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REVISED Article: The Rapture Connection to the Sign of the Son of Man

Please note two important changes that I just made to my new article entitled “The Rapture Connection to the Sign of the Son of Man”. The two biggest changes to the article and the link to download a new copy of the article are included below.

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The above passage appears immediately after Yahshua mentions the Sign of the Son of Man and the gathering up of His Bride the True Church from the four winds of Heaven. In it, Yahshua says that the coming of the Son of Man will be a surprise upon an unsuspecting world, and - as clearly shown in the Tribulation article that I referred to at the beginning of this article - there is no way that the world will be unsuspecting of Yahshua’s return by the end of the Tribulation! Indeed, there is no way that they will be unsuspecting even fairly early in the Tribulation since the pole shift and crustal displacement that could potentially wipe out billions of people is connected to the opening of the Sixth Seal in Chapter Six of the Book of Revelation. It is also interesting to note here that Satan is the usurper of Christ who now serves as the ruler or prince of this dark world. Satan is therefore the one being referred to in the above Scripture as “the master of the house.” Meanwhile, the thief in this passage is none other than Yahshua our Messiah coming to steal His bride away at night while his enemies are sleeping.

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This massive meteor shower could also be associated with one of several annual meteor showers that are visible in Earth's skies at various times in the year. Significantly, two of the most visible meteor showers annually are the Perseids and Leonids, which are both associated with the Comet Swift-Tuttle. The Perseids radiate outward from the Messianic sign of Perseus the Breaker, which is above the sign of Taurus. These are prominent in late July through mid August every year. Later in the year, around November when Comet Elenin will be prominent in Earth's skies, the Leonid meteorite shower originates in the region of the sky governed by the constellation Leo the Lion that signifies Yahshua coming as a conquering king. Significantly, these two meteor showers both fell between the Solar Eclipse of July 11th, 2010 and the Blood Moon of December 21st, 2010 and were reported to be unusually heavy last year!

Another significant point to consider about the sign of the cross is that just such a sign was drawn in the air with the blood of the lamb onto the doorposts and lintels of Israelite homes that marked them for both deliverance and potential persecution during the first Exodus. It could therefore be that this June 26th thru July 12th sign of a cross drawn in the air with the planets and constellations that are connected to the Person of Christ and the Body and Bride of Christ is indeed intended to be the Sign of the Son of Man that will come before the True Church is taken up to Heaven in the First Rapture and the terrible persecution of the newly won Tribulation Saints that will follow it.

The Rapture Connection to the Sign of the Son of Man

In this article, Helena explains the connection of the Sign of the Son of Man with the heavenly signs that Yahshua told believers to pay attention to as the time of His coming neared. Helena particularly focuses on the possibility of a summer Rapture that may be tied to the Grand Cross that will be prominent in Earth’s skies from June 26th through July 12th in 2011 and how there may be signs attached to both the First Rapture and Second Rapture as well as Yahshua’s actual Second Coming that may be intimately tied to the constellation Orion.

“The Rapture Connection to the Sign of the Son of Man”

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