Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Counteracting Discouragement Among God's Watchmen on the Wall

Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Yahshua!

May Yahshua Bless You All and Give You His Peace!

If you are discouraged because all of the dates that we have been examining haven’t ended with the blessed hope that we are all greatly desirous of being included in, please don’t be! This is part of the process of Bible Prophecy Study that is so powerful because it causes us to seek God and find Him in ever-increasing depths of understanding and more powerful insights into His Word and His Star Gospel.

Feeling discouragement is part of the process of growing in spiritual understanding because we all see in a glass darkly, but only when we are in Heaven will we finally see God face-to-face and with perfect clarity! In the meantime, however, we only see bits and pieces of the whole, and can only see a little ahead at a time. Meanwhile, our Almighty God can see the whole picture of the future unfolding because He alone is infinite.

Even with this deep understanding, however, I keenly felt discouragement last year when the First Rapture did not happen when I anticipated it, which was around the Feast of Trumpets and the other Autumn Feasts of 2010. But I overcame my disappointment when I realized how much I had learned in my careful examination of all the Jewish Feasts and Celestial events leading up to and following the Autumn Feasts! So, by way of offering you comfort, let me share my understanding of what Yahweh God is truly seeking from us today - besides our heartfelt desire for the Rapture…

As you must have heard many times, Scripture says that nobody knows the day or hour of Yahshua's return in either the First or Second Rapture or Yahshua’s Second Coming at the Battle of Armageddon, which are all separate events.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that we can’t know the year or the season of the Rapture and Second Coming! But God the Father and His Son Yahshua don’t often spoon feed their truth to us. They want us to work hard and long for understanding so we won’t have time to sin! They also love for us to ponder about and be excited that Yahshua is coming soon! God wants us to explore every clue that is left for us with His allegorical language as revealed in the heavens and in the symbols and events of the Bible.

Through all of my studies into this language, it appears that there has NEVER BEEN as many heavenly and earthly signs that the Rapture and Tribulation are imminent than there has been in the past 2 years. This is especially true if you add in all of the so-called “natural catastrophe” agreements such as massive earthquakes, killer tornadoes, ravaging floods, violent hurricanes, huge fissures, erupting volcanoes spewing ash and noxious gases into the air, and the deep sink holes opening up all over the world that are eerily reminiscent of the bottomless pit or abyss in the Bible! Added together, these cataclysmic events can be nothing less than the Hand of God at work in the world to show His born-again children that their redemption is very, very near - even at the door!!

So please do not get discouraged! Yahshua is indeed coming very, very soon!

Besides all this, it is highly possible that the world is going to see the fulfillment of the Sixth Seal Judgment this autumn due to Elenin’s affects on the planet. If its gravity is as powerful as the Sun-Elenin-Earth alignments tied to massive earthquakes on Earth seem to show, it may cause the crustal displacement and pole shift that will potentially kill billions of people this year or sometime next year.

So, we know that the First Rapture has to be soon because the Scriptures are clear that it will come at a time of relative peace and safety - when unsaved people will least suspect it. But we who are filled with the Holy Spirit should be anticipating the Rapture with joy and expectation (or with fear and trembling if living carnally or with a lack of forgiveness in our hearts) because the signs are so powerful all around us!

People truly have to be asleep to not feel the lateness and urgency of the hour. So I say “Hallelu-Yah and Maranatha! Keep looking UP!” Also, do not forget to keep praying that you will be counted worthy and will be fully ready to go, for our redemption draws near!

Blessings from your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman


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