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By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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This October 8th, 2013 is the third day of the Sign of the Woman Clothed With The Sun, which is a sign that spans a long period of time, as shown in the illustration above. Please study the illustration to understand the prophetic meaning of this sign, and note the three comets that accompany it. 

The first day that the Woman Clothed With The Sun appeared in the heavens was October 6th, and it is ten days long - from October 6th through 16th, 2013. It begins with the Sun in Virgo’s belly, and ends with the Sun aligned with Spica in Virgo, which marks the Virgin’s Birth Canal. At this time, Mars and Comet ISON will be in alignment with the King Star Regulus in Leo. In 3 BC, the Woman Clothed With The Sun signified the birth of the Sun of Righteousness, Yahshua, on the Day of Atonement.

This year, I believe this Sign in Heaven signifies the birth of the One New Man spoken of in Scripture that signifies the Church of all born-again believers. If so, it is possible that the Rapture could be between now and then, though it may only be meant to be a sign that the Bride and Five Virgins now need to be prepared to go to Heaven in the Rapture at any moment - not that the Rapture will happen between now and the 16th. This is partly because Comet ISON seems tied to this sign, and Comet ISON won't be that prominent in Earth's skies until the end of October.

This sign is highly significant because it is greatly similar to the sign that appeared when Yahshua was born in September of 3 BC. See my illustrated article about this here:


Also, Since the Sun, Moon, stars and planets can be seen around the world, it is a sign that can be seen around the world. Every eye can see it, though they will not recognize it! But I do not think this sign will be immediately followed by the Rapture because it is tied to the Comet ISON, which won’t become readily visible until the end of October.

Together with the Woman Clothed With The Sun, Comet ISON is the Sign of the Son of Man, and this comet will pass through Virgo and Libra this October and November on its way to perihelion with the Sun in Scorpio on November 28th, the first day of Chanukah. At that time, the whole world will be able to see Comet ISON’s tail, and it will be like the Star of Bethlehem, leading people to MOURN and worship the King of kings. See my illustrated article about the three comets that are tied to the Woman Clothed with the Sun this October for more:

Three Comets, Chanukah 2013,
And The Sign of the Son of Man

Because ISON is a big comet, its tail will be enormous, and if it survives its trip around the Sun, it will cut through the most wicked signs in the heavens as a symbol of the blow that God will deliver to Satan’s head or plans with the Rapture and Great Tribulation, or time of Jacob’s Trouble, which is being marked in the heavens by the Four Blood Moons on Jewish Feasts in 2014 and 2015. Therefore, if the Rapture is a PRE-WRATH event, it MUST occur sometime before Sixth Seal is opened, as the Fifth Seal tied to Martyrdom has already been opened!

See my illustrated article about the Sign of the Nova in Delphinus and its connection to the Sign of Jonah linked to below for more about the sign of the Fifth Seal, and see the Three Comet article listed above for more about how the Sixth Seal is tied to the unleashing of the Wrath of God:


Just a couple of notes of caution here before I close: 

I received a Word from God (CLICK HERE TO READ IT) that we would have to see Israel conquer her enemies first and then the Rapture would come. I know this is going to take place soon. The Rapture will be a huge blow to Satan’s plans because it will get many people among the Foolish Virgins to wake up and realize that they were LEFT BEHIND, and this will put a huge dent in the Illuminati’s plans to take over the world for Satan. In the meantime, we need to be ready to leave at any time, because our Bridegroom is coming! Soon the Shofar will sound around the world, and we will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and will be lifted up to Heaven to be with Yahshua forever.

I also wanted to warn you all about the Strong Delusion mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-13. I think this may be referring to the Fallen Angels re-appearing to claim that they created intelligent life on Earth and that they are the source of all the world’s religious myths, thereby pushing the Bible into the realm of myth. In this way, they will facilitate the One World Religion of the Antichrist.

I believe that the Fallen Ones will come right after the Rapture, and they will claim that they made the Rapture happen to get rid of the spiritually inadequate people that could hold the world back from moving forward due to their “negativity”. I also think that the War in Heaven is going on right now, and that is why there has been such an increase in meteor sightings - the fallen ones are represented by the meteors getting through the Earth's atmosphere. They are being thrown down and the Strong Delusion is coming. That is why the Rapture has to be soon!

Maranatha, My Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Yahshua is coming VERY, VERY SOON!



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