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When I consider the Grace of God and Christ's redeeming sacrifice for us all, I have to do it through the lens that God gave me with His indwelling Spirit. One thing that God's Spirit has made clear to me is that I have always had the free will to choose Him or not, and God also has had the free will to redeem me or not, and what this ultimately means is that God knows who among us will truly choose Him and succeed in following Him to the end with the help of His Spirit, and who will not.

Though it deeply saddens God, there are those who may try to choose Him but who will never truly repent and receive the Holy Spirit, will fail miserably at following God's will without the gifts of the Spirit, and will thereby lose the salvation that they NEVER REALLY HAD without the indwelling presence of the Spirit of God, Who is the SEAL guaranteeing our salvation in Christ (See Eph. 1:13 & Eph. 4:3). If we are truly saved, we can and should demonstrate the gifts of the Spirit.

I also know that all of us have some redeeming qualities and good traits that sway God's decisions. In fact, I can identify some of my good traits that God admired, and the wicked traits that God decided to overlook when God chose me to fulfill a special role in His Kingdom. I can also testify that God has been reaching out to me ever since I was a little girl through dreams, visions and other supernatural experiences, and I have been thwarted and abused by people who refused to believe that I was chosen by God for any purpose.

Many of these were people that claimed to be saved and baptized believers, but who have not had any supernatural experiences, and therefore doubt my testimony so much that they have called me a liar, or a lunatic, or both. My point in sharing this is that God definitely chooses who He will reveal Himself to with mercy and love, and in Power and Glory, and who He prefers not to reveal Himself to at all, and this is based as much on God's unmerited favor as it is on our natural inclinations that are admirable enough for God to appreciate.

To find out how Yahweh God has been reaching out to me and attempting to steer me in the right direction toward salvation, justification and sanctification in Yahshua since I was 5 years old, please read my Spiritual Testimony posted at my Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site. The following link leads to this 46-page PDF file that can be downloaded, read in Adobe Reader, or printed and read:

From The Desert To The Promised Land, 
One Person's Journey Of Faith

I also recommend reading a much longer and more detailed treatment of the difference between Grace and Election and Justification versus Sanctification in several more of my POEM Ministry blog articles, as listed below:




As you study these teachings to grow in your faith, may our loving Father God bless you with understanding. Maranatha!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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True Messianic Jews and Christians believe the central tenants of the faith as I have outlined them below. If they don't, then they are not true Messianic Jews or true Christians. The nonnegotiables of Faith in Christ include the following:

1. That Christ is the one and only Son of Yahweh God the Father, and He became God Incarnate when He came in the flesh to teach us His Father's will, and to offer Himself up as our perfect atonement sacrifice, which then allowed Him to give us the Holy Spirit as our inner guide to His will, and the seal of our Salvation in Him.

2. That Christ was conceived as the Son of Man by the Holy Spirit, and was born in Bethlehem of Judea to a virgin Jewess named Miriam, with her husband Joseph and angels and shepherds as witnesses.

3. That Christ is the fulfillment of the Law and all the Old Testament Laws and rituals looked ahead to Him and His Spirit for fulfillment. We are therefore saved by Grace and not through our own merit, though our rewards are based on our love of and desire to serve and follow Him after our salvation through belief in Him, and our baptism with the Holy Spirit.

4. That Christ died on the eve of Passover to serve as the Passover Lamb and Atonement Sacrifice for sin for all believers, Jew and Grafted-in Gentile included, and there is no other path to Heaven or salvation but through Him.

5. That Christ rose from the dead on the third day of Passover Week to show His victory over sin, death and the Devil, and to serve as the Firstfruits of the firstfruits from the dead, and that He will raise up all those who love and follow Him because they are born again by His Spirit. After this, they will serve with Him as priests and kings in His Kingdom.

6. That Christ existed before the world was created, and He created the entire Universe for His Father before His incarnation as a man. As our resurrected Savior, He sits enthroned at the right hand of His Father in Heaven, and all things are subject to Christ alone, who is in turn subject only to the Father.

7. That Christ will return to Earth one day soon to vanquish the false kingdom of the Antichrist and the Beast, and to rule and to judge the living and the dead, and His righteous kingdom will have no end.

These seven tenants of the faith are in close agreement with the Nicene Creed, Apostle's Creed, and other statements of faith in the Early Church. However, my own 7-point re-cap of doctrinal essentials emphasizes being born again of the Holy Spirit and the return of Christ to rule, which I feel is not emphasized enough in the early Church creeds. In fact, this is likely why the Catholic and Orthodox Churches gradually fell into such error and the Protestant Reformation became necessary.

Whether you accept my interpretation or not doesn't change the fact that these doctrinal essentials are true and right, and there are many different sects today because they do ignore one or more of these doctrines. I particularly like how my own version of this Believer's Creed mentions that we become priests and kings with Christ because it throws a MASSIVE wrench in the whole need for the institutionalized churches and their ordained priesthoods.


Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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Do you suffer from frequent bouts of crippling pain or sickness like I do? Well, I believe that Satan loves using any tactic at hand to destroy our witness and make it hard for us to fulfill our holy heavenly mission in this wicked world, and what better way to stop us than by increasing the physical pain and suffering of believers when their guard is down?

In this regard, a Sister in Christ gave me the tip that singing DAILY praises to God can help, while another said that reciting various psalms like Psalm 27, 37, 41 and 91, and Isaiah 54 aloud DAILY can help. This is because filling the airwaves with praises to God while saying His Name invites the Holy Spirit's presence as well as increased protection from our guardian angels, and this has a way of rapidly destroying demonic attacks temporarily. Playing worship music CD's and singing along can help also!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where offering audible prayer and praises to God throughout the day is virtually impossible. Like me, most people are frequently forced to offer prayers up within their thoughts, and this conditions us to have trouble remembering to audibly ask God into our lives and homes on a daily basis. So our pain should be a reminder that we need to step up our spiritual warfare by offering up audible worship and praise to God in order to get a Holy Spirit infusion that chases away pain.

In order to decrease my suffering and enlist my guardian angels in the fight, I will do my best to give more audible praise to God throughout the day, and I encourage all of you to do so also! May our loving Father God Yahweh bless you all, and encourage you all to remember to audibly say "Praise be to God our Father Yahweh and His Son Yahshua, now and forever! Hallelu-Yah!" every day!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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Please Note: This article is for those who have already claimed the promises in the Scriptures for our healing through Christ, as I have done frequently, but still suffer from bouts of illness and pain. It is a call for us to remember to draw near to God daily and AUDIBLY in order to stay strong and protected in Him. God bless!

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Moment In God's Shining Presence

Christmas Menorah in my Living Room Front Window on Christmas 2013
NOTE: This article was originally posted on
Christmas Day 2013 on Facebook

This morning, I awoke before dawn, lit a lovely balsam-scented candle, and turned on the single led light strand around our entertainment center in our living room that includes a single light bulb that illuminates the interior of my ancient nativity set. Though my husband and I have no tree surrounded by piles of presents this year due to lack of funds, and no family gatherings to go to, I have my faith, and it is what truly sustains me!

Remembering the true meaning of Christmas, I sat near to that old nativity set and the Christmas Menorah I have in my living room's front window that is pictured here. I sat there in silence at first, focusing on the true Reason for the Season. Then, suddenly, I burst into gentle song, singing three of my favorite Christmas Carols: "Silent Night", "O Come All Ye Faithful", and "Away In A Manger".

After that, I was filled with joyful calm as I said a prayer, asking God the Father, Yahshua my Husband, and the Holy Spirit my Mother to fill me with their steadfast love and perfect peace, despite the War on Christmas that has been particularly vicious this year. I also asked our triune God to bless everyone I know this Christmas and throughout the coming year with love and understanding.

I heartily thank Yahshua my Bridegroom, Messiah and King for the privilege I have been given to prophesy, preach and teach about the Good News of Yahshua that is written in the Bible, in the very fabric of the Earth, and in the magnificent vault of heaven that God created for our instruction and pleasure. Thanks be to God for revealing these truths to me, and to others. I pray always that all of God's children would one day understand all these things as I do, and I look forward to the coming day when it is truly possible in the Millennial Kingdom of Yahshua!

Merry Christmas to All My Friends and Family on Facebook!  

God bless you all! 

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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PS: For those with problems understanding the holiness of Christmas, I invite you to read my rebuttals against the war on Christmas and to find out the truth of why it is being waged. Here are four articles you can start with. In the meantime, God bless you and Maranatha! We have much to be joyful about because Yahshua our Messiah is coming very soon!

My Rebuttals Against the War on Christmas:

Where is Christ In Christmas?

Yahshua’s First Advent Ties to Chanukah and Christmas




Illustration Taken From My Book: "The Language of God in Prophecy"
NOTE: This article was originally posted on
Christmas Eve 2013 on Facebook 

Let me make something perfectly clear. Although, as a Messianic, I teach others about the Seven Feasts of Yahweh God's Sacred Calendar, and understand the prophetic importance of God's Appointed Times, I also understand and teach that ALL of these feasts pointed ahead to Yahshua. In addition, I understand the future importance that three of God's Feasts - Passover Week (especially Firstfruits/Resurrection Sunday), Pentecost or Shavuot, and the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles - will continue to have in the Millennial Kingdom of Yahshua, as well as the great prophetic importance that Chanukah and Purim have for Gentile believers who are grafted in today.

But we must not forget that our Messiah Yahshua has already fulfilled ALL of these feasts to some extent with His perfect conception, birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension, heavenly rule and the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost/Shavuot to everyone who freely chooses to love and follow Him! In fact, Yahshua and His Apostles made it clear that - when we truly follow Him - the world no longer has any power over us because we have been given the power to break every satanic curse and bring forth every divine blessing with our prayers uttered in faith. Because of this, we are under no obligation to hold any day as holier than another, but are called to honor each and every day as being part of a perpetual Sabbath Rest, of which Yahshua's Millennial Reign is the final culmination.

Because we are under no obligation to keep any special feasts, but are told to see each day as a Sabbath Rest in Yahshua under His Grace, everyone can choose to celebrate Christ's conception and/or birth whenever they want. We are under no legal obligation to keep Christmas or to not keep it. For proof of this, read Colossians 2, Galatians 5, 1 Corinthians 8 through 1 Corinthians 10, and 2 Corinthians 3. If you are too weak in your faith and too fearful of laws that are no longer applicable to us under the New (NOT Renewed) Covenant, then choose NOT to keep Christmas or any other holiday that you feel is not on God's Sacred Calendar, although I have repeatedly shown that Christmas was never connected to any Pagan feast day, but is instead connected to Chanukah. It is your choice to do as you wish if you think it pleases God - even if it flies in the face of reason.

By reason, I mean the following: when reading 1 Corinthians 8 about not being a stumbling block, remember that Paul was applying this to eating food sacrificed to idols in front of people who worship the idol. This is further clarified in 1 Corinthians 9 and 10. There, Paul teaches us that, though we know that every idol is truly nothing and has no power over us, we cannot in good conscience eat food sacrificed to idols without telling those who worship them that we do not eat this food to glorify the idol or partake in its false worship! We are obligated to share what we know and explain our actions to those who are weak, but we are not obligated to starve to death to keep those with a weak conscience happy! In other words, we do not have to give up everything we enjoy in liberty, provided that we are up front about why we have no problem doing so!

In addition, under Christ, we no longer need to fear superstition or keep old traditions! We are free from fear in Christ, and are at liberty to choose to keep traditions or not to do so. Besides the Christian traditions of men surrounding Easter/Resurrection Sunday and Christmas, this includes keeping Chanukah, Passover or any other Jewish Feast traditionally. Among these traditions, Christmas trees and evergreen decorations are NOT objects of worship for most people, nor are crosses, menorahs, Seder plates, prayer shawls, stars, doves or nativity scenes. They are reasons for delight and give enjoyment with their loveliness or artistry, but we must guard that they are not worshiped and that others are fully aware that they are not to be worshiped or idolized, and we are in no way emulating Pagan traditions, but have created new Christ-centered traditions that center around Yahshua's coming Kingdom.

I sadly wasn't able to put up a tree this year, not because I didn't want to, but couldn't afford to! Times are tough. But they become even tougher when I have to fight this battle every year with ignorant people who are too caught up in legalism and are not filled with enough of the Holy Spirit to enjoy the FREEDOM and LIBERTY we have have been given through Yahshua, who fulfilled the entire LAW for us all because He is the living embodiment of the LAW! You can choose how you wish to live, but you don't have a right to condemn me or anyone else for enjoying our FREEDOM IN CHRIST, which is now, and forever will be a part of the NEW Covenant!

If you want to be weighed down by outmoded laws that no longer serve any purpose, then do so if it keeps you on the straight and narrow. But don't condemn believers for exercising their freedom and liberty to celebrate their faith in any way that they choose - so long as they are candid in sharing how it centers around Christ and His Kingdom, and why they see it as edifying to themselves and their families, friends and loved ones.

Remember that YAHSHUA IS THE GIVER OF, AND FULFILLMENT OF THE LAW! Therefore, when we love and honor Him and love others as He did, we are fulfilling the Law with every act of faith and love that we perform because we love Him! In all truth, you are blind if you cannot see that we keep the entire Law and ALL the commandments when we love Yahshua and use the power that He gives us to flee from sexual immorality, shun greed, avoid lies, reject lust, and see through Pagan and Occult distortions of the truth to see the godly truth hidden behind their lies. In short, when we are born again, believers in Christ are given the Holy Spirit, Who shows them how to keep God's Moral Laws as set forth in Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy, and Who helps them to flee from all sin, including all forms of sexual immorality.

When we are tuned in to the voice of the Holy Spirit within us, we know that the sacrificial and ceremonial aspects of the Law are no longer important, but only God's Moral Law when it is tempered by the love, compassion, mercy and kindness that Christ calls us to extend to others. So, instead of becoming legalistic and weighed down by outmoded ways of thinking, let's choose to listen to the Holy Spirit, and to love others by sharing the freedom from sin and the liberty we have been given in Christ to throw off legalistic yokes that have no place in the Kingdom of God. Let's use our freedom through Christ to focus on the important things instead such as sexual purity, love, joy, peace, kindness, fellowship and charity - just as Yahshua told us to do!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Gregorian Calendar New Year!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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Friday, December 20, 2013


Two points have made me come to the dramatic conclusion that the Rider on the Black Horse has definitely begun his ride:

1. Videos of Comet ISON's trip around the Sun showed that large chunks of the comet likely crashed into the Sun as it broke up, causing two massive Solar Flares as it passed Perihelion, which may have irreversibly damaged our Sun.  Here is a video by BPEarthWatch discussing a bit of this possibility:

ISON'S Incoming Debris Hitting the Sun 

In fact, there is evidence that the Sun has been weakened because of this. Though it is supposed to be at a high point in its cycle, the Sun mysteriously quieted down dramatically after ISON interacted with it, and this may have a direct affect on Earth's weather patterns if it persists. In addition, there is a great deal of space debris that has been caused by the unprecedented numbers of other comets in our Solar System right now, and all of this debris has increased fireball sightings this year all over the world.

Personally, I believe that Comet ISON was the Sign of the Son of Man that was to appear in Heaven before Yahshua's return for His Bride and that it also took part in fulfilling the prophecy of the Woman Clothed with the Sun this November 2013. This means that the Rapture must be imminent! For more information about this, read the following article:

Four Comets, Chanukah 2013, And The Sign of the Son of Man 

Now, even though Comet ISON broke up so that part of the above article is no longer relevant, its debris field may possibly be coming our way and could affect Earth's weather drastically in the near future as well, as per this more recent ISON article update that I did:


2. Volcanic activity has increased dramatically over the past year, and large eruptions have been historically proven to drive the Earth's temperatures down into a cooling trend because they increase the particulates in the air, which cut down on the light of the Sun that reaches the Earth, and also causes heavier and persistent cloud covers, which will cool the Earth down even more. Here is an article discussing the record volcanic eruptions and the possibility that it will cause global cooling:

Record Number Of Volcano Eruptions In 2013 – 
Is Catastrophic Global Cooling Dead Ahead? -

If this continues, the combined affect of these two events could lead to an even longer and more bitterly cold winter than our last one, which was very severe, and affected many farm crops and home garden for the worse. If this winter is even more severe, it will shorten the growing season for commercial farmers, and many crops will be stunted or will fail altogether, causing sudden and widespread famine, which is what the Rider on the Black Horse brings with him.

In my research, I discovered that the the Rider on the Black Horse is connected to the sign of Libra and to the Orient and Australia. To find out more about this, read the following article on my blog:

Have The Four Horsemen Already Been Released?

Here is additional recent data on Earth's volcanic activity:

Volcanic activity worldwide 18 Dec 2013: Shiveluch,
Dukono, Galeras, Nevado del Huila, Nevado del Ru...

This article was written as a WARNING that Yahshua's return for His Bride is imminent, and the Tribulation plagues are about to increase  even more dramatically in 2014. Since it appears that we still have some time to wait before the Rapture (though I am guessing that the Rapture will likely occur within months), we need to keep watch, pray and be prepared for major catastrophic events with a few months store of food and water, and a method of cooking without electricity or gas.

I hope you will heed this warning on a spiritual level also and get your hearts right with God the Father and His Son Yahshua, forgiving all who have hurt you, and repenting of all known sin.

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)
Ministry Web Site: http://pillar-of-enoch.com 
Ministry Blog: http://pillarofenoch.blogspot.com

NOTE: The photo used in this short article features the explosive fireworks of the Sakurajima Volcano that erupted in southern Kyushu, Japan in March of 2013.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Photoshop-created Image of Russian President VladmirPutin
Riding in on the Chelyabinsk, Russia Meteor of February 2013


In these MUST WATCH VIDEOS, DAHBOO777 and NikolaTeslasGhost show that the world's leaders will likely be in South Africa on December 16th, 2013 - the Mayan End Date of 13 Ahau or 13-13-13 - when a shaft of sunlight will shine down inside the Voortrekker (Sun Temple) Monument onto an EMPTY TOMB HOLDING A BEN-BEN STONE (an idolatrous Ancient Egyptian depiction of the Sun's rays) that supposedly signifies the Dutch settlers of South Africa that moved inland to escape British Rule:

December 16th! Comet Ison, World Leaders, 
South Africa & Sun Temple Worship!

FROM NikolaTeslasGhost:
Mandela "died" in June / NASA says "mark you calendar for December 14th" 

I don't know about you, but there is something really creepy about this, especially in light of DAHBOO777's tie in of a Denver Airport Mural featuring a dead leopard in the foreground (Mandela's coffin was to be draped with a leopard skin as a sign of his one-time power and authority) and a comet bursting into flames in the background, which may be an allusion to ISON's break-up and massive debris field that is headed toward Earth.

I'd love to do an in-depth analysis of this mural, but I don't have the time right now. In the meantime, here is a reproduction of it so you can do your own analysis of it:

Denver Airport Mural Featuring Dead Leopard in Foreground
(Mandela?) and Comet (ISON?) in Background
In addition, NikolaTeslasGhost shared breaking news that Mandela died in June of 2013, but this information was SUPPRESSED until now to fulfill some hidden agenda! Could it be so that the world's leaders would have a reason to be in South Africa to see the shaft of sunlight touch the ben-ben stone in the tomb in the Voortrekker Monument, or for some other reason such as being in a place that will be relatively safe from incoming ISON debris meteor bombardments??? In the following hour-long video, NikolaTeslasGhost shows why this may be a definite possibility!

FROM NikolaTeslasGhost:
iSON -- December 15th/16th LAST CALL 

I also received a link to a NASA ISWA week-long video feed that shows that Comet ISON's debris path (the pink diamond) is heading directly toward Earth (the yellow circle) and may bombard the Earth beginning between the 14th and 20th of this December:


In light of this unsettling news, we need to be in prayerful agreement that God would forgive our sins, protect us from harm, and prepare our hears to meet His Son Yahshua in the Rapture. There is no doubt in my mind that the First Rapture is very near, along with the Sudden Destruction of the Sixth and Seventh Seal Judgments.

These judgments mark the beginning of God's Wrath at the start of the Great Tribulation, which is being marked in Heaven by the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014 and 2015. Since I believe that the Rapture must occur before God begins to pour out His Wrath with the opening of the Sixth Seal, the First Rapture must be imminent!

So keep looking UP, for our redemption draws ever nearer.

In the meantime, God bless you all, and Maranatha!

Yours in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
Ministry Web Site: http://pillar-of-enoch.com 
Ministry Blog: http://pillarofenoch.blogspot.com

This article was originally posted to Facebook on December 13th, 2013


Helena Lehman, Christmas 2012
To be honest about how dire my situation is, we're not bothering to decorate the house for Christmas or do anything special this year. There will be no gifts under a tree and no festive meals with my husband unemployed, my health in constant jeopardy, no health insurance, one 17-year old car on its last leg, only $4K to live on, and a property tax bill due in the spring that is $3K.

There are also no parties to go to since no one in our families care about our situation, or are willing to help us. The horrid truth is that most could care less about me due to my strong faith in Yahshua, and my radical Protestant ministry work that offends their Roman Catholic beliefs. I also am receiving little help from other ministries, which refuse to give me credit for my ministry work, even though some of them have un-admittedly utilized my work in their own ministries.

I did dig out my menorah and manger scene though, and I used a little of the money I received through Go Fund Me to buy some things I needed for my health and to buy my daughter a gift. I am doing an internal cleanse in the hopes I'll feel able to find work outside the home if needed soon. In the meantime, I need to go to the welfare office now that Steve is no longer collecting unemployment, and ask for an increase of food stamp funds. We only get $130 a month toward food right now.

I am hoping we are taken in the Rapture soon, and I do feel it is going to happen in the near future. But in the meantime, I am also hoping and praying that we have enough to pay for gas and electricity through the winter, and until the Rapture.

To that end, what we partly need is for my husband Steve to find a job that he likes, and that likes him. In addition, I am hoping that my upcoming fiction books will do well on the market. Until then, I have been turning the heat down to 65 at night and only 71 during the day. I wear light, fingered mittens when I type now to keep my hands warm due to poor circulation. We may be forced to turn the heat down even lower soon. Please pray that God would provide for our needs in a big way so that I can continue my ministry, and work on regaining my health.

I am planning to re-start my writing work on my fiction trilogy set in antediluvian times now and hope these books sell better than my non fiction work, and quickly. If they do, they could pay our bills for a little while. The first of the three books is barely written yet though, but I have worked out the personalities and roles of the cast of characters, and the conflicts that will fuel the story's plot.

This is a big step in the right direction towards completing the first story, which is centered on the days of Enoch and Methuselah. Please pray with me that I can move these frozen fingers faster and write a compelling story that people will want to buy, read and share!

Meanwhile, if you have the funds, please consider giving a gift through my "Go Fund Me" account at GoFundMe.com to help fund my ministry and provide for me and my husband through the winter. Here is the link to do so:

Helena's Go Fund Me Account Page:

Thank you all, God bless you, and Maranatha!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of POEM

PS: FYI, the photograph of me at the top of this article was taken last Christmas, when we had a bit more money because Steve had recently lost his job and was collecting unemployment. I don't look nearly as healthy or happy now. You would likely be shocked at the change in me, I'm embarrassed to say. I've been sinking into despair more often lately, but do my best to stay positive and joyful as we await the soon return of our Bridegroom and King Yahshua. Please keep us in your prayers.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Featuring Betelgeuse and Rigel, Star Symbols for Christ

PLEASE NOTE: To Read a Fascinating UPDATE on this Information About Orion, Please Also Read My Newer Post Entitled: "BRIGHT PROPHECIES OF CHRIST HIDDEN IN ORION, GEMINI AND TAURUS" By Clicking the Title link! ~ Helena Lehman
Since the constellation Orion is most prominent in the night time sky in the winter months in northern latitudes, I thought it would be fun to feature a short article about it and its most prominent stars, one of which is the red giant star called Betelgeuse. As shown in the photo graphic, Betelgeuse marks the right shoulder of the male figure envisioned by the Messianic constellation Orion, which represents Yahshua our Messiah as the Prince of princes who conquered death and the devil for us. His supremacy over evil is seen in the star marking his left foot named Rigel, which is crushing the head of the serpent beneath his feet. 

Betelgeuse is a massive star that is red in color supposedly because it may be nearing the end of its life span. However, allegorically, its red color suggests that it symbolizes a blood sacrifice, and that is what our Messiah Yahshua was for us! The right shoulder of a man signifies his strengths or triumphs, while his left shoulder allegorically is tied to his weaknesses or sorrows. This is also true of the right and left hands. In Orion, the right shoulder and hand signify “The Coming Branch”. This is an allusion to Yahshua our Messiah as the Righteous Branch out of Seth and Jesse. As such, the star Betelgeuse is tied to the star called Spica or “The Branch” in the sign of Virgo the Virgin - a symbol for Yahshua’s Jewish mother Miriam, as well as His grafted-in Gentile Bride.

Meanwhile, the left shoulder of Orion is dominated by a bright star called “Bellatrix”, which in Latin is the feminine form or verb of the noun “Bellator”, meaning “Warrior“. In Semitic languages, this star can also be interpreted to mean “quickly coming”.  So, taking both meanings into consideration, Orion is “The Warrior Who is Coming Quickly”, just as it says of Yahshua in Scripture:
“Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.” - Revelation 3:11 
“Behold, I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.” - Revelation 22:7 
“And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.” - Revelation 22:12 
“He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (Adonai Yahshua)!” - Revelation 22:20
Knowing how much God loves each of us sinners, it is perfectly fitting that Christ’s role as a warrior that will come to judge everyone by their works, and to slay the wicked one day soon is associated with the left shoulder denoting sorrow. This shows that Yahshua will take no joy in killing the wicked, but will do it in sorrow as an expression of God’s righteous anger and perfect judgment. So, though Yahshua extends God’s mercy to those who love God and His Son, the wicked who reject Christ will perish forever in Hell, and Yahshua will be their judge and executioner. This is why it is important for all believers to accept Yahshua as their Messiah, humble themselves before God, and ask for His forgiveness while striving to live righteously.

As a left handed person who has had her share of weakness and sorrow, I sometimes wonder if left-handed people are born with a propensity to attract the negative things in life. If so, this can be either a blessing or a curse depending on the way you view your place in the cosmos and the purpose of your life. I have vacillated between both views, but as my spiritual maturity grows, so does my ability to see sorrow and misfortune as a blessing in disguise. Remember that without sorrow, we would never understand what a gift joy truly is, and without misfortune, we would never know how blessed we are when better times arrive!

Another interesting feature of the Orion Constellation is the Horsehead Nebula. It is just south of Al Nitak, the brightest star in Orion’s Belt. Al Nitak means “The Wounded One,” or “The Slain One” in Arabic. Al Nitak is also connected to the Great Pyramid at Giza, which is a symbol for Yahshua as our atonement sacrifice, as well as a symbol of those redeemed by His shed blood - the Bride of Christ, and those who dwell in the New Jerusalem.

Due to these associations, the Horsehead Nebula could be envisioned as being connected to the constellation Pegasus near Pisces as the white horse that Yahshua will ride when He returns with His holy angels and His saints at the Battle of Armageddon. Also, the fact that the Horsehead Nebula is a small part of a larger nebula that is primarily reddish in color suggests the coming judgment of the wicked, where the blood of those slain will form a lake-sized pool (1600 furlongs = 200 miles!) that will reach up to the height of a horses bridle, as it says in Revelation 14:20:
And the winepress was trampled outside the city, and blood came out of the winepress, up to the horses’ bridles, for one thousand six hundred furlongs.
To share more truth about this beautiful constellation, here is an excerpt from my book “The Language of God in the Universe”, which is available as a paperback, PDF E-Book, or Kindle book at my POEM Web Site and at Amazon.com. This entire 400-page book teaches about the meaning of the Gospel in the Stars, and this small portion talks about the lovely meaning of Orion and its principle stars:

From page 93: “There is a star in Orion’s right shoulder named Betelgeuse, and it is one of the most massive stars in our galaxy. It is considered to be 700 times larger than our own Sun! Its name, “Betelgeuse,” means “The Branch Coming.” Many proponents of the Gospel in the Stars believe that the star named Betelgeuse represents the Righteous Branch that would come through the line of Seth: Yahshua. It is therefore fitting that Betelgeuse appears in Orion - the constellation that represents our Savior as our resurrected Redeemer.

The name “Orion” means “He who comes forth as light.” This appellation can apply to Christ in His role as Messiah. A star in Orion’s foot also marks this constellation as a representation of the Messiah to Come, the Desired of All Nations (Haggai 2:7). This star is “Rigel,” meaning “The Foot That Crushes.” In the heavens, the constellation of Orion is seen as a warrior with one foot over the head of the serpent represented by the constellation erroneously called Lepus, the Hare. As the “Seed of the Woman” designated by Virgo, Yahshua finally and fatally crushed the head of the Serpent called Satan when He died for our sins, and then rose from the dead. When He comes as a conquering King, Yahshua will crush the Serpent that is Satan forever!

The idea that Orion represents Yahshua as a conquering King dressed in the trappings of a mummy is further exemplified by Orion’s place in the Mazzaroth as the first decan of Taurus. This is because the Zodiac sign of Taurus the Bull represents a raging bull charging forward to crush the wicked during the outpouring of God’s Wrath in the Tribulation. As a decan of Taurus, Orion is a fitting representation of Yahshua as the conquering King of kings and Lord of lords spoken of in Revelation (Revelation 17:14 and 19:16). The one or two Raptures that make up Part Two of the First Resurrection will partly precede this time of trouble. Part Three of the First Resurrection - the raising up of the martyrs for the faith - will occur at the end of the Tribulation - just after Yahshua returns in Glory. See “The Language of God in Prophecy” for a closer look at the Two-Rapture theory and the idea that the First Resurrection has three defined stages.” 

From Pages 327 and 328: “Myths surrounding the constellation of Orion abound everywhere, perhaps because it appears in the sky above the Earth’s equator, and is therefore visible from every inhabited place in the world. Like Taurus, when Orion rises, Scorpio always sets. As a result, these two constellations are never in the sky at the same time! This is symbolic of the fact that light cannot exist with darkness, and holiness cannot abide the presence of evil.

The Orion constellation was once falsely associated with Nimrod, the king of the first apostate world empire after the Great Flood. This may be when Orion’s image was changed from that of a conquering warrior king into the mighty hunter that alluded to “Nimrod, a mighty hunter before Yahweh” (Gen. 10:9). As one who falsely saw himself as Orion, Nimrod was just one of a long line of Antichrists who have vied for the power and glory promised to the true Messiah depicted in Orion.

As mentioned under the preceding description of Taurus, Orion is clearly connected to the patriarch Joseph as “the prince among his brothers” (Gen. 49:26). In Book Two, the details of Joseph’s life and character are shown to prefigure Christ’s own in many ways. In addition, as told to me by Gary Hazle via a revelation given to him by God, the hourglass shape of Orion may depict the cup, or chalice that Christ drank from at the Last Supper, which was a Passover meal. In addition, the star forming the horns of Taurus, if extended down to the V-shaped star cluster called the Hyades in Taurus’ face, may depict the V-shaped tear that forms when a loaf of unleavened bread is torn apart at Passover! Since Taurus is the sign that shows God’s blessings on the Gentiles and the Tribe of Joseph, it is fitting that it should clearly show how the Gentiles, and the Tribe of Joseph are to be blessed by God! Orion shows that the strength of the blessings to be poured out on the Gentile nations is dependant on their faithfulness to the New Covenant sealed with Christ’s own precious body and blood. Orion is therefore a triumphant, powerful sign showing the power of God to save the Gentiles and the whole world, and to offer them salvation from sin, death, and the schemes of the Devil. 

Gary Hazle’s revelation concerning Orion also suggests that Orion, as a representation of the patriarch Joseph, could depict the cup that Joseph drank from and divined God’s Will with (Genesis 44:5,15). Though some people suggest that Joseph sinned when he used this cup by foretelling the future, the cup may have been used like the water, or wine-filled glasses or bowls used by the Magi to gaze at the stars, and discern the heavenly signs showing God’s unchanging Will. However,  though Orion depicts Joseph, it ultimately pictures Yahshua as both our Risen Savior and conquering King coming in power at the end of the Great Tribulation. As such, Orion compliments the meaning of Taurus, which is Grace to the Gentiles, and protection from the pouring out of God’s Wrath by His ministering angels during the Great Tribulation. This connection will become even clearer when we study the second decan of Taurus - Eridanus, the River flowing out from under Orion’s feet.”  ~ End of Excerpts

If you would like to read more about Orion and the other wonderful constellations in our night-time skies, my book “The Language of God in the Universe” is available to purchases at my POEM Web site and at Amazon.com, where it is also available as a Kindle book. Here are the links to learn more about it or to purchase it in various formats:

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Thank you for your interest in my work! :-)

God bless you, and Maranatha!
Helena Lehman of the 
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)

To Read Still More About ORION's Prophetic Meaning, 
check out an earlier post I wrote about it on my POEM Blog in 2012:

The Messianic Secret Hidden 
Within The Orion Constellation

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Days of Lot and Noah Are Here!

Click Image to Read Genesis 7:17-23
With the new movie "Noah" coming to theaters in March 2014, I wanted to say a few words about the previews of it online, and what the real Noah likely looked like as opposed to the Hollywood version that actor Russell Crowe makes a brave attempt to portray - given the weaknesses of the script he was using. I also wanted to discuss how the present time in history is very much like the Days of Noah and Lot.

Noah Movie Poster
The Movie "Noah" does not really attempt to show how dark, immoral and dangerous it was to live on the Earth before the Great Flood. It fails because it strays from the Scriptures in too many respects, and depicts Noah as a bitter, angry murderer for a good portion of the film. However, it does depict a small measure of the evil that existed prior to the Flood by placing the descendant of the Biblical Cain named Tubal-Cain and his Cainite clan members as Noah's main antagonists. According to Hollywood, Tubal-Cain is the main instigator of all the battle scenes, along with his allies the fallen Watchers, who are depicted as wicked alien creatures that have six arms.

Though this depiction of the Watchers - who were fallen angels - is not biblical, the choice of Tubal-Cain as the leader of an evil army was at least somewhat accurate. After all, it was Tubal-Cain who is cited as being the first to learn how to work brass and iron, making him the world's first blacksmith. As a probable maker of the first metal weapons, Tubal-Cain is also an obvious choice as the instigator of wars in which to use them against the rival Sethite clans that Noah and his sons represent.

On the other hand, the immorality displayed by Noah and some of his family is really odd considering that God described Noah as a "just man" who "walked with God" (Genesis 6:9), meaning that Noah did his best to do God's Will and follow God's moral laws. This means he also would have educated his children to follow the same laws. Furthermore, the crude, ugly clothing of Noah, his kin, and most of the other characters in this epic movie is inexplicable, since my research has shown that the antediluvians were intellectual giants that had developed pockets of high civilization.

As proof of this, archaeological records indicate that our Pre-Flood ancestors who lived on the Earth before 2347 BC produced gorgeous jewelry and textiles, and many examples of their impressive handiwork can be found in Natural History Museums around the world. For this reason, it would seem likely that a righteous leader like Noah and his godly family would have enjoyed fine clothing and house wares to some extent - even with the moral and sexual prohibitions that any godly society should possess.

Furthermore, if we add the Ethiopian Book of 1 Enoch and Book of Jasher as plot sources, the depiction of Noah and his antagonists in the movie loses a good deal more ground. My research into the past using these manuscripts is featured in my 800-page book "The Language of God in History". This book adds much-needed detail to the biblical account, and it paints a very unflattering and frightening picture of what the days of Noah were truly like, and how closely human society matches it today. A brief review of my findings follows below. I hope that it will guide and bless you as we focus on remaining close to God in these dark days before Yahshua's return.

In the Days of Noah, my research has uncovered the fact that there was a complete breakdown of social order and morality in the years before the Great Flood. According to the Book of Jasher, the majority of the human race had degenerated into a feudal society, where armed bands of thugs preyed on those who sought to live in peace with their neighbors. This state of affairs led to terrible violence and immorality as robbery, pillage, rape and slaughter became commonplace.

According to the Book of 1 Enoch, the major catalysts in this breakdown of society were the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim that were on the Earth in those days, and these evil beings not only wanted to be worshiped as gods, but to destroy or corrupt all humanity. The Fallen Angels worked toward this goal by demanding worship and creating the Nephilim - both sexually and through genetic splicing.

Using scientific techniques that only they understood at the time, the Fallen Angels polluted the gene pool of animals and humans in a mad attempt at destroying God's Creation and Plan of Salvation via genetic pollution and intense persecution of those who followed the Way of Yahweh. In addition, the Nephilim killed and ate humans and raped their women to create more like themselves.

Meanwhile, some humans fought back, killing the Nephilim without mercy and also one another. Still later, God armed the Nephilim so that they could kill each other and wipe one another out as their Fallen Angel progenitors helplessly watched. After the Nephilim destroyed themselves, and the Great Flood destroyed most of those that remained, the Fallen Angels were imprisoned for 70 generations.

Adding to the dire situation before the Flood, the true worship of God was no longer practiced. Religious plurality and persecution of those who did follow the one true God Yahweh was so endemic that nothing was considered sacred anymore, and eventually no one except Noah and his immediate family believed in the one true God. Instead, most worshiped idolatrous versions of God that often included the worship of multiple false deities.

The gods and the idols of the people before the Flood were styled after none other than the Fallen Angels and their Nephilim offspring, who sexually and morally perverted everyone and everything they came into contact with. This dire state of affairs led to the complete corruption of humanity and most other forms of life on a genetic, sexual and spiritual level, and only Noah and his family had not succumbed to this trend by the time of the Great Flood.

Instead, Noah and his family did their best to remain separate from the world and everything in it. However, the Bible, the Book of Jubilees, and the Book of Jasher tell us that Noah went out and preached to the people all over the world for many years prior to the Flood in a doomed effort to get them to repent and turn away from their love of the Nephilim, the Fallen Angels and their religions filled with dark magic and sorcery.

Sadly, by the time of the Flood, only Noah and his family were still spiritually and genetically pure. For this reason, I sincerely doubt that any movie this side of the Battle of Armageddon will ever depict the true state of wickedness that existed back in the days of Noah, but I believe that we are fast approaching it now.

For example, scientists are now experimenting with growing human body parts in animals to be used in surgery, and they are genetically modifying world food supplies to supposedly make it more disease resistant, but also effectively tainting all humanity with genetically altered material within the composition of their bodies. In addition, persecution of believers has increased dramatically since America's supposed War on Terror began, and instead of making the Middle East and other Muslim lands safer for believers, it has made the world a dangerous place for anyone who worships Yahweh and Yahshua in truth.

Chicago Skyline, Buckingham Fountain in Foreground -
Photo Courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/fratmankel
As a perfect example of how far humanity has fallen in this present age to match the Days of Noah, I'd like to focus on my hometown of Chicago for a moment. This city is one of the most beautiful in the world, while also being one of the most dangerous to live in. This is because there are usually well-over 600 fatal shootings there a year, and gangs of totally immoral youth now roam the streets, finding "fun" in attacking, robbing and beating whomever they choose - often fatally. There are also many fatal car accidents in Chicago every year because no one follows traffic laws in the inner city, driving erratically and butting into traffic wherever and whenever they choose.

Chicago's youth are also highly immoral, and this has been the case since I was growing up there 30 years ago - although it is far worse now! Many of the inner city kids don't really care about school, and school violence is so rampant that most schools have to operate like light-security prisons - with body scanners checking every student for weapons, security cameras in every corridor, locked doors during school hours, and no entrance without proper IDs.

After school, many of the students subjected to this oppressive environment want to relax and unwind using some form of alcohol or drugs, whether it be "doctored" marijuana or some more dangerous drug that poisons their bodies and minds in their mad rush to leave harsh reality behind for a false euphoria. Most of these youth are also engaged in playing extremely violent video games that fill their minds with a lust for blood and violence that surely reaches the levels that existed in Noah's day.

Daley Plaza Chanukah Menorah Display
Generally, these same youth are also morally lax, with many girls and boys having more than one sexual partner, and with many girls losing their virginity before they reach the age of 13. A high percentage of the girls who are sexually active also end up having an abortion before they reach adulthood. On top of this, the kids that these girls keep are usually born out of wedlock, and this opens the way for many of these women to quit school and collect welfare. This also heartbreakingly leads to many kids being raised in an immoral environment, often without any true father or faith influence. This is also a breach of the commandment to honor both mother and father. It also doesn't help that few young adults who remember to use birth control actually view marriage favorably anymore, preferring to live together in sin and commit sexual fornication rather than marry to sanctify their sexual encounters in the marriage bed.

Daley Plaza Atheist Display, Nativity in background
Beyond sexual immorality, the world we live in has become religiously pluralistic and confused, and the false doctrine that Christ is NOT the only way that He claims to be is now being taught all over the world. In addition, the false report that all faiths lead to God is being forced on the public daily. In a visual expression of this religious promiscuity, Chicago's Daley Plaza town center now sports a Chanukah display, a Christian Nativity Display, a Christmas Tree, and an Atheist Display right next to each other, as shown in these photos.

Daley Plaza Nativity Display
Another sad result of this trend is the slow death of many old-fashioned neighborhood churches. Those that haven't closed down or been converted into a mosque or government building are virtually empty except on major holidays. Meanwhile, Retail stores continue to operate on weekends and late into the night on traditional holidays. In this way, they refuse to honor the Sabbath and the Biblical mandate to have no other God but Yahweh, as the god of commerce being honored during shopping sprees is Mammon or material wealth - and not the God of the Bible.

In the meantime, those who are making this world like it was in the Days of Lot are at home in Chicago also, committing a different kind of sexual fornication that is also highly repulsive to God. Chicago and the entire State of Illinois is now Gay Marriage friendly. This is due to Illinois passing a Gay Marriage bill in the autumn of 2013, after which there was a massive tornado outbreak in the region that destroyed the town of Washington, IL and outlying areas, and killed several people.

Chicago LGBT's Celebrate 
Gay Marriage Bill at Sidetrack Bar
Despite God's biblical expressions of displeasure toward homosexual unions and cross-dressing of any kind, there is also an active and aggressive LGBT Community in Chicago and other areas of Illinois that have their own very well-attended LGBT Festival and Gay Parade in Chicago every year. In fact, some of Chicago's immoral youth now frequently congregate in the many Gay and LGBT bars peppering the city centers because they're considered to be more fun than "Straight" bars and lounges. One of these is the Sidetrack Bar, which features Las Vegas style gender-confused entertainment regularly.

Though Chicago is a radical microcosm of the rest of the USA, there is no doubt that this same trend is occurring everywhere in the major cities of America today, and the world we live in is no longer Christianized, or moral in any way except for a few hold-outs in the monotheistic Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities - and in many small towns. Sadly, however, Jews, Muslims and Christians often radically hate each other, which brings its own set of curses on society.

Indeed, this lack of love for one another is the same as it was in the violent days before Noah's Flood, and it will surely bring God's Wrath down on this unrepentant and wicked generation very soon! For this reason, we who wish to be counted worthy of the Rapture need to keep our Wedding attire (i.e. spiritual purity) on and our spiritual lamps full of the oil of the Holy Spirit. This will ensure that we are always fully equipped to rest in Yahshua, and to do good works in keeping with God's will.

Yours In Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


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Image courtesy of Susan Seymour Hedke on Facebook

Several people have asked me about the meaning of the line up of the Sun, Moon and planets on the new Mayan Age end date of 13 Ahau, which falls on December 16th, 2013. Some are saying that this is the real Mayan world-age end date, and that it is very prophetically significant. One such person is Susan Seymour Hedke, who thinks it may mark a major cataclysmic volcanic eruption and earthquake, as shown in the illustration she created above. Significantly, a major earthquake is indicated as a part of the Sixth Seal Judgment in the Book of Revelation, which marks the beginning of God's Wrath being poured out, and therefore signals the last possible moment for the Rapture of the Church - if there is to be one before God's Wrath is poured out.

Several have also been asking me about something they refer to as the Silver Gate and Golden Gate, which are supposed to mark spiritual portals in the sky. As far as I can tell, what they are calling the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate are the two locations on the Sun's Ecliptic that intersect the band of the Milky Way Galaxy in our sky.

The Silver Gate is a point on the ecliptic between the Zodiac signs of Gemini and Taurus that is marked by the tip of Orion's sword, and which marks the position of the Sun on the Summer Solstice (usually June 21st). This section of the sky is all about Yahshua's purpose and heritage as the High Priest and King who is the leader of a royal priesthood. In fact, Orion specifically represents His Spirit, blood and body as the source of life for those who love Him, and the source of His power at His Second Coming to conquer the wicked.

Meanwhile, the Golden Gate appears to correspond to the Dark Rift portion near to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy that marks the position of the Sun on the Winter Solstice today. This dark rift appears directly between Sagittarius and Scorpio/Ophiuchus. This section of the sky is all about the battle between good and evil, and Yahshua or Christ is at the epicenter of this spiritual battle also. In fact, Sagittarius depicts Yahshua as a blood sacrifice as well as a Conqueror shooting an arrow toward Scorpio/Satan's heart.

Meanwhile, Ophiuchus is another Christ figure corresponding to the Holy Spirit's action in transforming hearts and restraining wickedness until Yahshua comes to conquer the wicked. In this sense, Ophiuchus also signifies the action of the True Church. In addition, both Ophiuchus at the Golden Gate and Orion and the Silver Gate signify Yahshua fulfilling the first and most important prophecy in the Bible, which is Genesis 3:15. This can be seen in that Ophiuchus/Christ is trampling the Scorpion under His feet at the same time that His companion Sagittarius is trampling the Crescent or Serpent-shaped line of stars under His front hooves. Likewise, the sign called Lepus beneath Orion's feet was depicted as a serpent in ancient times as well, which means that Orion should be viewed as another Christ figure trampling Satan under His feet.

The Mayan/Aztec Calender As A World Map Marking
The Sagittarius-Scorpio Earth-Sky Meridian:

Click On Graphic To Enlarge,
Or Right Click To Open In New Window
Illustration from my book "The Language of God in History"

The Mayans and Aztecs were a Pre-Colombian race of natives that lived in the southern half of North America, Central America, and South America that built great monumental stone architecture similar to that of the Olmecs and Incas. I personally have done research linking these people to Noah and Shem after the Flood, and believe that their amazing Calendar is Pre-Flood in origin, and may have in fact been created by Enoch the godly antediluvian Sethite who walked with God, and who understood the time-keeping value of Astronomy long before most of the world did.

According to the Mayan or Enochian Calender, the end of this age is marked by the Golden Gate. Interestingly, both the Silver Gate and Golden Gate correspond to two locations on the Earth that are DIRECTLY tied to their heavenly counterparts. The land area that corresponds to the Golden Gate is the Hawaiian Island chain, and the land that corresponds to the Silver Gate is Giza in Egypt, where the Great Pyramid is located. These can be viewed as spiritual epicenters in the formation, history and eventual destruction of this present world. On that note, it pays to remember that the main island of Hawaii is actually the peak of the tallest active volcano on the planet, and Susan Seymour Hedke and I both think an earthquake and volcanic eruption is tied to the epicenter of the Aztec Sun Calendar, which is directly tied to Hawaii.

In my opinion, the main key that unlocks these spiritual Gates is the Sun, which signifies God the Father and Yahshua as Creator, and which lies directly over these Gates on the Summer and Winter Solstices. In addition, the Moon can function as a symbolic key, just as it did when it appeared as a fully-eclipsed Blood Moon directly over Orion's Sword on December 21st, 2010, which was the same day that the Sun was activating the Golden Gate in that year! I personally believe that this sign marked the beginning of the seven-year End Time Tribulation period:

Blood Moon Over Orion's Sword on December 21st, 2010
As seen from the Earth and the Moon:
Click On Graphic To Enlarge,
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Since Comet ISON broke up as it reached perihelion in Scorpio/Satan's head region, it did not get to fulfill its job of slicing through Serpens the Serpent and Draco the Dragon. These constellations signify the Devil and his wicked minions, and Comet ISON's body and tail would have sliced through them in symbolic victory if it had not broken up, as shown in the illustration below. Since it did not, it may signify a temporary defeat of the Church under the rule of the Antichrist. However, we know that we who love Yahshua will eventually win this spiritual war, and the coming Rapture of the True Church can be seen as one such major victory over the Devil.

ISON Cutting Serpens And Draco In Half - Composite Graphic
Click On Graphic To Enlarge,
Or Right Click To Open In New Window

Now, if I were to guess when the Rapture was going to happen, I'd say sometime around the Summer or Winter Solstices. In that regard, Pentecost or Shavuot and Chanukah and Christmas are the most important religious feasts around those times. But since - as God reminded me this morning - Yahshua is going to come as a Thief in the Night, He is not going to come at those or any other watched or anticipated time, but at a time that only He and His Father know for certain. In that regard, December 16th, 2013 is not a highly watched date. So the Rapture could happen then. But no one knows the day or hour, so we must remain in hopeful expectation.

In the meantime, I do think it is interesting how the Moon - which can signify the Bride of Christ - will be transiting from Taurus (Christ as Sin Offering, the Blessings of Joseph) to Gemini (Jacob and Esau at War, The Wedding of the Lamb) over the path of the Milky Way between December 16th and 19th, 2013, and how the Full Moon will be directly above Orion's (Christ as Prince of princes) head on December 17th when Jupiter the Messiah Planet is directly over the Pollux/Christ figure in Gemini, which symbolizes the Wedding of the Lamb and the end of the war between Jacob and Esau. In addition, the Full Moon will be directly under the Bride of Christ figure Castor's feet in Gemini on the 17th and 18th. At the same time, the Sun will be on the dark rift portion of the Milky Way Galaxy in Ophiuchus, and Mercury, the Scribe of God will be nearby.

Though some think Mercury represents angels, and some have even erroneously linked it to the Devil, it actually signifies Yahweh God's prophets and watchmen, who sound the alarm for Israel, and make a written record or memorial of God's Will. In that regard, Mercury especially signifies the prophet Enoch, who understood the Heavenly Tablets (The Mazzaroth) better than anybody. Also of note is the fact that Venus, the symbol of Yahshua as the Light of the World, will be over the tail end of Sagittarius. These should be taken together as hopeful signs to the True Church that our Messiah and Bridegroom Yahshua is indeed coming very soon.

In the meantime, let me make something clear. The news networks have not been listening to those who have been teaching about the world end dates on the Mayan calendar. Because, while the media has been saying that they mark a sudden, cataclysmic end of the world, when what they actually mark are the ends of celestial ages.

The Mayan/Aztec Calendar shows that each previous celestial age ended with cataclysmic changes. But what was not made clear to those who did not understand their pictographic writing is that only one of those age ends was bad enough to wipe out almost all the life on this planet, and that was the Great Flood. But the Bible tells us that this current age will end with cataclysmic changes over a period of time.

As my research shows, these cataclysmic changes started to increase dramatically in 2010, just as the Hallel Psalms, Great Pyramid and the Signs in the Heavens foretold, and I predicted based on those signs. The world was therefore already well into the final seven-year Tribulation period by December 21st, 2012, and now we are almost on the threshold of the GREAT Tribulation at the end of 2013!

Even if we may not agree that the Tribulation has already started, all serious Bible Prophecy students know that our Messiah Yahshua warned that the end of this age will be one of the most violent and destructive ever, and He will have to cut it short or no life will survive it!

What this new end date of December 16th, 2013 means is that we have entered that era when things are about to go from bad to worse, and all hell is literally about to break loose on the Earth. But even if you choose to ignore the heavenly signs on these end dates, which I have found to be highly significant prophetically, you should pay attention to the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014 -2015 on Jewish Feasts.

These Blood Moons are marking 2014 and 2015 as highly significant prophetically in regards to the Two Houses of Israel. I am therefore merely sounding the alarm. What you decide to do with my warnings, and how you choose to prepare are between you and God.

God bless you, and Maranatha!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry



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