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The Prophetic Ties Between Yahshua’s Fetal Development And The Jewish Feasts

A Clue To The Timing Of The Rapture And Second Coming

By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

(Scroll Down To See My Fetal Development Chart Below)

What I am about to share with everyone is based on the findings of the late Messianic Rabbi Zola Levitt, who noted an amazing connection between human fetal development and the descending order of the Feasts of Israel beginning with Passover. After much study and prayer, our Father God Yahweh showed Zola the connection of conception to the spring Feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread in the spring, and the connection of human birth to the winter celebration of Chanukah. Here is a You Tube video that explores Zola’s findings:

Human Gestation and the Feasts of the Lord -
Coincidence or Intelligent Design?

After watching the brief recap of Zola’s amazing discovery on You Tube, go to the Zola Levitt TV Archive to watch Zola himself give this amazing teaching in his own anointed words:

Levitt TV: “A Child is Born” (The Feasts and Child Development)

Applying this wonderful knowledge to my understanding of the Feasts was interesting and edifying in and of itself. But one day, when I was asked to show how the Jewish Feasts were tied to Yahshua’s Conception and Birth, I made an even more fascinating discovery, which is that Yahshua’s gestational period falls on the Jewish Feasts in REVERSE ORDER, as if every aspect of Yahshua’s sinless life was always meant to reverse and replace the sinfulness of human flesh with the perfect flesh of God Incarnate, the perfect flesh all believers are promised as an inheritance via our Resurrection into the life to come! This ties in perfectly with the idea of the Reversal of History reflected in the nine branches of a Chanukiah Menorah. This is a revelation that God gave to me back in 2007, and which was subsequently added to a later revision of my book “TheLanguage of God in Prophecy.”

As shown in the illustration that I made for that book below, the four branches on the right side of the Menorah can depict the initial fall from Grace and steady downward spiral of mankind from Creation to the time of Yahshua, who is signified by the Servant Lamp. Meanwhile, the four branches on the left side of the Chanukiah depict the reversal of sin and moving from imperfection to perfection through Christ. This ascension of believers takes them from Sheol or Hades - where unredeemed sinners go to await judgment - to the Resurrection, then upward and beyond to the New Creation, which will feature our earthly life to come in the New Jerusalem. This city built by Yahweh God for all of His Children will come down out of Heaven to rest forever after upon the New Earth (See Revelation, Chapter 21). Fascinatingly, just as Yahshua’s conception is tied to the Feast of Chanukah or the Festival of Lights, God’s Creation of the New Heaven and New Earth are also tied to it:

My study of the connection between the Jewish Feast Days, human gestation and Yahshua’s gestation also led me to synchronize the events of Yahshua’s life, which fell on major Jewish Feast Days, with the developmental stages in human gestation. Fascinatingly, through my current review of this study to write this article, I just realized that the nine branches of the Chanukiah can also depict the nine months between human conception and birth! The chart I created below shows the amazing connection between human gestation and the Jewish Feasts, and Yahshua’s gestation and the same Jewish Feasts in reverse order.

When this chart is tied to my written research study of the timing of, and Jewish Feasts surrounding Yahshua’s conception and birth, it presents a fascinating picture of how Yahshua’s conception and human birth are spiritually meant to coincide with the Jewish Feast of Chanukah Week, and how Yahshua’s death and resurrection and the timing of human conception are spiritually tied to Passover Week. In addition, according to my fetal chart below, Yahshua would have been born between Yom Teruah or the Feast of Trumpets, and the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur, which is five days before the week-long Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles.

Due to Yahshua’s birth near to Sukkot, Messianic scholars like myself have long suspected that Yahshua’s manger may not have been in a barn, but a Sukkot booth in the yard of someone’s home in Bethlehem. This connection of Yahshua’s conception, birth, death, and Resurrection to the three week-long Feasts in Judaism suggests that this is what Yahshua meant when He said that no one would know the day or hour of His return. It’s possible that Yahshua will come back to catch away His Bride, the True Church, during one of these week-long Feasts! Nonetheless, I now believe that Yahshua might not come for us in the Rapture near to, or on ANY Feast day, however. The reason for my skepticism is that too many believers that are awaiting the Rapture are expecting Yahshua to return on just about any one of the Feasts, and the Bible makes it clear that it’s going to be a surprise!

Chart Comparing Human Fetal
Development With Yahshua’s Gestation

Human Fetal Development
(Tied to Yahshua’s First Advent)

Yahshua’s Fetal Development
(Assuming His Birth was in September, 3 BC)

Passover - Egg is released - Tied to Yahshua’s crucifixion (The Passover Lamb of God)

1st day of Chanukah, evening, Dec. 14th, 4 BC (Julian date) - Miriam’s egg was likely released on this day

Feast of Unleavened Bread, 1 week long - Egg is fertilized - Tied to Yahshua in the grave

3rd - 4th day of Chanukah, - Miriam’s egg was likely fertilized in this time frame

Firstfruits - Egg is implanted and human life begins - Tied to Yahshua’s resurrection into everlasting life; 40 days later, 6th week’s end - Yahshua ascended to Heaven

Dec. 19th, 4 BC - 5th day of Chanukah - tied to the Servant Lamp on a Chanukiah Menorah. Most likely day of Yahshua’s Conception, when the egg was embedded

Pentecost or Shavuot, 8th week - After 50 days (7 weeks), embryo becomes fully recognizable as a human fetus - Tied to the giving of the Law and Yahshua’s Holy Spirit

Yahshua’s 8th week of human life - Tu B’Shevat - the 15th of Shevat, the New Year of Trees, falls 50 days from the 1st day of Chanukah

17th week - 1st of Av
18th week - Tisha B’Av, the 9th of Av
19th week - Tu B’Av, the 15th of Av

Yahshua’s 12th wk of life - Purim
Yahshua’s 16th week - Passover
Yahshua’s 21st week -
33rd Omer (Lag B’Omer)
Yahshua’s 23rd week - Shavuot

Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) - 25th week, Fetus’ hearing is fully developed; 5 days into 25th week - Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), fetus’ blood supply is severed from mother’s; 26th week - Feast of Tabernacles, all of the fetus’ internal organs are fully developed

Yahshua’s 30th week of human life - 1st of Av; Yahshua’s 33rd week of human life - Tisha B’Av, the 9th of Av, Jewish Day of Mourning; Yahshua’s 34th week of human life - Tu B’Av, the 15th of Av, Feast of Wood-bearing & beginning of grape harvest

Chart Created by
Helena Lehman

Pillar of Enoch Ministry
(Based on a Teaching by Zola Levitt)

Yahshua’s 38th week of human life - Feast of Trumpets or Yom Teruah; fell on September 11th in 3 BC. Yahshua may have been born at this time. NOTE: Rosh Hashanah per God’s Calendar is the 1st day of the 1st month called Nissan, not the 1st day of the 7th month called Tishri.

Feast of Chanukah, begins 25th of Kislev - 40th week; optimal time for human birth is from the 38th to 40th week - Yahshua conceived at Chanukah (See Right Side of Chart)

Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur, (fell on Julian date of September 21st, 3 BC), 40th week - Yahshua’s approximate time of birth; entrance into human history was from 38th to 40th week.

To see the reversal of history along with the reversal in timing between human gestation and Yahshua’s Fetal development, first note Passover Week. Zola wisely tied the conception and implantation of the corrupted flesh of a human fetus to Passover, which saved the Israelites from physical death, though their flesh remained corrupted. But the sinfulness of our flesh was negated by, or healed over by Yahshua’s death and resurrection into everlasting life during Passover Week! At that time, Yahshua was given a perfect body of flesh and spirit that was physically different than the purely spiritual body that He inhabited prior to His birth in Miriam’s womb. This prophetic quality can also be seen by noting that, whereas the week of Chanukah is tied to human birth in a body of corrupted, carnal flesh, this curse is negated by the conception and implantation of Yahshua’s perfect flesh and Spirit in Miriam’s womb during that same Feast!

According to what God showed me when I created the Chanukiah illustration for my Language of God Book Series, the spiritual conception of the Bride of Christ at the First Rapture is tied to the day of Pentecost or the Feast of Weeks, which is called Shavuot in Hebrew. Meanwhile, the Bride’s full birth or presentation to God after the Second Rapture at the Wedding of the Lamb in Heaven is tied to Chanukah or the Feast of Dedication.

The Feast of Chanukah is also known as the Festival of Lights due to the Miracle of the Menorah, which legend states happened at the time of the Second Temple’s re-dedication to God, shortly after Jerusalem was liberated from foreign occupation. This happened early in the rule of the Maccabean kings over Israel, in the centuries before the birth of Christ. At that time, the olive oil needed for the Temple Menorah had been in short supply. Nonetheless, during the week that it took for the Levite priests to procure more oil, all seven lamps on the solid gold, seven-branched Temple lampstand burned for a full week on only one day’s worth of oil!

This supposition casts doubt on the idea that the Rapture of the Bride of Yahshua is tied to the Feast of Trumpets or Yom Teruah. Could it be that the Feast of Trumpets is not meant to be seen as the Wedding Day, but only a warning that the Bridegroom is near? Could the translation or birth of the Bride of Christ at the Wedding of the Lamb be tied to Chanukah - just as human birth is? It is an interesting possibility! Fascinatingly, my research has also shown that there may be Two Rapture Events, with the First Rapture of the Wise Virgins being tied to the beginning of the Great Tribulation, or the middle of the seven year Tribulation period.

In the article I linked to about the possibility of two Rapture events, I still think that the First Rapture is tied to the season of Pentecost or Shavuot, which is in the early summer (or technically, the late spring) and had to occur around then, I no longer believe it necessarily has to occur when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Remember that early summer in the Southern Hemisphere is in December, and the First Rapture could actually occur around then - near to the time of Chanukah. There is no doubt that the First Rapture is described in terms of summer, so it most likely will be when it is early to mid summer in at least one half of the world. Though I thought the Rapture might happen this past Chanukah of 2012, it did not, so we have to look forward to another time for our blessed hope to arrive.

Fascinatingly, my new findings regarding the prophetic meaning of the measurements in the Antechamber of the Great Pyramid suggest that June is a significant prophetic month in the Tribulation period (See my POEM Blog article entitled “A New Revelation Tied to the Pillar of Enoch”; Link: fact, the end date that I found inside the Antechamber is June 1st, 2016, which is right around Pentecost and Shavuot. Here is an illustration of the Great Pyramid Antechamber superimposed over my Tribulation Time-line that was used in the article linked to above:

Antechamber Superimposed Over Tribulation Timeline
Click On Graphic To Enlarge
Interestingly, Shavuot or the Feast of Weeks will begin on the evening of June 11th, 2016, and Shavuot is the Jewish equivalent to Pentecost, which will fall on Sunday, May 15th in 2016. This ties right into the fact that the seven-year Tribulation may have been heralded as imminent by the July 11th, 2010 Blood Moon over Easter Island, and the seven-year Tribulation may have officially begun one year later, when there was a spectacular Full Central Lunar Eclipse on June 15th, 2011.

This seems to rectify the problem I had with the revelation that God gave me in 2004 about the Prophecy Hidden in the Autumn Feasts (See Part 2 of this Article Series). Could the five days between Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement and the first day of the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles be symbolic of the length of the entire Tribulation period, rather than be connected to the last five years of the Tribulation as I had originally assumed? Almost exactly five years will pass between the June 15th, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse and June 1st, 2016. So this could be meant as a sign that the Tribulation will be shortened to five years for the sake of the Jews and the Tribulation Saints. Though we see in a glass darkly, it is still an exciting possibility!

If the seven-year Tribulation did begin on June 15th, 2011 - as I suspected when creating my Tribulation Time-chart (see links to it in the next paragraph) - then its midpoint three and a half years later will fall around the time of Chanukah in 2014. My Fetal Development Chart definitely shows that Chanukah has a definite tie to Human Birth and to the immaculate conception of Yahshua. Due to this, it could also be tied to our rebirth into our new spiritual bodies at the time of the Rapture and First Resurrection. To share the major details about how Christmas and Chanukah are connected, I wrote a special Blog article entitled: “Yahshua’s First Advent Ties to Chanukah and Christmas” in 2010, which I have updated recently. Please use the preceding text link to open the article in a new window and read it, as well as the PDF articles it links to at my POEM web site for further study.

On the other hand, if the Tribulation began with the Blood Moon over Orion’s Sword on December 21st, 2010, which is also possible, then the mid-point of the Tribulation will be around the Summer Solstice and Pentecost in 2014. Since the First Rapture of the Wise Virgins will be only 1,260 days or 3-1//2 years before the Battle of Armageddon, it will like occur in the middle of the seven year Tribulation. This also means that that the 144,000 Witnesses, and the Two Witnesses will be sent to preach to the lost on Earth right after the First Rapture, after the mid-point of the Tribulation, and the Two Witnesses will be killed, resurrected and taken to Heaven at the end of the Tribulation, just before the Battle of Armageddon. Though few seem to note this when discussing the Two Witnesses, the Book of Revelation indicates that the Two Witnesses will serve God on Earth for 42 months or 3-1/2 years, and will be caught up to Heaven just as the Seventh Trumpet is blown, or just before the Bowls of God’s Wrath are poured out.

To learn more about my somewhat outdated Tribulation Time-chart (which I hope to update soon), go to my POEM Blog articles entitled “A New Revelation Tied to the Pillar of Enoch”; Link:, and “My Fourth Prophetic Gem: The Signs in the Heavens”, Link:

If my suspicions are correct that the Mayan End Date on December 21st, 2012 is tied to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in some way, and if the other Signs in the Heavens between 2010 and 2018 are any indication, then we may well be in the Tribulation period right now. The Mayan Date for the end of their Fifth Sun or Age was mentioned in my article about the prophetic measurements in the Great Pyramid Antechamber.

God’s revelation to me of how to decipher the Antechamber measurements revealed that the Tribulation may have begun on April 5th, 2011, which was Nissan 1, or the start of the Sacred Year on the Jewish Calendar. It also indicates that the Tribulation would begin to intensify around Passover, April 8th 2012, which is tied to the end of the entrance passage into the Antechamber. Indeed, much political unrest and many Earth changes have affected the world since early in 2011, and it all intensified dramatically in 2012. Since Nissan 1, 2011 is tied to the entrance into the Antechamber, which is allegorically tied to the Tribulation period before Yahshua’s Millennial Rule, it may be meant to mark the actual start date of a shortened 5 year Tribulation period. This ties into the fact that Yahshua indicated that no life would survive the Tribulation unless it is cut short (Matthew 24:22).

If the Tribulation is cut short, the Antechamber indicates that that there will be a major increase in its intensity between July 1st, 2014 and June 1st, 2016. Since the Great Tribulation has to be 3-1/2 years long to fulfill the prophecies given in the Book of Revelation, and the Antechamber of the Great Pyramid shows that the Tribulation should end around June of 2016, then the Rapture has to occur by the end of December 2013, and it therefore may indeed by tied to Chanukah!

This two year time period for the worst part of the Great Tribulation is indicated by the narrowing of the Antechamber entrance into the King’s Chamber, which shows that the end of the Great Tribulation could be around June 1st, 2016. July 2014 falls midway between the first two Blood Moons of the 2014-2015 Lunar Tetrad falling on Jewish Feasts that may mark the period that the Prophets of old called the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. This means that July 2014 may be right around the time that Israel will feel many bad repercussions due to a possible major military victory against her enemies sometime in late 2013 or early to mid 2014.

Dated to 3114 BC, the Mayan Calendar could have been invented by Enoch, who would have been 267 years old (or chronologically a young man in Pre-Flod times) per my Biblical Chronological Time Chart. This was 98 years prior to Enoch’s translation at the age of 365. Ancient Arab and Jewish legends describe Enoch the Sethite as the man who invented writing and the earliest calendar system. Furthermore, the Book of Jubilees tells us that Enoch learned the Gospel in the Stars and Sacred Astronomy from the Holy Watchers who did not fall into sin. Incidentally, the Prophet Daniel was also likely acquainted with the Holy Watchers, as they are referred to at the beginning of the Book of Daniel in reference to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (See Daniel 4:16-18).

The 1,260 days mentioned in the Book of Revelation is a three and a half year period. It refers to the time that the “Woman Clothed with the Sun”, or Two House Congregation of Israel, will spend hiding in the “wilderness”, or place of refuge - as recorded in Revelation, Chapter 12. The Woman Clothed with the Sun has been understood as a metaphor for the True Church or Bride of Christ, and her finding refuge has been seen as a hidden reference to the Rapture. Revelation 12 is an event that will happen n the middle to the Tribulation period, so it suggests that  no one really knows for sure when the Rapture will occur, I know that it WILL happen BEFORE the Great Tribulation, or the last 3-1/2 years of the seven-year Tribulation that is tied to Daniel’s Seventieth Week.

For more information about the dating of the Tribulation with the Signs in the Heavens and the Jewish Feasts, and a comprehensive study of the unfolding of Bible Prophecy, see my book: “The Language of God in Prophecy,” which is available for purchase at my POEM web site, and at

Though the Rapture did not happen around December 21st, 2012 as Jack Van Impe and I had hoped, all of the End Time Signs that are happening right now indicate that it will be very soon. Though Prophecy teacher Jack Van Impe incorrectly speculated that the Rapture might occur around the Mayan End Date in his memorable presentation entitled: “December 21st 2012: History’s Final Day?”, it still is an intriguing presentation, and it may be that the end year of the Mayan Calender’s Fifth Sun, which was determined using projections of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars over vast periods of time, may have been a year or two off. In fact, the Great Pyramid at Giza was also made to serve at a time marker over a vast period of time using the objects in the heavens surrounding the Earth as the clock, and it could also be off by a year or two, depending on how accurate their form of Astronomy was.

If you’re interested in watching Jack Van Impe’s full length presentation about 12-21-2012, here is a link to it at YouTube:

Uncannily, many Zodiac motifs with references to the Mayan End Date for their Fifth Sun or Age are hidden in various places in Washington DC, the most notable of which appears in the Capitol Building, where the Aztec Calendar showing the date 13 Baktun or December 21st, 2012 appears in a circular painting inside the building’s huge domed roof. Though there’s no telling why the Aztec Sun Calendar was painted in the Capitol Building, it could be because it has something to do with America’s place in Bible Prophecy.

Proof that this Stone Aztec Sun Calendar is NOT a Pagan carving, but was likely the product of a people who followed the Way of Yahweh, will appear in another POEM Blog post in the near future. This upcoming article will also explore the idea that the Rapture may be tied to Chanukah, but in another upcoming year, such as 2013 or 2014. But in the meantime, remember that the Rapture could occur at any time, and we always need to be spiritually prepared.

Until my follow up article on this topic, I pray that you will be deeply blessed, and will find spiritual value in studying my prophetic findings hidden within the fetal chart that I shared in this article.

Yahshua is coming SOON! Maranatha!

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  1. As a Believer I don't like being skeptical of things like this, but some things stuck out at me.

    Chanukah is 8 months and 10 days after Passover, not 9.

    The correlations for the Nisan Feasts are not based on how long into the pregnancy something happens but when on a Woman's monthly cycle she's likely to Conceive.

    "The reason for my skepticism is that too many believers that are awaiting the Rapture are expecting Yahshua to return on just about any one of the Feasts, and the Bible makes it clear that it’s going to be a surprise!" I reject this basic Pre-Tirb supposition, it's a surprise only to The World, The Bible is equally clear we should not be taken by Surprise. I believe the 70th Week begins and end sin Nisan just as the first 69 did, and the Parusia occurs in Tishri in the middle of the Week.

  2. sorry but the Church does not have to be here for the Tribulation need to see Isaiah 57:1 also read Revelation chapter 1&2 only one Church will go thru the Great Tribulation and the Church of Philadelphia will be taken out before the hour of trial. All so read Revelation 6:12-17. The Bride of Christ if we are the body of Christ here on earth. Why would we have to take on the wrath of the Lamb? This is bad Hermeneutics. But glad to see some one also using all 9 feast day to see what I have been seeing. As there are 3 harvest barley, wheat and grapes.

    1. I never said the Church has to go through the Great Tribulation. But I believe we will be here to experience the first Five Tribulation Seal Judgments, and the Rapture will likely occur just before the Sixth Seal is opened. Because that is when God's Wrath begins to be poured out, and we as believers are not subject to God's Wrath, only Satan's Wrath.


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