Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Origins of Islam, and a Report on the Hajj to Mecca

By Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


Photo of Muslim Pilgrims Surrounding the Ka'aba in Mecca:

The Origins of Islam

Long ago, I read that Mohammed, being dissatisfied with the paganism in Arabia and believing that there was only one God, went on a quest to find the truest path to God. During his travels, he spoke with many Jews and Christians trying to find the truth. But, because of widespread apostasy and confusion among Christian and Jewish sects, Mohammed never was taught properly and was never led to accept Yahshua as his Savior.

Instead, Mohammed came to the conclusion that no one religion had the whole truth, but only portions of the truth. So Mohammed decided it would be wise to create a religious platform that everyone could agree on. He felt this would not only eliminate any confusion about the nature of God and what He expects from His human children, but it would lead to world peace because everyone would have the same views on what God’s will for mankind is.

Mohammed tried to achieve this goal of peace by writing down the best stories and traditions from the major monotheistic faiths he encountered at the time, embellishing them with the Arabic folklore surrounding various Jewish and Christian traditions and religious stories. Then, in order to get people to listen to him, Mohammed taught that these stories were dictated to him by the angel Gabriel and were therefore more perfect than the Scriptures written down by men.

However, though Mohammed’s Arab contemporaries readily listened to and followed him, few of the Jews or Christians would listen. Instead, they repeatedly rejected him and refused to become Muslims. As a result, Mohammed got angry and returned to his home in Arabia, where he amended his writings to include the slanderous and violence-promoting passages towards infidels that the Koran contains today.

In addition, Mohammed began to call his followers to join him in a jihad or holy war to spread Islam throughout the whole world at the point of a sword. Though Mohammed’s goal of world Islamic domination was never achieved in history, it did come close several times. But that doesn’t seem good enough to some Muslims, who view the West with fear and contempt due to their moral laxity. This attitude of some devout Muslims is what has led to radical Islam today.

Since Islam is basically a skewed interpretation of Jewish and Christian holy books, it explains why Muslims believe similar things to Jews and Christians while denying the basic tenants of both faiths. For example, in the article linked to above, the Muslims are reported as seeing Abraham as the one who was tempted three times by the Devil instead of Yahshua, and they also see Abraham attempting to slay Ishmael on the altar rather than Isaac.

But the biggest tragedy of Islam is that their teachings about Yahshua, whom they call Isa, are also erroneous. Though they acknowledge his greatness as a teacher and prophet, Muslims deny Yahshua’s deity and holiness - to their everlasting peril. So, in a spirit of true Christian love and brotherhood, we need to pray that God will open a way for us to reach the Muslims with the truth of the Gospel before they all perish in the Antichrist’s kingdom.

Here is a link to an interesting article on Islam that appeared in a local online paper today. This article is reporting on the fact that this week on the Muslim calendar is the traditional time to go on a pilgrimage or Hajj to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to pray before the Ka’aba:

Muslim hajj pilgrims perform devil stoning ritual:

Here is a link where you can watch a live feed of the pilgrims in Mecca:

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