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And How The Beasts Are Revealed In The Star Gospel

By Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

The Two Beasts of Revelation, From the
Medieval French "Tapestry of the Apocalypse"
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This article was originally published in December of 2012 on Facebook and here on my POEM Blog, but was radically revised in the autumn of 2013 for inclusion in my book “The Language of God in Prophecy”. The text below now appears on pages 496-505 in Chapter 10 of that Copyrighted Book, in the section entitled: “The Star Gospel Key to the Beasts of Revelation”.  
PLEASE NOTE: As copyrighted material, this article and any of the text and original illustrations in it cannot be used in any electronic or printed publication without permission. Please contact me by clicking this Text Link if permission is sought.

Though I once believed the lie that there is only one Antichrist, I now believe that, just as the Bible expressly warns, there are many antichrists in the world today. So we have to be careful about who we single out as the Antichrist. In fact, the Bible clearly warns that there is not just one, but a few Antichrist figures. The Bible says that these few are more powerful than all of the other antichrists, and they will one day collectively seize control of the world. Finally, the Bible warns that one of these few in authority will be worshiped.

This is partly revealed in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13. The entire chapter describes two allegorical Beasts: one that is from the Sea, and one that is from the Earth. Although another Beast is described in Revelation Chapter 17, I will show that this Beast is tied to both of the Beasts in Chapter 13 a bit later. For now, let’s focus on the Beasts in Revelation 13. With my strong background in Sacred Astronomy and the Gospel in the Stars, I have found several constellations that are directly tied to the Beasts in the Book of Revelation.

The first in prominence is Hydra the Serpent, whose long body runs alongside Leo and Virgo, with its head under Leo the Lion of Judah’s front paws. In this case, the redeemed of Jewish Israel and the Gentile Church who are being reckoned as the Bride of Christ and the Wise Virgins are represented by Virgo the Virgin, while Leo the Lion signifies her Messiah and Crown of Salvation!

Another is Taurus the Bull, which is the first Beast in the heavens that has both a clearly good, and clearly evil connotation. The second one like Taurus with both good and evil connotations is Aries, which we will discuss in a moment. Like Hydra, Taurus is being threatened with annihilation by not one, but three heavenly Christ Figures. The first is the Messianic figure Perseus the Breaker, who is directly over Taurus’ back, and signifies the Opener of the Second Seal, and the Master or Rider on the Red Horse (or Bull!) in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 6.

The second is Auriga the Goat Herd, who signifies Yahshua shepherding and reaching out to the rebellious goats in the world that refuse to be God’s trusting sheep. These goats are directly connected to the goats sacrificed on the Day of Atonement. While one goat was sacrificed on the altar to God on the Day of Atonement, the other goat known as the Azazel goat was driven off of a cliff in the wilderness and left to die. The sacrificed goat represents those who are to eventually be saved, but as through the fire, while the Azazel goat signifies those who will perish forever in Hell. These goats are signified by Taurus the Bull’s left horn, which is directly under the Messianic figure Auriga’s foot in reference to Genesis 3:15, which is the first and most important prophecy in the entire Bible, though it tends to be overlooked due to its basic simplicity. In Genesis 3:15, it says:

“He (i.e. Yahshua, a.k.a. Jesus) shall bruise you (i.e. Satan) on the head, and you (i.e. Satan) shall bruise Him (i.e. Yahshua) on the heel.”

This is also the same horn of Taurus that is being touched by the tip of the Messiah figure Orion’s sword on the Ecliptic, showing that Orion is like Auriga as another antagonist to the Bull’s ungodly power aspirations. Though Orion has been badly maligned by Occult practitioners and misinformed believers, Orion is actually one of the most powerful symbols for Christ in the heavens. This can partly be seen because the constellation Lepus directly below Orion was depicted as a Serpent in ancient times, and its head is directly below Orion’s foot. As such, it is another clear allusion to Genesis 3:15, as shown in the illustration that was excerpted from my book “The Language of God in Humanity” on page 155 in this book (Reproduced Below).

Orion, Auriga, and Perseus Treading Satan Underfoot

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In that same book excerpt on pages 150 through 157 of my book “The Language of God in Prophecy”, I explain how Taurus the Bull is directly connected to Christ in the bulls that were killed on an Altar to Yahweh outside the camp of the city as a Sin Offering. It is also connected to the Patriarch Joseph, and by extension to his Egyptian (i.e. Gentile) wife Asenath, and their two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh via the horns of Taurus, and why the mixed heritage of these two sons is important prophetically. I’ll share more about this connection of the horns to Joseph’s sons a bit later.

The next group of stars associated with an End Time Beast is the cluster of six bright stars on the back of Taurus the Bull known as the Pleiades. These signify the Churches that will connect themselves to the Harlot riding on the back of the Scarlet Beast, which signifies the Ecumenical Movement that will lead to the formation of the Antichrist’s and False Prophet’s One World Religion that is described in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 17 as the Woman who rides the Beast. The six stars of the Pleiades signify six of the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation. The one church NOT included in the symbolism of the Pleiades is the Church of Philadelphia, which is also the ONLY church of the seven that is identified as the Bride of Christ (See Rev. 3:12, in view of Rev. 21:2).

Incidentally, it is the Church of Philadelphia along with the Five Wise Virgins that are the only believers that Yahshua promises to protect from the Time of Trial, or the Great Tribulation (Matthew 25:6-10; Rev. 3:10). Though some believe that the method of protection will involve finding cities of refuge here on Earth until Yahshua comes for us at the end of the Great Tribulation, others believe we will be caught up in the air and taken to Heaven for a short time via the event known as the great Catching Away, or the Rapture of the Saints. I personally believe that not one, but two Rapture events are taught in Scripture - one at the beginning of the Great Tribulation, and one near to its end. I will divulge more on this later.

The next Beast of note in the heavens is Cetus the Sea Monster. This is the Beast that the Two Fishes of Pisces that signify the Two Houses of Israel are tied to vie their enslavement to sin. However, they are being defended from this Beast’s malevolent intent because its head is under the hooves of Aries the Ram. This is a good thing, because Aries is the Mazzaroth or Zodiac Sign signifying Yahshua Ha Mashiach (aka Jesus the Christ) as the Lamb of God, Whose shed blood takes away the sins of those who love Him, and frees them from the wickedness and sin that is depicted by Cetus! For this reason, Aries is often depicted with its hooves over the bands tethering the fishes of Pisces to Cetus. Unlike the Pleiades star cluster, which signifies believers who are Foolish Virgins that are either not born again or that are asleep spiritually, the fishes of Pisces signify the remnant of truly born-again believers that are doing their best to follow Yahshua, and that God has chosen for salvation and protection from His wrath and judgment due to their devotion to Christ.

Another Beast in the heavens is Scorpio the Scorpion, whose head, body and stinger are being symbolically trampled under the messianic figure Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder’s feet. In this respect, Ophiuchus is also the Opener of the Fourth Seal, and the Master or Rider of the Pale Horse signified by Scorpio. Ophiuchus is also the Restrainer of the huge heavenly Serpent that is continually wrestling against this godly restraint. The one who is being restrained is Serpens the Serpent, a symbol of Satan struggling to take control of the world in the figure known as the Antichrist. This is shown in the heavens by the fact that Serpens’ head is being crushed under the club in the messianic figure Hercules’ hand before it can steal the Crown of Christ that is seen in the constellation Corona Borealis.

The final and most threatening of these Beast figures is Draco the Dragon, which is directly connected to the Red Dragon described as the enemy of the Woman clothed with the Sun in Revelation, Chapter 12, who signifies the True Church, or Bride of Christ and her Five Wise Virgin attendants.
“And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads.” - Revelation 12:3

As the enemy of Yahshua’s beloved saints, it’s no wonder that this Red Dragon is directly connected to the Beasts in Revelation 13 and 17. Like the Beast from the Sea, the Red Dragon has seven heads and ten horns, and like the Scarlet Beast in Revelation, Chapter 17, this Dragon is red. This is no coincidence, but shows us that the Red Dragon and the three other Beasts in the Book of Revelation are all connected.

In the heavens, Draco’s head is being crushed under the Christ-figure Hercules’ feet, while Hercules’ club is raised as if to hit the head of Serpens, the writhing serpent being restrained in Ophiuchus’ arms. As a Christ-figure, Hercules is keeping both Satanic figures from claiming Christ’s Crown, which is seen in the constellation Corona Borealis. Like Taurus and Cetus, Draco the Dragon is also diabolically interacting with the Churches of Revelation, as shown by the adjacent constellations Ursa Major, or God’s Big Sheep Pen, and Ursa Minor, which is a sheep pen full of misguided and deceived people who think they are following Christ, but are not!

In this regard, please look at the illustration below and note how Draco the Dragon’s tail wraps around Ursa Minor in its dangerous and poisonous embrace, while Ursa Major is outside of the immediate reach of Draco’s mouth and/or tail. Draco signifies two different rulers and Churches. The first of them is the Pontiff in the Vatican, who officiated at many Royal Coronations throughout European history. In this way, the Dragon or Pope gave the Beast formed by the elite its power. Meanwhile, Ursa Minor signifies the deluded sheep or congregants of the Roman Catholic Church that the Pontiff misleads. However, the Church of England, which broke away from Papal rule, also officiates at Royal Coronations within the United Kingdom, and therefore it serves as a Dragon that gives power and authority to the Beast as well.

Star Gospel Surrounding Draco, Hercules and Cepheus

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Now, note how the foot of the Messianic figure Cepheus the Crowned King is over the Pole Star Polaris located in Ursa Minor, the sheep pen full of deluded sheep or Foolish Virgins. This is an ominous sign that many of the people in the Catholic Church are living under Christ’s judgment and will perish without the blessing of Yahshua the King of kings. Sadly, Yahshua’s blessing is only given via our belief in, and love for Him! Therefore, those who reject Yahshua by giving His divine authority to a mere man (the Pope) and a woman (Mary) are in grave danger of either losing their salvation, or never finding it in Christ. Meanwhile, the Protestant Churches are signified by Ursa Major, the big sheep pen full of Christ’s righteous sheep.

The Beast from the Sea seen in Hydra and Cetus signifies the totalitarian monarchal rule of kings, as well as all forms of totalitarian government where a few rich people have absolute control over many poor, subjugated people. Though this type of government can still be seen all over the world today, the Enlightenment period in Europe and England brought a wave of change to the world, moving it away from monarchial rule to the rule of law. This had the benefit of giving some much needed control to the people over how they were governed. In the United States and Europe, this led to the development of Democratic Republics that were run by officials elected by popular vote. This government was also overseen by judges, who defined the law within the boundaries set by the various Constitutions utilized in each new democratic nation.

For a long time, this form of government worked very well in the nations where it was adopted because they were populated by a largely religious populace that honored God, heeded His Laws, and also respected the rules of the land. But as the people moved further and further away from their Judeo-Christian roots, rebellion against the laws of God and men became much more commonplace. This has led to a state of near anarchy in nations that were once moral and righteous.

Because of this, the governments of these nations were eventually taken over by the elite members of society that have always hated Democracy. The reason they do is because their lives and livelihoods could be taken away at any moment by an angry mob of frustrated citizens, and as the world moves further toward anarchy, immorality and lawlessness, this fear has led some members of the elite to turn on the people they were elected to govern justly. Instead, some of them have been secretly moving behind the scenes to re-establish the totalitarian police states that protected them from harm in the past. In addition, some of the wicked leaders among the elite have been continually plotting to destroy most of the poorer people that now inhabit the Earth.

This leads us to the Bible’s Beast from the Earth. This Beast represents the nations that successfully adopted Democracy as a form of government. Their initial success, which was due to the overall morality and godliness of the people, led to much wealth and prosperity, which are the blessings that were given to the Tribe of Joseph that is signified by Taurus the Bull. Meanwhile, as these nations moved away from the true faith and no longer honored God or His Laws, these Democratic forms of government became extremely corrupt.  

Like these corrupt nations, the Beast from the Earth appears benevolent (like a lamb) on the surface, but is guilty of using and manipulating the people it governs. Due to this, these Democracies are behaving more like satanic Dragons or Serpents as they move closer and closer to adopting the social structure seen in Communism and Totalitarianism. Indeed, all Serpents and Dragons, which signify corrupt governments and organized religions, tend to do this. These corrupting influences in government and religion are largely signified by Draco, Hydra, Cetus, Serpens and Scorpio in the heavens, although Taurus and the Pleiades, and several other stars and constellations do so as well, as will be shown in the next chapter.

Fascinatingly, in all of the Beast constellations, their interactions with the other constellations show that they have three major things in common. First, each depicts a Powerful Christ Figure paired up against a Satanic Beast Figure. Secondly, every Beast Figure is influencing or attacking God’s Church or His people Israel in some way. This is being done through the bad Tares and Goats that Yahshua spoke of that are sown among the good Wheat and Sheep. They are a negative and evil force that is mixed into the congregations of Wheat and Sheep that signify people who love Yahweh God and do their best to follow Him and His Son Yahshua. Thirdly, every single Beast figure is being subdued and destroyed by the Christ-Figure associated with it! Therefore, these are all perfect examples of the very first prophecy in the Bible, which is found in Genesis 3:15.

Now let’s focus on the horns of Taurus and Aries to see what they are trying to tell us prophetically. On that note, it pays to remember that the Priests of Israel smeared the blood of each sacrifice made in the Tabernacle and Temple on the four horns of the altar of burnt offering. The horns of Taurus and Aries represent the heavenly altar, which the altar in Israel was made to imitate. Both Taurus and Aries signify Yahshua as the Sacrifice for Sin (Taurus the Bull) burnt outside the camp of Israel, and the Atonement Sacrifice for sin (Aries the Ram) burnt inside the courtyard of the Temple/Tabernacle. Taurus the Bull is tied to Joseph, who represents the Gentile Nations that are tied to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

Now, though Aries the Ram is connected to the Israelite Tribe of Naphtali, its horns signify Judah and Levi, while its body represents the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. In Chapters 9 and 10, it was explained how the United States is tied to the Tribe of Joseph via Ephraim, as well as to Levi. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is tied to the Tribe of Judah, and to Joseph through Manasseh. The horns of Aries therefore represent the leaders among these two supposed Gentile Nations that look like a lamb in their outward benevolent rule of the people, but that speak like a dragon in destructive power and sinister authority.

At this point, we need to remember that the Bible uses horns to represent leaders. In other words, the lamb-like Beast from the Earth that speaks with great power and authority like a dragon, and will force the world to worship the Image of the Beast, and take his 666 Mark, is not one, but two leaders and authoritative bodies! In fact, as my previous exposition conveys, these two leaders are the President of the United States and the ruling Monarch of the United Kingdom. Currently these are President Barack Hussein Obama, and Queen Elizabeth II. Incidentally, Queen Elizabeth leads with the help of her husband Prince Philip, her son Prince Charles, and her grandson Prince William, who rule with her behind the scenes. As such, the Queen represents the one horn on the Beast from the Sea that subdues - or controls - three horns. Please be aware of this, and don’t insist on labeling one man as the Antichrist!

Below Taurus and Aries, which signifies Democratic leadership, is Cetus the Sea Monster, which signifies the Beast from the Sea or Totalitarian Government. So, just as Aries is restraining Cetus from harming the fish of Pisces that signify the Two House Church of Judah (the Jews) and Ephraim (born-again Gentiles), the Democratic governments have restrained the power-hungry elites from seizing control again and harming the Two Fish or Houses full of the Chosen People of God signified by Pisces.

Now, all these Beasts that are found in the heavens are also revealed in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. In the Book of Revelation, Chapters 13 and 17, we are told that the Dragon, which as Draco is winding its way between two sheep pens of congregants in the Catholic and Protestant Churches - gave the Beast from the Sea (Hydra and Cetus) its power and authority. Based on the history of Europe, where the kings were crowned by the Pontiffs and Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, this clearly identifies the Dragon as the Vatican in Rome, a city that sits on seven mountains or hills (Rev. 17:9). We are also told that the heads and horns of the Beasts represent kings. Clearly, then, the Beast is a wicked system of government that is ruled over by corrupt kings and religious leaders who assume they have a divine right to rule, just as their Fallen Angel and Nephilim forebears did.

In Chapter 13, the Mark of the Beast is revealed as being connected to the Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth in relation to buying and selling, which are elements of commerce, not medicine. This means that the Mark of the Beast is likely not a medical device or therapy such as a vaccine. Instead, it will replace currency in the final Beast kingdom of the Antichrist, so that no one will be able to buy or sell anything, or draw a wage without it. It also means that the Mark is connected to Europe, which includes the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth nations of the UK.

This suggests that the Mark of the Beast is, or will be related to the Euro. Fascinatingly, the Euro dollar is now the sole currency of the Vatican and 17 European nations, including three of the four powerful nations represented by Daniel’s four Beasts: the Lion being the United Kingdom; the Bear in its connection to Germany; the Leopard, which is France (The Frankish Kingdoms); and the Beast with Ten Horns and Iron Teeth, which represents Rome, and the Roman Empire in its past and present forms that are found in the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth Nations. This is the Beast that was, is not and is in Revelation 17:8 and 11.

Due to the description of the Beast from the Sea as a composite creature, there is no way that this Beast is just one single person. Instead, it represents a system of powerful leaders and authorities that seize control of the whole world in a Totalitarian state. Sadly, this Beast is connected to the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and the European Union, along with the United Nations. It has been formed from nations represented by the Leopard, Bear, and Lion, which were France (the Leopard), Germany and Russia (the Bear), and Great Britain (the Lion), respectively. In addition the USA can be connected to this Beast through the Eagle’s wings that were torn off of the Lion. There is also an undeniable connection between the symbolism of Taurus the Bull and the European Union, which has romanticized and connected the Classical Greek myth of Zeus disguising himself as a bull in order to abduct the fair young maiden Europa to the European Union as a whole.

Likewise, the Beast from the Earth has two horns like a lamb, and speaks like a dragon. In this regard, it has long been known that the Bible uses horns to represent leaders. In other words, the lamb-like Beast from the Earth that will speak with great power and authority like a dragon, and will force the world to worship the Image of the Beast, and take his 666 Mark, is not one, but TWO LEADERS AND AUTHORITATIVE BODIES!!! Please be aware of this, and don’t insist on labeling one man as the Antichrist. 

There are many, and specifically not one, but TWO leaders and their respective governments, and one IMAGE of the Beast that will one day control a one-world commercial empire and one-world religious empire for the Dragon, who is Satan. This system has been partially identified as the Illuminati. But I believe that it is specifically tied to two powerful Western nations, and these are the United States and the United Kingdom. These nations try hard to appear harmless and good like a lamb, when in fact, they no longer are. They are being controlled by the Illuminati, who intend to use these nations to control the whole world one day soon. 

I’d also like to share a word of caution regarding the Image of the Beast. Though the Beast from the Earth will cause the whole world to worship the Image of the Beast from the Sea, we are NOT told if this Image is just one person, or a group of people. So, the assumption that the Image has to be either one religious or political leader is not necessarily true. In fact, since the Image of the dragon or serpent-like, satanic Beast from the Sea represents a global political and economic entity, its image could be a logo or symbol instead of a person!

Personally, I believe the two Antichristian leaders that are connected to the two lamb’s horns on the Beast from the Earth could be President Obama and Prince Charles of the UK, and the Image of the Beast may be Prince William, who is Prince Charles’ son or IMAGE. That makes three final Antichrist figures. On the other hand, the Image could be the Coat of Arms symbol of the British Monarchy, or the symbol of the United Nations or European Union, or an entirely new symbol used to represent the Antichristian One World Government that is coming.

End of Material added to “The Language of God in Prophecy”.

As explained in earlier POEM Blog articles, the United States and United Kingdom can be directly connected with the Patriarch Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh, who are signified by the two horns of the constellation Taurus the Bull. Likewise, the body of the heavenly bull may represent the European Union. In addition, this raging, red-eyed bull that signifies the secret union of the three aforementioned superpowers has an undeniable connection with the Tribulation period, so it is a fair guess that Yahshua the Messiah will crush the global schemes of these nations and groups of nations at His Second Coming! 

Though I am certain that Taurus the Bull signifies the three super powers that form the primary strength of the West, there are other nations that are part of the British Commonwealth of Nations such as Australia and New Zealand that are connected to the Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth as well. In addition, Taurus signifies the Israelite Sin Offering of a bull that Yahshua symbolically made on the Cross for our unintentional sins against His Father. As such, the heavenly Taurus that is charging against the Messiah constellation Orion represents all of our disobedience against God that is predicated by our ignorance of His Will. Therefore, it signifies the Lost Israelite nations of Europe and the Americas that will ignorantly oppose Yahshua’s plans to set up His own global Kingdom on the Earth. They will do so by setting up the New World Order before He comes because they either don’t think that He ever intends to return in the flesh, or that they need to set up His kingdom for Him before He returns.

Instead of waiting for Yahshua to arrive, the Illuminati or global elite are trying to set up their own version of what they think Yahshua’s Kingdom should or will be like - thereby going head on against the Will of Almighty God. The Bible’s Book of Revelation, Chapter 19 is quite clear on this: Yahshua desires to set up His Kingdom on His own after He crushes the Beast and the Whore of Babylon that rides on its back at His Second Coming. This prophecy ties in perfectly with the prophet Daniel’s vision of the heavenly stone representing Yahshua’s power that crushes Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, which depicts the power of Babylonian (and Satanic) style culture and government control throughout the ages (Daniel 2:34-36).

To better understand this, please read my complimentary Blog articles linked to below. The first is about the connection of Orion and Taurus to the bull fights still regularly conducted in the European nation of Spain:

Beware The Warning Sign In Heaven
Over Spain On December 1st, 2012!

To learn more about the link between the British Crown and the Antichrist, check out this POEM Blog article from 2007, which is still completely relevant today!

The Merovingian Heresy Exposed: 
Winged Prince is Proclaimed “Savior of the World”

As for the most likely candidate for the False Prophet, it is the new Pope named Francis, who fits the role of Malachy’s 113th and final pope known as Peter the Roman because he is of Italian descent, and his patron saint, who is Saint Francis of Assisi, had a father named Pietro, or Peter! Furthermore, Pope Francis is a Jesuit, and the Jesuits hate all of Christiandom that isn’t part of the Roman Catholic Church or heretical Ecumenical Movement that seeks to unite all of the world’s religions under the authority of the Papacy, the false Vicar of Christ. Sadly, there is a great deal of evidence that the Jesuits are in league with Islam, and are working with them to achieve the goals of the Vatican, which is to have a One World Religion united under the Papacy. For proof of this, check out my You Tube Playlist:

Roman Catholic and Islamic War Against True Christianity

For a deeper understanding of my thoughts on the Tribulation period, here are three other POEM Blog Articles that are complimentary to the above study. Please read them to gain more understanding. In the meantime, as we await Yahshua’s soon return, I hope my insights will be helpful in leading you to the truth:

“My Fifth Prophetic Gem: The Hidden Prophecy in Psalm 108”
Article Excerpt: “There has been a huge effort on the part of many who see the United States as Babylon the Great to deny every Biblical study that even hints at the possibility that the United States can be seen as connected to Israel, and may even have been reckoned as a type of Israel by Yahweh God in modern times. However, I have provided hundreds of pages of facts in my books that prove that - along with the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth nations - the United States is being reckoned as a part Israel that is NOT Jewish Israel or Judah, but is connected to the Tribe of Joseph in Bible Prophecy. We will examine a little of that evidence pertaining to the United States a bit later in this article.”

“My Fifth Prophetic Gem: The Hidden Prophecy in Psalm 108”


Article Excerpt: Though many younger believers seem to be unaware of it, there has been a massive campaign among Prophecy teachers in America and abroad in recent years to paint the entire national infrastructure of the United States of America as evil and occult, with many organizations claiming that the USA is a stronghold of the Freemasons and Illuminati, and will fulfill the dire prophecies about the entity known as Babylon the Great in the Book of Revelation. Many Messianic Jewish and Christian religious organizations have succumbed to these theories, which tie the United States to just about every Occult organization on the planet, including the two best known among them: the Illuminati and the Freemasons.



Article Excerpt: Unfortunately, the Christian underpinnings of the American government began to be questioned in the mid 1800’s, when interest in the Occult, Secular Humanism and Communism exploded among the elite in Europe, England and America. As a result of this, Christian ideals and beliefs, and a Biblical worldview were no longer in vogue. During this same time period, even as the schools were being infiltrated by leaders in the Occult schools of Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, and the Neo-Pagan New Age movement, Masonic lodges all over the West were systematically taken over by a highly Occult form of Freemasonry that has been traced to Scotland and France. At that time, all Christian trappings or references were removed from Masonic lodges and their secret rites, and Occult teachings and symbols were introduced. 


Yahshua is coming SOON! Maranatha!

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  1. Excelente aporte de investigación, opino lo mismo solo esperemos mas evidencias de las que vamos teniendo, el tiempo dirá. Todo mi amor a tu Ministerio de gran bendición!!

    1. In Reply to Osvaldo Penalva, who wrote:
      Excellent research contribution, I think the same, just hope for more evidence than we have, time will tell. All my love to your Ministry of great blessing!

      Thank you so much for the blessings and kind remarks, Osvaldo. Please share my work with others. You may also want to re-read this article , as I just newly revised and updated it. Not only did I add to the main body of the article, but I also linked to 3 other POEM Blog Articles at the end of the above article to help people to gain more spiritual understanding of the Beast out of the Sea and the Beast out of the Earth.

      Love From Your Sister in Christ,
      Helena Lehman

      In Spanish:
      Muchas gracias por las bendiciones y los comentarios amables, Osvaldo. Por favor, comparta mi trabajo con otros. También es posible que desee volver a leer este artículo, ya que sólo recientemente revisado y actualizado. No sólo tenía que añadir al cuerpo principal del artículo, pero también se relaciona con los demás artículos 3 POEMA blog al final del artículo anterior para ayudar a las personas a obtener la comprensión más espiritual de la bestia del mar y la bestia de la Tierra.

      Amor De Tu Hermana en Cristo,
      Helena Lehman

  2. I enjoyed reading your message. I also was given a revelation from God of the constellations Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Draco the Dragon. God showed me Ursa Major is symbolic of God. Ursa Minor is symbolic of man made in Gods image. Draco the dragon is symbolic of satan separating U.Major and Minor as satan separated man from God when Adam fell. Polaris is the unmoving Guiding Light,the North Star symbolic of Jesus and part of Ursa Minor as Jesus completes man. Polaris connects Minor back to Major with the invisible line,symbolicof the Holy Spirit and thus the cups of the dippers pour into each other the life giving Holy Spirit as God and man pour into each other the Holy Spirit. So we have man ,Ursa minor, going through Jesus, Polaris to God ,Ursa Major through the Holy Spirit,invisible line, and connected with the blood,Holy Spirit as we are members of each other as the Blood is the life and the Holy Spirit is the life,for the gospel of John says,in Hm is life,and that life is the light of men,or the Holy Spirit. The recent blood moon on 4-15-2014 showed the star "Spica" leading the moon while it was blood red. Spica means "Ear of Grain". Ear means hear, Grain is the word of God as Jesus said in the parable of the Sower. This was saying "Hear the word of God". The moon was followed by the scales of Libra. The scales of Justice that our sins are weighed against the price paid in one translation and in the great pyramid is your heart weighed against a feather. This to me means "Judgement is coming". God is wonderfully Magnificent and glorious beyond words. Bless you lady ,and keep spreading His Holy Word.

  3. A Lot of 'talk' but you've said little. Most of what you've said is incorrect. Britain is the Enemy as it is the red dragon Edom. Neither Britain nor USA have any relationship to True Israel, except as perpetual Enemy.


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