Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Dire Spiritual Warning and November 2010 Prayer Alert

By Helena Lehman

I am writing today to issue an emergency spiritual warning to the Body of Christ and a call to prayer. The fact that Obama, his wife and daughters are leaving the USA to go on diplomatic visits to Mumbai and several other Asian locales beginning November 3rd should be a cause for much prayer in the Body of Christ. This is because India is one of the biggest hotbeds of demonic and occult activity in the world. It is also near to morally bankrupt Indonesia, where Barack spent part of his childhood, as well as to Tibet, the “Epicenter of Evil” identified in my book: “The Language of God in History.” As such, could Obama be going there now because it has something to do with his spiritual mission as a “son of perdition”?

Entire Taj Mahal Hotel Reportedly Booked for Obama Mumbai Visit:

Obama’s November 2010 trip to Asia includes about 3000 other people including Secret Service agents, journalists, and members of Obama’s administration. As such, it will cost US taxpayers about 20 million dollars a day! Could this mass presidential exodus after historic wins by the GOP in the 2010 election be a warning that a massive attack is scheduled to hit US soil in the very near future and the President, his family, and his friends have left to avoid annihilation? Only time will tell, but something very suspicious IS going on and all believers in Yahshua need to be praying fervently for God’s mercy on and protection for themselves and the citizens of America right now!

US to spend $200 million a day on Obama's Mumbai visit:

In an effort to end this dire warning on a somewhat positive note, however, I believe that there is every indication in the heavens with the triple Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions of 2010-2011 and on the Earth with the massive increase in “natural disasters” (i.e. Acts of God!) over the past few years that a Rapture event could happen any day now. I therefore remain optimistic that the Bride of Christ may soon be singing songs of praise to her Bridegroom in Heaven at the joyful Wedding of the Lamb. As a way of encouraging the Body of Christ to persevere and pray for our soon deliverance, I have done a revision of the following article:

2010 REVISION: The Amazing Sun Square Prophecy and Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction Proofs for the Rapture

In this fully revised article, I describe the “magic” number square called the Sun Square, its relationship to God the Father, the Son of God, the Great Pyramid at Giza, the numbers 11, 111, 666, and 777, and how these numbers can be associated with several of the most powerful governing and religious bodies of modern times as well as to some amazing celestial signs in the heavens. This article also shows the amazing connections of these numbers to Old and New Testament Scriptures that are directly related to the Last Days, and the possibility that the 1st Rapture will be in 2011 with the Tribulation from 2011 through 2017.

The Amazing Sun Square Prophecy - View Online Version:

The Amazing Sun Square Prophecy - Open PDF for Download:

I hope this revised article will be a blessing to you. Also stay tuned for a major revision of my article “Come Up Here and Come Away! - Clues to the Timing of the Rapture”, which will be available at the following links after November 6th, 2010:

Come Up Here and Come Away! - View Online Version:

Come Up Here and Come Away! - Open PDF for Download:

Blessings to you and Maranatha!