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Background for the July 13th Armageddon Show Discussion

Dialogue Between Helena Lehman and Dori Lynn Etheridge at Facebook:

Shalom Friends,

I wanted to share this discussion that I've been having with another woman who has an online ministry so that you can understand that my symbolic view of things is from a godly viewpoint and not an occult one.

I NEVER ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE CONDITIONED OR MISLED by the many books out there contradicting the Bible and the Gospel in the Stars. Though I own them and used some of them for research, I have never become so immersed in them that they now govern how I look at every aspect of the world. My standard for judgment is the Bible, the Holy Spirit and the Star Gospel as God reveals it to me, and is not solely the opinion of other authors in other ages.

You may recall that Dori Lynn Etheridge interviewed me on her Doors of Deception Radio Show a while ago. She may have much light to share with the world, but because her focus is on evil and not on good, I think she has been greatly deceived. I therefore wanted to share our dialogue with all of you so that you can learn what my perspective for drawing conclusions on symbols is and why it may differ at times markedly from the interpretations of others with different - and sometimes unconstructive - backgrounds.

I would appreciate your feedback on this. It will be the primary topic of tonight's Armageddon Show at 9 pm EST. Hope some of you will tune in then.

God bless you all and Maranatha!

Your Sister in Yahshua,

July 13th Facebook Discussion:

Helena Lehman July 12 at 7:28pm I wrote the article "The Prophetic Message In The Space Shuttle Atlantis’ Mission Patch" that was posted at the top of this discussion thread this morning and it has had a profoundly positive affect on me. I feel there really is hope for America, and in the end, America will not fall completely - just as I wrote in my book on prophecy. My hope is that some Americans who survive all that’s coming to the world in the Tribulation will be able to hold their heads up in Yahshua's presence in the end and weep for joy at His coming. The article linked to just above this message was written this afternoon and it also has encouraged me. I hope it encourages all of you too. God bless and Maranatha!

Dori Lynn Etheridge July 12 at 7:47pm Reply • Report
I counted 4 points on each side and one at the bottom which equals 9 I believe if my math is correct. Also; they just can't seem to do anything without their sexual implications....the large brown point piercing the "O" is what it is. A dome and an obelisk signifying the penetration of the female, as is evidenced by the dome of the capitol building, and the Washington Monument, St. Peter's Basilica and Cleopatra's Needle.....or "Baal's shaft"....and the mound of Venus..... This just never stops with these wicked sorcerers as it's always about sex magic! They certainly grow bold! 33rd Mission...of course, all astronauts are 33rd degree Masons.

Helena Lehman July 12 at 9:24pm
Shalom Dori, and everybody else who is silently watching,

Wow, that was really harsh. You really do see everything as evil and black if it isn’t in plain English in the Bible, don’t you? You really don’t allow any room for personal godly revelation or the light of God working behind the scenes, do you? I think that’s really sad. How dark is darkness to those who only want to see it instead of the glory of God’s marvelous light that is till visible in so many things! It may be hidden and maligned and it may be misrepresented countless times, but it’s still there for those who are not focused on evil and who are not perishing from a lack of the knowledge of our Almighty God.

I'm sorry, but I completely disagree. I have seen so many things showing the godly underpinnings of this nation and its holy purpose despite all the evil that is evident in the current administration and in the cities filled with their wicked people in their drug-induced haze. You simply can't discount all of my research with a contrary viewpoint. What motivated that viewpoint? What guides it?

You think you know the Star Gospel but you really don’t. God has shown me things that the world as a rule is too hate-filled to acknowledge. I have shown specific proof that what I’m saying is true in God's Word and in the stars over and over again, but you and those who think like you can't do that because no one is identifying America's ultimate place or symbols in the Bible or in the heavens even though I showed them where to look in my work!

Obama is NOT America! He will reap the evil that he is sowing, NOT the entire nation! What is happening right now is proof that God is judging the world, not just America. But God is protecting those who truly love Him, and He will even after the Rapture, though most won’t see His love during that terrible time.

In the meantime, instead of seeing the beauty in the symbolism attached to this nation, you want to see demons and evil in everything. But I believe what the Bible and the Star Gospel says over you and a thousand supposedly former Freemasons and New Agers. God is truly in control and has His own beloved saints working behind the scenes as well to show His truth even though Satan thinks that he is in control. That is why Satan is doing everything in his power to deceive even the elect - and I can see that he is succeeding in so many Americans. It’s really sad - but to be expected because so many claim to know God but really don’t know Him at all!

But I can tell you now that, just as Yahshua said, the road to Hell is broad and many are on it! Since the MAJORITY of “believers” are painting the entire nation as evil right now, I choose to disbelieve it as the broad road that leads to destruction. I know terrible times are coming and are already here for America because so many Christians here as carnal or asleep and God is going to wake them up in the crucible of suffering in the Tribulation, and that’s very sad, But it will work for their good because so many will be saved from out of the holocaust to come.

God knows that there are many here that will rise to His challenge and get things right with God and their fellow man after the Rapture, and the heavens are loudly pronouncing this! There is still a godly heart in and for America in this Nation that God will preserve and protect against all odds, just as He is doing for the Jews in Israel.

In the end, everyone but the saints in the Americas and elsewhere and the Jews in Israel and elsewhere will be dead or dying on this planet. Nobody else stands a chance! Amen and Hallelu-Yah for that! Even so, come Adonai Yahshua!

Your Sister in Yahshua,


Dori Lynn Etheridge July 13 at 12:49pm
The conclusions that were shown to me of this "patch" of the space shuttle were in no way meant to discount your work, Helena. Not at all. I know God is working in everything to save "His children". The evil sorcerers that run this world show their true colors with images like the one on the patch. That was all that was about....what is shown to me by the wicked rulers. It certainly was not meant to discount God, anyone who discounts God does so at their peril. I do not claim to know the Gospel in the Stars as you do, Helena, and I apologize if I have misrepresented myself somehow as "knowing" these things. It has taken you many, many years to understand the Gospel in the Stars the way that you do, and it is not what has been asked of me to try and become "expert" at it. I can see the heavens just as anyone else, and there is enough there shown to us by God that I know His heavens and what they contain are real.

Your article is very hopeful and filled with your love of Yehoshua. The comments I made were about the "patch" and nothing else. I thought this note was about us sharing what we see, and that is what I did. It was not meant to be "harsh" it is just what I see. Like you cannot change what is shown to you, I cannot change what is shown to me. Yehoshua has given each of us a job in His Kingdom, we each have our assignments. My assignment is different from your assignment, or Matthew's or Brian's or Stan Deyo's or L.A.'s or Pastor Hoggard's or anyone else. We are to be operating as a team here....of His appointed Watchmen, and I would be remiss in my duties, my obedience if I did not declare what I see. We must have hope, a blessed hope and pray to be counted worthy by Yehoshua to join Him when He comes for us. In the meantime we must continue to look up! We must continue to point out the "evil deeds" when we are shown them.

Just as Ezekiel had to do in Chapter 8! It most certainly was not pleasant to see what he saw, and probably more unpleasant and sickening as well to write it down, but He was commanded to be obedient! He was commanded to "come up here!" and be shown abominations.....and to come further and see even more detestable things. Yes, I have seen ugliness, I have dealt with pure evil, God allowed me to experience what I did so that one day when He commanded me to do so, I would be prepared to "shine the light into every dark corner" and so today.....I was commanded to write down the abominations the LORD showed me. The abominations run so very, very deep and judgment is happening to the world right now! It is going to continue as long as "the wicked ones" continue with their plan to make Palestine a part of the United Nations and snatch Jerusalem away from the Jews, which is their plan come September! Woe, Woe, Woe will be upon anyone that divides His land! Yes, many who are faithful will be protected, but we must continue to pray for Israel for God to stretch forth His hand upon the nation of Israel and crush those who are plotting wicked deeds against it!

That patch tells of their penetrate the Heavens as Nimrod also plotted to do and God smote Nimrod and his worshipers, and counfounded the tongues so that "they" had to resort to signs and symbols to communicate with one another. This patch was one of the ways "they" communicate their intentions to one another, to the world, and to the dark lord who masquerades as light that they serve.

Their intent is not to just take Jerusalem, they also intend to take Bethlehem, birthplace of the Messiah! As Bethlehem sits inside of Palestine.....and the plot thickens as they say. With the U.S., Russia, the EU and the UN set to have their meetings to take Jerusalem and give it to Palestine! That article was on my profile yesterday. I will also provide a link to a very, very important article to what some well respected Rabbi's had to say.

Keep looking up! Our redemption draws nigh!

May the Good LORD bless you and keep you, sister Helena and I will continue to pray for you and all my brothers and sisters in Yehoshua!

Your sister in Yehoshua,

Helena Lehman July 13 at 3:20pm
Shalom Dori,

Look, I understand that not everyone will see the same things when looking at the same subject matter. Take the Gospels for example, where each writer presented a different aspect of Yahshua’s nature and purpose to the masses. At times, it is almost as if they are talking about two different people or events, but they are simply showing one of Yahshua’s many aspects. In addition, when all four Gospels are added together, the whole picture that we get of Yahshua is harmonious and good, and not confusing or misleading or contradictory in any way.

Now I don’t claim to have perfect vision, but I have been a believer a whole lot longer than you, and I know that my Adonai and Messiah Yahshua is not the author of confusion but of Grace and truth. So there is no way that your interpretation and my interpretation of the same thing can both be correct.

Do you know what shocked me the most about your assessment? It is the way that your mind works! Instead of seeing anything good in this mission patch, you saw or assumed that you would see blatant evil without an ounce of proof that what you are assuming to be true in some cases is true in all cases. You have been conditioned into thinking that everything to do with the governments of the world is evil and absolutely no light shines in any of them. You have also assumed that nothing good can come out of something evil, even though the number 13 and the sign of Ophiuchus are loudly proclaiming otherwise to people like me who have their spiritual eyes open.

If you learned anything from your association with me, it should be that THE SAME EXACT SYMBOLS THT ARE NOW BEING FALSELY USED BY THE ILLUMINATI AND FREEMASONS ARE THE SAME SYMBOLS THAT HAVE BEEN USED IN EVERY AGE BY THE MAGI WHO FOLLOW YAHSHUA. Hence, there is a good deal of confusion in the Body of Christ about what is evil and what is not. It’s therefore no wonder that everyone nowadays sees ALL of the symbols associated with the United States from an Occult and Satanic viewpoint. It certainly doesn’t help that THERE HAS BEEN A FLOOD OF BOOKS WRITTEN BY SUPPOSED CHRISTIANS AND NON-CHRISTIANS THAT PAINT EVERY ONE OF THE SYMBOLS USED BY THE GODLY MAGI THROUGHOUT THE AGES AS EVIL MASONIC SYMBOLS, and my book series is the only one on the planet that shows that THESE SYMBOLS HAVE A GODLY ORIGIN AND ARE NOT THE INVENTIONS OF THE ILLUMINATI OR FREEMASONS!!

I understand why you made such an incorrect conclusion. It is because of your background and the fact that you are teaching when you haven’t been a Christian long enough to gain a more complete level of wisdom. But I still found it sickening that you immediately jumped to the perverted conclusion that this patch has to have sexual themes. From being involved in the occult too long, you have been deceived into thinking anything tall with a pointy end is an allusion to a penis and everything with a hole in it is a symbolic vagina, especially if the USA is connected to it in any way! How vulgar and wrong! How deluded!

For you, the whole world is evil and there is nothing good in it at all. But technically, though that is true of the world at large, it is NOT TRUE of the truly born-again Body of Christ. There is still much light and goodness in the Body of Christ today, even though it is being diminished everyday by false teachings and false teachers that have infiltrated the Church, especially in America.

So my message to you is this: Don’t be so quick to judge without prayer first! YOU ARE FORGETTING THAT THERE HAVE BEEN PEOPLE OF GOD WITH POWER AND MONEY IN EVERY AGE ON THIS PLANET AND THEY HAVE LEFT A LASTING LEGACY. Do not assume for one minute that every organization on this Earth is an Illuminati stronghold or that anyone in the Illuminati really has a clue about what Yahweh God truly plans to do! They don’t and neither does most of unsaved humanity. SO you need to study yourself approved before attempting to teach anything and learn the facts from both God’s and Satan’s perspectives.

The best place I think for you to do that would be in reading the Bible alongside my book “The Language of God in History.” I would be happy to send you a free digital copy if you promise to read it.

Your Sister in Yahshua,

PS: May Yahshua bless you also and give you His Peace today and everyday. Thank you for your prayers, and may God bless you in your ministry. I am sorry if I did not show the love of Yahshua and came across too harsh in the above message. I can be a little too zealous for my Messiah sometimes. Please forgive me.

Another PS: Just because the Obama administration is evil and mostly Muslim, and this government is involved in dividing Jerusalem doesn’t mean the entire government is sold out to the Devil right now or that the USA is Babylon the Great. I have it on good authority that this is mostly untrue of Americans at large, and the evidence can be found in the heavens - in Taurus and Ophiuchus and Aquila the Eagle and Cygnus the Swan among other constellations. Also, since NASA is in charge of watching and analyzing the universe around us in the heavens, don’t you think there could be at least one godly Magi working there? I have no doubt that this is the case, and the Atlantis Mission Patch was either the creation of or had the input of a godly believer who put God’s fingerprint into its design.

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