I then laid in a coma for a day before I revived, feeling terrified as I lay gagging on a tube that had been shoved down my throat. Thankfully, I recovered from that surgery fully though, and with better eye sight to boot.

My spiritual vision was terrible back then though, and it's a wonder I survived my teens because I did not have a relationship with Jesus back then, and had two abusive alcoholic parents that did not really care about my older brother and I. So that was the year I joined a local street gang, smoked pot and began to drink wine often, learned street fighting and how to use nanchuka sticks, beat a few women to a pulp and got beaten to a pulp, and got assaulted and close to raped by one of the Latino men in the gang I was in.

I was raised nominally as a Catholic, and would describe myself as an Agnostic with an odd love for Jesus even though I did not know Him well. In the Fall of 1973, I attended Lakeview high school, where Whites were a minority at only 25 percent. It was roughly also 30 percent Latino and 45 percent Black in a very poor neighborhood. As a result, I used to carry my nanchuka sticks wherever I went back then, and had to use them quite a bit. I also have never been a big fan of watching TV. That is likely why I never saw Godspell until now.

Providentially, that winter - after I almost got raped and had become very traumatized by that experience and all the gang fighting, my parents decided it was time to move to a safer neighborhood (Praise God!). So, at the start of 1974 we moved to a nicer neighborhood, where I was rapidly introduced to Pentecostalism, Evangelicalism, and Lutheranism, and I began to fall away from the Catholic Church as I learned more about Christianity and Jesus.

I also saw the movie "A THIEF IN THE NIGHT" at one of those churches in the summer of 1974, about 6 months after my move. That movie about the horrors after the Rapture during the Great Tribulation left me shaken and afraid, and that is when I said my first prayer asking Jesus into my life as my Personal Savior.

But I did not become truly born again until roughly 14 years later, when I was 30 and saw a vision of Christ. Shortly after that, I was baptized by full immersion on Pentecost in 1988 in an Evangelical Church. Before that, however, I did try to draw nearer to God, and started searching the Scriptures on my own to find out what they had to say about Jesus, and many other things. So I find myself humbly grateful  this morning that I finally did get saved, and that I have survived for as long as I have.

God willing, I will also celebrate my 60th birthday this coming August 6th, which will fall on Tu B'Av, the Jewish equivalent of Valentine's Day. This joyous minor holiday in Israel is tied to Weddings and love, and hence to the Rapture, and it is going to fall 2 weeks before an amazing and ominous Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse will cut across America from west to east on August 21st, 2017, and I see it as an evil omen for America.

I hope to write about the spiritual implications of that Eclipse soon. In the meantime, may God bless you all deeply, and help you all to feel gratitude on this glorious day in Christ as we all await our Blessed Hope in the Rapture.

Love and Blessings from
Your Sister In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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In the meantime, may God bless you, and may our Father God and His Son and Spirit bless you, just as you have blessed me. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah! ~ Helena Lehman
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The Connection Between the 144,000 Witnesses, and My Prophetic Drawing Called WARRIOR PRINCESS

Artist's Acknowledgement:
Drawing called “WARRIOR PRINCESS”
Prophetic Drawing done by Helena Lehman
AKA Helene Lutz, at age 17 in early 1975

I wanted to share something profound with all of you that comes in the form of what I think is a prophetic drawing that was drawn in pencil when I was 17 years old. This drawing has a strong connection to a recent vision that was given to me by God. Before I explain its symbolic meaning, however, I wanted to clarify some things. Though some people think Jewish Stars are associated with Pagan worship, I associate them with Judaism and the Jews, and that is how this symbol over the female Angelic Warrior Princess' sword at the center of the picture should be interpreted. There's also a Celtic style cross over her chest, and I did not know anything about Celtic crosses then. I know some people think Crosses are evil too, but to me, they represent Christianity. I later learned that the Celtic style Cross is also tied to the Sun and to the Astronomical symbol for the Sun, and Yahshua is called the SUN of Righteousness in Malachi 4:2, and that is NOT an accident.

I drew this in early 1975, and very little in this drawing made much sense to me at the time. My name was Helene Lutz back then (Look for the year and my signature on the lower right corner of the drawing). Also, for your information, there was no A at the end of my name back then. I added that A myself with a legal name change in 1988 or thereabouts, to reflect the "AH" sound in Yahweh God's Name. I also had ZERO knowledge of the Nephilim or the Great Tribulation then because I was raised Catholic, although I am fairly confident that this is what this scene actually represents.

When I showed this drawing to the friends I knew back then, they liked it, but asked me what it was supposed to represent because it made no sense to them. I said I had no clue, although it came to me when I drew this that I was to become the Warrior Princess holding the sword in the center of the drawing, and the dead beastly creature on the ground was demonic. But I thought it meant I would war against demons in some mystical and esoteric sense. However, although my initial understanding of it was certainly true, I now have been given additional impressions of it due to my study of the Book of 1 Enoch, and a recurring vision that God recently gave to me that is related to the End Time information in that ancient prophetic text.

In this vision, I see myself in a glorified state, full of enormous supernatural power, beauty and strength. I am dressed in bejeweled silver and gold body armor, like Xena's, but far more costly. Behind me are a company of male Angels in full battle regalia. But unlike my drawing, neither me nor my angelic companions in my vision sported wings. The wings in my drawing are a symbol of the fact that those who are transformed at the Rapture will no longer be limited by the Laws of Physics. However, Ezekiel described the Cherubim, which were angelic heavenly beings, as having many wings (Ezekiel Chapter 10). There is also a prophetic reference to some female messengers with wings in Zechariah 5:9.

In this vision, I know that my mission is to protect and defend the new saints that are to be saved during the Great Tribulation. What's more, I keep seeing this vision - even after countless prayers against all demonic deception. So I know it's true, and it's going to happen soon. I also know that I don't have to do a thing to make it happen. In a Word of Knowledge that I received after seeing this vision for the first time, God's Spirit within me said that HE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN, and all I have to do is wait and let God make it happen when it is time, which will be at the time of the Rapture.

Through this drawing and the recent recurring vision, God is asking me to recall what came to me in a conversation with God that I had several years ago. In that conversation, God came to me one day when I was contemplating the events of the Great Tribulation and the hope of the Rapture. At that time, He asked me the following: “Would you be willing to stay behind during the Great Tribulation to witness to and help the saints that will be saved then?” I thought about this for several moments, thinking about all the terrifying events that will occur then, and almost said "NO!" But then I thought about the happiness it would bring me to save and help my fellow brothers and sisters, and I replied: “If it would please you Lord, Yes, I would be honored to”.

After that conversation, God called me to do a study of the Scriptures connected to the 144,000 Witnesses, which are to be chosen out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, as explained in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 7. They are also further referred to in Revelation Chapter 14. During that study, I was given spiritual insights that the Witnesses would not all be men, or literal virgins or Jews, but would be glorified spiritual virgins that will come out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel that includes all the grafted in Gentiles. This is fitting since we are all assigned a potential Tribe by the position of the Sun in the Mazzaroth at our time of birth.

I have also been given Words of Knowledge that the 144,000 Witnesses would be somewhat like a truly Holy version of the Knights Templar. They will not only be very godly human beings that are beloved by God, but very powerful Warriors for God that will be supernaturally equipped to destroy the demonic hordes trying to kill the saints during the Great Tribulation. So in that sense, my vision and drawing are telling me that I am one of the 144,000 Witnesses.

Now, I know that many might object to my saying that I am one of the 144,000. But, as you can see via my vision, drawing and Words of Knowledge that were revealed here, I have been given strong indications that this is the truth. Furthermore, I am now sharing this not to receive praise or condemnation, but to show everyone that there is more to me, and to the 144,000 Witnesses than most believe or have been taught.

In closing, I would like to share the study I did of the 144,000 that was published on my POEM Ministry Blog in August of 2008. The Title and Link to it are below.

Who Are The 144,000 Witnesses of Revelation?

I hope that you all will read the above-linked to article now in a new light.

With Love From Your Sister in Yahshua,
Author of the Language of God Book Series.
Helena Lehman of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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