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Armageddon Show: 7-20 Highlights & Ministry Update

7-20 Show at 9 PM EST


Armageddon Show of July 20th, 2011 with Helena
Lehman - A Message For Those Left Behind -
Wednesday Night at 9 pm EST on the Edge AM

This show is going to focus on what those who are left behind need to consider regarding the reason why they were left behind in the First Rapture and what they will need to do to get things right with Yahweh and Yahshua so that they will not be excluded from the Second Rapture or the Millennial Kingdom.

This show will also explain that, based on the doctrine of demons being fed to New Age proponents and alien enthusiasts, the fallen angels may return at the time of the First Rapture and appear as benevolent aliens that will falsely claim to have been the instigators of this Rapture event in an effort to cleanse the world of those holding the world back from achieving global peace and prosperity. They may make many world political leaders suddenly disappear as in a Rapture type event to convince the nations of their power and purpose, and they may also claim to be the Pagan gods of old to convince many that all the religions of the world were their invention - including the belief in Yahshua as the Messiah.


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This show will also focus on the reality that there will likely be a Second Rapture for those who don’t lose hope that Yahshua will return for them. However, it will also focus on the fact that their physical survival may not be possible unless they are fit and strong, plan ahead for survival and have friends they can trust to hide out with and work with toward that goal. If they can survive the coming natural, religious and political catastrophes ahead and make the right choices, they may live to see the Second Rapture that will likely occur just before the Bowls of God’s Wrath are poured out.

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Pillar Of Enoch Ministry - Recent Activity


Armageddon Show of July 17, 2011 with Helena


Watch July 17th, 2011 Show at Vimeo:

In this show, Helena discussed the critical End-Time message of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry and why it has not received the attention it deserves in Christian or Messianic Circles or among those interested in the “Alien Agenda” of the Nephilim and fallen angels. Yahshua did not come to bring Peace but a Sword, and this message is ALL about Spiritual Warfare and the need for serious prayer and supplication before God for Helena’s Ministry, for the Body of Christ, for America, and for the world.


Armageddon Show of July 13, 2011 with Helena
Lehman Recapping Recent Ministry Activity


Watch July 13th, 2011 Show at Vimeo:

In this Armageddon Show of July 13, 2011, Helena recapped many recent articles and ministry activity. In the process, Helena offered many spiritual insights using the Language of God to decipher the meaning of symbols in our world and gave much encouragement to believers anxiously awaiting the Rapture and Wedding of the Lamb in Heaven. Helena also offered a timely warning about attempting to tamper with God’s Will in prayer!

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