Friday, March 01, 2013


A Personal Rebuttal by
Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)

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Not long after I wrote the article entitled “HOW SOMEONE DEFINES GOD MATTERS GREATLY!”, which condemns Mormonism and Islam based on how they define God’s Character, Yahweh God convicted me that I was wrong to carry my highly negative stance toward 2012 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. God did so through a vivid dream, in which He showed me that Mitt Romney is a man with a truly godly character, even if the Mormon theology that he adheres to is terribly skewed on some areas. God did this to try and show me an important point about how He judges people, even those who may not have a full personal relationship with Yahshua and the Holy Spirit yet.

After sharing that dream and its spiritual message on this blog, however, people accused me of being a liar, or said that I must be possessed by a demon if I could endorse Mitt Romney for any reason. After Mitt lost the election, people also accused me of being a false prophet, though I never said that Mitt would win the election when I shared my dream. Unfortunately, due to all the bad press it received, I eventually deleted my blog article about the Mitt Romney dream episode. But I am glad that I failed to delete the article linked to in the first paragraph of this article, so that I could add this much-needed rebuttal to it. 

When I shared my dream about the godly character of Mitt Romney, I never said that he would win, but only that God had shown me that Mitt was a far better choice for US President than Barack Hussein Obama, who would definitely win if most of the conservative base in America failed to vote for Mitt. Unfortunately, the fact that Mormonism teaches some really bad Theology along with the truth of the Gospel led too many Christian conservatives to either not vote at all, or waste their votes by voting for the lesser known candidates - just as I sadly suggested in the above article. 

Nonetheless, I am no longer gullible enough to believe that the voting apparatus in this country isn’t being tampered with. In fact, I have no doubt that Obama won his second term in the White House by such a landslide simply because the Illuminati made sure that he did by tampering with the vote counts in several key states. I also now fully believe that, even though Yahweh God knew that Mitt Romney would NOT win the 2012 US Presidential Election, that He still showed me what the proper response of conservative Americans toward Mitt should have been.

Just as Christians and Messianic Jews should know how to judge a monotheistic religion by how they define the One True God that they purport to follow and worship, they should know how to judge a person by their character, or lack thereof! In the article linked to above that this article is a rebuttal to, I showed how the character of Mormonism is tarnished by bad theology. I thereby showed that, as a purportedly Christian denomination that has cult leanings, Mormonism leaves much to be desired.

But the issue in the 2012 Presidential election shouldn’t have been the serious shortcomings of Mormon Theology, but the personal character of Mitt Romney. In truth, Christian and Messianic Conservatives should have voted for Mitt based on his godly character rather than his theology. They should have judged him BY HIS VALUES, and not deemed him to be unworthy due to his supposed ties to known Illuminati bloodlines, his skewed theology, or the religious links of his Mormon faith with an archaic and less occult-based form of Freemasonry. 

Not that these are areas that we shouldn’t be concerned about, because they seriously matter to God. But if a Mormon or a Freemason believes in the God of the Bible and His Son Yahshua, having ascribed to some bad theology doesn’t mean that the same person can’t have a truly godly character. This is what God showed me in my dream about Mitt, despite the fact that so many Christians and Messianics revile this truth. Even so, this argument doesn’t hold water when dealing with devout Muslims or Orthodox Jews that follow certain Anti-Gentile teachings in the Koran or Talmud - even though they are monotheists. This is because neither faith truly believes that freedom and liberty are God-given principles, and they are both seeking to take over the world, and impose their religious intolerance on everyone.

Nonetheless, too many American Christians and Messianics don’t understand that God judges us by our character more so than our theology or our bloodline, and that is why many of them will be left behind when the Rapture happens. Too many believers are not only proclaiming a false Calvinistic Gospel of Cheap Grace, but are living as though repentance from sin doesn’t matter. Too many are refusing to preach against sin, and too many fail to see that they are potentially sending a person to Hell by failing to do this. In fact, their refusal to tell sinners to repent and turn away from their sins against God is NOT an act of pure love, but of pure hate and ignorance!

Without assessing someone’s moral character on a person by person basis, many believers are also condemning those who consider themselves to be Christians if they adhere to any disturbing or challenging doctrinal differences from the mainstream. Though it is often overlooked, the Bible teaches that a person’s character does have a good deal to do with determining whether they will be able to dwell in God’s Kingdom or not one day. It is most clearly shown in Psalm 15:

~*~ Psalm 15 ~*~
The Character of Those Who May Dwell with Yahshua,
or Adonai, per the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB).

A Psalm of David.

“Adonai, who can rest in your tent?
Who can live on your holy mountain?
2 Those who live a blameless life,
who behave uprightly,
who speak truth from their hearts
3 and keep their tongues from slander;
who never do harm to others
or seek to discredit neighbors;
4 who look with scorn on the vile,
but honor those who fear Adonai;
who hold to an oath, no matter the cost;
5 who refuse usury when they lend money
and refuse a bribe to damage the innocent.
Those who do these things
never will be moved.”

Note that this psalm very clearly says that the ability to dwell with Yahweh God on His Holy Mountain in the New Jerusalem is based on ones’ character, NOT on ones’ theology! Nowhere in this psalm does it say that a person must give tithes, attend Church regularly, or read the Bible often. It speaks only of someone who possesses an unyielding moral uprightness and truly kind, loving, merciful and honorable character. This type of character is taught and sought in the pages of the Bible, but is rarely encountered in people unless they are born-again by the Spirit of God.

Nonetheless, this kind of character can be achieved by people who are familiar with, and have a hearty respect for the teachings of the Bible, even if their theology is a bit skewed in some areas. But for this to be true, they must understand and accept the Gospel message, which is that we all need to accept the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross for our sins, and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit to find healing and forgiveness. To their credit, despite their bad Theology in other areas, Mormons do faithfully teach this core truth, and those who accept it can and often do find salvation in Christ - despite the other beliefs of their church that are not in agreement with the Bible.

Before the 2012 election, through the writings of others, God showed me that Mormons tend to be true winners in the godly character department, even if their theology is questionable, or is outright wrong in some key areas. In fact, Mormons tend to live far more godly lives than the majority of Christians, and most of them take the Gospel surrounding the teachings of Christ very seriously. As part of their devotion, they abstain from sex outside of marriage, and avoid addictive substances of all kinds like coffee and alcohol. They also preach against abortion and homosexuality. Their religious graphic artists such as Greg Olsen are virtually unparalleled, and their Christian teachings are also clearly in evidence on the holidays of Easter and Christmas, which they rightly and often gloriously celebrate - along with the rest of both Orthodox and Apostate Christianity.

Politically, devout Mormons are true conservatives, and they are highly motivated to remain so. Part of the reason why they love the US Constitution and the United States of America so much, and teach this love to their children, is because they can freely worship God as they choose here, without fear of severe persecution. Of course, this last election proved that most conservative Americans do not value that religious freedom granted in the US Constitution as highly as Mitt Romney, who was heavily persecuted for his beliefs - even though the product of those beliefs are mostly in line with universal, non-religious conservative values.

The sad truth is that Mormons probably understand better than most Christians and Messianics that America’s Constitution was designed to govern a nation under God, meaning one that is governed by the morality of the Bible. Unlike many conservatives, they also understand that our Constitution is wholly inadequate to govern a nation that is in complete rebellion and anarchy against God - like so many young people in America are today.

Due to this, teaching biblical morality through legislation has become a necessary evil. But it can only temporarily serve to preserve our freedom under the Constitution as the divide between the righteous sheep and the unrighteous goats deepens. Under President Obama, the trend against legislating morality seems to have deepened beyond repair, and this factor is part of the reason for the great political divide in America, which is also a necessary evil as God sifts through the populations of the world, and weeds out the useless tares from among the choice wheat. It also spells America’s certain doom - unless there is a major national spiritual revival before the Tribulation’s final Battle of Armageddon in Israel’s Valley of Megiddo.  

Thankfully, God has shown me that the First Rapture of the saints will bring this great revival about, and many Americans will survive to see the Second Coming of Christ after the Rapture due to their strong desire to express their spiritual liberty, and stay free from all political oppression. For this reason, America WILL figure prominently in End Time Prophecy, and it will never be fully destroyed. Its current wicked administration and their followers WILL be destroyed, but not that part of the nation that loves the US Constitution, which is fully based on the biblical principles of freedom and liberty that Yahshua and the Apostle Paul repeatedly taught.

I fully believe that a blessed revival in America is coming after the Rapture, and due to it, God has shown me that America will NOT cease to exist as a nation! It WILL be invaded, attacked, and gravely wounded, but it will never FALL to the Antichrist. Those left behind after the Rapture that come to Christ will fight the Antichrist until Yahshua’s Second Coming, and many of them will cry tears of joy when they see the arrival of their True King and His Bride! Praise God for that!

As for the Mormons in America and abroad, I have no doubt that many of them will be among the Tribulation Saints that will witness the Second Coming of Christ. Regardless of all the bad press that they receive, Mormons are NOT completely evil because the King James Version of the Bible has ALWAYS been one of their core religious documents, and the US Constitution that is based on that same Bible is their chosen political platform. I also have no doubt that many of them will finally know the full truth of the Gospel, will develop a true and loving relationship with Christ, and will find their place in the Kingdom of God and Christ one day.

But that won’t happen unless they hear the True Gospel of Yahshua Ha Mashiach and His Kingdom from those of us who know Christ personally, and love Him above all else! So please get out there and start preaching to your Mormon neighbors and all the others that you know who are spiritually lost whenever you can, and while there is still time, because Yahshua is coming very soon! 

As for the arrival of that day, I truly long for it! Maranatha!