Friday, August 12, 2011

The True Vine and the Trumpet Call of God

By Helena Lehman of
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)


On the morning of August 11th, I was fascinated by a blog post entitled “For Anyone Listening” authored by fellow believer “Cindy by the Sea”. This post described the mysterious recent appearance of a Trumpet vine that happened to be growing in the shape of a cross on a line pole in rural North Carolina. CLICK HERE to view Cindy’s blog post.

Right after reading Cindy by the Sea’s post, I did some research, and found several original articles about the vine-covered pole, including one that stated that the vine is a Trumpet vine, just as Cindy reported. I also found a photo and video of this vine growing on the pole in Kinston, NC, which I am sharing in this article.

An interesting fact about this story came from a news video. In it, the female reporter noted that this was the only vine-covered pole anywhere in the area, so this made it stand out. Here is the link to the news video at You Tube:

Kudzu Jesus found in Eastern North Carolina:

Though this vine was mistaken for the Kudzu vine imported from Japan once upon a time, it was actually a wild version of the Trumpet vine, which has distinctly lovely, trumpet-shaped flowers. These can be seen in the photo below:

Photo of Trumpet Vine Flowers:
Click on Image to Enlarge

On an allegorical level, this type of vine has a spiritual application as an allusion to the sounding of an alarm, such as in the blowing of a shofar or trumpet. It could also be tied to the Feast of Trumpets - a Jewish Feast that many think will mark the time of the Rapture, though I believe that the Rapture could happen at any time.

Interestingly, this cross-shaped vine was growing on an electrical line pole in the town of Kinston - a town that was originally called “Kingston” or “King’s Town” before the Revolutionary War. Allegorically, this could be alluding the fact that Christ will one day return to the Earth to be the literal King of kings who will rule the world from Jerusalem. In an odd sort of way, this vine on the pole can therefore be tied to the following Scripture:
John 15:1-3 (NKJV) - “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit. You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you.”
In this Scripture, Yahshua or Jesus was allegorically portraying Himself as the True Vine that all professing believers are branches on. In addition, Yahshua was issuing a stern warning. This is suggested by the act of pruning, which alludes to suffering trials and tribulations. When a fruit vine is pruned, the vines that don’t have fruit on them are cut off and destroyed. In addition, the vines with flower buds and fruit are trimmed to improve the quality of the resulting fruit.

Could it be, then, that Yahshua is saying that only those who bear good fruit even after suffering will be retained as part of the vine of His Kingdom? Will ONLY the believers that are sanctified through their real relationship with Yahshua via the Holy Spirit be rewarded with full participation in the Wedding of the Lamb and Millennial Kingdom to come? That’s something that I’d say we all need to think and pray about as we await the return of our King and Bridegroom. Because, let’s face it! The watered-down concept of Justification by Grace alone taught by many churches today does not encourage believers to obtain the full reward of Salvation found in aspiring to be sanctified by holiness in the process of Sanctification.

Intriguingly, this vine-covered pole that resembled Christ hanging on the Cross for our sins became a sensation around the Kinston area around June 15th, 2011, when there was a Full Blood Moon in the Sign of Ophiuchus/Scorpio that was best seen over the Middle East and Israel. This Blood Moon was in the ominous sign of Ophiuchus in Scorpio, and this constellation also represents Yahshua dying on the Cross with the sins of the whole world laid upon Him! Therefore, this Blood Moon may be a divine warning of the impending war between good and evil that will be centered around the unrepentant Gentile hatred of the tiny nation of Israel, as well as the Jewish people that are its primary inhabitants. Significantly, Scorpio alludes to Satan’s kingdom of darkness, which includes his fellow fallen angels and demons and his wicked human followers.

In light of this, the vine-covered pole in North Carolina may recall another powerful symbol that I wrote about in my book “The Language of God in Humanity.” It is called the “Nehushtan,” which is the Hebrew name for the bronze pole that Moses had entwined with a serpent and lifted up in the desert for the people to look upon in order to be healed from poison snake bites. Following the Scripture about this incident below is an illustration of the bronze pole taken from my book “The Language of God in Humanity:”
“Then Yahweh sent venomous snakes among them; they bit the people and many Israelites died. The people came to Moses and said, ‘We sinned when we spoke against Yahweh and against you. Pray that Yahweh will take the snakes away from us.’ So Moses prayed for the people. Yahweh said to Moses, ‘Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live.’ So Moses made a bronze snake… on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten… and looked at the bronze snake, he lived.” - Numbers 21:6-9
Illustration Comparing the Nehushtan and Cross of Christ:
Click on Image to Enlarge

As the illustration and Scripture shows, there is an obvious connection between the Nehushtan and the Cross of Christ, where our Messiah became sin for us so that we all could be forgiven. In fact, Yahshua Himself tells us that this serpent-entwined pole that Moses fashioned per God’s command was an allusion to His coming crucifixion. This is when Yahshua took on the image of Satan in the form of our sins so that we might take on His perfect image before the Father and no longer be under condemnation:
“And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” - John 3:14-15 (NKJ)
Later, the Apostle Paul explained this through the imagery of the Blood Covenant ceremony. In one such ritual, two men entering a covenant switched their cloaks in order to be seen as the image of the other in unity. Likewise, when Yahshua died on the Cross, He exchanged His perfect body for our sin-filled flesh so that we might find healing and spiritual perfection by taking on His image:
“For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” - 2 Corinthians 5:21
This is why the Church is called the Body of Christ! As an allusion to the Cross of Christ where the ultimate price was paid for our sins by one perfect God-man who never sinned, maybe this Trumpet vine-covered pole is saying that it’s time for us all to consider what we believe about Yahshua and His death on the Cross before the Trumpet announcing the Rapture and First Resurrection sounds at the end of this Age. If someone who calls themselves a Christian or Messianic accepts the fact that Yahshua was a great Rabbi or Teacher of the Law but then proclaims that He was not born of a virgin, or that He didn’t die on the Cross, or that He didn’t rise from the dead, then we become no more than Christianized versions of Muslims or New Agers, who generally believe the same things about Yahshua.

In so doing, both Liberal Christians and Messianics that deny Yahshua’s miraculous birth, His full deity, and/or His resurrection from the dead are also denying that there was anything truly miraculous surrounding Yahshua’s birth, life or death. Even more tragically, they are often guilty of denying that Yahshua was the Son of God whose death on the Cross was necessary for the forgiveness of sins. By denying any of these central tenants of the faith, these apostate believers are compromising the Gospel message, and nullifying Yahshua’s place as the true Messiah!

Sadly, these types of misinformed people are believers in name only, and they therefore cannot be in a true relationship with Christ via His Spirit. This identifies them as the foolish virgins in “The Parable of the Ten Virgins” - and these are the ones that Yahshua will exclude from attending the Wedding of the Lamb in Heaven with the words: “‘Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you!” (Matthew 25:11).

Being aware of the severity of the catastrophes that will befall every unbeliever during the Tribulation as outlined in the Book of Revelation, we should all be fervently praying that we aren’t one of those so addressed by Christ! Because of their lack of devotion to the Bridegroom, these foolish virgins will be left behind to see the rise of the Antichrist. Furthermore, they will have to face the possibility of martyrdom while trying to survive horrible wars, catastrophic plagues, and massive destruction and devastation.

These people will be left behind due to their lukewarm faith, which identifies them as the Church of Laodicea. They will be left on Earth in order to be refined in the trials of the Great Tribulation. But, unless they repent and strive to be like Christ during this time, they will go through the Tribulation without God’s covering of wisdom and protection via the Holy Spirit.

Outside of being one of the unrepentant, wicked people and demons that will be cast into the Lake of Fire at the end of time (Revelation 19:20, 20:10, 20:14, and 21:8), there are few fates that I could envision as being worse than this abandonment by God! So, while there is still time, let us all strive to nurture our devotion to Abba Yahweh and Yahshua in prayer, repentance, worship, praise and Bible study to show ourselves approved to God (2 Timothy 2:15).


Yahshua is coming SOON! Maranatha!

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  1. Hi Helena, Shalom and thank you for mentioning my blog post. I really appreciate what you have gleaned from this story, I think it is quite amazing and more than just a little human interest story that news programs look for to supplement their news programs. I had not seen the video clip before I read your post and somehow it had escaped me that the "arms" of the vine are growing along power lines. Significant in itself I believe as Jesus is our only real source of power and strength. Anyway, thank you again for a great job on this, Grace and blessings! Cindy

  2. Shalom and thank you for your kind words, Cindy!

    Yes! The power lines that run beneath the arms of the “Trumpet Vine Jesus” truly are a significant clue as to Whom we need to rely on for ALL of our strength - especially right now - when Satan’s henchmen are working overtime to try and destroy every true bearer of God’s wonderful Light.

    In that regard, you would not believe the trashing I received yesterday night for sharing this same blog article at a Rapture Forum that I belong to. I spent all of last night trying to defend myself against a tirade of vicious lies made by someone who has spent a great deal of time learning about my ministry so they could attempt to assassinate my character and misrepresent me in the most foul and twisted ways. It was a truly horrible experience that I hope to NEVER experience again!

    Anyway, the good news is that I got through this time of testing and now feel that I have matured spiritually and moved forward a bit more in my walk with Yahweh. I have learned that suffering for Christ in silence is a truly noble and loving endeavor and a better response than saying anything to defend myself, which only seems to backfire when people don’t have your best interests at heart and don’t love you anyway! So, from now on, I will be silent like a lamb led to the slaughter when the next person or group steps up and attempts to assassinate my character. I’ll keep quiet and let Yahweh God be the judge!

    In the meantime, I truly want to thank you for the initial clear and lovely inspiration that led to this article that I wrote in response to it. You are truly my sister and another bright and shining little light of the world, just as Yahshua is the one and only true Light of the World.

    May Yahshua our Messiah, King and Bridegroom bless you and keep you safe in Him until the Rapture! Looking forward to meeting you then!


    Helena Lehman
    Pillar of Enoch Ministry

  3. Truly a breath of fresh air in this day and age. So many different Messiahs. So many different Yashuas. May God bless you both and may we all beat fruit until such a time as we should be called home.


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