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Elijah Was Caught Up to Heaven on Pentecost,
Just as Enoch Was

Pentecost, which means "Fiftieth Day", is one of the Feasts of Israel that was instituted by our Heavenly Father Yahweh on Mount Sinai. This Feast Day, which Jews and Messianics call Shavuot, occurs at different times in the different branches of the Christian Church, as well as with Messianics and Jews. It celebrates the birthday of the Church - when the Holy Spirit was sent as a mighty rushing wind and tongues of fire that rested upon the Apostles that followed Yahshua (See Acts Ch. 2). At that time, they went out and preached to the people gathered in Judea for the Feast of Shavuot or Pentecost, and when they spoke with the spiritual gift of tongues, they were not babbling incoherently. They were heard speaking in the tongues of the foreigners in the crowds who did not know Aramaic so that they could hear the Good News of the Gospel of Yahshua and the Kingdom of God in their own tongues. 

The Holy Spirit Depicted As A Fire-Giving Dove

This same gift was given to me a long time ago, as I was speaking to a group of Muslim Arabs in a college cafeteria in Chicago that had come to meet to learn Calculus from my Arabic friend Jalal. I had a hard time with Calculus, and Jalal was trying to teach me because he fancied me for a wife, though I did not know it yet. But we never married because I refused to convert to Islam and wear a Hijab or scarf over my head. At that time though, Jalal and I were dating, and because of this, I was given an opportunity to witness to Jalal and many of his friends, who did not understand English very well. I told them the Gospel of Salvation, and that Yahshua, or Issa as they call Him, was the only way to salvation.

The Apostles Preaching in Tongues at Pentecost

As I was talking about Yahshua as Jesus to them, one of Jalal's Arabic friends at the table told Jalal that he heard me speaking in fluent Arabic, and asked him if he had taught me. Jalal told him that I did not know Arabic and that I was only speaking in English. But that man had another Arab friend sitting next to him who spoke English too, and he had him ask me if I was speaking in Arabic. I was really surprised and baffled, and said "No, I do not know Arabic, and I am speaking in English. Why do you ask?" After I said this, they all became amazed and got into a heated discussion in Arabic that disrupted Jalal's ability to teach. Though Jalal did not say anything to me at the time, he did later, and said he was very displeased with me for disrupting his class with my "tricks", like I was playing a game with him and actually knew how to speak Arabic better than I let on. He also told me not to speak at these meetings ever again. This is when I realized that the Spirit of Christ in me would never be welcome in Jalal's house or by his family, who only treated me with respect because Jalal wanted to marry me - a pretty and talented heathen girl.

The Apostles Receiving the Holy Spirit on Pentecost

I told that story from my past because it stresses the importance of what I'm going to say about Pentecost. Pentecost or Shavuot celebrates much more than the giving of the Holy Spirit, for it marks that day that Moses went up onto the top of the Mount of God called Mount Sinai in Midian or Arabia, and this is where Moses received the Stone Tablets with the Commandments from Yahweh Elohim. This is why Yahshua stressed that His followers should show their love for Him by keeping the Moral Laws within the Commandments given to Moses. Pentecost is also the same exact day that Enoch and Elijah were caught up to Heaven, as I've shown in the graphic at the top of this page. These godly men preached to a world full of wicked people set against God, and boldly refused to remain silent in the face of constant - and at times deadly - opposition. That is why they were taken to Heaven without seeing death! They walked with God faithfully, and did not succumb to the pressure of the unrepentant sinners around them. The unrepentant people that did not listen to Enoch or Elijah were destined to perish because they worshipped Lucifer and the other Fallen Angels via pagan and foreign gods, and they were heavily deceived and possessed by the demonic spirits of dead Nephilim.

Messianics and Jews celebrated the Feast of Shavuot or Pentecost on May 16th and 17th in 2021, as it's counted from Passover. Protestant Christians celebrated Pentecost on Sunday May 23rd, 2021, as it's counted from Easter or Resurrection Sunday. But the Orthodox Christians in Russia, most of the Middle East, some Slavic Nations, parts of Asia and Northern Africa will celebrate Pentecost on June 20th this year. This is because their Easter or Resurrection Sunday fell a month later than the Protestant Christian Pentecost, at the time of the Second Passover and Orthodox Easter this year, which began on April 25th-26th, 2021. 

St. Paul Preaching to Jews and Gentiles

Orthodox Pentecost is going to fall on June 20th, 2021, which is also the Summer Solstice, also known as the longest day of the year. This day is considered to be the official end of Spring and beginning of Summer. Even more fascinating is the fact that the Summer Solstice fits the prophetic season of the Rapture that is revealed in the Book of Ruth and the Song of Solomon. There are many scriptural references in the Book of Ruth and the Song of Solomon to the time of the Barley harvest, to the time when many plants are covered with new flowers, and to the time when the sheep and goats are giving birth to new lambs. These are all events that occur in the Spring or early Summer. Also, it's important to note that the Solar Eclipse on June 10th, 2021 is exactly 10 days before Pentecost on the Enoch and Orthodox Calendars, which means that it corresponds with Ascension Day, or the time when Yahshua our beloved Messiah ascended to Heaven - exactly 10 days before Pentecost! (See Acts Ch. 1)  

Apostles Watch Yahshua Ascending to Heaven,
10 Days Before Pentecost

It's also interesting to note again here that Enoch and Elijah were caught up to Heaven in whirlwinds so that they would escape mortal death on Shavuot or Pentecost, and these were definitely Rapture type events. So, if I were to venture a guess as to when the Rapture will occur this year, there's a high probability it could be on June 10th, which corresponds with Yahshua's Ascension to Heaven, or on June 20th, which corresponds with the Harpazo, Catching Away or Rapture of Enoch and Elijah! 

However, please keep in mind that these are only my observations based on my research over the years - especially this past two years. To learn more about what I teach, please read the articles linked to at the end of this article, and check out my Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web Site. In the meantime, please remember that we must always live with the expectation that Yahshua could return for us at any time, and we need to watch for His return, and be sure that we are ready by striving to follow His Commandments with the help of the Holy Spirit! I just felt a pressing need to share this information with all of you as June 10th approaches. That's because I truly believe that the Rapture of the Born Again Saints in the Church of Philadelphia and a few members of the other churches will be caught up to heaven in the very near future.

The Holy Spirit is Available to Anyone
Who Is Born Again Through Faith In Yahshua!

Please, my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, don't get too caught up in summer activities and festivities right now. Remember to preach the Gospel of Salvation to whomever that will listen, because the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit are available to everyone today who dies to the deceptive pleasures of this world to live for Yahshua, and who acts with His love and compassion. Please remain in a prayerful and watchful frame of mind, and don't let yourselves fall asleep - because Yahshua could indeed come for us at any time. Also remember that Yahshua warned that it was unlikely that He would find many who are faithful and endure hardship until the end, when He comes back. Furthermore, most of those who profess to love and follow Him will be sleeping when He comes, and like the Foolish Virgins and Lukewarm Laodiceans, they will be left behind to suffer through the Great Tribulation. 

Another amazing fact about Summer Solstice this year is that it is Father's Day in the United States, and this may be a sign that our Heavenly Father Yahweh is planning to show His love for those who love His Son on this very special day in 2021 that may in fact be the true Pentecost this year.

Although the true believers after the Rapture may find some protection with the 144,000 Witnesses, I do not believe that those who are left behind and do not repent of their sins and get right with Yahshua will find protection from the plagues of the Wrath of God, which will be poured out at the same time that Satan's Wrath is at an all-time high. I will post another article soon that talks about the coming great deception of those who are left behind.

So Please Keep Watch and Pray! Maranatha Yahshua!

In closing, I would like to invite you to read the articles linked to below, if you haven't already. They will help you all to see the full scope of the amazing Heavenly Signs that have already occurred this year, and in the past several years. In the meantime, may Yahshua our Messiah bless, comfort and guide you all until He comes to take us home!

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And Many Blessings From
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