Tuesday, December 31, 2013


When I consider the Grace of God and Christ's redeeming sacrifice for us all, I have to do it through the lens that God gave me with His indwelling Spirit. One thing that God's Spirit has made clear to me is that I have always had the free will to choose Him or not, and God also has had the free will to redeem me or not, and what this ultimately means is that God knows who among us will truly choose Him and succeed in following Him to the end with the help of His Spirit, and who will not.

Though it deeply saddens God, there are those who may try to choose Him but who will never truly repent and receive the Holy Spirit, will fail miserably at following God's will without the gifts of the Spirit, and will thereby lose the salvation that they NEVER REALLY HAD without the indwelling presence of the Spirit of God, Who is the SEAL guaranteeing our salvation in Christ (See Eph. 1:13 & Eph. 4:3). If we are truly saved, we can and should demonstrate the gifts of the Spirit.

I also know that all of us have some redeeming qualities and good traits that sway God's decisions. In fact, I can identify some of my good traits that God admired, and the wicked traits that God decided to overlook when God chose me to fulfill a special role in His Kingdom. I can also testify that God has been reaching out to me ever since I was a little girl through dreams, visions and other supernatural experiences, and I have been thwarted and abused by people who refused to believe that I was chosen by God for any purpose.

Many of these were people that claimed to be saved and baptized believers, but who have not had any supernatural experiences, and therefore doubt my testimony so much that they have called me a liar, or a lunatic, or both. My point in sharing this is that God definitely chooses who He will reveal Himself to with mercy and love, and in Power and Glory, and who He prefers not to reveal Himself to at all, and this is based as much on God's unmerited favor as it is on our natural inclinations that are admirable enough for God to appreciate.

To find out how Yahweh God has been reaching out to me and attempting to steer me in the right direction toward salvation, justification and sanctification in Yahshua since I was 5 years old, please read my Spiritual Testimony posted at my Pillar of Enoch Ministry web site. The following link leads to this 46-page PDF file that can be downloaded, read in Adobe Reader, or printed and read:

From The Desert To The Promised Land, 
One Person's Journey Of Faith

I also recommend reading a much longer and more detailed treatment of the difference between Grace and Election and Justification versus Sanctification in several more of my POEM Ministry blog articles, as listed below:




As you study these teachings to grow in your faith, may our loving Father God bless you with understanding. Maranatha!

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