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Israel Preparing for War As Crystal Skull Rituals Are Initiated


This article focuses on Israel’s struggle to protect itself against her enemies even as a Pandora’s Box of epic proportions is being opened by Mayan Shamans in possession of 13 inherently evil crystal skulls. What’s more, the final skull ritual will occur in Los Angeles on 11-11-11 - the same time that the movie called “The Immortals” focusing on the antics of the fallen angels that were worshiped as gods in ancient times is being released!

If you haven't already heard, let me alert you to a serious development in the Middle East that is happening even as the US Military continues to remove their troops from Iraq.

As revealed in the news story linked to below, it appears that the Israelis are seriously preparing for a coming war with Iran, which has continued to develop nuclear weapons capability without restraint or compromise in their vows to destroy Israel with them once they are ready.

Israeli F15 War Jets

As Iran’s allies, Syria and Russia may also get involved in this coming confrontation with Israel. If so, it probably won't be long before Bible Prophecy is fulfilled and Damascus is completely destroyed along with some top nuclear and military installations in Iran and Russia. If Russia steps in, however, this coming war with Israel could escalate into a devastating world war, with the Rapture possibly happening not long after that. This scenario would be a fulfillment of the Gog/Magog War of Bible Prophecy spoken of in Chapters 38 and 39 of the book of Ezekiel.

ARTICLE: Israeli and UK Media Report Israel
Increasing Preparation for Confrontation with Iran:

In fact, there is so much prophetically significant news occurring at the same time right now, it's mind-boggling. For one thing, the United Nations is planning to vote on elevating Palestine’s statehood, and this move may include giving all or a portion of Jerusalem to the Palestinians. But when this occurs, there is no doubt that the entire world will pay a huge price for dividing God’s Covenant Land and for hating His original Covenant People.

Another scary development is the sudden re-appearance of thirteen reportedly ancient crystal skulls that some Mayan spiritual leaders have been given. These Mayan leaders are none other than pantheistic Shamans that have become adept at wielding demonic power. It is therefore extremely frightening that these Mayan spiritual leaders are traveling across the United States right now with the skulls, performing dark, secret ancient rituals to release their power into the world.

The 13 Crystal Skulls

What's even more unsettling is the fact that they plan to end these rituals on November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11) in Los Angeles in a hotel strikingly named the “GATEWAY” - as in a gateway to demonic power:

Crystal Skull Awakening of Spirits Ceremony ends on 11-11-11:

The 13 Crystal Skulls Will Arrive In San Francisco On 11-11-11:

Intriguingly, the final stop in this continental journey has an interesting distinction. This is the fact that - among the cities of America - the New Age movement is firmly entrenched among the rich and wealthy living in and around Los Angeles and San Francisco. In fact, California as a whole is a New Age play land and therefore the location of a formidable demonic stronghold.

Crystal Skull Used In Meditation

I have read that crystals in general have very real energy-conducting capabilities and are often used in technology for this purpose. However, most people don't know that crystals also seem to conduct and transmit spiritual energy. That is why crystals are so popular for use in meditation and channeling in New Age circles. Here is a blog article that explains how spiritually and cosmically deadly these skulls may truly be:

Letter From Former New Ager
Concerning Crystal Skulls:

Original Letter Source:

Made in the images of dead men's bones that house the brains of human beings that are continually bent on evil unless they are saved, these crystal skulls are said to be purely evil repositories of curses and demonic power. Legends surrounding the skulls indicate that they could not be destroyed by any ordinary means because of the dark forces protecting them. So the righteous people who finally got hold of the skulls in ancient times carefully hid them around the world to keep them from being used for evil purposes for as long as possible.

But now all thirteen skulls have been recovered and joined back together in the hands of people who do not love the one true God Yahweh or His Son. As such, the skulls are like a Pandora’s Box of epic proportions and can only bring evil into the world by those who use them!

Fascinatingly, a movie called "The Immortals" that focuses on the mortal human hero Theseus' power struggles with the immortal beings worshiped by humanity in ancient times is being released into US Theaters on 11-11-11. Based on Greek mythology, the movie focuses on Theseus, who is chosen by the god Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion.

According to the movie, Theseus is called into action because this evil king is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity. In truth, however, Theseus was the legendary founder of Athens, making him a mortal man who followed the Way of Cain or the Serpent that was the basis of the polytheistic Greek Religion.

For Theseus to be immortalized by the Greeks, he had to have succeeded in doing something inherently more evil than saving the human race from physical extinction. Though saving humanity from extinction was seen as a good thing in God's eyes in relation to Noah and his family, the gods that Theseus and his peers worshiped are the evil spirits of the fallen angels and their Nephilim offspring. Furthermore, both of these inhuman (i.e. alien) races are evil to the core and may be scheduled to make a sinister re-appearance on the world scene in the near future.

Finally, another movie out of Hollywood aptly named "11-11-11" is coming out on that same date. The 11-11-11 movie, which has been called a scary thriller in reviews, was written around the real-life buzz surrounding the eerie fact that the number 11 has been appearing so often in religious people's lives lately. According to one reviewer, this horror movie takes place on 11-11-11 and features an otherworldly entity (translation: a demon or fallen angel) that comes to Earth through Heaven’s 11th gate (?).

All in all, it seems to not only be another attempt to profit from exploiting people's fears, but a way to mock the outwardly religious people that are most likely to be entertaining them. I say this because truly born-again sinners generally are surrounded by the peace that transcends all understanding that only Yahshua our Messiah can give to those who love Him (Philippians 4:7).

All of these developments are sure signs that the Great Tribulation or time of Jacob’s Trouble will soon be upon the world and the Rapture cannot be far off. So please continually pray to be protected, forgiven and spiritual ready, and keep looking UP, because Yahshua our Bridegroom is surely coming soon!

May Yahweh Our God Bless Us All With His Wisdom And Protection As Trouble Approaches Us From Every Side! Amen!

Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)

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