Sunday, March 10, 2019

As Good Turns To Evil, And Evil Turns To Good, We KNOW The End Is Near, And Yahshua Is Coming Soon!

IMAGE Verse: “And unless those (END) Days Were SHORTENED, No FLESH
would be saved; But for the Elect’s sake, Those Days WILL Be Shortened.”
~ Matthew 24:22 (Click Image To Enlarge)
One day this past week, I was seriously thinking about how our society today is so morally screwed up, and it just suddenly OVERWHELMED ME! I mean, It hit me LIKE NEVER BEFORE. I'm beyond stunned at how vile people have become toward one another, and I find it not only revolting,  but indicative of the rampant immorality of the End Times. I've heard it said quite frequently now - in the Messianic and Christian circles in which I frequent - that morality has been totally turned upside down, and people are now seeing evil as good and good as evil, and they're absolutely 100 PERCENT CORRECT!

I've also heard it frequently touted in America - by the religious and irreligious alike - about how important it is to preserve our democratic "freedom", and how lucky we are to live in a fluid society where we do not have to be "afraid" to be an adulterer, fornicator, homosexual or a transgender person, or a baby murdering abortionist. It's as if these sorts of obvious biblically defined moral violations that constitute what sin is are perfectly fine, and nothing to frown upon - even when the Bible makes it clear that these unnatural and morally rebellious behaviors are totally disgusting to our Creator.

But this government-sanctioned moral laxity is also a clear indication that the Bible's warnings that the worldwide moral situation in the Last Days would deteriorate dramatically has arrived (See 2 Timothy 3:1-5). It is also a sure sign that the good wheat and the undesirable tares are about to be thoroughly divided, as explained in the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13:24-30, and that the good sheep have been thoroughly mixed in with the wicked goats. This can be seen by the great immorality among the Charismatics in the Church that have thrown out the need for understanding God's Moral Law. These objectors that refuse to know and live by Yahweh's Moral Law are being addressed in the story of the Judgment of the Sheep and the Goats in Matthew 25:31-46, and this judgment passage makes it clear that the morally wayward goats are going to suffer the great terror of being cast into Hell because they were not keeping Yahweh's Moral Commandments.

In a short time, those who are morally lax and in rebellion against Yahweh could also be saying that sex offenders and devil worshipers that drink human and animal blood in their rituals are not doing anything wrong! They'll be saying that it's okay to abuse little children sexually, just as they are now saying that it is okay to kill unborn babies at full term - perhaps so they can sell their placentas, body parts and blood to personal care manufacturers, scientists and occult practitioners. They'll also soon be turning a blind eye to the practice of making "designer babies" by manipulating the human DNA in resulting human embryos, just as they've already turned a blind eye to genetically modifying and adulterating our food crops and domesticated animals. To show how real this threat to humanity is, I'm including a recent image and article link about this:

CRISPR could make designer babies
and help with many diseases and more

Now there's even talk of how, in the next few years - all the rich will have robots as servants, and eventually as housings for their personality, knowledge and mentality when they grow old - thereby giving some of us a form of everlasting life as a robotic entity. Looking at this head on - we really have to ask the question: "When does a human being CEASE to be human????"

A Christian Reporter on YouTube created a hard-hitting News Video about the AI Revolution in Science that shows believers what is coming ahead in this godless world that we live in. The video linked to below focuses on the fast move in the world to replace humanity with Artificial Intelligence. Flashes of the Terminator movies come to mind, where mankind and AI robots are at war because the robots and machines want to rule the world, and are determined to destroy humanity for the right:


I believe that this fast march toward replacing humanity with machines and smart robots is a true prophetic sign that means that this world that is passing away is nearer to seeing the Rapture and the Great Tribulation than ever before. This means that we are likely not going to see the scary world of Artificial Intelligence replacing humans come to fruition because Yahshua will come again very soon. I believe this because Yahshua said that He would end this world's march to destroy humanity with the Great Tribulation or NO FLESH WOULD SURVIVE:
Matthew 24:21-22 ~ “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”
Can you see how this statement by our Messiah makes PERFECT SENSE when thinking about the rampant Genetic Modification and the rapid creation of Artificially Intelligent Robots that look and act like humans? (Not to mention the worldwide proliferation of increasingly more deadly Nuclear Weapons and EMP Devices?) I certainly can, and I think that is exactly what Yahshua was driving at when He said what He did in Matthew 24:21-22. If so, this means that Yahshua must come again very soon. Because if He doesn't, we will end up destroying ourselves by making our very existence unnecessary to the elite, who see most of humanity as dumb workers or leeches using up their precious natural resources.

Indeed, it's absolutely crazy how backwards everything is now and - BY THIS ALONE - we have to WAKE UP and realize that we are in the Last of the Last Days, and Yahshua is coming again very soon, my dear Brothers and Sisters! For this, we must continually thank our Heavenly Father, because the world we live in is very dark, and it's getting blacker everyday. Indeed, Yahshua has to be coming for us very soon, because the wickedness on this Earth is so rampantly out of control right now, and evil seems to be increasing exponentially every day.

PLEASE THINK, fellow believers! Think about how all this unrighteousness has to grieve Our Heavenly Father of Love, who created us in HIS IMAGE, and commanded us to Love Him, and to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Lord have mercy! He must be filled with both sorrow and rage when He sees the unrepentant wickedness and violence going on all over the world right now, in every stratum of society, and NOT JUST AMONG THE RICH.

It is JUST AS IT WAS in the Days of Noah, when mankind's wickedness was so disgusting to Yahweh that He almost destroyed all life on the Earth in His sorrow and anger at what had transpired. And that is just what Yahweh intends to do again, during the Great Tribulation. That's when He will pour out His terrible Wrath on the Wicked and the Lukewarm, and the Earth as we know it will almost be utterly and completely destroyed.

Unrepentant Sinners NEED TO WAKE UP, AND TO START BEING AFRAID! Because - when Yahweh starts to pour out His Wrath on them - it will be too late to repent then, and all of the people who have not made a decision to follow Yahshua beforehand will perish forever in agony. So Please Brothers and Sisters, Share This Message To Help Put The Fear Of Yahweh Into People's Hearts - Before It Is Too Late For ALL Of Them, Because TIME IS SO VERY SHORT!

Maranatha Yahshua!

With GREAT Urgency From
Teacher & Sister In Yahshua
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry
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