Thursday, May 08, 2014


I just shared this with a friend:

"I know we have to live our lives while we wait for Yahshua's return, but honestly, I can't seem to think about anything else! I mean, I try to do what I need to do around the house, on and for E-bay, and in the garden, and I try to get motivated to share what God is laying on my heart. But it all seems so meaningless now, because none of this world matters anymore, and not many new people are coming into the kingdom as evil increases.

There is a definite heaviness in the air. It's oppressive and hard to shake. But if we keep our eyes on Yahshua and praise Him regardless, I know it will keep us going!"

Just like me, she's feeling the oppression of the enemy in this world, and I shared how I felt the same way. But I also know that the enemy wants to wear us out so we will lose our rewards, and only keeping my eyes on Christ can save me or any other saint from losing such a precious gift.

SO PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES ON YAHSHUA! Staying focused on Christ will help you to stand strong in His might and keep on going. It will also help if you make an effort to Praise Him and His Father and ours everyday. Also remember to thank Him and invite His Spirit inside. This will help you to preach the Gospel to anyone who will listen, and in spite of everything - even persecution.

Don't get discouraged, but stay strong in Yahshua, for great will be your reward in Heaven one day if you don't give up or give in!


Love and Blessings from
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

Photo Credit: taken from, a Christian
ministry offering hope and encouragement for the Body of Christ.

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