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From Bob:  'Look up - for our God has something for you to see and hear!!!'

The other day, I received the e-mailed letter at the end of this message and a PowerPoint file that the attached graphic came from. They were sent by a fellow Sacred Astronomer and Brother in Christ to remind me about a prophetic vision that he received from God on the 13th of November in 2011 of these amazing, brilliant white radiant lines that he saw fanning out over the Northern Circumpolar Region of the sky.

At the time, he did not know what this meant, and he wrote to ask me what I thought. But at the time, I could only tell him what I knew of the meaning of the constellations and some of the known Meteor Showers that it might be related to somehow, like the Perseids.

But now he thinks that the Meteor Shower being revealed in his vision is referring to this new one that is slated to appear tonight, May 23rd, and tomorrow, May 24th. This is because he said the Giraffe constellation (i.e. Camelopardalis) was signaled out as important by God when he had the vision, although he didn't know why.

In another very recent e-mailed message not shown here, Bob said that God told him that this is going to be one of a series of signs that will be given to the world - just as those that were given to the Pharaoh and people of Egypt to "Let My People Go!" just before the time of the Exodus. So, it will now be happening again before the time of the Rapture, and this is one of the signs!

To that I say: "Hallelu-Yah and Maranatha! Yahshua is coming to retrieve His Bride very soon! Look Up tonight and tomorrow to see this first Prophetic Sign come to pass (God willing!), and pray for clear skies!"

With Love and Blessings,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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Here is the Letter from Bob Space:

Greetings In Christ,

Helena - I am forwarding this e-mail again because it is 'time' to fill in another piece of the puzzle. I have had difficulty understanding the significance of the 'giraffe' in what my wife and I were shown on the night of 11-13-11.

Comet 209P/Linear appears to be poised to clear this up.  I have been told by Father God to share what will be seen Friday and Saturday nights with my family and friends.  We have seen a lot of hype with previous comets and their shows were not as spectacular as predicted.

This time - there is not as much hype and I believe it is for a reason - Father God wants HIS prophets speaking - and speaking BOLDLY!  'Look up - for our God has something for you to see and hear!!!'

We will be watching and looking!

In HIS Service,
Bob Space
Georgetown, TX.
(Update: The Camelopardalid Meteor Shower was almost a complete bust, only producing 5 or 10 meteors per hour. These are easy to miss if you look away or blink at the wrong time. So this was obviously NOT a catalyst for the beginning volley of the Wrath of God as I had hoped, but just another warning sign that the Great Tribulation is near, and the Rapture will be soon. The Comet 209P Linear, which was the cause of this shower, is going to pass close by to Earth on May 28th, and it could cause some excitement, though it seems to be unlikely at this point, as it is a small comet. In the meantime, as we wait for our deliverance, I feel like lamenting like the Psalmists in the Bible: "How long, Oh Lord? How long?" ~ Helena Lehman)

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