Saturday, August 20, 2011

Red Alert to the Body of Christ:


Should Our Focus Be On the Antichrist, Elenin
and Nibiru or on Yahweh God and His Son?

By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


As a believer that wants to stay focused on the important things of God, I’m getting really tired of all the amateur videos flooding You Tube right now and invading believer’s forums and blogs about Comet Elenin and Planet X or Nibiru. The reason for my discontent is that all of these videos and blogs are posing totally unsubstantiated beliefs as facts when there is no factual information to prove that Elenin or Nibiru are the cause.

Yes, we know that Elenin is coming. Yes, we know that there seems to be some correlation between Elenin’s alignment with the Earth and the Sun that may be causing huge earthquakes, giant fissures and sink holes, and much terrible weather and volcanic activity. But the fact is that there is no real proof that Elenin is really behind any of this! There is no real proof that any legitimate source has given that shows Elenin to be anything other than a comet! All that has so far been shown by anyone is just plenty of imaginative conjecture being posed as facts. So the real danger here is that all this hype about Elenin may not only prove to be bogus and incorrect, but that many believers are allowing all the hype surrounding Elenin to keep them from preaching and teaching the important things of God.

What’s clear to me from years of research is that all the Nibiru doomsday predictors out there have been having a field day lately in being able to deceive many people into thinking they know something when they really don’t. Because all anyone of these videos proclaiming doomsday has shown so far outside of simulated projections of Elenin’s path and future alignments to take note of are the same bad old still photographs of what some say is Nibiru that have been circulating on the internet for at least the last 15 years. It is really sad how much these same bad photos keep getting recirculated over and over again even though the origin of these photos is not and never has been clear and the objects in them have never been truthfully identified.

The hype around Comet Elenin (and Nibiru/Planet X) has blown up into a monster of epic proportions and everybody seems to be eating it up without one ounce of real proof! But how does any of us really know what will bring about the Sixth Seal plagues or the first Trumpet plagues unless we get a clear word from God? Though I am certain that the events foretold in the Book of Revelation concerning these plagues will happen soon because of some dreams and visions I’ve recently had and because of the REAL Signs in the Heavens and Gospel in the Stars that I can verify and preach about with certainty, we have ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing for certain how God is going to accomplish these things!!!

What many seem to be forgetting amidst all this bad hype is that our focus should ONLY be on doing Yahweh God’s Will. Because we know that God is planning to do many horrific things to the Earth to accomplish His Will and pour out His wrath on the wicked sometime soon, it’s our jobs to warn others and offer them God’s salvation while there is still time, not worry about the methods that God is going to use to destroy the world!

Yes, we should be aware that God is planning to destroy the face of the Earth and the wicked that are living upon this planet that refuse to repent. However, we also need to preach that Yahshua Himself also promised to deliver those who are in the Church of Philadelphia - and ONLY the believers in that church - from the coming disasters and bloody carnage!

So we need to focus on why the Church of Brotherly Love is the ONLY one that will be spared from having to go through the Tribulation like the rest of the churches outside of the Church of Smyrna. Could it be because these physically poor and spiritually undervalued believers share God’s love freely with everyone? Could it also be that they are NOT focused on health and wealth and enjoying what this world has to offer the rich, but only on the Kingdom of God in Heaven and the joys of the life to come?

Interestingly, Scripture tells us that the Church of Smyrna is full of martyrs and persecuted saints that will be attacked by the Synagogue of Satan that is filled with people who say they are Jews but are not. Could these false Jews be the many souls in the Messianic movement that are preaching against any kind of Rapture and that keep insisting that Christians are obligated to keep the whole Law while not preaching the concept of Grace or the power of the Holy Spirit to transform people in Christ? Could these false Jews also be the ones preaching that we are to be forcefully advancing the Kingdom of God through politics?

Does God want us to worry about establishing His dominion on Earth through politics, or is He seeking disciples to preach non-violence and non-involvement in politics and economics just as Yahshua did? Could it be that the Church of Philadelphia is the only church with members that spend much time in God’s presence praying, worshipping and studying His Word before going out and attempting to win more disciples for Christ by displaying His loving example in their behavior rather than boasting in their health or wealth or temporal power?

You see, it’s not important for us to know how God is going to accomplish His wrath, or even exactly when, but only that we can see all the signs that He is going to do so soon. In the meantime, all we have been called to do is to love one another just as Yahshua loves us! Regardless of whether God is going to use the Comet Elenin or Nibiru or not to bring about His wrath on the wicked, it’s our jobs right now as believers to be going about Our Heavenly Father’s business in advancing the Kingdom of God. This means NOT spending time in useless conjecture over who the Antichrist is or isn’t or which comet or asteroid or moon or whatever is going to hit the Earth as the star called Wormwood.

Remember to keep your eyes focused on Yahshua and not on your earthly needs or problems, and everything that you need will be provided for you - just as it says in God’s Word. It’s not time to give way to fear or waste time in conjecture, but to seek first God’s kingdom! Leave your safety and salvation in God’s hands right now and claim His peace and comfort for yourself. Then ask God to strengthen your faith in Him and your ability to hear Him as you focus on how you can be a part of God’s efforts to make disciples of all nations.

Don’t lose the race! Keep your focus! Remember that Yahshua is coming for a spotless, pure and loving Bride that has prepared her heart for marriage and is keeping her kind and compassionate eyes focused on loving others as God loves them.

In the meantime, may our Father God Yahweh bless you all! Maranatha!

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