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The USA And Israel In Prophecy:
The Hidden Prophecy In Psalm 108

Part 5 of My Eight Part Article Entitled:
"My Prophetic Revelations Revisited"

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By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)


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Over the past few years, I have had time to see that there is a general reluctance among many in the Body of Christ to accept the truths that God revealed to me in the Autumn Feasts of Israel, the Gospel in the Stars, the Pillar of Enoch, and the Hallel Psalms - especially as regards the hidden prophecy in Psalm 108. After deciphering Psalm 108 several years ago, I have found that it is tied much more closely to the current events surrounding the nation of Israel than Psalm 83, which is old news in regard to the unfolding of Bible Prophecy. But sadly, though I feel that it is extremely important for the Church to know about it, this prophetic revelation has been almost totally ignored.

The first reason why I believe that the coming war that will start in the Middle East is connected to Psalm 108, and not so much to Psalm 83, is because Israel has been involved in a guerilla war of sorts since 1993, though the news media has continually under-reported the facts surrounding Israel’s own personal War on Terror. For example, since the mid 1990’s, there have been hundreds upon hundreds of successful terrorist attacks upon the civilian population in Israel that are rarely reported elsewhere. In addition, since 2001, many thousands of missiles have been fired into Israel’s southern borders. Here is a report from Wikipedia about the missile attacks:
From Wikipedia - Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel:
“Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip have occurred since 2001. Between 2001 and January 2009, over 8,600 rockets had been launched, leading to 28 deaths and several hundred injuries, as well as widespread psychological trauma and disruption of daily life.”
At another page at Wikipedia, it is recorded that - over the course of 2011 alone - “680 rockets, mortars and Grad missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.” Now, if 680 missiles in one year alone had been fired into the United States from either Canada or Mexico’s borders - not to mention dozens of suicide bomber terrorist attacks - there is no doubt that the United States government would declare war on the offending country! In addition, according to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site, 140 suicide bombers have successfully carried out their missions between 1993 and 2012, and in the process have killed 542 innocent people in Israel. Therefore, even without a defined declaration of war, Israel has shared the United States’ war against Terrorism, and for far longer!

In addition, the war against Terrorism in Israel has dramatically stepped up in the number of attacks there since 2001. This is no doubt because they are staunch allies with the United States, and Iran and their Arab neighbors have both declared “Death to America and Israel!” This is due to the perception of the Palestinians and other radical Muslims that the USA and Israel share a role as the Great Satan or enemy of Islam. In all truth, however, neither the USA nor Israel hates peace-loving and compassionate Muslims. It’s the ones set on Jihad that they are fighting against as an obvious threat to liberty and democracy.

The second reason that I believe Psalm 83’s list of nations in the Middle East is old news prophetically centers on the fact that there appears to be a real correlation between the 150 hymns that form the Bible’s Book of Psalms and all 100 years of the 20th Century and the first 50 years of the 21st Century. An excellent book on this subject, which I used in my own research, is “The Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms” by the late, great Prophecy teacher J.R. Church. I also provide newer and deeper insights than J.R. Church concerning the prophetic nature of the Psalms in relation to modern times in my own book “The Language of God in Prophecy”, especially the Hallel Psalms that I discussed earlier in this article.

Please be aware that J.R. Church did NOT single-out the Hallel Psalms as being of any major significance in his book. Rather, in 2004, I received a revelation from the Holy Spirit about the Hallel Psalms being connected to the Tribulation. Furthermore, if J.R. Church and I are correct in that each year from 1900 to 2050 are connected to the Psalms in numerical sequence, Psalm 83’s prophetic information was meant to be primarily connected to events that transpired from 1982 through 1984, and definitely NOT to events after 2008, where Psalm 108 should hold sway instead.

The third reason that I believe Psalm 83’s list of Israel’s enemy nations is not that relevant any longer is because the primary aggressors in the Middle East over the past 20 years have NOT been the Israelis or their Persian and Arab Muslim neighbors, but the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the UK’s Commonwealth nations Canada and Australia that have fought alongside the USA in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. In addition, these countries have been aided by the combined military forces of other nations controlled by the United Nations - an organization that was created by the United States in a supposed effort to foster world peace and cooperation - but that may be the driving force behind the formation of the New World Order, a global government that does NOT see Yahshua as the leader at the helm, but rather the Beast or Antichrist spoken of in the New Testament Epistles and the Book of Revelation.

Could Satan’s desire to hide the fact that the West is the primary aggressor in the Middle East be the reason why my ministry as a whole - and especially my revelations concerning Psalm 108 - have been so completely ignored among Prophecy teachers? I believe that this IS possible, and this is because the world is being set up to accept a Western leader as the Antichrist or King of the North, just as I postulated in my book “The Language of God in Prophecy”. I also think that NO ONE should trust any Bible Prophecy teacher that refuses to recognize the fact that the USA is the primary aggressor in the Middle East, or that this very well appears to have been part of God’s Plan, as per my interpretation of Psalm 108.

Before reading my commentary on Psalm 108 that follows, I want to make something perfectly clear. There has been a huge effort on the part of many who see the United States as Babylon the Great to deny every Biblical study that even hints at the possibility that the United States can be seen as connected to Israel, and may even have been reckoned as a type of Israel by Yahweh God in modern times. However, I have provided hundreds of pages of facts in my books that prove that - along with the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth nations - the United States is being reckoned as a part of Israel that is NOT Jewish Israel or Judah, but is connected to the Tribe of Joseph in Bible Prophecy. We will examine a little of that evidence pertaining to the United States a bit later in this article.

But before I am accused of being a proponent of British Israelism, let me say that the aforementioned heresy shares much in common with other false doctrines that deny the Jews and other racial groups a place in God’s Kingdom! Contrary to what some have claimed, I do NOT believe that only those in the Church are being reckoned as Yahweh God’s chosen people Israel today, nor that Israel can be identified only with the USA and the Commonwealth nations connected to the UK. I reject these heresies because they exclude God’s promises to redeem the Jews and all those who follow Yahshua. They also ignore the Apostle Paul’s teaching that God will graft every Gentile believer into Israel, regardless of their nationality or country of origin. As the Apostle Paul said concerning his fellow Jews in relation to Gentile believers:
~*~ Romans 11:11-18 ~*~
“I say then, have they (i.e. the Jews) stumbled that they should fall? Certainly not! But through their fall, to provoke them to jealousy, salvation has come to the Gentiles. Now if… their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead? For if… the root is holy, so are the branches. And if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree (i.e. a Gentile believer), were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree (i.e. Israel), do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you.”
The preceding Scripture describes why Israel had to fall away. In affect, it was so that the Gentiles could be grafted into Israel. It also points to a time when Israel will be restored to their place as the root or foundation in God’s Plan of Salvation that supports the grafted in branches.

Following is my original interpretation of Psalm 108, as taken from my copyrighted book “The Language of God in Prophecy”, but with some minor corrections added to it for clarity. Please note that, if you have already read the following book excerpt and want to skip reading it again, I have added additional new insights and commentary after it:

Beginning of Book Excerpt from “The Language of God in Prophecy”

The Amazing Hidden Prophecy In Psalm 108

In this book, I have already shown how many Psalms - especially the Hallel Psalms 110 through 118 - may be directly related to global prophetic events occurring in the years 2010 through 2018. These nine psalms appear to describe unfolding events that will usher in the most terrible time in world history outside of the Great Flood: the seven-year Tribulation period. Psalm 108 - which is directly connected to the years 2008, 2009 and beyond - gives still another potential thrilling glimpse into future world events just prior to the Tribulation. In this section, we will explore what this Psalm may foretell for the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and the rest of the world in the two years leading up to Nissan 1 in 2013 or 2014, which may be near to the time of the First Rapture, though no one knows for certain when it will be.

Throughout Psalm 108, there are many terms that apply to nations and people groups in the past, as well as to the present and future. What is doubly thrilling about this is that all the nations mentioned are directly involved with the current, globally felt war against Terrorism. To show how Psalm 108 reveals this, abridged portions of its thirteen stanzas will be quoted, and then followed by interpretations of what people groups and events these verses most likely pertain to. Let’s begin with the first seven stanzas:
“O God (Elohim), my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise… Awake, lute and harp! I will awaken the dawn. I will praise You, O LORD (Yahweh)… among the nations… Be exalted, O God (Elohim), above the heavens, and Your glory above all the earth; That Your beloved (i.e. Jerusalem) may be delivered, save with Your right hand, and hear me. God (Elohim) has spoken in His holiness: ‘I will rejoice; I will divide (or separate) Shechem (a city of refuge in Ephraimite territory which now refers to the Palestinian allotment of land in the West Bank) and measure out (i.e. set apart) the Valley of Succoth (part of Gad’s ancient territory - refers to the Palestinian occupied Gaza Strip).” - Psalm 108:1-7
Fascinatingly, one of the two portions of land that have been portioned out to the Palestinians is the West Bank, which surrounds Jerusalem on three sides. This portion of land is called Shechem in Psalm 108, and it was rich pastureland when Jacob’s sons tended their father’s flocks there. It was near Shechem that Joseph made his fateful trip out into the fields to check on the welfare of his brothers, only to be beaten, imprisoned, and sold into slavery by them (Genesis 37:13-28). It was also in Shechem where Joseph was later buried.

Interestingly, the story of Joseph’s slavery and later rise to power in Egypt echoes the current conflict between the West and the Muslim nations. Perhaps this is why Joseph’s tomb is located in Shechem, or the West Bank, and why the Palestinians barbarically destroyed his tomb in 2003. As shown in my book “The Language of God in Humanity,” Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh would come to represent two powerful Gentile nations in the Last Days: The United States (Ephraim), and the United Kingdom (Manasseh).

The Scripture “I will divide (or separate) Shechem” directly states that it is God’s Will that there should be a separation of the West Bank from the rest of Israel through the auspices of the United States, United Kingdom, and United Nations! In double fulfillment of this, the West Bank is now separated, or divided by political strife as well since it was set up as a secular democratic state, but was quickly overrun by fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups.

Even more fascinating is the fact that “the Valley of Sukkoth” in the preceding Scripture may be referring to the Gaza Strip, which is indeed measured out, or set apart from Israel and the West Bank! These two sections of land were recently given to the Palestinians in order to secure peace with them, and the rest of the Middle East. However, this grand gesture of generosity by Israel has failed miserably in winning support and friendship from the Palestinians, or other Muslim nations.

The reason this modern bid at peace is failing is bound up in the past, and directly relates to the seemingly perpetual blood feuds between Isaac and Ishmael, and Jacob and Esau. It is also tied to the failure of the Israelites to make any lasting peace with the hated Philistines and Amalekites after their Exodus from Egypt and their conquest of Canaan.

Intriguingly, the next two stanzas of Psalm 108 tell us what nations are intimately involved with, or opposed to this dividing up of Israel in an effort to bring peace to the region. It also states which nations are under God’s current control, or acting on His behalf, and also which ones are the targets of His wrath:
“Gilead (i.e. the grandson of Manasseh, likely referring to Canada and/or Australia today) is Mine; Manasseh (the United Kingdom) is Mine; Ephraim (the United States) also is the “helmet for My head” (or chief stronghold); Judah (the nation of ISRAEL) is My lawgiver. Moab (Syria, Iraq and Iran) is My washpot; over Edom (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and possibly Yemen and Oman) I will cast My shoe; over Philistia (Lebanon, Syria, Palestinian territories) I will triumph.’ ” - Psalm 108:8-9
This portion of Scripture indicates that the Western nations with the most troops in Iraq and Afghanistan today, and those most closely allied with Israel today in friendship - the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada and/or Australia - are doing God’s will in the Middle East. So, no matter what people in these countries may think of their current political leaders or government decisions concerning the War on Terror, these governments are (most likely unwittingly) acting on God’s behalf right now, though I must strongly emphasize here that this situation will change dramatically when the Antichrist becomes leader of the West in Europe sometime during, or after the predicted war described in Psalm 108. In addition, let me state that not every proposal regarding Israel by the United States is condoned by God. In fact, it appears that many of the tragic events that have occurred on American soil (such as 9-11, Katrina, and the California Wildfires of 2007) have partly resulted either from God’s judgment against America for going too far in trying to assuage the Palestinians, or for allowing unconstitutional attacks upon Christians, Christianity and traditional family values at home.

The remaining portion of Psalm 108 tells us that the Western nations allied to Israel are going to have a major military show down with the Islamic terrorists allied against them, which include those living in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Now based on my interpretation of Psalms 110 through 118 in Chapter Two, this war will likely be waged for two to three years and will break out before the First Rapture of the True Church - which may occur anytime up to the end of 2014 on Nissan 1, 2015 - if the Signs in the Heavens between 2011 and 2018 are any indication. This will be near to the ominous Blood Moon on Passover in 2015. Furthermore, based on the final stanza of Psalm 108, the armies of the West will not be able to defeat their Terrorist enemies unless the people of the West (particularly the USA) openly call upon the God of Israel to help them:
“Who will bring me into the strong (or fortified) city (i.e. Babylon; a.k.a. Iraq - with its many US-built military bases surrounding it)? Who will lead me (in)to Edom (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and possibly Yemen, and Oman)? Is it not You, O God (Elohim), who cast us off? And You, O God (Elohim), who did not go out with our armies? (OR: Elohim, will You cast us off? Elohim, will You abandon our armies?) Give us help from trouble, for the help of man is useless. Through God (Elohim) we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies.” - Psalm 108:10-13
In this final section of Psalm 108, the passage that reads: “it is He who shall tread down our enemies” suggests that God will miraculously intervene and bless Israel and the West with a temporary victory in the Middle East. It’s also uncanny how this Scriptural passage is VERY reminiscent of the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me” that appears on the USA’s Gadsden flag!. Furthermore, the lamentations and pleas to God in Psalm 109 are tied to events beginning in late 2009, but which might not be fulfilled until the end of 2013 or beyond. Psalm 109 indicates that this war will lead to both suffering and great spiritual revival in the land of Israel and the countries allied to it:
“But you, O Sovereign LORD (Yahweh), deal well with me for your name’s sake; out of the goodness of your love, deliver me. For I am poor and needy, and my heart is wounded within me. I fade away like an evening shadow; I am shaken off like a locust. My knees give way from fasting; my body is thin and gaunt.” - Psalm 109:21-24
Psalm 109 also suggests that the resolution of this war may lead to a much greater openness among Jews and Arabs to hear the Gospel and be saved. Perhaps the miraculous events leading to this short-lived victory of Israel and the West against the Arabs will spur this revival. If so, it will lead to the sharing of the Good News of the Kingdom of God with all of Abraham’s descendents through Ishmael and Isaac in preparation for the Rapture - or, if the Rapture has passed before this time - the last half of the Tribulation and the Second Coming of Christ:
“Help me, O LORD my God (oh Yahweh my Elohim); save me in accordance with your love. Let them know that it is your hand, that you, O LORD (Yahweh), have done it.” “With my mouth I will greatly extol the LORD (Yahweh); in the great throng I will praise him. For he stands at the right hand of the needy one, to save his life from those who condemn him.” - Psalm 109:26-27, 30-31
Could this worldwide time of peace and revival be the result of a peace treaty between Israel and the Arab world that will be signed with the diplomatic help of a politician who either represents, or will become the Antichrist? Based on other clues in Scripture, this peace treaty will likely allow the Jews to build a new Temple adjacent to the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and to reinstate animal sacrifices shortly thereafter.

End of Book Excerpt from “The Language of God in Prophecy.”

The preceding book excerpt was presented to explain how Psalm 108 is prophetically tied to the year 2008, as well as the years immediately before and after it. The prophetic information in this Psalm has, and will continue to affect the spiritual trends in the years to come. Furthermore, its message to the world is very different from Psalm 83, which is the Psalm every Bible prophecy teacher seems to be fixated on right now - and erroneously so if my interpretation of Psalm 108 is correct! However, before I continue this discussion concerning Psalm 108, I wanted to point out that I no longer agree with the last paragraph of the preceding excerpt from my book because I am not sure the “covenant with many” that the Prophet Daniel spoke of in regard to his Seventieth Week prophecy has anything to do with a peace treaty, much less one with Israel. Instead, it may well be meant to refer to a political term of office such as a presidency. If so, it intrigues me that every US President swears to uphold the US Constitution for the 50 mini “nations” within a nation that represent the 50 states of the United States of America. Could these be the “many” that Daniel spoke of?

After all, in contradiction of the many prophecy teachers that have labeled America as Babylon the Great, or as an inconsequential nation in the End Times that will completely lose her power, my book  “The Language of God in Prophecy” gives many well-documented reasons why this may not be true. In fact, my findings show that the United States is spiritually connected to the Half Tribe of Ephraim and is being reckoned as a type of Gentile “grafted in” Israel in modern times that shares a spiritual and material destiny in tandem with the tiny Jewish nation of Israel. In Psalm 108, this is verified by the designation of the United States as “the helmet for My head”, meaning that the United States is the figurative helmet on the head of Yahshua Ha Mashiach. This means that, regardless of who is leading the USA in the White House, Yahshua or God Incarnate is the One calling the shots behind the scenes!

The following illustration taken from my book “The Language of God in Prophecy” shows how the constellations Cygnus the Swan, Aquila the Eagle and Sagitta the Arrow are connected to the Great Seal of the United States. This connection serves to verify the role of the United States as the “helmet for God's head”, as described in Psalm 108 above:

Click To Enlarge

Also note the quiver of 13 arrows in the eagles talons on the US Great Seal, which appears to mimic the placement of  the constellation Sagitta the Arrow near one wing of Aquila the Eagle. Fascinatingly, Ephraim or the United States is also designated as the “arrow” in the allegorical bow of Judah or the nation of Israel today, as shown in the prophecy in  Zechariah:

~*~ Zechariah 9:12-13 ~*~ 
“Return to the stronghold,
You prisoners of hope.
Even today I declare
That I will restore double to you.
For I have bent Judah, My bow,
Fitted the bow with Ephraim,
And raised up your sons, O Zion,
Against your sons, O Greece,
And made you like the sword
of a mighty man.”

To further see the connection of the United States to the section of the heavens containing the bird constellations Cygnus, Lyra and Aquila, note that the constellation Cygnus the Swan, a.k.a. the Northern Cross has a nebula at its tail near the bright star called Deneb, meaning “Coming Lord” or “Judge” in Hebrew. This Nebula is called the North America Nebula because it is shaped like the continent, as can be seen in my illustration. Fascinatingly, the tail of this heavenly swan also serves as the head of the Northern Cross. This therefore strongly suggests that this is what God meant when He gave the words “helmet for My head” for the people group known as Ephraim in the prophetic passages of the Bible.

In light of this, I beseech those of you who see the USA as an evil nation overrun by wicked occultists, corrupt politicians and carnal preachers to rethink your position. Yahshua’s Parable of the Wheat and the Tares suggests that the world’s division into warring ideological groups was divinely destined to happen. Therefore, the fact that the USA has created a political and spiritual climate geared to make it happen rapidly among their own ranks and around the world doesn’t have to be powered by a sinister motive. You have to remember that Yahweh God is behind everything that happens as an expression of His Will and purpose.

Furthermore, you need to ask God whether or not all the nations on this planet are working against His will. I have done so repeatedly in regard to the USA, and each time, God has reassured me audibly that - whatever appears to be happening right now - the portion of the USA that can be tied to the sheep and wheat of Yahshua’s “Parable of the Wheat and the Tares” and “Parable of the Sheep and the Goats” will NOT turn against Israel or God in the end! This war of ideologies within the USA is depicted in the Star Gospel by the fact that the United States is directly tied to the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder.

Ophiuchus the Strongman signifies the sheep and wheat in the USA that are holding back the current leftist leadership of the USA - and the citizens of the USA that support them - who can be directly tied to the damned goats and tares in the aforementioned parables. These evil people are signified by the serpent called Serpens in Ophiuchus’ hands, and by Scorpio the Scorpion that Ophiuchus is trampling under his feet - just as Yahshua will in the end! Sadly, the goats and tares are all destined to perish before all is said and done - unless they repent and accept Yahshua as their Messiah and King!

Despite the USA’s lofty position as the helmet or chief stronghold of God Almighty and its assured place in history and prophecy, over half the population of the United States has rapidly strayed far from its biblical roots in the last fifty years. This is why some say that it can no longer be called a Christian nation. In fact, in his book “Harbinger”, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn presents plenty of evidence that America is now under judgment by God in a pattern that eerily mimics how Ancient Israel was judged. Furthermore, the USA may soon see a crushing defeat at the hands of her enemies abroad unless revival comes to this nation in the wake of the Psalm 108 war that may soon be fought in defense of Israel’s right to exist.

Thankfully, the hint of this happening in America and other parts of the globe is made in Psalm 109, and it is my prayer that many Americans and people around the world will be saved by the blood of Yahshua and will welcome the Spirit of God’s light into their hearts through Christ before the final Tribulation plagues are poured out on the wicked. However it is my belief that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ and the Five Wise Virgins will occur the before the end of the Psalm 83 war that will precipitate the Psalm 108 war in rapid succession.

As for the reason why America  and the world is under judgment right now, one has to look no further than the rampant recreational drug use, sexual immorality and embrace of homosexuality among over half of America’s citizens (and illegal immigrants) and other people groups around the world. Then there are the demonic underpinnings behind almost every movie produced in Hollywood, and every secular song promoted by the American Music Industry, as well as the tragedy of the millions of abortions that have been performed in this country, but which are only a fraction of the many abortions that have been committed around the world for the sake of a woman’s convenience or government’s depopulation agenda. Add to this the largely secret maneuverings of the Freemasons, Mormons and Socialists/Nazis to take control of this country that has been portrayed in the occult design of Washington DC and other American buildings and cities, and the sad truth is that the now largely Laodicean Church in America has allowed the country to be quickly overrun by evil forces.

As a result, the United States is incurring Yahweh God’s Wrath along with the rest of the world, and it is progressively being meted out via natural and economic disasters that appear to correlate with every major infraction and misstep that US leaders have made in their treatment of Christians in America and abroad, as well as toward the Jews in Israel.

For more information about the role of the United States in Bible Prophecy, I highly recommend reading Chapter Nine of my book “The Language of God in Prophecy”, which can be accessed free online here: This book excerpt presents my Psalm 108 material in a larger context, including its relationship to the great battle that will be fought between the King of the North (i.e. the West) and the King of the South (i.e. Russia in league with Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and possibly the United Kingdom, which has strong ties with Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and may be secretly in league with Russia), and these kings’ allies in the Middle East and Africa. I also recommend reading the books “As America Has Done To Israel” by John P. McTernan, and “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn.

I have also written the following Articles that show the USA's true place in Bible Prophecy. Please make an effort to read them all, as each one offers important End Time revelations:


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I also highly recommend reading the book: “The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel - Found!” by Steven M. Collins. Though it has long been out of print in paperback, it is still available as an e-book that can be purchased for only $12.99 at his web site here: I agree with Mr. Collins on virtually every point concerning the Ten Lost Tribes except for the identity of the two half tribes descended from the patriarch Joseph's sons Ephraim and Manasseh. For several reasons that I clarify in my book, I believe that Ephraim can be better connected to the United States than Manasseh. 

Returning to our study of Psalm 108, notice that - while Psalm 83 describes Israel’s Arab and Persian enemies coming against her in a battle of wills - Psalm 108 describes a major battle between Judah or Israel and her Muslim enemies in the Middle East that will be backed by the Western powers. If my interpretation of Psalm 108 is correct, it suggests that - while the West will act on behalf of Israel against their common enemies - it will suffer some serious losses from their involvement in the Middle East until they call out to God for help as Psalm 108:12-13 suggests they will: “Give us help from trouble, for the help of man is useless! Through Elohim we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies!”

As a prophetic word, the preceding Scripture contains a promise that God will forgive Israel and the West when they call out to Him for help, and it is God who will fight alongside their armies against their Islamic foes. Thus, they will be victorious so that God can figuratively cast His shoe over Moab, Edom and the Palestinians, thereby declaring that: “Moab is My washpot; Over Edom, I will cast My shoe; over Philistia, I will triumph!” (Psalm 108:9). In an ironic turn of events that ties into Psalm 108’s connection to the year 2008, an Iraqi journalist lobbed his shoe at President George W. Bush during a news conference in Baghdad on December 14th, 2008 - the same year targeted by Psalm 108! Thus, the coming Psalm 108 War may be God’s payback toward the modern Edomites of Iraq, Iran, and Syria, who allowed one of their representatives to disrespectfully cast his shoe over their Ephraimite liberators’ leading figurehead.

To be clear, I AM NOT singling out any specific US President as having been particularly godly, though a few probably have been. However, I AM suggesting that every US President has been acting on Yahweh God’s behalf in the Middle East, whether they realize it or not - including Obama! Please pray about this, and thank you for considering my prophetic ideas. I hope that they will bless you as we move into the next stages of the Tribulation, which I firmly believe is already upon us.

Due to its length, this article has been presented in eight parts.
The links to the other sections of the article appear below:
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The Hallel Psalms and Autumn Feasts Prophecy

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The Prophecy in Psalm 108

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