Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Symbolic Ties of the Movie “Deep Impact” to the
Comet Elenin and the New World Order


By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

The other day, a friend shared a video at You Tube that ties the names, people and events in the movie “Deep Impact” to those surrounding the Comet Elenin. Here is a link to the video entitled “Was This A Warning?” at You Tube:

This video has also been embedded below:

I remember watching the movie "Deep Impact" many years ago, but watching this video and a few others at You Tube made me want to rent and watch the movie again - this time with my spiritual eyes open. So last night, I drove over to Blockbuster to rent a 99-cent copy of the movie and watched it with my husband.

I don’t ordinarily care much for movies, but I watched this one with rapt attention, looking for more clues. Fascinatingly, in this movie that was made in 1998 (13 years ago!), there was an eloquent-speaking Black President (played by Actor Morgan Freeman) that seems eerily reminiscent of President Barack Obama. In addition, the movie comet, which was named Comet Wolf-Biederman, was nick-named "Ele" by the President and his staff.

The movie also clearly showed that “Ele” was meant to stand for E.L.E. or Extinction Level Event, and so there is every reason to believe that the comet named “Ele-nin” that everyone in conspiracy circles is talking about these days is also a code name for a comet that could cause an E.L.E.. In addition, along with a Professor with the last name of Wolf, the boy who helped to discover the comet in the movie “Deep Impact” was named Leo Biederman. Meanwhile, “Elenin” was named after its supposed discoverer Leonid Elenin, which means the comet was discovered by another man named “Leo”. Is it therefore any wonder why many (including myself) believe Leonid Elenin does not exist except on paper? His name appears to be purely a code name!

The idea that “Leonid Elenin” is a code name appears to be true since Elenin will first appear visible to the naked eye in the Leonid portion of our skies, which is where the sign of Leo the Lion is located. Incidentally, Leo is a symbol of Yahshua as the King of Judah and King of kings. In addition, many earthquakes have already been attributed to this supposed comet, suggesting that Elenin could cause enough massive damage when it comes close to Earth this autumn to truly be considered an E.L.E..

In the beginning of the movie “Deep Impact”, the highly elliptical computer-simulated orbital trajectory of the comet nicknamed Ele is shown when Professor Wolf checks out Leo Biederman’s co-ordinates for the unidentified “star” he finds while making astronomical observations with a telescope. This trajectory bears a striking similarity to the path of Comet Elenin, which will enter deep into our inner Solar System before being hurled back into outer space by our Sun. Here is a link to the You Tube Video entitled “COMET ELENIN and DEEP IMPACT link?!? What do you think?” that shows the Comet Ele and Elenin’s similar trajectories:

This video has also been embedded below:

But there are some other interesting parallels in the movie that were missed in the You Tube videos that defy explanation, such as the fact that the astronauts going on the mission to destroy the 7-mile wide comet that is on a direct collision course with the Earth do so partly by using the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which was currently launched into space on its last voyage on July 8th and is due to return by July 22nd.

Another fascinating scene in the movie that has seemingly prophetic parallels was shown when a huge tidal wave engulfs New York City. This happens when the first piece of the now broken up Comet Ele hits the Earth just outside of America’s eastern seaboard. In that scene, the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were still standing and were shown being destroyed by the destructive force of the huge wave. In addition, the Statue of Liberty is shown being decapitated and toppled by the wave as it floods Manhattan, the symbolic financial and cultural center or heart of America.

Following this, the astronauts piloting the spacecraft that has failed in completely destroying the comet that is just about to hit the Earth decide to sacrifice their lives by ramming into the bigger piece of the comet with their spacecraft. This saves the people of Earth from suffering the same extinction level celestial impact that supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years before.

The most chilling aspect of this whole surreal movie scene is the fact that the spacecraft that carries out the suicide mission was named “The Messiah” by the President in the movie. Could this be an allusion to the fact that mankind is being primed to accept a false human and technological messiah rather than the real Messiah, who will come down from Heaven riding on a real white horse in the clouds rather than in a space ship?

Could it be that someone who was involved in the production of the movie “Deep Impact” knew that a comet with extinction-level capabilities would appear at a time when America’s economic power as exemplified by the World Trade Center and its political freedom as symbolized by the Statue of Liberty were virtually destroyed? Could this person or group of individuals also have known that this would happen when America had a seemingly benevolent Black President?

This movie raises many questions like this, and makes us wonder if the 44th President of the United States was indeed hand-picked and groomed by those called the Illuminati to fulfill the role that he is playing today - just as an economic and political tsunami of biblically epic proportions is about to hit the entire world in the Tribulation.

However, as I have said in my books and previous articles, there is no reason to believe that everyone involved in helping to orchestrate these events are evil. It could be that, just as the good Magi at Yahshua’s birth came to acknowledge His arrival and make it known to the world, that there are modern-day Magi who are also announcing the imminent return of Yahshua using the powerful means at their disposal such as movies.

Could it be that there is more than one professional Magi at work today helping to orchestrate world events so that they perfectly fit God’s sacred celestial calendar that is connected to the Gospel in the Stars? Could these Magi be working with other godly individuals to ensure that’s God Will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven? Though there is no way to prove it for certain, my inclination is to believe that not everyone working behind the scenes to fulfill Bible prophecy is doing so against God’s Will but is instead working with God’s holy angels to ensure that His Will and His Word are carried out to the last letter.

Interestingly, just as the Magi’s acknowledgment of Yahshua as the King of the Jews brought evil in its wake when King Herod slaughtered hundreds of little Jewish children in an effort to destroy Yahshua, this modern bid at acknowledging the time of the King of king’s arrival has caused evil to raise its head with a new Palestinian and Iranian obsession to destroy the tiny nation of Israel.

In addition, just as the Roman Empire ruled the world at Yahshua’s First Advent, a world government that has been dubbed the New World Order is being set up today that is an evil and perverted version of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Likewise, even though we who truly love and know Yahshua are expecting our Messiah to return to Earth supernaturally, the demonically-led machinations of the elite leaders and other workers of iniquity in today’s world are seeing to it that an evil imposter of Christ will rule over the world first.

Scripture tells us that this imposter or Antichrist will allow wickedness to flourish under his leadership. Likewise, just as King Herod and Adolph Hitler did, he will attempt to slaughter all the Jewish and Christian children of God that follow the true Messiah Yahshua during his short reign. But thank Yahweh God for Yahshua our Messiah, who will soon come to vanquish this evil leader of the Earth and his demonically-controlled armies at the Battle of Armageddon.

Hallelu-Yah and Maranatha! Even so, come Adonai Yahshua!

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