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Article Originally Written in August 2013, Updated in October 2013

Sun Red From Fires, Strawberry, California, USA, 8-23-2013

~ * ~ Joel 2:30-31 ~ * ~
“And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth:
Blood and fire and pillars of smoke.
31 The sun shall be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,
Before the coming of the great
 and awesome day of the Lord.”

Could this powerful and ominous prophecy in Joel 2:30-31 be referring to the results of the terrible bush fires that have been erupting all over the world over the past few years - especially this year? One of these devastating fires killed 19 young and dedicated firefighters in Arizona in July of 2013, along with destroying property and wilderness areas.

Another one of these fires was the Rim Fire near Yosemite National Park in California that caused the Sun to turn dark red, as shown in the August 23rd, 2013 photo shown above. As a Sacred Astronomer, I can tell you that this SAME PHENOMENON would also have been happening to the Moon at night in that region, although the Moon would tend to appear an even darker and more ominous blood red. 

In the past, I have tried to attribute Joels Prophetic Scripture to actual eclipses of the Sun or Moon, but it recently dawned on me that the Prophet Joel may be referring to blood, fire and pillars of smoke in relation to them for a REASON! Could this reason be the many bush fires that have been caused by excessive heat and drought over the past few years?

Not long ago, I posted a video of a firenado on my timeline at Facebook that was burning out of control in Alaska for several MONTHS! Here is the link to the original video, and my commentary about it:

This Is An “Extreme Video Of A “Firenado”, As Seen In A Current Alaska Wildfire That Has Been Raging For 3 Months! Very Scary!”
Extreme Fire Behavior on the Tetlin
Junction Ridge Fire (#414) on 8/16/13

Article Stating Fire Duration of 3 Months and Counting:

Fascinatingly, Joel speaks about the Sun darkened, Moon turned to blood, and pillars of fire and smoke in relation to the coming of the GREAT DAY OF YAHWEH’s WRATH! It’s either an UNCANNY coincidence, or Joel’s record of God’s prophetic Word is coming true before our eyes RIGHT NOW in the many bush fires that have been plaguing America and Australia! If we are indeed seeing this Scripture come to fulfillment, we can KNOW that the Great Day of Yahweh’s Wrath is imminent! To that I say “Maranatha!” and:

~ * ~ Isaiah 40:2-4 ~ * ~
“Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her,
That her warfare is ended,
That her iniquity is pardoned;
For she has received from the Lord’s hand
Double for all her sins.
3 The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way of the Lord;
Make straight in the desert
A highway for our God.”

The photo of the red Sun was taken from APOD/Astronomy Pictures of the Day, which had this to say about the photo: 
“This striking, otherworldly scene really is a view from planet Earth. The ochre sky and strawberry red sun were photographed on August 22nd near the small village of Strawberry, California, USA. Found along Highway 108, that location is about 30 miles north of the origin of California’s large Rim Fire, still threatening areas in and around Yosemite National Park. The extensive smoke plumes from the wildfire are easily visible from space. But seen from within the plumes, the fine smoke particles suspended in the atmosphere dim the Sun, scattering blue light and strongly coloring the sky.” PHOTO LINK: 
Could the reference to Highway 108 in the APOD commentary on the photo be a veiled reference to the “highway for our God” mentioned in Isaiah 40:4 (as quoted above), as well as to Psalm 108, which contains a clear prophecy concerning the United States (Ephraim) and Israel (Judah) fighting in a war together for the same cause? I think it is!

~ * ~ Psalm 108:7-13 ~ * ~
“I will rejoice;
I will divide Shechem
And measure out the Valley of Succoth.
8 Gilead is Mine; Manasseh is Mine;
Ephraim (the USA) also is the helmet for My head;
Judah (Israel) is My lawgiver.
9 Moab is My washpot;
Over Edom I will cast My shoe;
Over Philistia I will triumph.”
10 Who will bring me into the strong city?
Who will lead me to Edom?
11 Is it not You, O God, who cast us off?
And You, O God, who did not go out with our armies?
12 Give us help from trouble,
For the help of man is useless.
13 Through God we will do valiantly,
For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.”

Please pray and ask Yahweh God if the prophecies in Joel 2 and Psalm 108 may truly be coming to fulfillment right now, and see what He shows you!

Even more ominously, the blood that Joel mentions in his prophecy may not only be in reference to the Blood color of the Moon and Sun when the air is filled with ash and smoke from fires. There is another possibility, and that is the blood of the many animals that die in these fires. sometimes literally bursting from the intensity of the heat, which splatters their blood everywhere.  It also may be referring to the ever-increasing numbers of Christian martyrs that are dying for their faith in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 

Peace-loving and law-abiding Christians are being murdered at an alarming rate that has increased greatly ever since the so-called Arab Spring that has swept through the Middle East, causing much unrest and the ugly rise of Radical Islam. I recently wrote an article that ties these martyrdoms to a Nova that recently appeared in the constellation Delphinus, and I felt led to share it here as the evidence of the blood mentioned in Joel 2:30. Here is the link:


Regarding the judgment by fire that Joel appears to be referring to, a terrible fire broke out and destroyed a large section of the famous Jersey Shore boardwalk in New Jersey, USA this past September 2013. Here is a video documenting the tragic extent of the damage, which destroyed a large section of the boardwalk that had been devastated by Hurricane Sandy in late October 2012:

Seaside Heights, New Jersey Boardwalk Fire: 
Officials Investigate Blaze

In regard to the Jersey Shore fire, it is interesting to note that America’s defiance in the face of God’s continuing judgment on the nation as was documented in the book “The Harbinger” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is certainly behind this boardwalk fire. Unfortunately, however, many religious Americans that are in churches that do not emphasize Bible Prophecy and the Second Coming of Yahshua as they should (and this sadly is the MAJORITY OF CHURCHES) are unaware of the danger they face as America moves ever further away from a strict adherence to biblical morality.

Sadly, the move away from biblical morality may also be behind the bush fires in southern Australia as of October 2013. Per a believing friend who lives in Australia, I was informed that the metropolitan city of Sydney is home to many wealthy Australians, has a large Muslim population, and hosts a Gay Mardi Gras Festival every summer that is very well attended by homosexuals and transgendered people from all over the world.

These terrible Bush Fires raging through Southern Australia also appear to be part of the fulfillment of the Joel Prophecy, as many people have tragically died in these fires - in addition to the huge loss of homes and property. In the following news video posted at YouTube, note the extent of the damage of these fires that have been caused by excessive heat and drought in the region. Note also the clip of the Sun being obscured and tinted to a dark red hue from the heavy smoke of the fires:

Australia bushfires: 
Firefighters face 30m high flames in Lake Macquarie

Taken together, these fires are convincing evidence that Joel’s Prophecy about death-causing (i.e. bloody) fires accompanying the End Times that will darken the Sun and obscure the Moon with blood-red hues may be coming to pass this year. In several recent related blog posts, I also have shown videos that documented the devastation being caused by other so-called natural disasters all over the world this year, including more fires. Here are links to them:



These videos show that natural disasters are increasing rapidly as a sure sign that we are indeed in the End Times. For this reason, we can expect Yahshua to return for His Bride and the Wise Virgin attendants of His Bride at any time.

So Keep Repenting, Praying , And Looking UP, 
Because Yahshua Is Coming VERY SOON!

~ Helena Lehman
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  1. Hello Helena, You mention the star gospel surrounding the new NOVA in Capricorn above; over half of Australia lies above the Tropic of Capricorn and its raging ON FIRE! THE LAMB OF GOD IS READY! THANK YOU HELENA!

  2. God forbids His people to place serious confidence in astrology.
    Deuteronomy 18:9-14,18-22 - Occult practices, including divination, are an abomination to God. V14 specifically forbids listening to diviners. "Divining" is attempting to predict the future by occult or mystical methods. But astrology is part of the occult and attempts to predict the future. So by definition, astrology constitutes occult divination, which God forbids (note again the Britannica definition above).
    Vv 21,22 - If one claims to know the future, but his predictions do not come true, do not fear him! The Bible shows that astrologers cannot predict the future with certainty, and most astrologers will admit their predictions are often incorrect.
    2 Kings 17:16-18 - God destroyed Israel for practicing idolatry, worshiping "the host of heaven" (stars and planets), using "divination" [ASV; cf. "witchcraft and soothsaying" in NKJV], and other occult practices.
    Jeremiah 10:2 - God's people were expressly forbidden to be concerned about the "signs of heaven," that heathen people trusted in. This clearly includes astrology. God's people were not to learn their ways!
    The Old Testament clearly says that the future cannot be predicted accurately by the stars. If it could not be done then, it cannot be done now. To place trust in such methods is to learn the ways of the heathen, which is just as wrong now as it was then.
    [Ezek. 21:21; 12:24; 13:6-9,23; 21:29; 22:28; Isaiah 44:24,25; Acts 16:16-19; Jer. 27:9,10; 14:14; Mic. 3:6-11; Zech. 10:2]
    Lord give you discernment by HIS Spirit......AS YOU WILL/are willing

  3. Ah! I see my comment awaits approval. I don't expect you to publish is, or, if you do, if you do not choose Truth, you will twist and use it as argument. It is, of course, your choice....and your consequences. May the Lord Most High's will be done, whether for your cleansing and His glory, or for your removal from teaching error against His Word. As you will


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