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I wrote the following explanation of how to picture our Solar System within the Milky Way Galaxy to help a person that is new to my books and shows in understanding how the Universe operates and how the stars set up a backdrop for everything that happens on the Earth.

Since it ends with a plug for my Armageddon show airing tonight at 9 pm EST, I thought I would use this as an introduction to the show that has some interesting related information to share! :-)


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Here is a short explanation about the movement of the Solar System in simple lay terms that I just wrote up for you. I think I should have put an explanation like this in my first book:


Picture a slowly revolving beach ball suspended in the center of a large circular room and the Earth as a quickly revolving baseball that is suspended and spinning on an inclined central axis and following a somewhat elliptical orbit around the beach ball in the center of the circular or spherical room. This beach ball can be envisioned as our Sun.

Now envision that the spherical room is revolving and moving on an orbit in the same direction as the baseball, but at a much slower pace than it. The revolving, orbiting room can be seen as our Milky Way Galaxy. However, we cannot see that this room or galaxy is moving because we and all the other stars and planets in our Galaxy are moving at the same pace with it, kind of like passengers in a moving car.

Almost all the individual and binary stars and star clusters that we can see in a clear, dark night sky without a telescope are within the Milky Way Galaxy, though we can also see distant galaxies as stars from our point of view. Since we are moving at the same pace as the stars in our Galaxy, and our Galaxy is moving at the same pace as the other galaxies in the Universe, we can't see the stars moving in space. Therefore we can picture the stars as many tiny points of bright light on the walls, floor and ceiling of the circular or spherical room around the beach ball Sun and baseball Earth.

This means that the apparent movement of the Sun and stars in our skies from east to west is mostly caused by the baseball Earth, which is rotating and moving around the beach ball Sun in the fixed space of the spherical Galactic room. Where the beach ball Sun appears to be within the circle of the fixed walls of stars in the room is also dependent on where the baseball Earth is in its orbit around the beach ball.


To picture this galactic and terrestrial movement, you can use some free planetariums. There are two that I know of. Stellarium is a program that you can download and install from There is also a planetarium that is based online so there is no software to install. It can be found at

Personally, I usually don’t use either of these online sources because I have installed 3 different professional planetarium software programs on my laptop computers. One is called Redshift 7 and two are from Starry Night. These all do a fine job of picturing the stars, Sun, Moon and planets in relation to the Earth at any given time in history.

Hope this explanation and the free software will be of some help.

As for Planet X, I spent a portion of my last 4 Armageddon shows talking about this proposed planet and the comets headed our way and their possible catastrophic affects on the Earth in the near future. For a good summary of the last 4 shows along with some additional notes on the subject, watch my show tonight at 9 PM EST at:

Until we chat again, God bless you and Maranatha!

Your Sister in Yahshua,

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