Sunday, May 20, 2012

The NATO Summit -
Warning Signs of a False Flag Event

By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

By now, many of you have probably heard of the strange goings on in Chicago surrounding the 2012 NATO Summit. To sum it up, there has been a large evacuation of the civilian apartments in that area of downtown where the NATO summit is being held. Military and Police surveillance and security precautions also have been made surrounding the Summit, and the crowds of protestors and reporters it is anticipated to attract. But there are also other strange goings-on in the vicinity of Chicago that you may not have heard of. The following video details a strange noise anomaly similar to others that have been heard in other parts of the world as of late. But this recent one happened to be in the Chicago area:

Strange Noises In The Sky Chicago

Now, I happen to live in a near western suburb of Chicago, and have heard the odd humming, vibration-like noise as captured in the above video more than once in the past month. In fact, I heard something similar to it a few days ago, but have kept brushing it off as something possibly coming from an airplane - since we live under O’Hare Airport’s southwest flight paths. However, this video of the strange sound did help me to recall the fact that I recently heard the faint sounding of a trumpet or horn in the sky - playing a repetitive pattern six times - on the morning of March 22nd, 2012. This sounded like the repetitive soundings played on a Shofar or Ram’s horn trumpet on Jewish High Holy Days. Could this have been a divine warning to me that the Seventh Trumpet associated with the Rapture is going to sound soon?

After I heard this trumpet sounding, I heard a loud boom in the air a few hours later on the same day.  At the time, I thought it might be associated with the loud booms that were coming from underground in Clintonville, Wisconsin back in March 2012 that caused some earthquake-like ground rumbling and rattling. However, this town is outside of the greater Chicago-land area, hundreds of miles away from me in Wisconsin, so I should not have been able to hear anything. Nonetheless, I heard what sounded like a Sonic Boom on the afternoon of March 22nd, 2012:

Mysterious Booms From Underground - Clintonville WI

These strange booming noises have also been heard in other states, some of which have been accompanied by shaking and rattling, like those in Clintonville:

Mysterious, unexplained “booms” in Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin:

I have also been taking note of all the preparations surrounding the NATO Summit, with the already implemented plans to evacuate the downtown Chicago area, and the provision of high security, and I am becoming deeply concerned. I wonder if the government suspects that Terrorists may strike on May 20th or May 21st, when downtown Chicago is packed with people. On the other hand, the Illuminati may be planning to create a false flag event that will look like a Terrorist attack on that day!

My suspicion is that the underground CERN reactor in southern Illinois that is the smaller prototype to the one in Europe, and the above ground HAARP towers in Illinois may be behind the recent underground booms in Wisconsin and the vibration-like noises in the skies surrounding Chicago. If so, then the US Government and US Military may be working together to create another Terrorist-style event like some say the attack on New York’s World Trade Center was - only this time in Chicago. This could be done to frighten Americans enough to relinquish more of their rights in preparation for the New World Order of the Antichrist.

Though there is no way to know for certain if there will be a false flag or real Terrorist event surrounding the NATO Summit, or if it will happen at some other time and place in the near future (such as the London Stadium for the Summer 2012 Olympic Games), the US Military certainly has the technology within the State of Illinois to do this just about anywhere in the Central and Midwestern United States. This may be related to something called Project Blue Beam, which I discussed in the following recent POEM blog article about the possibility that an alien invasion and attack scenario may be used to explain away the horrific, cataclysmic events that may surround the Rapture of the saints:

How Satan May Deceive Mankind When The Rapture Comes

Meanwhile, the NATO Summit seems to have been organized to create a false flag event IF the Rapture does occur in association with the unusual "Wedding Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse that will be best seen from over the southwestern United States in the late afternoon of May 20th, 2012. In fact, it is HIGHLY POSSIBLE that certain members of the Illuminati are paying attention to the heavenly signs to see if they might have anything to do with the Rapture, and that they plan potential false flag events to coincide with those days. I will address some of these upcoming heavenly signs in a separate article later today.

As evidence of that there may be violence at the NATO Summit this year, several known dissidents and would-be violent protestors were arrested in Chicago on May 19th for planning to use violence. These men were building Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs that they were planning to use during the NATO Summit demonstrations, judging from the maps of downtown Chicago that were found along with the bombs. If these men were planning to use violence, other groups may be planning to use weapons during the NATO Summit that the authorities haven’t a clue about yet.

Also, outside of the Military exercises using helicopters that were being conducted over the downtown area of the city in past weeks, there is other evidence the government suspects that there may be some major violence in association with the protestors. As an example, view this video that was filmed on May 19th, which shows lines of City of Chicago Snow Plow trucks lined up along the streets where the protestors will be allowed to congregate:

Snow plowing people at UPCOMING Chicago Protests -

Since an attack of some kind upon the unsuspecting citizens of Chicago, Illinois is certainly possible during the NATO Summit, please pray for me and my family so that God’s love and protection will surround us on all sides, and that He will ensure that we will not be directly affected - whatever happens. I wish I had the funds and a reason to leave the Chicago area on Sunday, May 20th and Monday, May 21st. But I simply don’t have the cash to do so. Also pray for the people who will be meeting to protest during the NATO Summit meeting, since there are so many signs that there could be some planned violence and rioting surrounding this event, and an even greater false flag event if the Rapture does occur sometime around this time.

Despite all the signs that the US government is no longer trusting in God as our US currency states that it once did, those of us who live in America that do still trust Yahweh God have a hope and a future beyond this world. This is in the Kingdom of Yahshua Ha Mashiach, who is coming again soon. So if you have not already done so, now would be a good time to trust in Him, and to dedicate the remainder of your life in His service.

In the meantime, keep looking UP, for the Signs in the Heavens that I will concentrate on interpreting in my next blog post are all pointing to the fact that our deliverance from this wicked world system is very near!

God bless you all, and Maranatha!


  1. I do not ever recall any meeting, summit or otherwise, with this much and type of preparation. This appears to me to be more like preparation for a disaster like a storm or an invasion of a foreign military force, not protesters. Don't forget who is now mayor of Chicago and his connections and associations. I do not believe that Rahm Emanuel is there by fate but by design !! Helena and everyone in the Chicago area my prayers are with you - FEAR NOT, TRUST IN HIM, STAY STRONG AND READY. PS - as an FYI, you may want to look on a map or globe and find where the antipode for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin is located. As I understand some of Tesla's experiments, sending those waves through the Earth involves the antipodes of those transmitters.

  2. I have found all the coverage that this summit is getting, and all the preparation for potential disasters and violence surrounding it VERY unsettling myself, and have found myself frequently praying for protection and discernment. I believe that I hit the proverbial nail on the head with the idea that the Illuminati are doing all that they can to potentially deceive the world by presenting potential false flag disasters to coincide with the Rapture in order to deceive the world as to the real reason for it. As I continue to write about the heavenly signs accompanying this event, and others in the near future, I want to thank you for your prayers! May our Father God Yahweh bless you in return for your concern and love. Maranatha, and Keep looking UP, for Yahshua is coming very, very soon! :-)


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