Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Prophetic Meaning of the November 2013 Solar Eclipse

Excerpt from Helena Lehman’s article:
“Four Comets, Chanukah 2013, And The Sign of the Son of Man”

On November 3rd, 2013, there will be a very rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse or Sackcloth Sun in the Sign of Libra the Scales of Justice that is ripe with prophetic meaning. At the time of this eclipse, which will appear to be partial in some areas and total in others, three comets - Encke, LINEAR, and ISON - will be visible in the same region of the sky. This is an extremely rare event, especially since the fourth comet Lovejoy will also be visible in a neighboring region of the sky, and four comets in the sky at once is an unprecedented event! At the time of the Eclipse, according to projections, Comet ISON will be the brightest comet of them all, and it will be visible near to the planet Mars - the symbol of Yahshua’s Blood Sacrifice and New Covenant. Conversely, Mars can also be a sign of war when Christ’s Blood Covenant with us is broken by the lost and the wicked. 

Meaning of November 3rd, 2013 Solar Eclipse in Libra
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At the time of this Hybrid Eclipse, the likes of which have only happened seven times since the birth of Christ, Mars will be in the Sign of Leo, the Lion of Judah - a sign that is tied to Yahshua coming to conquer the wicked. Meanwhile, Comet Encke - a symbol of Satan usurping God’s Authority - will be ominously poised as if it is about to be “born” in Virgo’s belly. Could this be a sign of the full blown evil that will be born after the Rapture, just as the Sun being born in Virgo in October was a sign of the birth of the One New Man in Christ? 

Also at the time of the eclipse, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn will be beneath Virgo’s feet in Libra, the Scales of God’s Mercy, Wrath and Justice. The Sun signifies God the Father as well as the Son of God and the Moon partly signifies Yahshua’s Bride. But when it covers the Sun in an eclipse, it signifies those who may think they are doing God’s Will, but are actually obstructing it! Near to the Sun and Moon will be Saturn, the symbol of Yahshua’s Kingship and His gifts of Peace and Rest that have been usurped temporarily by Satan. This indicates that Satan is the thief who inspires many to steel Christ’s Crown and His Peace with their political and religious aspirations that oppose the reign and rule of Christ as King of kings.  

Meanwhile, the planet Mercury signifies the Scribes, Prophets, Watchmen and Messengers of God who are witnessing this sign and announcing its importance. Due to what Mercury represents, its close proximity to the November 3rd Solar Eclipse indicates that this is a highly important sign, especially for the people living in the islands of the Atlantic Ocean and in central Africa, where this eclipse will be best seen. Incidentally, many believers in Yahshua in central Africa are suffering under persecution and poor living conditions due to their faith in Him. 

At end of article:

THE HEAVENS ARE DECLARING THAT IT IS TIME TO REPENT, PRAY AND PREPARE THE WAY OF YAHWEH! With four comets to soon be in the same part of the sky this November - just after the Woman Clothed with the Sun appeared in heaven this October - the heavens are positively SCREAMING that the Day of the LORD is at hand and the Rapture and SUDDEN DESTRUCTION are coming very soon! Are you ready for the greatest show of God's Mercy in the Rapture followed by the Greatest Show of His Wrath on Earth? If not, NOW IS THE TIME! DON’T DELAY! Get down on your knees and beg God's forgiveness, and accept Yahshua as your Messiah before it’s too late!!


Here is a link to read the whole fascinating article this excerpt was taken from:

“Four Comets, Chanukah 2013, And The Sign of the Son of Man”



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