Monday, September 02, 2013


Sometimes, like the prayerful Bride in the winter scene above, we find ourselves in an emotional desert or winter where those we love or care about could care less about us and our faith, and all we can do to hold onto our faith is to pray continually to God the Father, and keep our eyes on His Son Yahshua. In my own life, Yahweh God has led me to the point of a near emotional breakdown several times over in order to mold me into the person I am today. God also has brought me into many relationships that have caused far more heartache than joy, even after I prayed and sought His will about them! 

I am a soldier for Christ that has been toughened in a crucible of troubles, and none of these trials were easy to bear. Frankly, there were times when I was so angry at God that I refused to pray to or acknowledge Him at all for a time. Thankfully, these times did not last. God’s Spirit eventually found a crack in my armor, Yahshua worked His way in again, and the Spirit of God reached my hard heart to soften it - time and time again.

I personally think that Yahweh God reaches out to everyone, if they would only believe, and look for Him and His Son Yahshua. God never gives up on any of us while we’re still alive and we are seeking Him. He extends His love and mercy to all of us sinners, even when we have rejected the Gospel, and He continually calls us back to His loving embrace.

But the trouble is that, until people truly believe in the one true God Yahweh even a little, they can’t see Him working in their lives! They are completely blind to Him, and to the truth in His Word due to various demonic strongholds that are associated with rejecting God. These can cause generational sins and curses that are passed down in families for up to ten generations unless a person breaks the hold of that curse by accepting Yahshua and applying His blood to their family line. Those being swayed by such generational curses are incapable of being delivered from them, or the demonic oppression and possession they can cause until they acknowledge their need for deliverance through Yahshua!

In cases where even the mention of Yahshua causes tempers to flare and hatred to burst forth, the best thing we can do is stop throwing our pearls before swine. We need to stop preaching to deaf ears and blind eyes until we ask God to lift their spiritual deafness and blindness, and He does! In the meantime, for our prayers to be effective, we must learn to forgive those who have hurt us. We also need to trust God to meet our spiritual and emotional needs where these lost souls have failed so we hold no bitterness in our hearts toward them.

I pray for many in my family and among my friends that have rejected the Gospel of the Kingdom that I preach, and who have rejected me also. I grieve for them, and ask God to extend His mercy, to intercede, and to save them from themselves, and often God has promised me that He will! So don’t despair! Remember to praise God for His mercy, and ask Him to extend that same mercy to you and others often in prayer! Remember that Yahshua loves you, and will meet you where you are at if you remember to call out to Him and ask for help, comfort, and protection.

In the meantime, remember that Yahshua is coming soon for His Bride and the Five Wise Virgins! Ask God to help you to be ready for this in the Name of His Son Yahshua so that you won’t be left behind. Let go of all bitterness and anger, ask God for forgiveness, claiming the Blood of Yahshua over all known and unknown sins that you may have committed.

Keep praying and seeking God’s Will daily. Don’t ever give up hope and don’t let yourself get discouraged! Keep your eyes on Yahshua, and pray that your oil lamp of the Holy Spirit is full at all times, and that your works are in keeping with God’s Word.

God bless you, and Maranatha!
With Love from Helena Lehman



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