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The Sinister Origins of the
Nephilim Giants or Reptilians

Author's Foreword from the Upcoming Book:
"The Language of God in History"

Copyright 2007-2009
By Helena Lehman

Author's Note:
The following article consists of the actual Author's Foreword from my new book “The Language of God in History,” which contains hundreds of pages of exciting information about the Watchers, or Annunaki, and the Nephilim, or Giants that were on the Earth prior to the Great Flood। It serves as an exciting introduction to one of the most interesting books in “The Language of God” Book Series। I hope you enjoy reading it, and I welcome your feedback about it.

“The Language of God in History” was written for two major reasons. First, it is an educated Christian response to the virulent anti-biblical attitudes among world secular academia, New Agers, and Neo-Pagans. Secondly, it is in response to the many alien conspiracy advocates and Darwinists who use author Zechariah Sitchin’s corrupted research surrounding the Watchers (i.e. Sitchin’s Annunaki) and their Nephilim “offspring” to support Evolution, and to suggest that modern human beings, or Homo-Sapiens are the by-product of alien genetic manipulation.

This manipulation of apes or Neanderthals by the fallen angels (a.k.a. the Watchers, or Annunaki) or their Nephilim offspring (a.k.a. giants or reptilians) supposedly resulted in the development of Homo sapiens, which Sitchin claims were created to be a quasi-intelligent slave race geared to serve the Watchers and Nephilim prior to the Great Flood. However, though humanity was subjugated by the Nephilim both before and after the Flood, the Bible teaches that mankind was created as a unique and fully developed animal species long before the Watchers came down to Earth. The fallen among the Watchers did, however, use genetic engineering to create the Pre-Flood Nephilim - some of whom somehow survived the Flood to produce the Post-Flood Anakim and Rephaim giants in an almost successful attempt to corrupt and destroy all life on Earth.

Some conspiracy theorists also believe in the Gap Theory, which supposes that another creation and destruction of the Earth by water occurred in an imagined gap of omission between the first two sentences of the Book of Genesis. The theory goes that the Watchers or Annunaki were the first beings to inhabit the Earth, which was subsequently completely destroyed by a worldwide flood. This imagined flood would date to approximately 8,000 years before Noah’s Flood in 2347 BC. This argument is often used by Evolution-touting Christians to support their belief in Darwin’s theories, as the Gap Theory allows them to add as many imagined years as they want to biblical chronologies so that it will coincide with current evolutionary thinking.

Nonetheless, the Gap Theory is totally against the teaching of the Bible, and is misleading millions of people into believing falsehoods about the past that have absolutely no basis in fact. For example, many conspiracy theorists who accept the Gap Theory also believe that mankind is the product of genetic manipulation with Watcher, and/or Nephilim genetic material. However, the Bible tells us that God created mankind in His image, not in the image of a subhuman ape, or genetically-engineered Nephilim monster!

In fact, the writer of Genesis specifically stated that God saved Noah because he “was perfect in his generations” and “the earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence” (Genesis 6:9-11). He made this statement to clarify that both Noah and his sons were still perfectly human - with no Nephilim blood mixed in! In short, they were the only people who had not become genetically corrupted, and violently unstable.

Humanity had sunken so low from genetic corruption by the time of Noah that they had inherited the Nephilim penchant for perpetual violence and bloodlust. As evidenced in the Book of 1 Enoch and the Book of Jasher, the Watchers succeeded in corrupting nearly all divinely-created life forms by mixing the genes of animals, birds and reptiles together in a multitude of ways to create a seemingly endless array of hybrid Nephilim monsters. Furthermore, these mutant creatures had no compulsion to follow God’s laws, and therefore became grossly wicked.

Sadly, because the Nephilim were cunning and powerful, mankind gradually succumbed to their evil ways, and became genetically corrupted with their genes through sexual unions that produced mutant hybrid children. The resultant mutant humanoid races were as disdainful of God’s laws, and as evil and violent as their Nephilim forbears. This is why God grieved that He had created mankind, and wanted to destroy all life on the Earth (Genesis 6:5-7). Thankfully, there were still some pure animals and plants among every species on Earth just before Noah’s Flood, or no animals would have been allowed to board the Ark.

Nonetheless, God’s plan to completely destroy the Nephilim scourge in the Great Flood was somehow thwarted. This is why God chose Abraham and the Israelites. Yahweh wanted to raise up a purely human army of believers who would trust their one true Creator God for the help they needed to defeat their inhuman enemies. As will be shown in Chapter Eight of this book, the Israelites were chosen by God to kill all the Nephilim or Giants who had survived the Flood. They were ordered to do so because these evil alien beings had conquered the Sethites who originally lived in Canaan until shortly after Abraham’s time. Furthermore, they had expressly done so to prevent Abraham’s descendents from taking the Promised Land that God had promised them.

As explained in the Book of Jasher, Melchizedek, the king of Salem, was none other than Shem. As Noah’s and God’s favored son, Shem was the leading patriarch of the Shemite (i.e. Semitic) clans, and he resided in Canaan, which was to one day become known as Israel. Furthermore, the city of Salem that Melchizedek governed over was in the location of the future city of Jerusalem. This is why Melchizedek honored Abraham, and vise versa. They both must have been divinely informed of God’s plan for Abraham’s offspring to one day inhabit Canaan forever. In addition, they both likely secretly knew that God had a plan to destroy the Giants, which required these mutants to invade Canaan.

Per God’s plan, the Nephilim were provoked by their hatred of God’s chosen people to invade Canaan to annihilate and subjugate the human populace, and then settle there - thus ensuring that most of the Giants would eventually be gathered into one place after the Flood. This made it much easier for Abraham’s descendents to destroy the Nephilim, and reclaim their stolen land for Yahweh. Assuming this explains partly why Shem didn’t simply give the land to his eleventh generation grandson Abraham at that time that they were introduced to each other, since Abraham was the heir to God’s promises to Shem.

The true conspiracy behind all the problems in the Middle East today is that this information is plainly recorded in the Bible and Book of 1 Enoch, but pastors have either been taught not to teach about this, or refuse to do so. Yet this Nephilim conspiracy to destroy mankind is partly behind the hatred of the sons of Ishmael for the sons of Isaac. It is also exacerbated by the jealousy and sibling rivalry between Ishmael and Isaac, which has never been resolved.

To further complicate the situation, the Nephilim-tainted Philistines of ancient times have metamorphosed into the Palestinian people of today. Just as the Anakim, Amorites, Amalekites, and Philistines were Israel’s bitterest enemies, their modern counterparts hate and desire to provoke and/or kill all the spiritual (i.e. Christian) and literal (i.e. Jewish) descendents of Abraham living in Israel, and throughout the world.

Because ten of the twelve Israelite spies who were sent into Canaan to scout their defenses were afraid of these Nephilim giants, God forced the Israelites to wander in the Sinai for forty years (See Numbers, Ch.13 & 14). This served as a blessing in disguise, since - during their wilderness wanderings - the Israelites became physically fit, hardened warriors that were ready to fight their most fearsome enemies.

Subsequently, when the Israelites returned to Canaan, they had lost their slave mindset and - even more importantly - had learned to trust God. As a result of their new-found faith in Yahweh’s power, they had virtually no trouble defeating most of the Philistines, Giants, Anakim and Rephaim in Canaan, and winning the Promised Land for Yahweh. As will be shown in this book and Book Four, however, the bloodline of the Nephilim was sadly not fully extinguished, and can be associated with some of the aristocratic and noble bloodlines in Europe, Great Britain and the Middle-East today.

This book - and the series it is a part of - was written to reveal many of the truths about the One True God and His Creation that the Nephilim, fallen angels, and the pagans who followed them have mocked, perverted, hid, or otherwise tried to destroy since the dawn of time. For this reason, though this book has been written to stand alone, it is meant to be read in conjunction with the other books in the series, and is most beneficial when viewed as part of the set. However, if you do not have access to these books, you can still gain much from this single volume in the series. As you continue to read, may Yahweh bless you on your spiritual journey into the secrets of the past.

--- Helena Lehman, March 17th, 2008

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