Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Days of Lot and Noah Are Here!

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With the new movie "Noah" coming to theaters in March 2014, I wanted to say a few words about the previews of it online, and what the real Noah likely looked like as opposed to the Hollywood version that actor Russell Crowe makes a brave attempt to portray - given the weaknesses of the script he was using. I also wanted to discuss how the present time in history is very much like the Days of Noah and Lot.

Noah Movie Poster
The Movie "Noah" does not really attempt to show how dark, immoral and dangerous it was to live on the Earth before the Great Flood. It fails because it strays from the Scriptures in too many respects, and depicts Noah as a bitter, angry murderer for a good portion of the film. However, it does depict a small measure of the evil that existed prior to the Flood by placing the descendant of the Biblical Cain named Tubal-Cain and his Cainite clan members as Noah's main antagonists. According to Hollywood, Tubal-Cain is the main instigator of all the battle scenes, along with his allies the fallen Watchers, who are depicted as wicked alien creatures that have six arms.

Though this depiction of the Watchers - who were fallen angels - is not biblical, the choice of Tubal-Cain as the leader of an evil army was at least somewhat accurate. After all, it was Tubal-Cain who is cited as being the first to learn how to work brass and iron, making him the world's first blacksmith. As a probable maker of the first metal weapons, Tubal-Cain is also an obvious choice as the instigator of wars in which to use them against the rival Sethite clans that Noah and his sons represent.

On the other hand, the immorality displayed by Noah and some of his family is really odd considering that God described Noah as a "just man" who "walked with God" (Genesis 6:9), meaning that Noah did his best to do God's Will and follow God's moral laws. This means he also would have educated his children to follow the same laws. Furthermore, the crude, ugly clothing of Noah, his kin, and most of the other characters in this epic movie is inexplicable, since my research has shown that the antediluvians were intellectual giants that had developed pockets of high civilization.

As proof of this, archaeological records indicate that our Pre-Flood ancestors who lived on the Earth before 2347 BC produced gorgeous jewelry and textiles, and many examples of their impressive handiwork can be found in Natural History Museums around the world. For this reason, it would seem likely that a righteous leader like Noah and his godly family would have enjoyed fine clothing and house wares to some extent - even with the moral and sexual prohibitions that any godly society should possess.

Furthermore, if we add the Ethiopian Book of 1 Enoch and Book of Jasher as plot sources, the depiction of Noah and his antagonists in the movie loses a good deal more ground. My research into the past using these manuscripts is featured in my 800-page book "The Language of God in History". This book adds much-needed detail to the biblical account, and it paints a very unflattering and frightening picture of what the days of Noah were truly like, and how closely human society matches it today. A brief review of my findings follows below. I hope that it will guide and bless you as we focus on remaining close to God in these dark days before Yahshua's return.

In the Days of Noah, my research has uncovered the fact that there was a complete breakdown of social order and morality in the years before the Great Flood. According to the Book of Jasher, the majority of the human race had degenerated into a feudal society, where armed bands of thugs preyed on those who sought to live in peace with their neighbors. This state of affairs led to terrible violence and immorality as robbery, pillage, rape and slaughter became commonplace.

According to the Book of 1 Enoch, the major catalysts in this breakdown of society were the Fallen Angels and the Nephilim that were on the Earth in those days, and these evil beings not only wanted to be worshiped as gods, but to destroy or corrupt all humanity. The Fallen Angels worked toward this goal by demanding worship and creating the Nephilim - both sexually and through genetic splicing.

Using scientific techniques that only they understood at the time, the Fallen Angels polluted the gene pool of animals and humans in a mad attempt at destroying God's Creation and Plan of Salvation via genetic pollution and intense persecution of those who followed the Way of Yahweh. In addition, the Nephilim killed and ate humans and raped their women to create more like themselves.

Meanwhile, some humans fought back, killing the Nephilim without mercy and also one another. Still later, God armed the Nephilim so that they could kill each other and wipe one another out as their Fallen Angel progenitors helplessly watched. After the Nephilim destroyed themselves, and the Great Flood destroyed most of those that remained, the Fallen Angels were imprisoned for 70 generations.

Adding to the dire situation before the Flood, the true worship of God was no longer practiced. Religious plurality and persecution of those who did follow the one true God Yahweh was so endemic that nothing was considered sacred anymore, and eventually no one except Noah and his immediate family believed in the one true God. Instead, most worshiped idolatrous versions of God that often included the worship of multiple false deities.

The gods and the idols of the people before the Flood were styled after none other than the Fallen Angels and their Nephilim offspring, who sexually and morally perverted everyone and everything they came into contact with. This dire state of affairs led to the complete corruption of humanity and most other forms of life on a genetic, sexual and spiritual level, and only Noah and his family had not succumbed to this trend by the time of the Great Flood.

Instead, Noah and his family did their best to remain separate from the world and everything in it. However, the Bible, the Book of Jubilees, and the Book of Jasher tell us that Noah went out and preached to the people all over the world for many years prior to the Flood in a doomed effort to get them to repent and turn away from their love of the Nephilim, the Fallen Angels and their religions filled with dark magic and sorcery.

Sadly, by the time of the Flood, only Noah and his family were still spiritually and genetically pure. For this reason, I sincerely doubt that any movie this side of the Battle of Armageddon will ever depict the true state of wickedness that existed back in the days of Noah, but I believe that we are fast approaching it now.

For example, scientists are now experimenting with growing human body parts in animals to be used in surgery, and they are genetically modifying world food supplies to supposedly make it more disease resistant, but also effectively tainting all humanity with genetically altered material within the composition of their bodies. In addition, persecution of believers has increased dramatically since America's supposed War on Terror began, and instead of making the Middle East and other Muslim lands safer for believers, it has made the world a dangerous place for anyone who worships Yahweh and Yahshua in truth.

Chicago Skyline, Buckingham Fountain in Foreground -
Photo Courtesy of
As a perfect example of how far humanity has fallen in this present age to match the Days of Noah, I'd like to focus on my hometown of Chicago for a moment. This city is one of the most beautiful in the world, while also being one of the most dangerous to live in. This is because there are usually well-over 600 fatal shootings there a year, and gangs of totally immoral youth now roam the streets, finding "fun" in attacking, robbing and beating whomever they choose - often fatally. There are also many fatal car accidents in Chicago every year because no one follows traffic laws in the inner city, driving erratically and butting into traffic wherever and whenever they choose.

Chicago's youth are also highly immoral, and this has been the case since I was growing up there 30 years ago - although it is far worse now! Many of the inner city kids don't really care about school, and school violence is so rampant that most schools have to operate like light-security prisons - with body scanners checking every student for weapons, security cameras in every corridor, locked doors during school hours, and no entrance without proper IDs.

After school, many of the students subjected to this oppressive environment want to relax and unwind using some form of alcohol or drugs, whether it be "doctored" marijuana or some more dangerous drug that poisons their bodies and minds in their mad rush to leave harsh reality behind for a false euphoria. Most of these youth are also engaged in playing extremely violent video games that fill their minds with a lust for blood and violence that surely reaches the levels that existed in Noah's day.

Daley Plaza Chanukah Menorah Display
Generally, these same youth are also morally lax, with many girls and boys having more than one sexual partner, and with many girls losing their virginity before they reach the age of 13. A high percentage of the girls who are sexually active also end up having an abortion before they reach adulthood. On top of this, the kids that these girls keep are usually born out of wedlock, and this opens the way for many of these women to quit school and collect welfare. This also heartbreakingly leads to many kids being raised in an immoral environment, often without any true father or faith influence. This is also a breach of the commandment to honor both mother and father. It also doesn't help that few young adults who remember to use birth control actually view marriage favorably anymore, preferring to live together in sin and commit sexual fornication rather than marry to sanctify their sexual encounters in the marriage bed.

Daley Plaza Atheist Display, Nativity in background
Beyond sexual immorality, the world we live in has become religiously pluralistic and confused, and the false doctrine that Christ is NOT the only way that He claims to be is now being taught all over the world. In addition, the false report that all faiths lead to God is being forced on the public daily. In a visual expression of this religious promiscuity, Chicago's Daley Plaza town center now sports a Chanukah display, a Christian Nativity Display, a Christmas Tree, and an Atheist Display right next to each other, as shown in these photos.

Daley Plaza Nativity Display
Another sad result of this trend is the slow death of many old-fashioned neighborhood churches. Those that haven't closed down or been converted into a mosque or government building are virtually empty except on major holidays. Meanwhile, Retail stores continue to operate on weekends and late into the night on traditional holidays. In this way, they refuse to honor the Sabbath and the Biblical mandate to have no other God but Yahweh, as the god of commerce being honored during shopping sprees is Mammon or material wealth - and not the God of the Bible.

In the meantime, those who are making this world like it was in the Days of Lot are at home in Chicago also, committing a different kind of sexual fornication that is also highly repulsive to God. Chicago and the entire State of Illinois is now Gay Marriage friendly. This is due to Illinois passing a Gay Marriage bill in the autumn of 2013, after which there was a massive tornado outbreak in the region that destroyed the town of Washington, IL and outlying areas, and killed several people.

Chicago LGBT's Celebrate 
Gay Marriage Bill at Sidetrack Bar
Despite God's biblical expressions of displeasure toward homosexual unions and cross-dressing of any kind, there is also an active and aggressive LGBT Community in Chicago and other areas of Illinois that have their own very well-attended LGBT Festival and Gay Parade in Chicago every year. In fact, some of Chicago's immoral youth now frequently congregate in the many Gay and LGBT bars peppering the city centers because they're considered to be more fun than "Straight" bars and lounges. One of these is the Sidetrack Bar, which features Las Vegas style gender-confused entertainment regularly.

Though Chicago is a radical microcosm of the rest of the USA, there is no doubt that this same trend is occurring everywhere in the major cities of America today, and the world we live in is no longer Christianized, or moral in any way except for a few hold-outs in the monotheistic Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities - and in many small towns. Sadly, however, Jews, Muslims and Christians often radically hate each other, which brings its own set of curses on society.

Indeed, this lack of love for one another is the same as it was in the violent days before Noah's Flood, and it will surely bring God's Wrath down on this unrepentant and wicked generation very soon! For this reason, we who wish to be counted worthy of the Rapture need to keep our Wedding attire (i.e. spiritual purity) on and our spiritual lamps full of the oil of the Holy Spirit. This will ensure that we are always fully equipped to rest in Yahshua, and to do good works in keeping with God's will.

Yours In Yahshua,
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  1. EXCELLENT post and I agree with it 100%. I am eager to see the movie but fear I will be greatly disappointed. I am filing this post in my files. A real keeper!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Sister Karla. The Good news is that Yahshua has to be coming soon since we are now living in days much like the Days of Noah and Lot.

      Oh, BTW, I added several photos to the article and made some text corrections after you read it, so you might want to check it out and archive a new copy. God bless!

  2. An outstanding piece, dear sister. May many non-believers be moved and touched by the Holy Spirit , His true revelation. Thank you also for informing us of so many relevant things. In Yeshuah's name, be blessed!

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words, sister Anita. You are a true blessing!

      Have a wonderful Holiday Season! <3

  3. People like to condem homosexuality simply on a immoral stance (I e how man and woman are made) But the real logical reason it leads to destruction is this(the most high knows) if we are truly peered up man and woman in equal numbers say 10 of each sex and there is devation in that peering,someone gets lefte out and the frabic of that perfect peering unravels,murder,neglect, kaos follows.(left out party gets mad or goes insane feels betrayed etc...)more logical less religious nut! Now the gay community can't argue against that logic!


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