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(Update 5-25-2014: The Camelopardalid Meteor Shower was almost a complete bust, only producing 5 or 10 meteors per hour. These are easy to miss if you look away or blink at the wrong time. So this was obviously NOT a catalyst for the beginning volley of the Wrath of God, but just another warning sign that the Great Tribulation is near, and the Rapture will be soon. The Comet 209P Linear, which was the cause of this shower, is going to pass close by to Earth on May 28th, and it could cause some excitement, though it seems to be unlikely at this point, as it is a small comet. Search my Blog for update articles. In the meantime, as we wait for our deliverance, I feel like lamenting like the Psalmists in the Bible: "How long, Oh Lord? How long?" ~ Helena Lehman) 
Debris in the trajectory of Comet 209P is
slated to intersect Earth's orbit this May
Although it is not confirmed, a new Meteor Shower made from debris left by the Comet 209P Linear's recent pass through our Solar System could put on a spectacular show of 1000 meteors falling per hour rather than the original estimate of about 100 per hour on May 23rd and 24th, 2014. This Meteor Shower's Radius is expected to be near the star Polaris in Ursa Minor, also known as the Little Dipper. This constellation was envisioned as a little Sheep Pen in ancient times, with the sheep being part of a congregation or Church. However, with the tail of Draco and Dragon wrapped around it, this indicates that this congregation of sheep is being deceived by Satan.

In addition, as shown in the third illustration from the top in this article, the Meteor Shower radiant is sandwiched between Ursa Major, also known as the Big Dipper, and Cassiopeia, the Enthroned Queen. Intriguingly, Cassiopeia can signify the Bride of Christ enthroned in Heaven, while Ursa Major signified a big sheep pen instead of a bear in ancient times and refers to the Body of Christ as the redeemed sheep following their Good Shepherd, who is Yahshua. Could this potential Meteor Shower therefore be a sign that the redemption of Yahshua's Bride in the Rapture is imminent?

According to the Astronomy Web Sites, the radiant of this proposed Meteor Shower will be in the upper regions of a relatively new constellation that was not known to the ancients. It is called Camelopardalis, which is just below Ursa Major. This modern constellation is depicted as a Giraffe in Astronomy programs, and the name, which means Giraffe, combines the Greek word Camelo, or Camel, and Lopardes or Leopard as descriptive terms for an animal with a long neck like a camel, and spots like a leopard. See my new article about the Circumpolar Regions of the Earth's sky to learn more about the possible meaning of Camelopardalis. Here is the link:


Before continuing, I wanted to point out that, if you click on any of the illustrations in this article, they will open in a photo viewer in a greatly enlarged size. Here is an online article explaining all the technical details about this upcoming Meteor Shower:

Meteor shower later in May could turn out to be a STORM -
with up to 1,000 shooting stars an HOUR

Great Meteor Shower of 1833
Even though this could be a spectacular Meteor Shower, there is likely no way that it will rival the Great Leonid Meteor Shower or Storm of 1833, which was visible over much of the eastern USA and Canada. This meteor Storm was seen radiating out of the constellation Leo, the Lion of Judah over a huge section of the Eastern United States and Canada also. According to records, between 100,000 and 200,000 meteors were observed in the sky per hour at that time, and this is an unprecedented number!

This upcoming Meteor Shower or a currently unknown Meteor Storm like the one of 1833 could be the cause of the stars that will fall from Heaven at the time of the Sixth Seal Judgment. If this coming storm greatly exceeds expectations, it is possible that it could be part of the Sixth Seal Judgment, although it is uncertain and we will have to wait and see. However, the stars falling from Heaven could also be a veiled reference to the Fallen Angels being kicked out of Heaven after their release from the Bottomless Pit and falling to Earth just after the Rapture. In this case, instead of a Meteor Shower, it might be raining Alien space ships, or Fallen Angels sans ships! This could then mark the beginning of the Great Delusion spoken of in Scripture.

Projected Location of New Meteor Shower in Sky
Since the Wrath of God will be poured out on humanity when the Sixth Seal is opened, the Rapture should happen some time before the stars fall from Heaven in fulfillment of the Sixth Seal Judgment. Though this new Meteor Storm of May 23rd and 24th could be spectacular, it is not certain that it will fulfill the prophecy. Nonetheless, it is intriguing that this Meteor Shower is set to begin exactly ten days before Shavuot (or the Jewish version of Pentecost), which begins on the night of June 3rd, 2014. Intriguingly, Yahshua rose UP into Heaven ten days before Shavuot in a situation that mimics what will happen in the Rapture. In fact, I see this time period leading up to Shavuot and Pentecost as a high Rapture Watch period, although we need to keep in mind that the Rapture could happen at any time. To see my suppositions concerning this Shavuot as a good potential Rapture time period, please read my previous blog article linked to below:

The Case For A Mid-Tribulation Rapture In 2014

As shown in the illustration above, this Meteor Shower will be radiating from near to the star Polaris, which is also known as the North Star. Polaris has this name because it is nearest to the Earth's North Celestial Pole, and it is therefore the star used to find due North in navigation. This bright star appears at the end tip of the handle of the Little Dipper or Ursa Minor, in close proximity to the curving body of the large and ominous constellation Draco. However, though it appears in a constellation signifying lost sheep, the North Star can serve as a symbol for God's help and love in a dark world. It can serve as a guiding star for those who need to find their way.

Meteor Shower to be best seen in
North America at Midnight on May 23, 24
Another interesting fact about this new Meteor Shower is that, like most of the Blood Moons in the 2014-2015 Tetrad, this Meteor Shower will be best seen over North America, particularly over the Central and Eastern United States where the seat of America's government and financial centers are located. Therefore, could this Meteor Shower near the little Sheep Pen surrounded by Draco (which is connected to the Red Dragon of Revelation) be a sign that many wicked lost sheep working in the government and financial sectors of the United States will soon be judged by God and perish? I believe this is the exact meaning of this Meteor Shower. But whether or not it will prove to be an even more spectacular omen with the Rapture and arrival of the Fallen Angels during or shortly after it remains to be seen.

I made most of the illustrations for this article by taking screen shots of a May Sky-watching Highlight video featured at Here is a link to it:

New Meteor Shower Could Upgrade to 'Storm' -
May 2014 Skywatching Video 

Midnight, the hour
 of our deliverance?
In the video, they pictured a clock showing the hour of midnight with a shooting star or meteor flying past it. This is because this new Meteor Shower will be best seen around midnight on May 23rd and 24th, 2014. I found that interesting in connection with the fact that midnight has an important prophetic role, appearing in four places that are directly related to judgment and deliverance.

These Scriptures appear in Exodus in connection with the time that the death angel began to pass over Egypt; in the Book of Ruth in connection with the first time that Israelite Boaz meets the Moabite woman Ruth lying at his feet in submission; in Psalm 119 in connection with praising God for His righteous judgments; and in Matthew 25 in relation to the arrival of the Bridegroom Yahshua for His Bride:
Exodus 11:4-5 - “Thus says the Lord: ‘About midnight I will go out into the midst of Egypt; 5 and all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die...”
Ruth 3:8 - “Now it happened at midnight that the man (Boaz) was startled, and turned himself; and there, a woman (Ruth) was lying at his feet.”
Psalm 119:62 - “At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You, Because of Your righteous judgments.”
Matthew 25:6 - “And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!’”
Since these Scriptures are all connected to deliverance and judgment, and they mention the hour of midnight, could it be that Yahshua will come for His Bride at the same hour in Jerusalem? Although no one knows the exact day or hour, maybe we will all be surprised to find the Rapture and Sudden Destruction of the wicked in the Sixth Seal Judgment accompanied by a Fallen Angel invasion of the Earth occurring simultaneously toward the end of this month. If so, it is going to be a time that no one who survives it will ever be able to forget!

If this Meteor Shower or Storm does signify the stars that are to fall from Heaven at the time of the Sixth Seal Judgment (and which may also signify the time that the Fallen Angels and their Nephilim children will return to Earth to deceive the wicked), then the Rapture should occur either just before or during the timing of this Meteor Shower! Although there is no way to know for certain, and all believers should always be prepared to leave in the Rapture at any time, it does present an intriguing possibility!

In addition, Comet 209P Linear, which is associated with this new Meteor Shower, will be passing very close to the Earth as it heads out into the Outer Solar System around May 29th, 2014. When it does, there is a possibility that this old Comet might be fragile, and it could break up due to Earth’s gravitational pull on it.

On the other hand, there may also be large fragments of Comet Linear in its old debris stream that could penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and hit the Earth, setting off a series of cataclysmic reactions including a massive earthquake, huge tsunamis, increased volcanic eruptions and a canopy of dust and debris that will rain down in a huge radius surrounding the impact sites of any large fragments that hit the Earth. If so, the combined effects of a massive Meteor Shower followed by a possible bombardment of the Earth by one or more large fragments of Comet 209P Linear could spell doom for a large portion of the animals and human inhabitants of this planet, just as I foresaw in my cataclysmic Tribulation plague dream of 2011, linked to below:


Here is an informative illustration from the above linked-to article about the last two Seal Judgments and first four Trumpet Judgments as they were depicted in my dream:

Click Image to Enlarge to Read Text
Keep in mind that this is only a conjecture about what could happen in relation to Comet 209P Linear and its debris stream. But regardless if this proves to be just another sign from God warning us and leading up to the main End Time events, or the Big Event itself, I will likely be up praying and praising God at midnight on May 23rd and 24th just for the joy of it!

God bless you all and Maranatha! 
Yahshua is coming very, very soon! 

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


Bible scholar, historian, and astronomer Helena Lehman is the author of, and artist for the non-fiction “Language of God Book Series, and the upcoming fictional Pillar of Enoch Trilogy. She is an avid student of the Bible and ancient history, and an expert on the Gospel in the Stars, the Tabernacle, and the Great Pyramid. Her writings explore the ancient and divine roots of the Star Gospel, and their place as the cornerstone of the Language of God - a divine allegorical language of parables and symbols that permeates every book of the Bible, and all Creation.


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  1. Hi Helena here is a poem I wrote 20 years ago that became fresh when I read the article. The storm was approaching at midnight one day. The clouds were surrounding us all along the way. The lightning was flashing as the thunder roared. The wind changed speed as we approached the door. Now the ground was shaking too things falling from the sky. Water falling from Niagara but falling from the eye. As the knob we were reaching still the nighttime kept leaching. But the glow from beneath the door was from evermore
    NO twist of fate no could be too late just gone ahead to be with the LORD for evermore. Halelu Yah Forgot this dan elder

    1. Thank you for sharing your poem, Brother Dan! It's very good! May our loving Father God and His Son bless you today, and everyday. :-)


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