Monday, October 03, 2011


By Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

Sun Grazing Comet of 10-1-2011:


For those of you unfamiliar with the potential threat to electronic and satellite communications on the Earth, Coronal Mass Ejections or CMEs can be highly disruptive to electronic communications of all kinds, especially Satellite and aircraft communications. Although CME’s don’t appear to hurt living things on the Earth, extremely large X-Class CME’s may have deleterious affects on all life because electrical currents run through the bodies of living things, which produce invisible energy auras around them that some say can be perceived subconsciously.

With this in mind, a horrendously huge CME occurred on October 1st, 2011 that was NO ordinary one because it seems to have been caused by a massive object hitting our Sun! Judging by the spectacular size of its coma and tail, this object that was hurled into the Sun was likely a massive comet. For those of you unfamiliar with comet physiology, the coma is the aura-like debris and energy field that forms around comets.

This direct “Sun-grazer” Solar impact was so severe that it appears to have caused one of the most massive X Class (X = Highest Level) Solar Flares ever recorded, which lasted over an hour! And what is even more disturbing about this impact and flare is that it was partly censored as it was happening when access to online video feeds of the Sun were cut off! Furthermore, and both severely downplayed this huge Sun-grazer impact and CME as if it was insignificant, which it is NOT!!!

What this impact and CME might mean to human life, and life in general on planet Earth remains to be seen, as it takes anywhere from 1 to 4 days for a CME’s affects to reach our planet. But the fact that this event was partially censored shows that the governments of the world are trying to suppress the seriousness of this event. The first video by Mary Greeley that is linked to and embedded below shows the length of this CME, while the first video by DAHBOO7 shows the whole uncensored Solar impact and CME sequence that was later suppressed.

So that you can formulate you own opinions about this event, here are links (along with embedded videos on my blog) to four You Tube videos that document both the comet impact and the CME that followed it in close succession as well as links to the lousy coverage of this MAJOR event at and Before ending this article, I want to alert you to stay tuned for my follow-up Blog post, in which I will provide my interpretation of this event using Sacred Astronomy and the Gospel in the Stars.

God bless and Maranatha!


DAHBOO7’s Videos:


Impact Footage Shown But Censored & Huge CMEs 10/2/11


Mary Greeley’s Videos:

Alert: Massive CME Coronal Mass Ejection Being Censored:
Large Asteroid Impact! October 2, 2011

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Sun Grazer Impact 10/3/2011


Online News Coverage of Impact and CME: Coverage of 10-1-2011 Impact and CME: Coverage of 10-1-2011 Impact & CME:
(Look for their October 3rtd, 2011 entry)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Word of the Lord: “I AM on My Way”!


Illustration - Yahshua Enthroned:

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Shalom My Brothers and Sisters in Yahshua!

I am writing to share a powerful prophetic word that I received from a very godly woman in Yahshua who is my friend and has been praying for me and my ministry for several years. I just received this word late on Sunday 10/2 and felt compelled to share it with everyone because it is such an encouraging and joyful word for those of us who are waiting on Yahshua to come for us. Please read it prayerfully and share it with your friends and family. Without further ado, here it is:


Word of the Lord
Sunday, October 02, 2011

“Release My Glory. That is what I have called you to do. Release my love, My favor, My riches in glory. For My blessings are yours to dispense. My Love is unending. My Grace is for all who believe. A river of glory will flow and fall on all those whose hearts are seeking Me. These are the last days that my Bride and Body will be on the earth. I will restore My Bride and My Body unto Myself. I will restore the broken passages of the lives of My beloved ones. They will see My goodness which is the goodness of the Father and they will no longer be separated from me in their hearts. It is a new day.

The hearts of My own will be refreshed and restored. Hope will increase and abound. The world’s treasures will no longer have a stranglehold on the hearts of those whose desire is to know Me. The enemy of their souls will be silenced. But there must be a conscious desire to be with Me, My beloved. The world does not know Me. The deception of ‘busy actions’ has kept My beloved called out ones from spending time with Me. Religious spirits are law abiding; they make conscious acts to ‘do this or not do that’ a priority in the minds of those who do not really know Me.

Illustration - Throne Room in Heaven:

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My desire is for My beloved called ones to truly know Me and My love for them. It is a choice, My beloved ones. The time is short and the days will seem like darkness is approaching. But I AM the light. Abide in Me and darkness will have no hold on you. You will see the salvation of many and the restoration of many back to Me. Stand fast in the glory of My Presence, with Me, in the heavenly throne room. I have called you unto Myself. You will be filled with My glory and prevail. I AM coming for you quickly. Surely, I have said it, “I AM on My way”.

God Bless you as we all move into the New Year with the Lord!
Love, in Christ,


What this word is saying to me is that Yahshua is coming for His Bride very, very soon and His Bride the True Church of born-again believers needs to be ready to leave in the Rapture at any moment. It also says that now is NOT the time to be distracted or busy with the world’s affairs. Instead, now is the time to draw near to Yahshua whenever you can in worship and prayer and study and to share your faith with anyone who will listen while you still can.

Illustration - The Rapture:

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This word also seems to be affirming a hunch that I've had for a while based on what I said in my book “The Language of God in Prophecy” in relation to the timeline prophecy that is hidden in the Autumn Feasts:

Hidden Prophecy in the Autumn Feasts of Israel:

In that prophetic word that I was given, 2011 is the Yom Kippur year of that prophetic timeline. So, it is as if God Almighty had given mankind one last year to turn back to Him and repent of their sins; one last year to take advantage of the open door in Heaven allowing people’s names to be written in the Book of Life if only they would accept Yahshua as their Messiah.

If this word that I was given is true, and I truly believe that it is, then it might be possible that Yahweh God also means to end this year of repentance on Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement, which falls on October 8th, 2011.

For those who wish to watch with me on that day for the possible coming our Bridegroom and King, I did some research to find out exactly when Yom Kippur will begin and end. According to, my favorite place to track the Jewish Feasts, this day of fasting and repentance begins at dusk (i.e. sundown) on October 7th and lasts until dusk on October 8th this year.

After that, I went to the following web site:

World Time Server:

There, I discovered that the Central Standard Time (CST) Zone that is applicable where I live is exactly 7 hours behind the time in Israel. So, on October 7th, the Sun will be completely below the horizon at 6:20 pm Israel time that day, which would be 11:22 am CST on October 7th. Furthermore, the day will end at 6:19 pm on October 8th, which is 11:19 am CST on the same day. So, these are the times we need to be extra diligent and watchful for our Messiah’s arrival.

For more information about Yom Kippur and its potential relationship to the Rapture of the Church, here is a link to an excellent article done by a fellow servant of Yahshua at the “What In The World?” Blog:

We Are Seeing “The Day Approaching”!:

After reading this well-written and detailed post, it is not hard to get fired up about thinking our redemption could be sometime this Yom Kippur! However, we MUST always remember that Yahshua promised to come for us at a time when no one expects Him to. So, though Yom Kippur is a good potential Rapture day, we can’t be certain of the exact day and hour. All we CAN be certain of due to the overwhelming signs all around us in the heavens, on the land, in the sea, and among the nations is that Yahshua is coming again SOON, and VERY SOON!

So, please don’t lose heart! Keep looking UP, for our redemption draws near!

Hallelu-Yah and Maranatha!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)