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The Ominous Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Tied to the 2012 Mayan World End Date

Copyright © 2009 by Helena Lehman
of Pillar of Enoch Ministry

In the following bit of detective work, it will be shown that the anticipated dawning of the Age of Aquarius has indeed arrived, and - true to the hype - it does mark the dawn of a New Age of Spirituality that will be accompanied by major political, economic and spiritual upheavals. The clue that the Age of Aquarius has arrived is hidden in the old song about its arrival that was sung by the hip 60’s rock band called the 5th Dimension. However, this song’s lyrics reflects knowledge that can only have been known in occult circles or by sacred astronomers who were familiar with God’s time line hidden and preserved in the Mazzaroth. Here are the opening lyrics to that ethereal old song:

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius…

Fascinatingly, the signs in the heavens that are pinpointed in this song occurred early in 2009, and truly do herald the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. But before these signs in the heavens can be explained satisfactorily, the concept of Precession and its relationship to the structure of the Zodiac must be understood. Simply put, the 12 Houses of the Zodiac are 12 constellations that the Sun passes through each day from east to west, and the path that the Sun takes through the sky is called the Ecliptic. However, due to the wobble caused by the Earth’s tilted axis, the Sun’s position appears to be moving slowly backward through the Zodiac from west to east on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and on the solstices. For this reason, though the Sun rose due east in the sign of Taurus in 4000 BC on the Spring Equinox, it now rises just within the borders of the constellation of Aquarius on that same day.

Now, it takes the Sun 2,160 years to pass through the 30 degrees demarcation for each sign of the Zodiac along the Ecliptic. This 2,160 year period is known as a Precessional Age, and there are 12 Precessional Ages that mark the retrograde path of the Sun through each Zodiac Sign. When added together, these 12 Ages mark one full 25,920-year Precessional Cycle of time.

Interestingly, the Age of Aquarius was preceded by the Age of Pisces the Fishes, which began around 150 BC. This means that the entire New Testament Church Age has coincided with the Age of Pisces. In my books, I reveal how the sign of Pisces symbolizes the Sign of Jonah that Yahshua came to reveal to mankind. Likewise, the preceding 2,160-year Age of Aries the Ram was marked by the Bible’s Sacrificial Age when Tabernacle and Temple sacrifices centered around the offering of a lamb or ram on the altar. Before that, the Patriarchal Age was marked by the Sign of Taurus the Bull, and both Aries and Taurus mark a sacred altar in Heaven that signify Yahshua in His divine role as the Lamb of God and perfect atonement sacrifice for sin. In the Book of 1 Enoch, the antediluvian and Post-Flood patriarchs up to Abraham were represented as bulls or oxen in one of Enoch’s prophetic visions, while the leaders of Israel after Jacob and under the Law of Moses were represented by rams and sheep (1 Enoch 89:1-27).

The amazing correlation between the Precessional position of the Sun and the prophetic spiritual Age we are in is important to the understanding of Bible Prophecy. As the antediluvian Sethite patriarch Enoch prophesied, nothing happens by accident in the heavens surrounding our Earth. Every star, meteor, asteroid, planet, moon, sun, nebula, and star cluster has some allegorical and spiritual meaning connected to the Gospel in the Stars that Enoch called the Heavenly Tablets. In the Star Gospel, the entire circle of the Zodiac has a Messianic and spiritual message. Every portion of the Zodiac also reveals certain aspects of mankind’s spiritual destiny and Yahshua’s ministry to mankind.

Saturn is no exception. As the 7th of the major celestial bodies in our Solar System out from the Sun (1. Mercury, 2. Venus, 3. Moon, 4. Earth, 5. Mars, 6. Jupiter, 7. Saturn), Saturn has a connection to the seventh day of the week, which is called Shabbat or the Sabbath by all professing Jews and Messianics. In fact, in Hebrew, the 7th Planet is called “Shabbatai” after the Sabbath day, when God rested after the six Great Days of Creation Week. However, this seventh day of rest for God was cut short when Satan destroyed and corrupted the perfection of Yahweh’s Creation with sin and rebellion against God.

Because the ringed planet Saturn is tied to the Sabbath, it has an undeniable connection to Christ’s Millennial Rule during the Seventh Great Day of the Lord. Indeed, the rings of the planet Saturn rightfully represent Yahshua’s many Royal Crowns, while the reddish color of the neighboring planet Jupiter signifies Yahshua as the Redeemer who sacrificed himself for us on the Cross. However, since Satan is the thief who stole the rulership of this world from mankind when they fell, Saturn has also been associated with Satan in occult circles.

Nonetheless, God knew this was going to happen and had a plan to reconcile mankind’s relationship with Himself. This centered around an allotment of six thousand years for Satan’s evil-doing to continue to adversely affect humanity’s understanding of and relationship with the one true God. After this, Satan’s reign of terror over mankind would be put to an end by a thousand-year Great Day of rest and peace under the benevolent and righteous rulership of Yahshua Ha Mashiach (i.e. Jesus the Messiah).

In my book: “The Language of God in Prophecy,” it is shown that the 7th Great Day of the Lord likely officially began on the Rosh Hashanah of September 11th and 12th in 1999 AD. By Jewish reckoning, this year spanned to the next Rosh Hashanah in September of 2000. Therefore, the year 2000 was officially the first year of the 1,000 year Great Day of the Lord. Since this is the case, the birth pangs that the prophet Micah spoke of, which are to occur before and during the Tribulation, should have already begun (Micah 4:9-13: 1 Thess. 5:2-3). Indeed, we can now see the evidence of this with the world economic collapse and the global push for the setting up of the one-world government and religious system that’s been dubbed the New World Order but that Christians know is the Antichrist’s kingdom.

Besides the earthly signs, there have been many celestial signs that the Great Tribulation followed by Yahshua’s Second Coming is very near. One of the first indicators that Yahshua’s return is imminent can be found in the Mayan Calendar’s end date for this world cycle. According to their calendar, the judgment and destruction of this world’s demonically-controlled political, communication, and economic systems will begin full-throttle on December 21st, 2012, which will be a few months into the 13th Jewish year of the 7th Great Day of the Lord since Adam and Eve’s fall from Grace.

This 7th Great Day that began on Rosh Hashanah signals the imminence of the coming of the Tribulation, Armageddon, and the Millennial Rule of Christ. In fact, just as there are ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement, there are to be ten years between the first Rosh Hashanah of this 7th Great Day in 1999 and the Rosh Hashanah occurring in 2010, which may mark the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation period. Then, two years into the Tribulation, amazing signs in the heavens will appear on December 21st, 2012 that are meant to announce the release of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to begin their dreaded rides over the Earth. To learn more about the astounding heavenly signs that will announce the release of the Four Horsemen on the Winter Solstice of 2012, see my previous 3-part article (click the following links to access the article parts):

The Amazing Heavenly Anti-Peace Sign Formed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Part 1 - The White Horse Released on December 21, 2012:

The Amazing Heavenly Anti-Peace Sign Formed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Part 2 - The Red, Black & Pale Horses Released on December 21, 2012:

The Amazing Heavenly Anti-Peace Sign Formed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Part 3 - The Heavenly Anti Peace Sign of December 21, 2012:

So that the events of the Tribulation can occur as ordained before the Kingdom of God on Earth is set up, God has allowed Satan to be “the prince of the power of the air” that rules the world of electronic and digital mass communication via satellite, television, radio and air travel (Ephesians 2:1-3). Thank our Father God that in the near future, Satan will be permanently dethroned and Yahshua will take His rightful place as the Ruler of the Earth and co-ruler of the Universe with our Father Yahweh! But in the meantime, through a massive electrical storm on the planet Saturn, God is letting the world know that the Age of Aquarius is indeed dawning and Satan is presently in control of the electronic airwaves and satellite communications so that his short reign over the whole Earth via the Antichrist’s religious and political system can take place.

In fact, ever since January 2009, Saturn has been the home to an ongoing massive electrical storm that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Due to the spiritual meaning of Saturn as Yahshua’s Crown being temporarily in the hands of Satan, the electrical storm on this planet is likely a sign that Satan is doing all he can to destroy mankind before Yahshua arrives to wrestle His crown out of Satan’s clutches forever. In keeping with Satan’s malevolent purpose for it, even all of the modern military equipment being manufactured in the United States and elsewhere today is heavily dependent on sophisticated digital electronic equipment for its use on the battlefield.

According to the Language of God, then, this electrical storm on Saturn is a physical indication that the spiritual battle between Yahshua and Satan is now reaching epic proportions and the end of the Age that Yahshua warned His disciples about is imminent (Matthew 24:3-30). In support of this, there have been quite a few signs in the heavens over the past few years that indicate that the End Times have arrived. One of these was the startling appearance of three comets in the constellation Perseus the Breaker between 1996 and 2006. These were Comet Hyakutake in 1996, Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997, and Comet Holmes in 2006. Intriguingly, in addition to signifying Yahshua as the breaker of Satan’s control of the world, Perseus symbolizes David slaying Goliath and chopping off his head and - per the Book of Jasher - Esau’s slaying of Cush’s son Nimrod, the world’s first Post-Flood dictator and a type of Antichrist (Jasher 27:2-12).

In addition to the prophetic import of the comets in Perseus, there were full Lunar Eclipses in the sign of Pisces with the Moon in conjunction with the planet Saturn on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles on September 27th in 1996 and on September 17th in 1997. Fascinatingly, the two fish of Pisces signify the Two Houses of Israel - with one house consisting of Messianic Jews, and the other of Gentile believers, and the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles signifies the ingathering of both houses into one body during the Millennial Rule of Christ. Since 1997, the number of Messianic Jews worldwide has skyrocketed, and this is a sign from Yahweh that the joining of the Two Houses of Israel into one will soon be fully accomplished!

In addition to these past events, there are two significant Solar Eclipses falling on the 1st of Av on the Jewish Calendar in both 2009 and 2010. These Solar Eclipses in Cancer the Crab on July 22nd in 2009 and in Gemini the Twins on July 11th in 2010 likely mark the final year before the seven-year Tribulation period begins. The 1st of Av marks the beginning of a period of mourning for Jews that reaches its climax on the 9th of Av - the ominous day when both the First and the Second Temple to Yahweh in Jerusalem were destroyed. It therefore seems likely that the time between these 1st of Av eclipses is meant as a warning to the Jews that “the time of Jacob’s trouble” that is to come before Yahshua’s reign over the Earth is imminent (Jeremiah 30:4-9).

All these celestial events have led up to the signs that appeared in the heavens on February 16th, 2009. On that day, the first heavenly sign could be seen in the position of the Sun, which was in the constellation of Aquarius the Water-Bearer. As a part of the Gospel in the Stars, Aquarius represents each disciple of Christ’s death in baptism and their receipt of the Holy Spirit as well as the divinely sent destruction of the Earth by water and Noah’s deliverance during the Great Flood. However, as my earlier article “As It Was in The Days of Noah” showed, it now signifies that mankind has finally arrived at a time in history much like it was in the days of Noah just before the Flood.

Later on the night of February 16th, the heavenly signs that were identified in the song “Aquarius” appeared after the sign of Aquarius set below the western horizon. At that time, the neighboring sign of Capricorn was just above the western horizon and Jupiter was in conjunction with Mars there. In addition, the Moon was in the sign of Libra the Scales, and Libra is the Seventh Sign or Seventh House of the Sun from Aries, which is considered the First House of the Sun today (though it was likely Virgo in ancient times). These are the exact same signs that the 5th Dimension’s song lyrics mentioned as a symbol that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius has arrived!

Here is a graphic of the signs in the heavens on February 16th, 2009:

As if to confirm that what was seen in the heavens on February 16th was indeed a warning of the beginning of a new Age, another major sign appeared in the heavens on February 23rd, 2009. At that time, the eerie green double-tailed comet named Lulin after the Chinese observatory in Taiwan that discovered it appeared in conjunction with the planet Saturn in the Sign of Leo the Lion along with a spectacular line up of other planets in the sign of Capricorn the Goat-fish.

Here is a composite graphic showing Saturn and Lulin in conjunction in Leo and the line up of Neptune, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury in Capricorn on February 23rd, 2009:

Intriguingly, as shown in my book “The Language of God in History,” Sethite astronomers allegorically associated the sign of Leo with China in the End Times, and Capricorn with the non-coastal Western and Midwestern states of the United States and most of Mexico, while the sign of Aquarius governs the eastern half of the United States, Central America, and western South America. Now, Capricorn is the sign that represents the salvation of Noah and the destruction of the Nephilim during the Great Flood, and Neptune (as a planet that is not visible to the naked eye) is a planet that signifies Noah, who was likely a hermit who did God’s will in secret and thereby received the epithet “the far distant” in ancient times.

In its Sethite association with the United States, Capricorn may also signify the conservative Tea Party movement that is resisting the schemes of the Devil to take over the United States and the world before Christ’s return. In addition, the dark-faced New Moon is a symbol of Satan’s malevolent darkness and destructive force, but its power is negated by the bright light of Saturn and Jupiter, which signify the greatness of Yahshua as the Kings of Kings and our Kinsmen Redeemer or Savior. In addition, Mars represents the efficacy of Yahshua’s shed blood for the healing and restoration of all the saints, but in this case it also likely signifies the blood of the Christian martyrs around the world today that are constantly being hunted down and killed by wicked non-believers for practicing their faith openly and refusing to deny Christ.

So what does it mean to mankind now that the Age of Aquarius has evidently arrived? Well, the old song “Aquarius” tells us what it signifies to occult and New Age practitioners, who are expecting a coming Age of unprecedented global co-operation, love and understanding. As the lyrics state:

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius!
The age of Aquarius!
Aquarius! Aquarius!

However, according to Bible prophecy, a time of spiritual darkness and global religious deception is supposed to occur before any true and lasting global peace, love and co-operation can be ushered in by the return of Yahshua and His army of saints from Heaven (See 2 Thessalonians 2:2-12). This is because the world is expecting a human savior (i.e. “the man of sin” and “the lawless one” of 2 Thessalonians 2), but no human government or agency will be able to secure the peace on Earth that most of the unsaved people of the West and East are so desperately seeking.

In fact, the Bible warns that only a supernaturally established empire with the resurrected Yahshua Ha Mashiach reigning as the Kings of kings over all mankind will be able to succeed in providing mankind with a lasting and benevolent government of peace (See Revelation 19:11-21), and therein lies the problem. If the majority of biblically unschooled and thereby spiritually dead people are expecting the current and coming economic, religious and political upheavals to lead to a time when mankind can unite on all fronts and achieve global peace and prosperity, they will most certainly work to assure its successful implementation - no matter what it takes.


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“As It Was in the Days of Noah…

Has Mankind Finally Arrived?”

Copyright © 2009 By Helena Lehman

The following article is an excerpt taken from Chapter Four of the new 750-page, copyrighted book “The Language of God in History,” Book 3 of a 4 book series written by Helena Lehman and published by the Pillar of Enoch Ministry. Buy autographed copies today at the POEM web site bookstore at or unsigned editions at and other Internet book and e-book outlets.


In an eerie echo of the past, mankind is now approaching the same level of debauchery as their antediluvian forebears. Like the evil Watchers, Nephilim and humans of the past, modern doctors and scientists are terminating pregnancies as casually as they would cut off a wart or mole, using embryonic stem cells to attempt to heal the sick and thereby murdering humans when adult stem cells would work just as well, and implanting fertilized eggs into surrogate mothers’ wombs as if it were child’s play. Oddly, no one seems to suspect that the scientists that create these embryos for implantation are up to no good. But how could anyone but these scientists really know if the embryos they produce via in vitro fertilization and then implant in women’s wombs are fully human or not? Makes one pause to reconsider the superficially benevolent and safe label this practice currently has.

In addition to these well-documented activities that mimic the evil behavior of our antediluvian ancestors, modern scientists have successfully smashed the atom to provide nuclear power and create atomic bombs capable of wiping out all life on Earth. They have also unwisely given this knowledge to the military establishments of the world, and a few militant societies today such as North Korea and Iran are making it clear that they plan to use such destructive weapons on their heavily nuclear-armed enemies (i.e. the USA and Israel, respectively) in the very near future.

One of the worst modern abominations of God’s sacred trust with mankind to remain righteous is the current scientific fascination with cloning animals and making hybrid animals from splicing the genes of various animals together. That these experiments are going on casually behind our backs is not only frightening, but inherently evil. There are also reports that ungodly hybrid plants with animal traits are already being grown and fed to both humans and livestock without our consent or permission, and without adequate studies to see what long and short term harmful affects these abominated foods may have after digesting them.

In addition, terrifying reports are being made that highly secretive experiments into recreating the Nephilim are being conducted among various governments of the world. Some report that scientists are currently mixing the genes of animals and humans in an attempt to create a new brand of Nephilim, and that these hybrid monsters may soon be used as the ultimate fighting machines in future conventional wars. Though this may not be true yet, mankind certainly has reached a knowledge threshold that makes raising the Nephilim from the dead alarmingly possible using the DNA in bones supposedly belonging to dinosaurs.

Sadly, as the above three paragraphs show, this current generation of mankind is capable of far more destruction, violence and debauchery than any previous Post-Flood generation. In fact, it is fast approaching the ability to commit violence at a comparable level to what our antediluvian ancestors engaged in before the Great Flood. This is especially true due to the unprecedented and potentially deadly technological advancements mankind has recently devised. These include multi-megaton atomic and neutron bombs, biological weapons such as genetically modified bacteria and viruses that are immune to all known drugs, the HAARP ionosphere control system built in the United States (along with smaller versions in Norway and Russia), and the series of CERN particle reactors in Europe.

Among the most frightening of these current potential threats to the existence of all life are the six atomic reactors created by CERN, which stands for the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Over the years since CERN began its operations in 1964, six atomic particle accelerators and one decelerator have been built deep underground somewhere between France and Switzerland. In addition, a seventh reactor called the Large Hadron Collider that some say has the potential to destroy or devastate the Earth in several terrifying ways was scheduled to begin operation in May 2008. This was the same month that a massive earthquake in China occurred, which killed thousands of people and left millions more homeless. Unsettlingly, though CERN’s identifying logo is supposed to suggest the spinning of atoms, it looks like the number six being spun about. Could this logo be an allusion to the Mark of the Beast consisting of the number “666” that is spoken of in the Book of Revelation?

Though the technology behind these potentially destructive devices have beneficial applications, they all can just as easily be used to cause untold devastation and death around the world if they fall into the wrong hands - and the Bible warns that they will fall into evil hands when the Antichrist takes control of the world in the not too distant future! In fact, it is possible that they already have fallen into evil hands. Take, for example, the fact that many underground news sources have pinned the blame for the May 2008 earthquake that destroyed millions of buildings, killed over 80,000 people and injured as many as 300,000 individuals in central China on the US Government-controlled HAARP towers in Alaska, which may be able to control the weather by generating storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis. In addition, some say HAARP microwave technology could potentially cause earthquakes, and they suspect it of causing recent ones around the world.

Uncannily - although HAARP may indeed be capable of affecting Earth’s ionosphere in a way that could cause highly destructive earthquakes - some have also pointed their fingers at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (i.e. LHC) as a potential cause of the devastating 2008 earthquake in China. If this atomic reactor, which is in a large tunnel over 328 feet (i.e. 100 meters) below the ground were to malfunction, it has such enormous power that it could cause great devastation - including earthquakes. In fact, some scientists warn that the LHC has the alarming potential to create a gaping hole in the Earth’s crust by dissolving or compacting it. This in turn could trigger severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that might approach the destructive magnitude of those unleashed during the Great Flood. In addition, it might generate a miniature version of a phenomenon in Outer Space known as a black hole inside the Earth. If it did, this black hole might be unstoppable, and could act like a huge garbage compactor that would gradually gobble up the Earth.

In the Book of Revelation, there are descriptions of numerous plagues to be unleashed on the Earth during the Great Tribulation. Of these, many could potentially be caused by weapons of mass destruction such as those discussed in this section, which may include other even more potentially deadly top-secret weapons in undisclosed locations around the globe. Other events before and during the Tribulation are discussed in Book Four on prophecy.

After taking stock of mankind’s current potential to destroy themselves and the Earth, and contemplating the enormous knowledge that the Watchers who sinned originally possessed, it is not so difficult to imagine that all fleshly creatures could have potentially been destroyed before the Great Flood if Yahweh had not put a sudden stop to their violence. Nor is it difficult to imagine that it might happen again in the very near future if God does not intervene in human affairs. In fact, Yahshua Himself warned that if He doesn’t put a stop to our current love of violence with His Second Coming, no life would be able to survive it:

“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows…” “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.” - Matthew 24:7-8, 24:22 (NKJ)

Note that, in Matthew 24:7-8, Yahshua intimates that the initial famines, pestilences, and earthquakes before the Great Tribulation will be caused by nations and kingdoms rising up against one another. In other words, these plagues upon mankind will not be forces of nature or Acts of God, but artificially induced by mankind’s technological tampering with natural forces, which have been secretly harnessed as weapons of war. Therefore, this passage is prophesying about this current time in history, when the CERN reactors and HAARP systems are now fully operational and capable of mass destruction.

In addition to this manmade destruction, Matthew 24:22 is alluding to the many violent and destructive Acts of God that will be poured out on mankind during the Great Tribulation. These divine acts of wrath and justice coupled with mankind’s own ability to destroy will create a situation where all life could be extinguished if it were not for the mercy that God will show by prematurely ending this dire period of devastation and death.

Yes, with mankind’s current knowledge of advanced technology and their constantly destructive and violent use of it, our current world is indeed becoming “as it was in the days of Noah” before the Flood, just as Yahshua stated:

Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed.” - Luke 17:26-30 (NIV)

This Scripture makes it clear that the terrible destructive force of God’s Wrath during the Great Tribulation will come upon the people of the Earth during a time of relative peace and calm, and they will not be prepared for it. Furthermore, it makes it clear that this destruction will not end until Yahshua, who is the Son of Man and Son of God, is revealed in glory at His Second Coming.

In the section entitled “Demonic Oppression and Deliverance” in Chapter Five of “The Language of God in History,” it is explained that the days of Noah were marked by widespread demonic activity, and that Noah beseeched God for deliverance from the demons that were trying to destroy all mankind, especially Noah and his family. Likewise, the Tribulation Saints will be in the same position, and they will need to rely fully on God for protection from fallen angels, demons and demonically possessed people at that time if they are to survive.


NOTE: Scriptures in this article were taken from the PC Study Bible Edition of the New King James Version of the Bible by Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1982 and the New International Version of the Bible by Zondervan Publishing House, 1981.

This material is copyrighted and cannot be redistributed without recognition of the author, book title and publisher, nor can it be sold or incorporated into other publications without written permission from Helena Lehman, the author. Helena may be contacted through the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web Site at

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New discovery links ancient Egypt and Jordan valley site

This article about finding a fragment with clear archaic Egyptian hieroglyphs in the Galilee region of Israel is really interesting because it supports ideas that I bring forth in my new book "The Language of God in History" that Shem was Melchizedek the King of Salem as well as the administrator of all of Canaan and the sacred precincts in the Delta and at Giza and Dahshur in Egypt before Ham and his sons usurped Shem's authority there.

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New discovery links ancient Egypt and Jordan valley site
Sep. 1, 2009
Judy Siegel-Itzkovich , THE JERUSALEM POST

Although Egyptian-Israeli relations have been frosty in recent years, ties between the two lands were vibrant around 3,000 BCE during the Early Bronze Age - at least according to Tel Aviv University and University College London archeologists who discovered a rare, four-centimeter-long stone fragment at the point where the Jordan River exits Lake Kinneret.

The piece, part of a carved stone plaque bearing archaic Egyptian signs, was the highlight of the second season of excavations at Tel Bet Yerah (Khirbet el-Kerak). The site lies along an ancient highway that connected Egypt to the wider world of the ancient Near East.

The dig, carried out within the Beit Yerah National Park, was completed there last week by a joint team headed by TAU's Raphael Greenberg and David Wengrow from England.

Earlier discoveries, both in Egypt and at Bet Yerah, have indicated that there was direct interaction between the site - then one of the largest in the Jordan Valley - and the Egyptian royal court. The new discovery suggests that these contacts were of far greater local significance than had been suspected.

The archeologists noted that the fragment - which depicts an arm and hand grasping a scepter and an early form of the ankh sign - was the first artifact of its type ever found in an archaeological site outside Egypt. It has been attributed to the period of Egypt's First Dynasty, at around 3000 BCE.

Finds of this nature are rare even within Egypt itself, they said, and the signs are executed to a high quality, as good as those on royal cosmetic palettes and other monuments dating to the origins of Egyptian kingship.

This year's excavations also provided new insights into contacts between the early town and the distant north, when large quantities of "Khirbet Kerak Ware" (a distinctive kind of red/black burnished pottery first found at Tel Bet Yerah) were found in association with portable ceramic hearths, some of them bearing decorations in the form of human features.

"The hearths are very similar to objects found in Anatolia and the southern Caucasus," noted Greenberg, "and most were found in open spaces where there was other evidence for fire-related activities.

"The people using this pottery appear to have been migrants or descendants of migrants, and its distribution on the site, as well as the study of other cultural aspects, such as what they ate and the way they organized their households, could tell us about their interaction with local people and their adaptation to new surroundings."

A special focus of this year's excavations was the large fortified structure that has been identified by experts in early Islamic history as the Umayyad palace of al-Sinnabra. Its colorful mosaic floors, discovered decades ago but long concealed from view, were revealed and properly recorded for the first time.

Deep and massive foundations showed that the structure had been in use for at least two major periods and that it must have been an impressive monument before it was razed and its stones carted away for reuse elsewhere.

Some of these foundation walls showed severe cracking, perhaps related to the massive earthquake of 749 CE that destroyed many sites along the Jordan Valley.

The tel was once described by influential American biblical archeologist William F. Albright as "perhaps the most remarkable Bronze Age site in all Palestine." It presents the most complete sequence of the transition from village to city life in ancient Canaan.

Built on a raised peninsula near an important crossroads and a fertile valley, Tel Bet Yerah became a major regional center, and its fortification systems, city gate, streets and houses reveal elements of advanced urban planning.

Modern archeological research on the mound began in the early 1920s, when E.L. Sukenik (father of the late archeologist and politician Prof. Yigael Yadin) examined finds from the section of the old Samak (Tzemah)-Tiberias road that traversed the mound along its entire length.

At about the same time, Albright conducted his own investigation of the site; he was the first to identify and define the pottery known as Khirbet Kerak Ware.

The first archeological excavation was conducted in 1933, when the modern Tzemah -Tiberias highway was constructed. Over the next 70 years, about 20 excavation licenses were issued for Tel Bet Yerah and some 15,000 square meters were excavated, most of them in Early Bronze Age strata.

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This illustrated, fully-indexed 775-page book
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Star Gospel Meaning of the Solar Eclipse of July 22nd, 2009

Copyright 2009 By Helena Lehman

Star Gospel 101 - To determine the meaning of any celestial event, the first thing we need to do is determine which Zodiac sign or signs this event is occurring in and what it means allegorically. Secondly, we need to determine what part of the world this event will be best viewed from, since that is the area of the world where it will have the most prophetic relevance. Thirdly, we need to determine if this event is tied to a particular Jewish feast, which would give the event a strong spiritual meaning for Christians, Messianics, and Jews.

To determine the location of a celestial event, an astronomy software program is usually essential unless one knows how to identify the Zodiac signs and their decans on sight, lives in the countryside or wilderness, and can view starry night skies to determine the location of events. To determine where a celestial event will occur over is also a bit complicated without an astronomy program, which shows the best viewing areas for the event from Earth when directed to do so.

Without an astronomy program, events such as Solar and Lunar Eclipses can be located at the web site, where they have eclipse event logs (see that span into the past and future. In addition, other pertinent information about impending or recent celestial events can be gleaned from the and web sites.

From my astronomy program, I can see that the Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 will occur in the Zodiac sign of Cancer and will be best viewed from the eastern coastlands of Asia including North and South Korea, China’s eastern seaboard, Japan, the Philippines, and New Guinea. Since it is an event where the light of the Sun signifying the light and truth of Yahweh God is hidden behind a New Moon or dark-faced Moon, it suggests the absence of light and spiritual illumination. In other words, a Solar Eclipse is usually a dire warning that spiritual apostasy and deception will soon increase in some major way. It can also indicate that God’s favor on a certain nation or people group has been lost and strong judgment and catastrophe may be imminent.

Judging by North Korea’s behavior lately, this Solar Eclipse could very well be a sign that North Korea is soon going to suffer dramatically due to the poor political and spiritual choices of its government, and that other parts of Asia nearby will be severely affected by this judgment.

Determining where on the Jewish calendar this event occurs can easily be found at , which shows all the Jewish feasts in any given year. Though it is not accurate for past dates beyond 1750, it is accurate for recent past, present and future dates. On the Jewish calendar, this Solar Eclipse will fall on the 1st of Av, which is the 5th month of the Jewish Year and only eight days before the Jewish fast day known as Tisha B’Av or the 9th of Av.

The 9th of Av is a national day of fasting and sorrow for the Jewish people because both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed on this date in the far past. In addition, many pogroms and expulsions of the Jews from various countries have occurred on this date ever since the Diaspora.

Using my "Summary of the Mazzaroth - Gospel in the Stars" Zodiac Chart found in all four of my books, I can tell at a glance that the sign of Cancer is connected to the Tribe of Issachar and - via a new chart in my latest book - to the nation of Finland. In addition, I can see that Cancer represents a sheepfold or donkey corral, with the two groups of sheep or two donkeys in it being representative of the Jews in Israel and the Gentile Church. So, since this Solar Eclipse is occurring over eastern Asia, it serves as a bad portent for Jews and Christians living in that region.

Also, since there is another total Solar Eclipse occurring on July 11th next year that falls on the same date of the 1st of Av on the Jewish calendar and is best viewed over Easter Island in the South Pacific, it seems that these two eclipses are indicating that the year in between these two events will be tumultuous times for the Jewish people and Christians - especially those living in Asia and Polynesia.

Due to the fact that I was born on the 9th of Av in 1957, am a modern-day Magi and have a prophetic Messianic ministry, I also think that these Solar Eclipses are a sign to me and an indicator from God that the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web Site and “The Language of God” Book Series will become much better recognized during this time among Messianic Jews and Christians, and will be more greatly utilized for reaching lost sheep and Pagans worldwide.

The date of this 7-22-2009 Solar Eclipse contains the numbers 7 and 22, and both of these numbers are tied to the coming of the Rapture, seven-year Tribulation period, and the subsequent Second Coming of Christ and set up of His Millennial Kingdom. Adding to this End Time symbolism of the Solar Eclipse on July 22, 2009, a new celestial sign occurred on July 21st, 2009. This consisted of a new impact to the planet Jupiter, which is the Messiah planet that is connected to Yahshua (i.e. Jesus), Judah (and the King of Judah) and the Jews.

In my book “The Language of God in Prophecy,” I discuss the major impacts that occurred on Jupiter in 1994 from the breaking up of the comet named Shoemaker-Levi 9, a comet that began breaking up on the 9th of Av that year and that was named after two Jews followed by the number 9, indicating divine Judgment.

In my opinion, these 21 impacts indicated that a 21 to 23-year period (since there were 21 impacts involving two celestial bodies and Psalm 94 connected to 1994 has 23 verses) of harsh judgment for the nation of Israel and the rest of the unbelieving world. According to what God has shown me, this time of judgment will extend from 1994 through 2016.

Since I believe the Tribulation will occur between 2011 and 2017, this new impact to Jupiter occurred as a warning that there is only one year left before the events leading to the Rapture and Tribulation begin to unfold rapidly. This year has also been marked by the two eclipses on the 1st of Av.

In addition to my book “The Language of God in Prophecy,” which speaks about the amazing End Time events unfolding on the Earth and the accompanying “Signs in the Heavens,” I just finished another exciting book in “The Language of God” Book Series.

This book is called the “The Language of God in History,” and it is filled with amazing insights into the history of the world from a godly biblical perspective and includes little-known details of human history taken from the Book of Enoch, Book of Jasher, Book of Jubilees, the “Legends of the Jews” and “The Antiquities of the Jews” by Flavius Josephus.

This exhaustively researched book discloses what the celestial markers built on the Earth prior to the Great Flood by the Sethites and Watchers (such as the Great Pyramid, Pyramid of the Sun and Stonehenge) mean in relation to End Time Bible Prophecy. In addition, it discusses who the Nephilim and Watchers were and how they have impacted human history.

Check out the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web Site to find out more about this exciting book today!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Free Download on Sacred Astronomy Available at POEM Web Site

Sacred Astronomy - The Antithesis of Astrology

This essay can be freely distributed to skeptics to show them the biblical, and historical basis for believing that there is a Gospel in the Stars. It conclusively shows that this heavenly record in the stars has a divine origin, and a purpose that is, and always was revealed through the forty-eight ancient constellations of the Zodiac. It is a compilation of copyrighted sections taken from all four books in the Language of God Book Series, with some new material added, and it is being presented here as a free supplement that can be shared with friends and family when attempting to educate them about the wonders that God alone wrote into in the heavens.

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Check out Helena Lehmans NEW
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Shalom Everyone,

If you would like to listen to my 1 hour interview on Bruce Collins' Big Finale Internet Radio Show from June 19th, the show is available on Bruce Collins' site as an MP3 download or you can listen to it online on the same web page:

During the hour, we discussed some of the historical and prophetic contents of my upcoming new 850-page book: "The Language of God in History - A New Biblically Based Reinterpretation of History That Traces The Ancient Religious Use of God’s Symbolic Language"

If you have any feedback, please feel free to share, though I am holding back personal replies until my book is finished. Some appreciated feedback came from my host Bruce Collins, who complimented me at the end of the show by saying that I have become a dynamic speaker in the 3 years since our last interview! :-)

Many Blessings in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman
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Monday, June 08, 2009

Check out my Live Interview with Bruce Collins on Friday, June 19th, 2009 at 7pm PST.

• Are you disturbed or frightened by the massive changes going in the world today?

• Are you concerned about what is going on spiritually and unsure about how you should respond to it?

• Are you wondering if the world will end on December 21st, 2012 and what the Bible and other prophetic channels have to say about it?

• Do you wonder if there is a secret conspiracy going on to keep you in the dark on important issues that may change your life forever?

For some amazing answers that will get you thinking about and acting on these issues, listen to my live one-hour Interview with Bruce Collins on his Big Finale Internet Radio Show on Friday, June 19th at 7pm PST (8 pm MST, 9pm CST, 10pm EST)

This will be a great opportunity to find out what the prophecies in the Bible and the Signs in the Heavens have to say concerning past, present and future world events that can give you direction, wisdom, insight and hope.

You can access the show at:

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During the show, we will be discussing the information in my newest, longest and most fascinating book. It's called:

"The Language of God in History, A New Biblically-Based Reinterpretation of History that Traces the Ancient Religious Use of God’s Symbolic Language."

This illustrated, fully-indexed 850 page book discusses Biblical history from a Creationist perspective, the origin of the Nephilim, and the current world political scene in light of Bible Prophecy, especially as regards the USA in the near future.

You can read my latest book “The Language of God in History” only on the Internet in PDF files right now, but it will be available in paperback and as a PDF e-book on CD in a few weeks. In addition, if you pre-order the book from me as a CD or Paperback, I will automatically send you the link, user name and password to access the PDF files on line.

Right now, I'm having a super book sale and all my books prices have been drastically reduced for all of June 2009.

Here is the link to buy the book:

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For great background information on the book, a link box to a prior interview about the book, and a fan-generated video featuring the foreword of the book, go to this page:

I hope you can listen in to my show. If not, the show will be archived for download afterward, and I will send download information after the show.

Kind Regards,
Helena Lehman
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter Not Pagan, But A Celebration of Firstfruits!

By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

Originally Published on the POEM Blog on April 7th, 2009
Revised and Updated on February 19th, 2013

Mary Magdalene Meets the Risen Christ in the Garden Where He Was Laid
(See the Gospel of John, Chapter 20
The Christian Celebration of Easter, which usually falls during Passover Week, is a particularly good time to revisit the story of Christ’s arrest, trial, scourging, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. After much research, I’ve concluded that the Master of the Universe and Author of our Salvation probably died to pay for our sins on a Wednesday in April of 31 AD, and rose from the dead before dawn on the following Sunday after being dead three full days. Serendipitously, on the day that Christ rose, the Firstfruits wave sheaf offering was made in the Temple in Jerusalem. The ritual of waving a sheaf of new barley before the curtain in the Temple’s Most Holy Place marked the first day of counting the Omer, or the days leading up to Shavuot or Pentecost.

This year, as in the past, the Celebration of Easter or Firstfruits will fall on the Sunday after the regular Sabbath following Passover during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. As the symbolic day of the Firstfruits offering of the first or early barley harvest, Easter or Resurrection Sunday signifies the Firstfruits of the First Resurrection, which included Christ and the fortunate saints who rose on the same day that He did. As such, they were the first harvest of souls entering Everlasting Life in the Kingdom of Heaven with pristine new bodies.

Yes, you heard me right! Since the saints who rose with Christ were resurrected after His death on the Cross, they did not die again after that. They rose to Everlasting Life instead, and it is my firm belief that Yahshua appointed some of them to remain on the Earth after He ascended to Heaven in order to help advance God’s will in every age leading up to His Second Coming. This intriguing idea will be the subject of an upcoming 2013 POEM Blog article.

In honor of what Yahshua did for us on the Cross as our Passover Lamb, I am presenting this section about Passover that was taken from my 665-page book The Language of God in Humanity.” As you read this section of the book, I hope you will be blessed by it, and will find much joy in your Passover and Easter celebrations this year. 


Excerpt from the book; “The Language of God in Humanity”, Chapter Nine: Our Blood Covenant with Yahweh, Section 9 Entitled Easter Not Pagan, But A Celebration of Firstfruits!” on pages 373-380:

The Pagan spring feast days that once fell on the same day that Christians celebrate Easter have ritual elements that are said to have originated among the ancient Pagans in Europe and elsewhere. Like other festivals that fall in the spring including Passover, the date for Easter is determined using the first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox. In addition, Easter usually falls on the day that the Firstfruits offering of the barley harvest would have been offered in the Temple during the Feast of Unleavened Bread in Christ’s era.

Since Passover is a Full Moon celebration, and Easter follows the Sabbath day after that Full Moon, Passover and Easter were most likely associated with major holidays for the righteous descendents of Seth prior to the Flood as well since they understood God’s Will through Sacred Astronomy and the Gospel in the Stars. Indeed, long before Passover, the righteous followers of Yahweh probably saw this time of rebirth and renewal on the Earth as sacred unto Yahweh. In addition, they saw the Sun as a symbol for Yahweh and therefore likely chose to celebrate various divine blessings on the equinoxes and solstices - but in a markedly different way than the Pagans who worshipped themselves or demons would have chosen to.

Due to their great knowledge of Sacred Astronomy and the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Sethites and Semites knew that the Spring Equinox would move from Taurus at the time of Adam, to Aries later on. Furthermore, because of the Gospel in the Stars, they knew that both signs represented a holy altar to Yahweh covered with acceptable blood sacrifices - sacrifices that symbolized the coming Messiah. As shown in Book One, Aries is a symbol for Christ’s mercy and love for the righteous, and Taurus is a symbol of His New Covenant with mankind, His power over sin and death, His universal kingship, and the meting out of His wrath upon the wicked when He comes again in Glory.

Due to their understanding of Sacred Astronomy and the Gospel in the Stars, righteous Sethites and Semites also knew that the Sun is an allegorical symbol for Yahweh God. As a result, though they did not worship the Sun, they honored its place as the divider of the year, and determiner of the seasons. They knew that the Sun symbolizes the fact that Yah determines the times and seasons for all things in each human life, and this is true whether or not people acknowledge His place in their lives.

Sadly, however, the Pagans invented false stories around the Zodiac signs and misinterpreted most astronomical events surrounding the Sun, Moon, and planets. Worst of all, they began to worship the stars and planets as deities, and made idols to represent them in human form. They thereby perverted the teachings of Sacred Astronomy, and obscured the truths about the one true God that the stars and our Solar System were intended to teach. Stars, planets, the Sun, and the Moon became idolatrous objects of worship instead of sanctified teaching mechanisms meant to educate mankind about the nature of God and mankind’s place in God’s Plan of Salvation.

Symbols in nature that may have once represented the idea of everlasting life also came to be associated with Pagan gods and goddesses, thereby masking their true significance. These include once godly symbols such as flowers, eggs, and evergreen plants. Using the principles behind the Language of God, however, it should be easy to see that eggs, flowers, and evergreens could be symbols of something far greater than human fertility, the fecundity of the soil, and the Pagan view of everlasting life through reincarnation. Rather, they could symbolize spiritual rebirth in the symbolic womb of the Spirit of God, and the promise of everlasting life through the Resurrection.

The first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox was probably always meant to symbolize the triumph of life over death through the Resurrection. But because spring is the time of year when animals of all kinds mate and give birth, it became associated with sex and fertility as well. This association, though not unwarranted, led to the abominable practice of viewing promiscuous sex as a kind of virtue when performed to honor some god or goddess. As a result, the Full Moon nearest the Vernal Equinox, and the day of the Vernal Equinox itself, were both eventually viewed as a ready excuse for the rampant fornication openly encouraged at that time of year in many Pagan societies. In addition, the pure symbols associated with these celestial events were eventually connected to erroneous beliefs such as reincarnation, and to acts of ritual murder and infant sacrifice.

In contrast to the evil Pagan practices that became falsely associated with the Christian celebration of Easter, the traditional Jewish Passover “Haggadah” or religious service is biblically ordained and embellished with beautiful symbolism. The Jews have performed Passover and the accompanying Feast of Unleavened Bread in a manner that has not changed significantly for thousands of years. It follows, then, that if we truly want to honor Yahshua, we should celebrate Yahshua’s death and resurrection at the same time that some Jews celebrate Passover Week, which is in the seven days beginning with the Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox.

Since the Christian date for Easter is the technically correct date that the Firstfruits Offering would have been made in the Temple during Passover week, it would be fairly easy for Christians to connect their Easter celebrations with the rituals surrounding Passover, which are rich with symbolism directly pertaining to Christ and His redemptive work on the Cross. Because of this, Easter and Passover should be the most important religious holidays in the Messianic and Christian year. Though Messianics and Christians should choose to keep the biblical feasts to honor Yahshua and our heavenly Father, they do not have to keep the Passover or the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the same way that Orthodox Jews do. Instead, they are free to celebrate biblical feasts in any way that honors Yahshua and His teachings.

Though Spirit-filled Christians do not have to keep the Passover or Easter, there are many reasons why Passover Week is important for both Jews and Christians to remember and study. The major reason is that, as mentioned before, Yahshua instated the ritual of Communion on the Passover before He died. In the following excerpt from Mark’s Gospel, Yahshua offers the third cup or Cup of Redemption at the Passover service He shared with His apostles. At this time, He tells them that this cup signifies His blood - the symbolic blood of the true Passover Lamb. Before this, He offers them the unleavened bread of the Passover, called “matzo” by contemporary Jews, to signify His flesh:
“While they were eating, Jesus (Yahshua) took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying, ‘Take it; this is my body.’ Then he took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, and they all drank from it. ‘This is my blood of the Covenant, which is poured out for many,’ he said to them. ‘I tell you the truth, I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it anew in the kingdom of God.’ ” - Mark 14:12-25 (NIV)
In the preceding Scripture, Yahshua vows that He will not drink from the Passover cup again until He drinks it in the kingdom of God.” Yahshua was, of course, referring to the Millennial Kingdom - where He and His saints will rule the world for a thousand years. The clear inference here is that Yahshua intends to keep the Passover during His entire reign, and it follows that His subjects will be asked to do the same. Though those who are already resurrected at that time will not need to keep the Passover to be spiritually instructed by it, they will nonetheless keep it joyfully because they will fully know and appreciate what it represents. This knowledge will give them every cause to rejoice even as they set a perfect example for those in Yahshua’s Millennial Kingdom who are still mortal.

To understand why Yahshua wants the world to keep the Passover during His reign, we need to use our imaginations to go back in time and become familiar with the events of the very first Passover. On that day, at twilight, Yahweh ordered each Israelite family to slaughter a year-old male kid or lamb in front of the doorway leading into their home. The blood from the sacrifice was pooled in a small drainage ditch dug below the doorway. After dipping a branch in the blood, they used it to smear the blood onto the lintel (i.e. top beam) of the doorway and then the two side-posts in succession. They thereby literally drew the sign of the Cross in blood over their doorways. This blood-marked doorway was prophetically significant, but initially only promised to temporarily protect the Israelites from physical death:
“The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are; and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.” - Exodus 12:12,13 (NIV)
On that first Passover, the blood of a lamb marked on the doorways of Israelite homes signified the blood of a Covenant that Yahweh cut with Israel alone. It was a conditional and temporary Covenant that only promised Israel protection from the Angel of Death that swept over Egypt for one night. On that night, those who ate the Covenant sacrifice (the lamb), and stayed inside houses marked with its blood survived to leave Egypt - a place that had become a terrible prison of oppression and slavery for Israel.

In the blood-dipped branches and blood-marked doorways that were a part of the first Passover, we see an analogy for the Tree of Life, since the doorframes were most likely constructed of wood. The blood-painted doorways, in fact, represented three things. First, as deadwood obtained from once living trees, the doorposts on that first Passover represented the Tree of Life destroyed. Secondly, they symbolized Christ’s blood-soaked Cross of execution. Third, the doorposts represented life to the inhabitants of each house. Therefore, these blood-marked doorways represented the bloodstained gate or doorway we all must symbolically pass through to find redemption and everlasting life.

When Yahshua said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by Me,” He was declaring that He is the Gate to Heaven - and that everlasting life can only be found through belief in Him. Yahshua is therefore the symbolic gate, door, or portal we must pass through in order to get into Heaven. That is why Yahshua used analogies to doors or gates when He referred to the purpose of His ministry to mankind:
“Therefore Jesus (Yahshua) said again, ‘I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep. All who ever came before me were thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved…’ ” - John 10:7-9 (NIV)
All the Jews throughout Goshen were to go through the blood-marked doorways of their humble homes and lock themselves in. They were to remain inside all night while the Angel of Death passed over Egypt, killing all of the firstborn children and animals of the sinful Egyptians who had enslaved them. While this happened, the Israelites did as they had been commanded, roasting the slaughtered lamb whole. Then they divided the lamb into portions without breaking any of its bones, and provided one piece for each member of the family to eat so that they would be spared from the Angel of Death. They also ate bitter herbs and unleavened bread (Exodus 12:8). See the Book of Exodus, Chapters 11 and 12 to read the complete account of the first Passover.

In a similar manner, Yahweh God pronounced the death sentence on all mankind, and allows the Angel of Death to eventually claim everyone. Nevertheless, for anyone who symbolically paints the blood of Yahshua on the door of their hearts and symbolically eats His flesh in Communion, Yahweh will deliver them from eternal death and separation from God. Those who choose to drink the wine that symbolizes Christ’s blood marked Cross and eat the bread made without yeast that symbolizes Christ as our Passover Lamb will live forever. The Bible declares that Yahshua is the Passover Lamb and the Bread of Life for all believers:
“Get rid of the old yeast that you may be a new batch without yeast-as you really are. For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Therefore let us keep the Festival, not with the old yeast, the yeast of malice and wickedness, but with bread without yeast, the bread of sincerity and truth.” - 1 Corinthians 5:7,8 (NIV)
“Then Jesus (Yahshua) declared, ‘I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.’ ” - John 6:35 (NIV)
Like the Manna that rained down from heaven for the Israelites in the desert, Yahshua feeds those who seek Him. He is the unleavened bread of humility and repentance, not the leavened bread puffed up with the yeast of pride and arrogance. He accepts only those who eat the unleavened bread of His truth. Unlike all the other innocent animal blood sacrifices the Israelites made to Yahweh, which were to be without obvious physical defects, Yahshua was both physically perfect and pure and sinless in character and spirit. The Jews unwittingly sacrificed the only truly perfect sacrificial lamb when they conspired with the Herodians and Romans to crucify Yahshua on Calvary.

In all the rituals surrounding the blood sacrifices offered by the Aaronic priests, fine flour mixed with salt and oil were to be offered on the altar - along with the fat and skin of the slaughtered animal. When flour, salt, and oil are mixed together, the dough formed can be used to make unleavened bread, which signifies sinlessness. Therefore, the flour, salt, and oil offered on the altar symbolized the unleavened bread that alludes to Yahshua as the yeast-free (i.e. sinless) Bread of Life. Consequently, offering oil, flour, and salt with blood sacrifices was not a senseless ritual. Instead, it was clearly ordained by Yahweh as a symbol for Yahshua – the Messiah and Redeemer who became the unleavened Bread of Life through the sacrifice of His body and blood for our sins:
“On the first of every month, present to the LORD (Yahweh) a burnt offering of two young bulls, one ram and seven male lambs a year old, all without defect. With each bull there is to be a grain offering of… fine flour mixed with oil; with the ram, a grain offering of… fine flour mixed with oil…” - Numbers 28:11-12 (NIV)
Through the symbolic Language of God hidden in the ritual acts surrounding each blood sacrifice, the Israelites were being shown the true Path to Salvation. Yet, even with these clear allusions to Christ symbolized in the many thousands of sacrifices performed by the Levites on behalf of their people every year, the Jews were still blind to the purpose of their Messiah Yahshua when He came. The Jews, however, had no excuse for not recognizing their Messiah except the ignorance that comes from practicing rituals automatically - without analyzing the reasons why the rituals were instituted in the first place.

In analyzing the symbolism behind Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, it is evident that these two feasts are riddled with symbols that are unmistakably a part of God’s allegorical Language. Sadly, however, many Jews practiced the ritual religious acts associated with these feasts without regularly analyzing their purpose. They therefore forgot the spiritual instruction symbolically built into each ritual through the Language of God. One goal of this book is to right their wrong. By analyzing the rituals and symbols connected to these two important Jewish feasts, great spiritual wisdom can be gleaned from them.

Though the rich symbolism of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread have only been briefly touched upon here, enough has been explained to show that Christians should remember and observe them in some special way. For more information about the Feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread, and suggestions on how Christians can keep these feasts, visit my web site at and look for the article entitled: A Christian View of Passover in the “Free Articles and Downloads” section.


End of Excerpt from the book: 
“The Language of God in Humanity” By Helena Lehman

This excerpt was taken from the second book in my four-book Language of God Book Series, and it explores the meanings of many rituals and symbols in the Bible that pointed ahead to Christ. It also explores the Bible heroes that prefigured Christ, and prepared the way for His First Advent, as well as the meaning of many of Yahshua’s Parables. Finally,  it explores the Signs in the Heavens and the Gospel in the Stars that surrounded His First Advent, and that are tied to the Christ’s Ministry for us. To purchase an autographed copy of my book, please go to the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Bookstore.

Since 2007, when this excerpt was originally shared, I also created a short introduction for another long excerpt from the same book that can be found in the “Free Articles and Downloads” section of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry Web Site at This excerpt surrounds the Christian Celebration of Easter or Resurrection Sunday. Click this title: The Timing and Heavenly Signs at Christ’s Death and Resurrection” to go directly to the links connecting to the article at my ministry web site. I hope that you will take the time to read it, as it shares some amazing insights into the Star Gospel that is connected to the most likely time for Christ’s death and resurrection

For further study on the holiness of the Christian Celebration of Easter or Resurrection Sunday and its connection to Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Please refer to the following articles that are published at my Ministry Web Site:

A Christian View of the Meaning of Passover -
Includes A Passover Haggadah/Meal Service Plan 
Description: This Christian version of the Order of Service for a Passover Meal was made in 1991, long before I became involved in the Messianic Movement. It was created in an effort to educate the people in my Evangelical Congregation of the importance of Easter, Passover, and Firstfruits as the central rituals identifying and defining the Christian faith. Since this essay is meant to serve as a “Haggadah” or “storyline” for a Christian Passover Seder or “order of service,” it is not identical to a Jewish Haggadah. Instead, with the exception of the use of “Yahshua” for Christ’s name, it is a Christian reinterpretation of a traditional Passover Seder. Recipes are included in this Haggadah to aid those who wish to prepare a special dinner, and follow this guide for their own Passover Seder. Please feel free to download, print and use this Christian Passover Haggadah at your own Christian Passover celebrations, and to add your own favorite recipes and religious songs, if desired:

Easter and Its Connection to Passover and Firstfruits 
Hallelu-Yah for Passover, which shows the purpose of Yahshua’s death on the Cross, and Hallelu-Yah for Easter/Firstfruits, which correctly celebrates Yahshua’s resurrection from the dead as the firstfruits offering. The firstfruits offering was always made in the Temple to Yahweh on the SUNDAY of Passover week, and on Resurrection Sunday, Yahshua was presented in the heavenly Temple to Yahweh as the Firstfruits of the Resurrection into everlasting life! Read all about the truth about Easter in relation to Passover Week in Helena’s 30-page article derived from her book “The Language of God in Humanity.”  

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 All the Scriptures used in this excerpt were taken from the PC Study Bible: New King James Version copyrighted by Thomas Nelson Publishers in the USA

Yahshua is coming SOON! Maranatha!

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