Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Timely Video Brings Yom Teruah
Into Crisper Prophetic Focus


A video that I posted on 9-28-2011 on my wall at Facebook of President Obama being heckled as the Antichrist shows that the stage is definitely being set for increasing persecution of Christians in America, just as I forewarned per the Signs in the Heavens for this Yom Teruah/Feast of Trumpets:


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And here is the video that I posted at Facebook:

Heckler Calls Obama - The Antichrist - At LA Fundraiser

Eerily, the crowd’s chanting of “four more years!” at the rally in an effort to drown out the jeers of the Christian heckler reminded one Facebook reader of this blog post of the scene before Yahshua’s crucifixion when the crowds were yelling “Barabbas!” at Pilate and I had to agree with him wholeheartedly.

The way I found out about this video was through a friend at Facebook who shared a link with me to an article that included an embedded link to it. Here is the internet link to that article on the Look Up Fellowship web site:


From my reading of the article, though this commentator did seem to think the Rapture is about to occur this Yom Teruah, he also thinks the persecution of the saints is possibly in view through this incident, and I agree. Remember that my interpretation of the Signs in the Heavens for this Yom Teruah were negative on the Rapture. Instead, I think the signs indicate that the Church is about to experience heavy persecution, even in the West.

Of course, no one has been listening to me, rather wishing to hear that the Rapture is imminent and that we will all be blissfully happy in Heaven soon, for obvious reasons. No one wants to have to face persecution, but all believers should expect it. It is what Yahshua promised us all that we would experience once we chose to follow Him. We should worry if we never experience persecution, because that means we have not been following the path that Yahshua our Messiah took.

I do believe that the Rapture is coming soon, but I am not convinced it is going to happen over the next two days. Though there is no reason why it couldn’t happen now, it just doesn’t feel right to me somehow. I hope we go to Heaven this Yom Teruah, but we may need to remain here for a little while yet, maybe a few months to a year more.

If we are to remain here on Earth a bit longer, we are likely going to have to experience increasing persecution. But do not be afraid! Rather, prepare yourself to suffer persecution for Christ’s sake by drawing near to God in prayer and praise and asking Him to give you His peace and strength via the Holy Spirit.

Before ending this message, I want to stress that I think we DO need to be anxious for Yahshua’s coming. After all, Yahshua commanded us to “Watch!” But we must not do this to the point that we forget to do God’s will in the here and now. We all need to make being active in sharing our faith, living a holy life, and setting a good example for others a primary goal even as we hope for our beloved Messiah’s return with love and longing.

In the meantime, Maranatha and God bless you all this Yom Teruah!

Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry