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The Judeo-Christian Meaning Hidden in the Blue Moon of New Years Eve 2009

Copyright 2010 By Helena Lehman
of Pillar of Enoch Ministry

In this second half of my original article entitled: “The Deep Spiritual Significance of the Blue Moon of New Year’s Eve 2009,” we will go even deeper into the spiritual meanings hidden in the New Year’s Eve Blue Moon - the second of two Full Moons that occurred in December of 2009. For the background needed to understand this exploration better, you might want to read the first half of the article, which can be found at the following links:

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In Part One of this article, we explored the connections of the constellations that the two Full Moons of December 2009 have with Israel, their Messiah, the nations which sprang from the dispersion of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and the connection of this Blue Moon and other celestial End Time Signs that may be heralding the coming of the Tribulation and return of Christ. In this article, we will deal with the meaning of this Blue Moon for Messianic Jews and Christians who are waiting for Christ’s Second Coming.

First of all, it is important to understand that the Moon itself has a great deal of symbolic meaning on its own. Just as the hot, bright Sun that causes plants to grow signifies God the Father and the Preincarnate Yahshua, the frigid, lifeless Moon signifies Satan at its darkest phase, whereas its many intermediate phases signify sinful mankind in their various stages of spiritual growth. Allegorically, the Full Moon can signify either full blown good or full blown evil, whereas the dark side of the Moon always signifies the secret pervasiveness of evil in all its subtle and blatant forms.

Intriguingly, in the dream that the patriarch Joseph had of the Sun, Moon and eleven stars (i.e. his brothers) bowing down to him, the Moon signified Jacob’s two wives, with the illuminated side of the moon signifying Jacob’s wives Leah and Rachel and the eight sons between them while the dark side of the Moon signified the four sons born to their handmaids. The Bible tells us that Rachel produced Joseph, whose Gentile spiritual descendents are reckoned through his son Ephraim, and are thereby symbolically connected to the Tribe of Ephraim, and also to the United States of America in prophecy. Since Joseph and his descendants were showered with more material blessings than any other son of Jacob, the spiritual descendents of Joseph have become greater than all of his brothers materially as well as prophetically. Symbolically, Joseph is connected to England, but even more specifically to the United States, a one time colony of the English Monarchy.

Joseph’s brother Benjamin, however, is connected to the Jews and to Israel. This is due to the fact that the Israelites returning to rebuild Jerusalem after the Babylonian Captivity mostly came from the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin. In addition, Joseph’s mother Rachel’s handmaid Bilhah produced Naphtali and Dan - and the Antichrist may be descended from Dan. This means that the children attributed to Jacob’s loved wife Rachel have superseded those of his unloved wife Leah - almost as if God honored Jacob’s love for Rachel by blessings her sons with supremacy over all Jacob’s other spiritual and physical descendents, which number in the billions.

Now, when we take the spiritually meaningful Moon and compare its meaning to the insights hidden in the backdrop of stars, planets and constellations it travels through, much more can be discerned and understood. For example, the Blue Moon of New Year’s Eve 2009 appeared over the tip of the hour-glass shaped constellation Orion the Hunter’s upraised sword, and Orion is 1 of the 3 decans of (or constellations associated with) Taurus the Bull. Orion is a symbol for Joseph as the Vizier of Egypt, while Taurus the Bull itself can signify the descendents of Seth up to Isaac, who was prophetically identified with a bull in the Book of Enoch. Enoch allegorically connects Issac’s son Jacob with a sheep, tying Jacob to Aries the Ram.

As explained in Part One of this article, Taurus’ horns signify Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh as well as the Gentile believers who either spiritually or literally descend from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. Among these people, there are those who love Yahshua and follow Him, who love mercy and do justice, who care for God’s Creation, who love their neighbors, and that care for the poor and needy while sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God with them. On the other hand, there are those who follow the way of the Serpent or Satan, which is the path of humanism, Hellenism, and self-worship. The two horns of Taurus signify these conflicting groups, and though these horns point in the same direction, their aims are different.

The two horns of the neighboring sign Aries the Ram also signify two conflicting groups. One of these signify those righteous few who follow the Way of Yahweh and are awaiting His Son Yahshua’s return. The other horn represents those bound to the Law and mandatory good works through their lack of faith in the salvation and freedom offered by Yahshua’s Cross. This group includes legalistic Christian cults such as Roman Catholicism and Mormonism and the Hebrew Roots cult. In addition, this enormous group includes Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and every other religious group that requires doing specific “good” works to obtain salvation.

In Part One, it was noted that the Blue Moon of New Year’s Eve 2009 occurred between the signs of Gemini and Taurus over Orion’s upraised sword. Since a drawn sword is a symbol for war and destruction, this celestial sign is an omen of a coming great war and escalating conflicts in the world. First and foremost, the sign of Gemini signifies the Wedding of the Lamb of God to His Bride made up of the Two House Church of Judah and Ephraim. In stark contrast to its primary meaning, however, Gemini signifies the opposition between two pairs of prominent brothers of the Bible: Isaac and Ishmael and Jacob and Esau. This means that the trouble coming to those who form the Bride of Christ will come from the offspring of the antagonistic brothers. These were Ishmael and Esau, and their blood runs in the veins of most Arab Muslims today.

Since this Blue Moon of December 2009 literally occurred at the feet of Gemini in the heavens, it is a sign that those who are betrothed to Yahshua in marriage should definitely expect trouble and discord on Earth during the upcoming year - most likely coming from radical Islamic sources. The partial Lunar Eclipse of that Blue Moon that was visible throughout Europe is a sign that the discord and unrest between Muslims, Humanists, and Christians will first intensify dramatically in Europe.

As I mentioned in Part One, the eclipsed Full Moon of December 21st, 2010 will be visible over most of North America. This is a symbol that the unrest or war between Muslims and non-Muslims that will shake up Europe in 2010 will spread to Canada, America and Mexico by the end of 2010 and these conflicts will intensify everywhere in 2011. At this time, a prominent Muslim leader will likely rise to power and will fool the world into thinking he is the Antichrist. So, when he is defeated by another prominent political figure in Europe a while later, the European ruler will be hailed as the Messiah of the world. It is that European prince or ruler that will be the final Antichrist.

Since the many clashes of culture, religion and ideology in this current world are going to escalate dramatically very soon, those who love Yahshua need to get prepared to face conflict and persecution everywhere. Though other celestial signs positively indicate that the Rapture may occur around mid to late 2010 (I will focus on this in another upcoming article), the Rapture could be delayed until 2012. This means that everyone - even those counting on the Rapture to save them - will need to get prepared to face some hardship, persecution and deprivation for a time until our heavenly Bridegroom comes for us.

In the meantime, and in the midst of all this trouble, believers will continually be called to love the lost - including their oppressors - by telling them about the beauty of the Kingdom of God and the glory and grace of the salvation offered by Christ if they repent and believe. For this reason, besides stocking up on food, water and camping gear, now would also be an excellent time to engage in spiritual warfare through assertive prayer while memorizing key Bible verses and practicing your evangelization skills on everyone you know.

Get Ready! The End is Near!



Messianic Bible Scholar Helena Lehman is the author of the exhaustively researched 2500-page Language of God Book Series and the creator of the intellectually and spiritually stimulating web site home of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry. If you were intrigued by this article, you can visit her ministry web site and find out more about her books by clicking on the following link:
Was the Earthquake in Haiti a Consequence of
God’s Judgment Against Haitians?
A Messianic Christian Response

By Helena Lehman

Is Pat Robertson correct in claiming that Haiti was hit with this terrible 7.0 magnitude Earthquake on January 12, 2010 - one that has caused untold destruction and loss of life - because of a past pact with the Devil?

See this You Tube Video to hear Pat making this claim:

If you listen to him carefully, Pat is also implying that Haiti is the poorest country in the West because of their spiritual bankruptcy while the Dominican Republic is prosperous.

But the truth is that the black Haitian slaves of yesteryear never really won their war against the French! In fact, the constant interference of France, the United States and many other Western nations has actually contributed to the political instability and rebellion in that country and reduced its population into utter poverty and virtual slavery for the rich Whites who profit from their cheap labor.

Western interference and the totalitarian grip of the rich has caused terrible political turmoil in Haiti for nearly a century and that is partly why the nation is such a mess.

The following article shows that there is NO TRUTH to the slanderous “Devil Pact” rumor that Pat Robertson is touting as fact:

The preceding article I linked to explains that Pat Robertson is incorrect in his claims against the Haitian community in regard to their having once made a pact with the Devil. However, this does not mean Haiti isn’t under judgment like the rest of the world!

Indeed, if Pat had noted that many Haitians still practice the pantheistic religion that their ancestors practiced in Africa called Voodoo or Vodou, his claim would have had more substance. This demon-worshipping religion shares much in common with the original spiritual beliefs of Native Americans and other demonically inspired primitive religions. Sadly, however, this fact is obscured because most of the people that practice Voodoo are also nominally Catholic and hide their Voodoo practices behind a veil of Catholic rituals and prayers.

Despite this fact, the Haitian community is really no more wicked than the rest of the world, today, where religions and ideologies that reject Yahweh God and Yahshua the Messiah are rampant everywhere. Furthermore, all people are under the curse of the Original Sin and all are sinners that need to believe in and follow Yahshua to be saved or suffer the consequences! In addition, the entire world is under judgment right now for rejecting God and maligning the Cross of Christ and soon God’s wrath toward unrepentant sinners around the world is going to get worse via the onset of the Great Tribulation.

The earthquake in Haiti and many other recent natural disasters are meant to be wake up calls to the world that ALL are under God’s judgment, and He is NOT pleased with the way the world has rejected Him!

For centuries, natural disasters were called “Acts of God” for a reason! We live on a planet tainted by sin and death that is currently governed by God’s great adversary, Satan, and our only protection from Satan’s grasp is the Cross of Christ and His shed blood.

Christians need to stop trying to limit God’s anger to the most badly affected areas of the world today and realize that the whole world in under His judgment and needs to repent, not just the people of Haiti.

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The Deep Spiritual Significance of the Blue Moon of New Year’s Eve 2009

Copyright 2009 By Helena Lehman
of Pillar of Enoch Ministry

According to astronomers, a Blue Moon is the second of two Full Moons that fall in any given Solar Month, and this is a relatively rare occurrence. Interestingly, there is a second Full Moon occurring in December 2009, which will be visible in clear skies on New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 2009. In the Gospel in the Stars, there is something highly important about this particular Full Moon, and not just because it is a Blue Moon. In allegorical terms, let me explain what the Blue Moon of 2009 signifies spiritually for us today.

This second Full Moon of December will appear near to the constellation Orion’s upraised sword, which touches the ecliptic or Sun’s path through the heavens each day. Orion is a decan sign of Taurus the Bull, and the first Full Moon of December 2009 was housed in Taurus. In its relationship to neighboring Gemini, the sign of Taurus is an extremely important key in the Gospel in the Stars.

First of all, as explained thoroughly in my book “The Language of God in the Universe,” Orion represents Yahshua as the Redeeming God of Israel who died on the Cross to pay for our sins. Secondly, Orion signifies Yahshua as the Conquering King that will lead all the Gentiles who love Him to conquer the wicked and reign on Earth with Him for a thousand years in what is known as Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. But no study of Orion would be complete without a study of Taurus, since Orion is a decan of Taurus.

Looking at Taurus in a biblical context, it first of all signifies the Tribe of Joseph - as shown by Moses’ description of Joseph’s glory being like that of a firstborn bull with the horns of a wild ox (Deuteronomy 33:17). The patriarch Joseph became the most powerful and renowned of all Jacob’s sons, though he had to lose almost all semblance of his identity as an Israelite before he did so. This identifies Joseph with the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. In addition, Joseph had two sons named Ephraim and Manasseh, and they had an Egyptian (and hence non-Israelite) mother. Therefore, the Tribe of Joseph also allegorically represents the Gentiles (i.e. non-Jews) that will come to love the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel.

But this connection of Taurus to the Tribe of Joseph is just one of many allegorical layers of meaning that can be given to this sign. Another meaning given to it via the Bible is as a symbol of the sacrificial bull offered to Yahweh by the Israelites as a temporary atonement for sin. Likewise, it signifies Yahshua, who died on the Cross outside Jerusalem’s walls just as the bulls were sacrificed outside of them. However, Taurus the Bull has two horns indicating that it has a dual nature just as Orion does. On the one hand, it is a holy symbol of God’s grace, love and forgiveness on the Gentiles who have chosen to love and follow His Son. But on the other it signifies God’s wrath upon and anger toward those Gentiles who have chosen to hate Yahshua and ignore His calls for repentance and regeneration.

As the traditional bastion of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, the symbolism behind Taurus the Bull is also tied to the nation of Europe. Ominously, however, the European Union has identified itself not with the biblical Joseph but with the mythology surrounding the pagan god Zeus and Europa. Europa was a maiden of Phoenicia that the top god of Greece named Zeus lusted after and wanted to rape. To get near to Europa, who tended her father’s cattle herds, Zeus changed himself into a tame white bull and mingled with the herd. Eventually, Europa grew so fond of the white bull that she dared to climb up on his back and Zeus abducted her at that moment. In like fashion, after being seduced by it, the European nations, Great Britain and the Americas have embraced Hellenistic culture and humanism with near religious fervor. As such, Hellenism and humanism have become an indelible part of the political systems of the West, which are now all seeking to unite as one under one political and ideological banner. This political union has been dubbed the New World Order.

The myth of Zeus and Europa holds several more kernels of truth to it, not the least of which is that Zeus is still masquerading as a white bull in the form of a unicorn, which also happens to be a symbol for Yahshua as a conquering King. What few people realize is that the unicorn can serve as a symbol for either one of Taurus’ horns. Since there are two horns on a bull, they can and do symbolize the two natures of the animal that they are connected to. In the case of Europe and America, one of these horns allegorically signifies the followers of the false god Zeus, who espouses Hellenistic culture and the philosophy of humanism, where men can readily become gods. Just look at how figures such as Abraham Lincoln have taken on god status in America. If you doubt this, just go to Washington, DC, where a gigantic idol of Lincoln sits on a huge throne housed in its own magnificent Grecian style (and hence Hellenistic) temple! Isn’t this openly blasphemous? I surely think so!

In true opposition, the other horn of the bull allegorically signifies those Gentiles who, like Joseph’s two sons, have a mixed pagan and godly heritage and have become grafted-in Israelites that oppose humanism and Hellenism and seek to follow Yahweh, His Son and the Holy Spirit rather than the dictates of fallen and sinful men. These people are truly represented by a white unicorn, whereas those who follow the old Zeus religion of the serpent are best represented by a black unicorn. But - as always - Satan loves to masquerade as an Angel of Light rather than the dark demon and lord of chaos that he is!

In today’s world, Taurus has a clear connection to the European Union, which has adopted the symbol of Zeus as a bull with Europa riding on his back as a defining symbol. In the heavens, this myth is directly connected to Taurus, which has a brilliant little star cluster named the Pleiades riding on its back that can also be identified with Europe. In the Bible, this bull signifies the Beast out of the Sea in the Book of Revelation, and the star cluster called the Pleiades represents the Woman or Harlot that rides this Beast.

It is therefore no coincidence that many Bible prophecy teachers have indicated that the European Union may be connected to the revived Roman Empire identified as Babylon the Great in the Book of Revelation. Interestingly, though it hasn’t happened yet, there is a good likelihood that Europe will unite itself with the Middle East. This may happen via the entrance of the nation of Turkey (which was once part of ancient Persia) into the European Union, thereby truly beginning to mimic the Roman Empire of ancient times that included North Africa and portions of the Middle East.

I find this extremely interesting, considering that this Blue Moon on December 31st, 2009 will be partially eclipsed over Europe and Asia, and there will also be a Lunar Eclipse of a Full Moon directly over Orion’s upraised sword on December 21st, 2010, which will be visible from anywhere in North America. I believe the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse will mark the beginning of the Tribulation period. In addition, this Lunar Eclipse will occur exactly two years before the Mayan date for the end of the world: December 21st, 2012, a date that is highly significant in the Gospel in the Stars and is symbolically tied directly to the opening plagues in the Book of Revelation that are unleashed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The celestial signs that will appear in the heavens on the Mayan date for the end of the world (and many other celestial signs) are discussed at length in my book: “The Language of God in Prophecy,” though the true significance of the Mayan calendar is fully explained in my book “The Language of God in History.” I invite you to read these books today so that you are not left behind and befuddled in the coming epic fray. To learn more about these books, visit the Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site at , where you can read the following web pages that offer a press release and many PDF style excerpts of the books:

So you see, by its position near the sword tip of Orion and its connection to the Lunar Eclipse over that same sword on December 21st, 2010, this Blue Moon at the end of 2009 signifies that the world as we know it is soon about to end. In fact, there is only one year left before the time that the prophet Jeremiah called the time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah 30:7). In modern terminology, this same time period is known as the seven-year Tribulation that was spoken of by the prophet Daniel as the Seventieth Week, which is an allegorical description of the final seven-year “week” of human history that is currently under the sway of Satan and his demons, but will soon be ruled over by the resurrected Christ Himself from a literal throne in Israel.

Beware lest you be fooled by Christ’s coming imposter, however, for he too is destined to come soon as the diabolical figure known as the Antichrist - a mortal leader of men that will successfully masquerade as the Son of God in order to deceive and enslave mankind under Satan’s totalitarian grip. Sadly, many now in the apostate church who will be left behind in the coming Rapture will accept this mortal imposter of the immortal Yahshua as their Messiah, and they will be so deceived by this Antichrist that they will not recognize his deception until it is too late.

Being forewarned is forearmed, and that is why I am making this year-end appeal to you all to stop procrastinating and buy my books, read them alongside the Bible, and share them with those you love for yours and their safety and salvation. If you are perplexed and frightened by the problems of the times, and do not know where to turn or to whom to believe, I guarantee that my Language of God Series Books coupled with the Word of God have all the answers that you seek!

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