Thursday, August 29, 2013


We who believe in Yahshua and know the Gospel know that we shouldn’t be entertained by sin, so what does Hollywood do? They keep putting practicing Gay actors of both sexes in key roles in every movie and TV show of note, like the Gay actor who played the god-like Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings (as shown in the photo), and the Gay actor who plays the young Spock in the new Star Trek movies. They also feature actors and actresses in staged Gay relationships that are facing some terrible crisis together to draw on our feelings of compassion, like the two Gay women in the new TV series “Under The Dome”.

Worst of all, most of us have no clue that they’re Gay, or that they’re playing someone who is Gay until later - after the damage has been done, and we’ve discovered that we’ve been duped into being entertained by sin! And the Music Industry isn’t much better, especially because there is documented proof that many of the biggest names in ALL forms of popular music are practicing Luciferians, touting the carnal love of the world and the love of the flesh rather than the love of neighbor and self in a godly, brotherly manner.

It’s disgusting how we are constantly being manipulated to love the world and all of the sin in it, but most of us go along for the ride without making one public protest that might have an impact on someone else’s point of view. In my opinion, that’s even more deplorable than being fooled into being entertained by sin in the first place!

Though many actors, actresses and singers are very talented, and great at their craft, they are working together to create a world that doesn’t include the God of the Bible and His stern warnings against immorality. We live in an Age when just about every form of entertainment that we choose effectively takes our mind off of God and the Bible, and into a world of problems where the true God is never invoked, or shown to be an answer, but very often is falsely shown to be the source of all of our problems!

It’s the most tragic thing that I have ever seen, and the apathy and ignorance of all the sheep out there that are being duped in this way makes me want to weep! We are truly living in the days of Lot and Noah! (See Luke 17:27-29)

God have mercy on us!

~ Helena Lehman

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