Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Shalom Everyone,

I pray that Yahshua will bless your day today with goodness as I share my heart with you all.

As a way of sharing my heart, let me say that I think it odd that so many people assume that the final Antichrist has to be revealed at the start of the Tribulation and before the Rapture. Because it is highly possible that he isn't going to be revealed until after the Rapture. Furthermore, the Antichrist's 42-month or 3-1/2 year reign will more likely coincide with the last three and half years of the Tribulation, not the beginning half!

Interestingly, the first of the 3 Blood Moons marking the year 2011 as the first year of the Tribulation occurred over the sword of Orion, the constellation that signifies Yahshua’s crucifixion and blood sacrifice as well as His coming as a conquering Prince. This Blood Moon may have marked the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation. This is according to the Signs in the Heavens, which are God’s Time Clock - a clock that men can’t tamper with or alter, but only misinterpret.

Besides that, 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 suggests that the one who now restrains - as in Ophiuchus, a Messiah figure representing the work of the Holy Spirit in born-again believers that keeps evil in the world at bay (and the sign in which the Blood Moon of June 15th, 2011 occurred in!) - has to be taken out of the way so that the Antichrist can be revealed and can take control.

“For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.” - 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8

Since the True Church is still here, we can trust Scripture that the Antichrist hasn’t been revealed yet! Furthermore, Yahshua suggested that He would end the Antichrist's reign prematurely or no life would survive his hatred, so it is doubtful that the Antichrist will be in control of the world for a full 42 months.

If this is the case, as the above Scripture suggests, this leaves plenty of room for the Rapture to occur at any time in the near future without us knowing or being able to correctly identify the Antichrist or being worried that the Tribulation hasn’t started yet.

As far as I can see, the Tribulation started on December 21st, 2010, when there was a Blood Moon over the sword of Orion, and ORION IS THE MOST POWERFUL HEAVENLY SYMBOL OF OUR CRUCIFIED AND RESURRECTED MESSIAH that I have ever had the pleasure of deciphering with the Holy Spirit’s help.

This Orion figure that signifies Yahshua shows Him coming to conquer the wicked as a serpent under His feet (because the constellation Lepus the Hare beneath Orion was once seen as a SERPENT!). Furthermore, Orion/Christ wears a belt signifying the three crosses on Calvary and He carries a sword that signifies the truth and power of God’s Word!

Fascinatingly, the constellation Orion is also playing a big role in the Sign of the Cross that has been formed in heaven by four Zodiac signs and celestial bodies this week. This Grand Cross in the heavens will be at its height on July 1st, 2011.

This is the day of the partial Solar Eclipse in Gemini, the sign signifying Yahshua being wedded to His Gentile Bride! Furthermore, Venus will be directly over the sword of Orion that day, and Venus signifies Yahshua as the Morning Star and Light of the World. As someone who is an expert in deciphering the Gospel in the Stars, I believe that this may be the Sign of the Son of Man and a sure sign that the Rapture is not far off. To find out more about my ideas here, please read my newest articles:


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In this article, Helena Lehman expounds on the much misunderstood and deeply mysterious passages in Matthew and Luke that speak of a body, living or dead, and the gathering of eagles or vultures around that body in connection with the Second Coming of Christ. In her deeply penetrating probe, Helena shows that this one sentence spoken by Yahshua is a parable with profound meanings far deeper than many of His much longer parables. However, her probe also reveals that its blatant mistranslation in modern renditions of the Bible may hide a hideously sinister motive.

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In this article, Helena explains the connection of the Sign of the Son of Man with the heavenly signs that Yahshua told believers to pay attention to as the time of His coming neared. Helena particularly focuses on the possibility of a summer Rapture that may be tied to the Grand Cross that will be prominent in Earth’s skies from June 26th through July 12th in 2011 and how there may be signs attached to both the First Rapture and Second Rapture as well as Yahshua’s actual Second Coming that may be intimately tied to the constellation Orion.

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I am NOT claiming that the Rapture will be on July 1st, but that it may very near to this time in heavenly terms. Besides that, the major floods, fires, fissures, sinkholes, hail, earthquakes, nuclear and other disasters hitting this planet in rapid succession ever since 12-21-2010 are proof enough for me that the Tribulation has indeed already begun!

And so I say “Maranatha!” with confidence that the Rapture will be very, very soon!

Yahshua’s coming in the Rapture is imminent, even at the door!

Keep Looking UP!

With Love from Helena