Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Possible Meaning of the Apocalyptic
Murals Sponsored by the Bank of America


By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

The other day, I was alerted to the fact that there are three odd murals that have been painted and put on display at the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, NC. At the same time that I was introduced to these murals, I was asked to decipher what they might mean. Before I do so, I wanted to note that there is a similar series of seemingly apocalyptic murals that were painted at the Denver International Airport. In a future article or Armageddon Show, I hope to discuss these murals and the secret underground complex (possibly meant to serve as a shelter for the elite or the US military) that has been built below that airport.

Beginning with the left mural at the Bank of America in Charlotte, this is what I gleaned from these apocalyptic scenes:

Left Mural, Bank of America Corporate Center:

The left mural linked to below has been theorized to depict the Chilean Mine Disaster that happened in 2010. It appears to depict male laborers using spades either to dig holes or clean up after a disaster associated with an earthquake. Note the figure of a man lying down within the hill in the background, which could depict a man trapped beneath the Earth:

Left Mural Illustration (Click to Enlarge)

However, this man in the ground could depict the elite members of society planning to hide beneath the Earth during a coming apocalypse. On the other hand, the odd dress of the earthbound figure suggests that it could also be meant to signify one of the Old Testament Prophets - perhaps in the process of coming back to life. Could this depict Elijah as one of the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation rising from the dead at the time of the blowing of the Seventh or Last Trumpet in the middle of the Tribulation?

By their facial features, the men in this mural appear to be depicting the people of the Western Hemisphere that are working (or perhaps being forced to work?) to clean up the affects of the blazing comet or sun-like celestial object in the center mural. Judging from the landscape in flames in the background (or the red tsunami engulfing the land) in the left mural, this disaster is ultimately being foreseen as capable of wrecking huge portions of the Earth.

The “EQ” on the red object in the mural could be meant to signify “Earth-Quake”. Incidentally, a great earthquake will be associated with a pole shift and/or crustal displacement early on in the Tribulation period that is associated with the opening of the Sixth Seal in Revelation, Chapter 6. In addition, another great earthquake at the end of the tribulation will destroy all the cities around the world.

My guess is that this mural may be depicting the affects of "Comet" Elenin and a possible meteor shower and other celestial impacts that may hit Earth after the initial comet passes. However, notice how the white spades are jutting upward above the heads of the people? Because they are only white silhouettes, these spades could actually be depicting bombs or nuclear warheads being launched. It therefore may be depicting the results of a widespread thermo-nuclear war such as the one that I believe will be connected to the Tribulation period.

Center Mural, Bank of America Corporate Center:

The center mural linked to below appears to be depicting the human death and suffering that will occur around the world when Solar Flares, a possible Meteor Shower (hail and brimstone?) and/or a Comet either directly hits or comes close to a direct impact with the Earth:

Center Mural Illustration (Click to Enlarge)

I believe that the Internet is being depicted by the fish net stretched across the sky below the burning comet or meteor with the bloody human bodies in it. This may signify the loss of the Internet and other forms of electronic communication that will result from the catastrophe being depicted by the fiery celestial body above the net. It is well known that Solar Flares and Gamma Ray Bursts can cause these types of disruptions.

The person dressed in the white Welder’s, Nuclear Reactor worker’s, or Astronaut’s outfit near the OPEN DOOR in the center of the crowd could signify the Japan Nuclear Power disaster as well as the people onboard the International Space Station and in the Space Shuttle Atlantis. This could be referring to the possible destruction or forced landing of the Shuttle Atlantis and/or the destruction of the International Space Station by one large fiery object or many smaller fiery objects headed toward the Earth from outer space.

Meanwhile, the OPEN DOOR could signify the Rapture of the Saints suggested by the open door in Revelation 4:1, especially since the man inside the doorway has his arms outstretched in the crucifixion position and may be meant to represent Christ as the once crucified but now risen Messiah of the whole world.

Right Mural, Bank of America Corporate Center:

The minute I looked at the Bank of America mural on the right that depicts a black Sun, I knew it was depicting a Solar Eclipse and possibly a Lunar Eclipse that would be visible over Egypt, where the Great Pyramid is located. Since the Pyramids at Giza depict Orion’s belt, it could also depict a full eclipse that will occur over the sword of the constellation Orion, a decan sign of Taurus:

Right Mural Illustration (Click to Enlarge)

Uncannily, there was a Full Lunar Eclipse over the sword of Orion on December 21st, 2010, which was best seen over North America. Orion is a powerful Messianic figure depicting Yahshua as a conquering Prince and perfect atonement sacrifice, and it depicts Yahshua at His Second Coming, when He will bring the allegorical power of Orion to life. Yahshua will do so when He subdues the warring wicked among the Gentiles and offers the Jews one final chance to accept true salvation. As the first of three Blood Moons perfectly framing the first and second half of 2011, I believe this Blood Moon may have been meant to depict the beginning of the Tribulation period.

Shortly after that, there was a Partial Solar Eclipse over portions of Europe, Egypt, Israel, and the rest of the Middle East on January 4th, 2011, the same day as the last of three Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions that were six months apart. These conjunctions between Jupiter the Messiah planet and Uranus the planet signifying the Bride of Christ occurred under the Ephraimite Fish of Pisces representing born-again believers, or grafted-in Israel. As such, these signs are directly tied to the Rapture.

Six months later, the Total Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon of June 15h, 2011 marked the mid point of 2011. It appeared over the Middle East, including Israel and Egypt, in the sign of Ophiuchus/Scorpio that represents Yahshua and His Church struggling to hold the evil of Satan/Scorpio back. In the figure of Ophiuchus, all true believers are being depicted as struggling with a giant, evil serpent to prevent it from causing too much destruction and death.

This burning tree could also be a reference to the burning bush in the Bible when God revealed His name to Moses, who wrote down God’s Law. Meanwhile, the woman suspended in the cube appears to be depicting the constellation Andromeda, which is next to the cube-like shape of the constellation Pegasus in the heavens.

In my writings, I identify Andromeda with the Jews and legalistic and carnal Anti-Christians, who are chained to the Law and will not acknowledge God’s Grace, mercy, and Spirit power. These are the people who will be left behind after the First Rapture in order to be refined in the terrible fires of suffering and strife that will unfold during the Tribulation.

Thus, this right-side mural may signify the chained woman Andromeda (i.e. Jews and Carnal Christians) being sacrificed to the sea monster (i.e. Anti-Christ System, Red Dragon, NWO, Beast from the Sea) depicted by the constellation Cetus the Sea Monster, which appears beneath the sign of Aries depicting Yahshua as the Lamb of God whose blood can save us all from sin and death. However, the hope of their deliverance is being depicted by the mural cube signifying Pegasus, the flying White Horse that Yahshua (and His saints!) will ride to victory at the Battle of Armageddon.

Significantly, the blond-haired boy in the foreground of the mural is dressed in clothing reminiscent of the unemployed in the 1930's. Meanwhile, half of his face is obscured in a reddish box, which may indicate a loss of intellect and physical strength due to malnutrition. Could this boy signify that there will be a repeat of the Depression of the 1930's that will most severely affect the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant segment of humanity around the world?

The broken stairway in the sky on the right side of the mural appears to depict a symbolic Stairway to Heaven that is connected to the Signs in the Heavens and the spiritual meaning behind the constellations that I just described. Could this series of celestial stairways therefore represent the ultimate purpose of End-Time events, which is to grant those who wish to be in the presence of God their desire and to wipe out evil? Since the messianic constellation Orion that is symbolically connected to the Great Pyramid in the background of the mural can be viewed as an hour glass, these heavenly stairs may also depict various stages in the passage of celestial time that are uniquely related to Bible Prophecy and Yahshua's (i.e. Orion's) Second Coming.

Interestingly, the right side mural has a red and white checkerboard floor pattern in it. This could signify a chessboard or checkerboard, both of which are war games. Though this checkerboard pattern is often associated with the Freemasons, could it actually be meant to depict the maneuvering going on behind the scenes that will lead to the meting out of God's will and wrath at the Battle of Armageddon?

Finally, note the inset at the bottom of the mural that depicts several business-like, professionally dressed people that appear to be gesturing toward the blond-haired boy. Note the man whose fingers rest on his chin as if he is contemplating something seriously. Most of these people have glasses, which symbolically indicate that they are intellectuals with insights into the current state of human affairs. Conspicuously, the black man in the inset has turned his back on the boy and taken his glasses off, implying that he has lost sight of his goal or else is blind to the true outcome of his plans. Could this black man represent President Barack Hussein Obama as someone who is blind to what his ultimate fate will be because he has been deceived?

In conclusion, is it possible that the designers of these murals had insider knowledge of the future planned events of those setting up the New World Order that wish to wipe out two-thirds of Earth’s population? Or are these murals actually prophetic paintings that were divinely inspired to warn us about the timing of future apocalyptic events that are described in the Book of Revelation? My heart and spirit are telling me that these murals may be a case of the latter, but only time will tell.

If these murals are evidence of God’s divine intervention in human affairs, they suggest that there is indeed a group of individuals working together to ensure that Yahweh God’s Will is done on Earth - just as it is in Heaven.


  1. This is definitely NWO/occult (as if a major banking institution would promote otherwise). In addition to comments others have made, the first mural shows off the rediscovery or return of the Nephilim, possibly to be presented as our creators or gods. The second shows the spirits of the air (demons, but depicted as gods) taking their revenge on the humans for their harm. In the last one, the human intelligentsia controlling the world at their disposal.. they are re-creating the world according to their plans. The checkerboard is masonic, the finished pyramid represents the completed Luciferian plan of the antichrist. The stairs reach to heaven (Babel completed?). The one-eyed illuminati boy. Humans controlled as puppets.

  2. @ Craig, As per my July 13th Armageddon Show that spoke about this article on the Bank of America murals (you can view this show at VIMEO:, I've added several paragraphs to this article explaining more of the symbolism in the right side mural. These new paragraphs in the amended article above address your opinions with my own counter opinions for people to consider. Shalom and God bless! Maranatha! Yahshua is coming SOON!


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