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By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)

Illustration From Chapter Nine Of My Book
“The Language of God in Prophecy”,
About How To Identify America’s Great Seal
Symbols In The Gospel in the Stars:

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Why is almost everyone in America today convinced that terrible judgment is coming to the entire United States based on its supposedly all-surpassing wickedness over any other nation? Why is everyone ignoring the righteous believers who live in every urban and rural community in America, and that hate what has been done behind their backs by their out-of-control government? Why do so many seem to accept the damning verdict that the United States of America is Babylon the Great blindly - without fully examining the history of our nation that was popularly and extensively taught prior to 1950? Finally, why do so many fail to read and analyze the description of Babylon the Great or Mystery Babylon that is given in the Bible for themselves to see if the USA actually fits all of the criteria for being this evil entity?

Though many younger believers seem to be unaware of it, there has been a massive campaign among Prophecy teachers in America and abroad in recent years to paint the entire national infrastructure of the United States of America as evil and occult, with many organizations claiming that the USA is a stronghold of the Freemasons and Illuminati, and will fulfill the dire prophecies about the entity known as Babylon the Great in the Book of Revelation. Many Messianic Jewish and Christian religious organizations have succumbed to these theories, which tie the United States to just about every Occult organization on the planet, including the two best known among them: the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

But most younger or new believers do not seem to know that – a little over 50 years ago - many teachings about the USA as a positive force for good could be found being taught from the pulpits, within US History text books used in most public and private schools, and in many popular books being sold in bookstores throughout the country. In addition, pastors and history teachers alike taught the fact that a majority of America’s forty founding fathers that signed the US Constitution prayed and attended church regularly - with many of them actually having served as pastors and evangelists at one time or another, as well as having fought in the Revolutionary War.

Prior to 1950, there were also numerous books sold in US bookstores that taught about the divine destiny of the United States and its place in world history and Bible Prophecy as a positive force for good. All these books generally taught that the United States had been set up on godly Judeo-Christian principles, that the US Constitution was written and meant to be interpreted and enforced with these principles fully in mind, and that Yahweh God had a special purpose for America as a nation that promoted and upheld the Judeo-Christian concepts of Liberty and Democracy throughout the world.

The reason for the complete 180-degree shift in attitude toward the role of the United States in history and prophecy is hidden to most younger Americans behind the fact that the United States educational system, the major US media outlets, and many Seminaries and Universities in the United States were infiltrated and taken over by promoters of Fascism, Socialism, Darwinism, and the false theory of the separation between Church and State. This eventually led to the tragic outlawing of prayer and the removal of teaching biblical wisdom such as the idea of Special Creation in US schools. Then, gradually, these policies contributed to the takeover of all the major US television, newspaper, and radio networks by Socialist sympathizers, and then led to the almost complete removal of every teaching about the divine role of the United States in America’s churches and schools.

This is not to say that every past teaching about the United States of America’s role in history was always being accurately represented by pastors or scholars. On the contrary! As with Great Britain’s Anglican Church, which still teaches Replacement Theology as the basis for their Colonialist aspirations, some of America’s history books were heavily biased in America’s favor. As such, they excluded the tremendous force for good that true believers outside of the USA have to play in upholding Liberty and Democracy. In affect, they failed to teach that Liberty and Democracy are NOT JUST the American Way, but the Way of Yahweh!

Yes, you heard it right! Our loving God Yahweh wants every one of His children to promote Liberty and Democracy so that they all have a free choice to decide which power they will follow – whether it is for good or for evil – and the ONLY WAY that this can happen fully is in a world that is globally united and governed by democratic principles. Whether you accept this idea or not, providing Liberty and Freedom to every soul so it can choose between good or evil is the ultimate objective behind the New World Order, and the rabid promotion of sexual lust, violence, homosexuality and abortion through the media and entertainment industries today. This freeing up of society to readily choose between evil and good is therefore NOT just Satan’s plot, but is also God’s Plan to fully divide the world along ideological grounds, and then bring it to the brink of Armageddon so that the Millennial Kingdom of Yahshua can be ushered in, and the wicked can be easily identified and destroyed.

Just think about it! As it is taught in Yahshua’s Parables of the dividing of the Wheat from the Tares (See: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2013:24-30&version=NKJV), and the separation of the Sheep from the Goats (See: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+25:30-46&version=NKJV), it has become far easier to weed out the wicked - especially now that people around the world are being set free to publicly engage in every sort of lust and perversion, sexual or otherwise. The identification of the few good people among the many bad is also going to be easier now that everyone is beginning to feel free to malign and persecute God’s true followers, even while promoting and embracing every heretical and false doctrine imaginable.

With this in mind, I now want to focus on the major flaws in the popular idea that the Unites States may be Babylon the Great. As such, let me point out that nearly everybody seems to be overlooking the fact that Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots, is described as a CITY, NOT AN ENTIRE NATION! Furthermore, Babylon the Great is described as being responsible for murdering countless saints and prophets: 
~*~ Revelation 18:21-24 ~*~
“Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, “Thus with violence the great CITY (NOT Nation!) Babylon shall be thrown down, and shall not be found anymore. 22 The sound of harpists, musicians, flutists, and trumpeters shall not be heard in you anymore. No craftsman of any craft shall be found in you anymore, and the sound of a millstone shall not be heard in you anymore. 23 The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived. 24 AND IN HER WAS FOUND THE BLOOD OF PROPHETS AND SAINTS, AND OF ALL WHO WERE SLAIN ON THE EARTH.”
In direct contrast to this, the United States is NOT merely one city, but a group of 50 states filled with thousands of cities. In addition, rather than being a murderer of prophets and saints, the USA is responsible for sending out more missionaries and missionary aid to the entire world than any other nation, bar none. Also, of all the wars fought in the Twentieth Century, the United States was NOT DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the bad mix of religion and politics that led to the two bloodiest wars of that century: World War I and World War II. In addition to NOT being a major war instigator, the USA is home to many agencies that distribute Bibles and Judeo-Christian good will to the entire world. These include the American Bible Society and the International Bible Society - organizations that have been instrumental in providing low cost Bibles in many different languages as a public service throughout the world. These examples alone already should have made it clear that the ENTIRE USA CANNOT BE BABYLON THE GREAT!

With all due respect to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and his great book “The Harbinger,” which has infiltrated believer’s ranks, and influenced believer’s beliefs concerning Bible Prophecy everywhere, I believe that the judgment that is coming to America is primarily going to be directed at the socialist leadership within this nation, and at those people that blindly follow them. These are, after all, the same leaders that kept misquoting Isaiah 9:10 out of context - as Rabbi Cahn duly noted in his book. When they did so, they poured condemnation onto themselves as leaders, partly because it shows their biblical illiteracy. As people with no real biblical wisdom, these leaders can only be masquerading as Christians or Messianics. By their ignorance of Bible Prophecy, these same leaders have also succeeded in pouring condemnation on those who have heard their fancy speeches full of empty boasts, and could not see the deception or the curse hidden in their faulty choice of Scriptures and ideologies. This is because those who follow the Liberal Political agenda in America are as biblically illiterate as the wayward leaders that they follow.

What I am saying is that God’s Judgment is NOT coming to those that hate these deceitful aspects of American politics, but to those within and outside of this nation that support the subversive political policies that are destroying our individual liberties at an alarming rate. Those who are ripe for judgment in America are the liberals, communists and fascists living here and abroad - those who hate God and the American Way. They WILL suffer the consequences of their actions against the Way of Yahweh, and against His anointed ones - NOT the righteous who live here, and are anxiously awaiting their Messiah’s return! Many righteous Americans, and the dying nation that they love, will be delivered! But the wicked people living here and abroad will pay a terrible price on Judgment Day - when God’s horrible Wrath is poured out on all of them! None of them will escape judgment, and their days are numbered!

As I briefly attempted to clarify at the beginning of this article, America was not evil from its onset, but was a safe haven for people of many faiths to start a new life - free from oppression. Sadly however, this safe haven has been hijacked by wicked men with an evil agenda that is totally against true liberty and freedom. So, though I agree that judgment is going on, it is fairly obvious from this year’s record-breaking months of severe weather (flooding, storms, tornadoes and drought), earthquakes in diverse places, and worldwide mass animal deaths that judgment is going on all over the world - not just in America.

There is also much evidence that not every place in America is under the same degree of judgment. As an example, in 2005, New Orleans was hit with one of the biggest disasters in American history from the destruction, flooding and death caused by Hurricane Katrina, and it was hit again this year with a similar disaster, though not as bad as the first. The reason, in my opinion, is that New Orleans is still one of the biggest hotbeds of all kinds of sexual sin and substance abuse in the nation. It was also a city with an extremely high rate of rapes, muggings and robberies before Katrina hit, and it is still one of the biggest supporters of the Gay Agenda in America. The judgment on New Orleans was therefore delivered to a specific area of the country that showed no repentance or godliness as a whole.

This scenario of extreme sinfulness can also be seen in the case of the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th, 2001, where a similar scenario to New Orleans emerges. For example, New York is the home of the internationally recognized New York Stock Exchange controlling most of the world’s commerce, which is largely based on greed and avarice, and is bent on making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. New York City is also the home of the United Nations, which has shown by its policies that it hates Christianity, hates Israel, and despises Liberty. In addition, New York City is the international home of many big businesses that are working hard to destroy this nation with the removal of the USA’s manufacturing base to foreign nations. By doing this, they are purposely enriching the rest of the world while weakening America’s economy, and impoverishing many Americans.

Meanwhile, until recently, Americans were the most philanthropic people in the world as a whole - annually giving more money to charity for local and international humanitarian aid than ANY other nation. In addition, American Churches of every denomination have always had numerous outreaches to the poor in their communities. This includes outreaches to the poor or unsaved in developing nations around the world. In fact, the vast majority of American Churches have participated in overseas missions and evangelism, and most of the major US Church denominations have been engaged in more international mission activities than any other nation in history.

It is also interesting to note that atheism and abortions are statistically lower in the United States than in the rest of the developed nations as a whole. Also, despite the excessive media coverage given to homosexual issues and the false statistic that ten percent of the US population is Gay or bisexual, homosexuality is not as rampant in America as it is in other developed or developing nations. In fact, one study estimated the percentage of homosexuals in America to be no more than 3 percent, whereas an estimated 25 to 35 percent of men in Muslim nations are bisexual. This is due to the fact that many Muslim men practice homosexual behavior before entering into a traditional marriage to have children - and they often continue their homosexual activities afterward as well! For this reason, I believe that God will protect and preserve the righteous believers in the United States, a nation that is NOT really the wickedest place on Earth, despite repeated false reports that it is.

As for the claims that the United States of America isn’t mentioned in Bible Prophecy, my Language of God Book Series proves that America IS mentioned in the Bible - quite often, in fact! It’s just that Anglo-Israelism and Replacement Theology have given a bad name to the notion that America and the rest of the West are meant to be reckoned as a part of Lost Israel. In my books: “The Language of God in History” and “The Language of God in Prophecy”, I explain the errors in Anglo-Israelism and Replacement Theology. However, I also address the merit that these teachings have when defined properly.

When the West is seen as NOT replacing Judah or the Jews, but as being reckoned alongside of them, it can be seen that the Church in the West is often called Israel and Ephraim in Bible Prophecy. In fact, America in particular can be identified with the Lost Tribe of Ephraim (NOT Manasseh! Why? See my book “The Language of God in Prophecy”), which is seen by God as working in tandem with Israel to do God’s Will in the world in the Last Days. This is especially clear in my interpretation of the hidden prophecy in Psalm 108, which is linked to at the end of this article.

Though America does not seem to be supporting Israel currently due to the radical Anti-American and seemingly Anti-Israeli  agenda of our current President, I believe that Israel and America are working even now to make the prophecy revealed in Psalm 108 come true in our era. I have provided a link to the free Blog article version of my teachings concerning the prophecy in Psalm 108 toward the end of this article. Please be sure to read all of this blog article, and to read the PDF file that contains the entire ninth chapter of my book on prophecy that is linked to within it. In the meantime, I don’t think it will be long now before the USA and Israel have achieved their goal to unite the West with most of the Middle East under the banner of the New World Order. Together, the leaders of Israel and the USA have been doing a great job convincing their enemies around the world that the USA is weak and falling apart, and is no longer supportive of Israel, and that Israel will get no help from them. But don’t believe this rhetoric for a moment, because it’s all a front, and it is NOT true!

Yes, you heard me right! I believe the New World Order is a construct of the USA and Israel together, and its initial phase will be benign in wanting to establish democracy and freedom of religion all over the world. But when the Rapture happens, and all of the true believers in Yahshua are taken to Heaven, this situation will change dramatically!

I believe the New World Order is expressly being set up by God so that the Antichrist can take control of the world, which he will do soon - AS PER GOD’S WILL! However, I also believe that this New World Order will be met with much hostility from the East, and portions of this global empire will likely be attacked by Russia and/or China soon after it is formed, thereby paving the way for the Antichrist to take control. However, I also believe that many of the nations and cities in the West will not suffer widespread damage, or be fully destroyed by this military offensive from the East before Yahshua returns with His saints to fight the Battle of Armageddon. In fact, like Israel, I believe that portions of America - and other nations with large populations of new believers that will emerge from those left behind in the Rapture - will be miraculously protected during the Great Tribulation.

Regarding the formation of the New World Order, it is clear to me that some of the leaders in the United States and Israel have much in common with President Ahmadinejad of Iran. I say this because - though Ahmadinejad really doesn’t believe in the one true God Yahweh - he wants to see ancient religious prophecies within Islam fulfilled so that Sharia Law can be established throughout the world, thereby uniting everyone under the banner of Islam. Meanwhile, leaders like Netanyahu and Romney, who have been fast friends for years, want to usher in a new age of righteous godliness and brotherhood.

Unfortunately, the major problem with the desire to set up a global theocracy on the Earth aimed at following the Laws of God lies in the faulty thinking of some leaders that they can set up God’s Kingdom on Earth WITHOUT GOD’S DIRECT INTERVENTION. They also don't appear to care that there are many evil secret societies working behind the scenes to implement their own far darker agendas. Sadly, the inevitable coming result of this collision of opposing agendas, ideologies and motives will be much bloodshed and loss of life around the world.

The heresy that mankind can achieve a global utopia without God’s direct leadership will soon be proven to be impossible when the Antichrist openly takes control in the near future - of that I have no doubt! In the meantime, we need to be praying for our nation and our leaders, asking God to help them to do His Will, and NOT the will of sinful men that love darkness rather than Yahweh God’s light. For more information about my viewpoints and teachings, please read the Blog post that I’ve linked to below. In the meantime, may our Father God Yahweh watch over and bless you all abundantly! In Yahshua’s Name, Amen!

For further crucial information, please make sure you read:

Within the article linked to above, there is another link to a 102-page PDF document reproducing all of Chapter Nine of my book: “The Language of God in Prophecy”, which details the prophetic place of the Unite States of America that is revealed in many Bible Scriptures, as well as the Gospel in the Stars. I am not going to link to it here because I really want to encourage everyone to find it by reading my Blog post linked to above. It’s extremely important for everyone to understand what it says!

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Article Excerpt: As explained in earlier Blog articles, the United States and United Kingdom can be directly connected with the Patriarch Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh, who are signified by the two horns of the constellation Taurus the Bull. Likewise, the body of the heavenly bull may represent the European Union. In addition, this raging, red-eyed bull that signifies the secret union of the three aforementioned superpowers has an undeniable connection with the Tribulation period, so it is a fair guess that Yahshua the Messiah will crush the global schemes of these nations and groups of nations at His Second Coming!

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I pray that these articles will bless you and help you to grow in spiritual understanding as we await the Rapture. In the meantime, remember that...
Yahshua is coming SOON! Maranatha!

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  1. you are correct in your assessment of america NOT being 'the harlot: Babylon the Great or Mystery Babylon', and that it persecuted THE LORD'S children; and it is 'a city'. there is ONLY ONE THING that fits ALL criteria: vatican city. the vatican, the roman catholic church IS the harlot.


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