Saturday, July 24, 2010

Was There A Water Canopy Above the Pre-Flood Earth?

Shabbat Shalom,

Someone recently asked me an interesting question and I wanted to share my answer with all of you as food for thought...


Hello. I have read much of your material and find it insightful. In book 3 you write about the possibility of the atmosphere holding huge amounts of water be it clouds or ice. IF that were true then the skies would not be clear and the stars and planets would not be visible to study. I have read this theory before and these points bother me.
Shalom, Jack

My Reply:


Where I live, there is a great deal of atmospheric haze and light pollution. Yet, on a clear night, I can still see all the brightest principle stars in each constellation, and with the aid of binoculars, can see hundreds more. If I lived in an area without the light pollution, I would be able to see as many stars as I can now without the binoculars.

My point is that, even in areas with high atmospheric haze from humidity, heat and pollution, I can see all the principle stars on a clear night. Of course, the antediluvian world was much more pristine and perfect than our world is today. So, even with high atmospheric haze, it would have been easy to see the principle stars.

In addition, it is my belief that the water around the Earth was more ring-like than spherical, kind of like a donut shape near the Equator. This would mean that at points from the 25th parallel north or south of the Equator, skies would have been much less hazy and the stars would have been clearly visible at night, especially the nearer to the poles an observer were to go.

There is also the possibility that, if the frozen water canopy was donut shaped as I suppose, it could have magnified and refracted the starlight, making the stars easier to see and even more beautiful.

I hope the possibility of a water particle canopy above the Pre-Flood Earth seems more plausible to you with this explanation.

Yours in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

Friday, July 23, 2010

Is the Houston Blooming of a Corpse Flower a Bad Omen?

By Helena Lehman

This story of the Corpse Flower threatening to bloom in tandem with a young couple’s wedding at Houston’s Museum of Natural History this weekend caught my eye, and upon investigating this rare Sumatran flower that smells like rotting meat, made me wonder if this is a sign that great death and destruction are soon going to be unleashed on the inhabitants of the US Gulf coast like those living in Houston.

Eerily, the upright stamen-like spadix of the Corpse Flower is the color of human flesh and maintains the temperature of the human body to release its foul odor, which attracts the flies it needs for pollination. Is it just a coincidence that these first bloomed in the USA in NYC in 1937 & 1939 - just before World War II broke out? See Wikipedia to learn more:

Monday, July 19, 2010

I've saved this excellent show featuring Terry Malone, author of the book "Revelation Revealed" in a special folder on my computer labeled "For Those Left Behind" and I invite you to do the same today!

Revelation Revealed!!

I've also saved this excellent show featuring Daniel Matson, author of the book "Signs of the End" in a special folder on my computer labeled "For Those Left Behind" and I invite you to do the same today!

Is the 7 Year Tribulation Starting in 2010?


Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman, Author of the Language of God Book Series
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Prophecy for the Church

This was given to me by a friend, who asked me to pass it on. I hope it will bless and guide you as we await the Rapture.

Yours in Yahshua,

A Prophecy for the Church

Received: Wednesday, July 7, 2010, 1:54 PM

Pastor Joh W. Matutis, (Berlin/Germany)

While I was praying this morning, God gave me a vision. He showed me a great, world-wide "mobilization" I saw myself strolling along a beach. Suddenly, there sounded a loud boom, which became stronger and more massive. It was not the noise of the sea or of the wind. It was completely still outside. The sea water was as smooth as glass. The deep booming sound which was like the sound of the mountains about to cave in, a banging sound which I had up till now never heard in my whole life, came from the other side of the ocean, from far away. It became so strong and mighty, that the earth began to quake and shake. It sounded like the blasting of a deep bass trumpet. I had never heard this sort and depth of bass sound before now. The whole air vibrated. I holed myself up in the dunes of the embankment, face down, and waited to see what would come out of this natural spectacle.

When the booming refused to stop, and instead became stronger, I saw myself begin to pray in the vision, and to speak with my God. Then I heard a voice saying, "my child, fear not. That is my mobilization call, a signal, from the other world. I am calling my people out from all peoples. I myself am shaking the earth and the sea. The sinners and godless will pass away for fear and the fearful expectation of the things which are to come. Understand, my child, that all these have been initiated by the financial crises. That was just the beginning of ruin.

The foundation of today's society will be so shaken that the people will lose all that they have acquired, and saved up till now.

Every infrastructure and welfare will collapse with time. Life will be very difficult for very many people. The general security will get out of control and there will be a proliferation of crime such that life on earth will be massively threatened. But you, who fear my name will I save from ruin. I am holding my arm of protection over you. Although not even a silent wind blew, and not even a small wave was seen on the sea, the booming was so mighty, that my heart threatened to stop beating. Then I thought to myself, "I will now also die". And then the Lord said to me,

"My child, do not fear. You are to live and continue to declare my works. Arise, go home and tell your loved ones. Let them know that the coming of my son is very close at hand, at the doorstep. I am setting everything in motion in order to take my people home, and I am now stripping them of everything that is holding them back, or blocking them.”

As I stood up to obey God's voice, starting to make my way homewards, I saw very many people, lying in the dunes. They had come out from their houses, racing towards the sea to see and experience this extraordinary natural spectacle. They lay on their faces as if paralysed, exactly as I had lain a few minutes before now. As I passed by them on my way home, despite the continuous distant booming sound, these people called to me saying "you are crazy; you cannot make it home in this situation. It is too dangerous".

They then buried their heads even further in the dunes, because they feared what would happen next. They no longer wanted to hear or know of anything.

And then said the Lord to me: "for you, my children, who fear my name, this is the day of my "mobilization". For you my "sun of salvation" arises, with which I gather my true children, and bring them together. Go, my son, and tell this everyone you can reach". Then I asked the Lord "what shall I tell them?" "Tell my children, The Lord said", "they are no longer to occupy themselves with perishable things, but rather, much more with the immortal, the eternal things. They are to seek me and study my word. They should forgive one another, so long as there is still time, and make peace with one another. They should stop being envious of, and pointing fingers at one another. They should neither accuse nor suspect one another. Everyone should do what he is supposed to, and can do. Tell them to free themselves of every unnecessary thing, and to stop fighting spasmodically (intermittently) for their rights. From now on, I will ensure your rights, and provide for justice for you. Great changes are about to occur all over the world, in every area of life. Adjust yourselves therefore and be prepared. Nothing is going to be as it has been before now..."

The further I moved away from the beach, the less of the booming sound I heard, even though I was of the opinion that the sound had become stronger and even more massive. I felt as if I had been secured in a glass case. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying "I will bring my children into safety in my own way. You will see everything I will do in the world, which will experience all the "plagues of Egypt " before I withdraw my children unto myself, before Pharaoh releases you forever. My people hold together! Stay with one another, encourage one another. Soon, you would have made it!"

That was the last thing I took with me from this vision.

As I thought about all that I had seen, and what I should do with it, the Lord spoke to me saying "spread this revelation I have given you this morning about my "mobilization" overall further to my children, and encourage them to do likewise, for I am at the door (I am coming soon). And tell them, especially my people, that they should be serious about their relationship with Me (God), before it is too late...."

Please help me spread this message overall. Send it to your friends and acquaintances. Spread it your churches and house fellowships.

Translate it into other languages.

Maranatha! Our Lord comes.

Pastor Joh Matutis


Friday, July 16, 2010

Shabbat Shalom and Maranatha!

I made a fascinating discovery the other day while reading a note that someone sent me about the Rapture! The Strong's Bible Concordance number for "Harpazo," which is the word used to describe the "catching up" in 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 4, verse 17 is "726," and the date of the Jewish Valentine’s Day festival on the 15th of Av or Tu B’Av this year falls on July 26th (7-26!). Could Yahshua be coming then to give His Bride a Rapture Valentine this year? Could be, so Keep Looking Up!

In my 7-14 Armageddon Radio Show, I also made a case for Tisha B'Av or the 9th of Av being a possible Rapture day, since no one is expecting it that day as it is a major day of sorrow for the Jews. But just for that reason, it would be a good day for the Rapture SINCE NO ONE IS EXPECTING IT THEN and Yahshua said that He would come when no one was expecting Him to return!

I was born on the 9th of Av in 1957, so if the Rapture is this July 19th on the 9th of Av, I will be delighted! :-)

Again, Keep Looking Up!

Love and Blessings,

Catch the July 14th Armageddon Radio Show on the Edge AM, where Helena discussed this past Easter Island Solar Eclipse and the upcoming events of Tisha B’ Av and Tu B’Av on the Jewish Calendar. Helena also shared her views on the Parable of the Ten Virgins, and the hope in the Rapture surrounding the most momentous event in human history: The Wedding of the Lamb, when the righteous among mankind will collectively marry God Incarnate and become one with Him forever:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Layer of Meaning to the 1st of Av Solar Eclipse Trifecta of 2008 thru 2010

By Helena Lehman

Total Solar Eclipses can ONLY occur at the time of a true New Moon, when the Moon's face is completely dark to us due to its being directly between the Earth and the Sun. Secondly, a Total Lunar Eclipse can only occur at the time of a true Full Moon, when the Moon is hiding directly behind the Earth from the Sun. This July 11th Total Solar Eclipse is therefore a true New Moon event, and a time for the blowing of the Shofar according to the reasoning of Psalm 81:

Ps 81:1-5 - “Sing aloud to God our strength; make a joyful shout to the God of Jacob. Raise a song and strike the timbrel, the pleasant harp with the lute. Blow the trumpet at the time of the New Moon, at the full moon, on our solemn feast day. For this is a statute for Israel, a law of the God of Jacob. This He established in Joseph as a testimony, when He went throughout the land of Egypt, where I heard a language I did not understand.”

There is more hidden in Psalm 81 than just the fact that the Trumpets are to be sounded on New and Full Moons. Note that, after mentioning Israel and Jacob, the Psalmist mentions Joseph. In the heavens, these groups are marked by the following constellations:

Jacob, who was named Israel, is represented by three signs: Pisces the Fishes, Cancer the Crab and Gemini the Twins. Cancer can signify the divided Israel before Christ, when Judah and Ephraim were divided into separate kingdoms in the North and South, while Pisces signifies the divided Israel after Christ, with Judah or the Jews antagonistic toward Ephraim or the True Church and vise versa. Finally, Gemini signifies all Israel reunited through the Wedding of the Lamb, which will forever end the conflict between Judah and Ephraim. Meanwhile, Joseph can also signify Ephraim as well as Manasseh, as represented by Taurus the Bull’s two horns, and a prominent End Time constellation is Orion, the first decan of Taurus.

Knowing this, it’s interesting to note that the 2008 Solar Eclipse on the 1st of Av occurred in Cancer, the 2009 1st of Av Solar Eclipse occurred on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini, and the 2010 1st of Av Solar Eclipse will occur in Gemini. Since the healing of the breach between Judah and Ephraim that is announced by Gemini is the Wedding of the Lamb, it points to the Rapture happening very soon around the time of this Solar Eclipse.

The July 11, 2010 total Solar Eclipse will be visible over much of the South Pacific and will begin at 18:15 UTC time and end at 20:52 UTC (That's 3:15 to 5:52 CST). This Eclipse will be best seen from Easter Island, where a total Solar Eclipse hasn't been visible in about 1400 years! On the island, its many strange Moai statues are all looking up at the sky as if in distress. Could this be one of the End Time signs that Yahshua told us to watch for? I think so!

Here is an informative article at Wikipedia about the 7-11 Eclipse:,_2010

For more about the prophetic importance of this eclipse,
see my 7-7-2010 Armageddon Radio Show:

You can also access or download past shows from the Armageddon Show web page for more about the prophetic End Time Heavenly Signs.

I've also written some great articles about the importance of this and many other heavenly signs in several free articles located at my POEM web site here:

Once at my POEM Free Article page, look for my article "Come Up Here and Come Away!" for starters.


Blessings From Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Exciting NEW Armageddon Radio Show at 7 pm EST on July 7th, 2010

Don't Miss the July 7th, 2010 Armageddon Radio Show at 7 pm EST at the Edge AM when Helena Lehman will discuss the Star Gospel on Ezekiel’s(Millennial) Temple wall, more on the June 26th Lunar Eclipse and Grand Cross, the prophecies about the timing of the Rapture found in Ruth and the Song of Solomon, and why the 3 consecutive 1st of Av Solar Eclipses in 2008, 2009 and 2010 appear to be highlighting the Jewish period of lamentation over the breaching of Jerusalem’s walls on the 17th of Tammuz and the destruction of the 2nd Temple on the 9th of Av for a reason: