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By Helena Lehman of the 
Pillar of Enoch Ministry (POEM)

Recently, Yahweh God showed me that there are three steps to effective Evangelism consisting of three distinct sections in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that prepare others to be ready for the Kingdom of God, and to be ready to receive the love, forgiveness and Grace of God. These three sections of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God are the Gospel of Repentance, the Gospel of Justification, and the Gospel of Sanctification. Understanding and accepting these three Gospel steps guarantee that true disciples of Christ will be ready for the First Rapture, as well as the right to rule and reign with Yahshua during the Millennial Kingdom of God on Earth. Simply stated, these are the three steps that Evangelists need to follow to lead others to Salvation in Christ effectively:
1) Disciples love sinners that are not yet saved by the Blood of Christ by preaching the GOSPEL OF REPENTANCE to them like John the Baptist did. This gospel convicts people of the filthiness of their sin, and their need for God’s forgiveness. Just as John the Baptist did, we must get baptized by water because it is an acknowledgment of our sinfulness and need for repentance, and also of our need to die to sin and live righteously.
2) Those who have heard and accepted the Gospel of Repentance are ready to hear the GOSPEL OF SALVATION VIA JUSTIFICATION, which is to accept the blood sacrifice of the Son of God Yahshua, Who is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the whole world.  Only Yahshua or Jesus can forgive and wash away all of our sins, and destroy its condemnation, freeing us to love and serve Him by filling us with His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit allows us to be born again so that we can be spiritually regenerated in Christ’s image.
3) After that, repentant sinners that are being regenerated by the Holy Spirit are ready to hear the GOSPEL OF SANCTIFICATION needed for ENTERING THE KINGDOM, where there is no condemnation. The reason that there is no condemnation at this stage is because the repentance required, and the needed spiritual regeneration have already been done by those who are ready to enter God’s Kingdom. 
In a nutshell, Evangelists need to remember to teach that Repentance MUST come before Justification, and Sanctification MUST come before Kingship can be bestowed upon us by the King of kings. 

Are you saved? Do you know what it means to repent and be saved? Do you want to know how to tell others how to repent and be saved? Then watch this short video, which beautifully presents the Gospel of Repentance and the Gospel of Salvation together:

What Must I Do To Be Saved?
If you have taken the first steps to salvation in Christ recently, or even if you are an old veteran to the faith like me, this next video will speak to your heart in a powerful way. It faithfully delivers the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and gives the ultimate reasons why we need Yahshua to be our Messiah so desperately, and what our reward for following Him is now, and one day will be: 

Eric Ludy - The Gospel (of the Kingdom!)

Oh, for the riches of the glory of the Kingdom of God!!! Thank you so much for counting us worthy, Adonai Yahshua! Just so that you know, I seriously lost my composure watching the above video. It literally made me weep! The reason it did is because it made me remember how much our Triune God Yahweh loves us, and why He sent His Son Yahshua to save us! Yahweh is such a loving, awesome, perfect and generous Being! He deserves all of our love, worship and praise forever! Hallelu-Yah!

(Update Added Sept. 2014) To deepen your understanding of the Three Gospel Steps, I wrote another article in September of 2013 that clarifies what the Kingdom of God is like and the process of Sanctification and the rewards attached to each. I did this by using the threefold construction of the ancient Temple of God in Jerusalem as an example of the spiritual divisions and levels of priestly and royal service that are found among the saints in the Kingdom of God. Here is the title and link to it:


The article linked to above uses the physical layout of the Temple in Jerusalem to clarify what each of the three steps in the Gospel message does in relation our level of sanctification, and our rewards in the Kingdom of God. Please read this article for greater insight into what you need to do to secure your desired place in the Kingdom of God. (End of Update)

Now that you know the three stages of the Gospel of the Kingdom or the three Gospel steps to leading others to faith in Christ, let me emphasize the fact that time is quickly running out for the unsaved and unrepentant wicked on this Earth today, and our Messiah Yahshua is coming back very soon. To bring this point home, I have provided one more video taped by a fellow minister of Christ.  

In this Aloha Bible Prophecy News Update, Pastor JD Farag of Hawaii talks about the prophetic significance of the many signs in the heavens and on the Earth that are symbolically announcing that our Messiah Yahshua is coming very soon for His Bride, the True Church. 

Mid-East Prophecy Update - March 10th, 2013

As the time of the First Rapture, and the coming Sudden Destruction draws ever nearer, we all need to be spiritually ready to accompany our Bridegroom Yahshua to Heaven, or even believers could be in danger of being left behind. I’ve included links to some great POEM Blog posts that decipher the truth of the Rapture and Yahshua’s Gospel message to those who want to be included in it that were hidden in two of His Parables: the Parable of the Ten Virgins, and the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares:

Article 1: POEM Blog Article: Deciphering the Parable of the Ten Virgins - Excerpt: The Parable of the Ten Virgins found in Matthew 25:1-13 is deceptively simple in its subject matter, but surprisingly hard for many to understand because it must be viewed both literally and allegorically to derive the full meaning of the text. Yet, in regard to making correct deductions in the study of End Times Bible Prophecy or Eschatology, it is crucial to understand this Parable from both points of view. 

POEM Blog Article: Deciphering the Parable of the Ten Virgins

Article 2: IMPORTANT STUDY OF THE PARABLE OF THE WHEAT AND THE TARES:  - Excerpt: After reading it, it should be clear that this Parable is teaching that the Church is NOT exempt from judgment. In fact, the sifting process of dividing out the bad tares from the good wheat in the final harvest before the Millennial Kingdom of Yahshua is going on within the Church just as it is in the world at large. This is because, even as the Protestant Churches have grown in wisdom and truth over the past two centuries, the Devil has been busy sowing God’s enemies within as well as outside of the Church, as well as in the much younger Messianic Synagogues!

POEM Blog Article: The Spiritual Wisdom
Hidden in the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares

I pray that these articles from the Pillar of Enoch Ministry will be a big blessing to you. In the meantime, please ask Yahweh God for forgiveness of all known sins, let go of all bitterness, hatred and unforgiveness, and cling to Christ’s Cross as we await the Rapture. Especially remember to consciously forgive all those in your life who hurt you, and need to be forgiven so that God will forgive all that you need to be forgiven for. Let go of all sin, and let God take care of your needs by asking Him for help frequently in prayer. 

Don’t be afraid to go before God’s Throne of Grace whenever you need help. After all, once you accept Yahshua as your Bridegroom and King, His Father, who is God Almighty, is your Father too, and He can do all things for those who love Him and are not afraid to ask! Trust Yahweh, and He will answer you! If this article has convicted you of your sins and your need for salvation through Christ, please find a quiet place to sit or kneel and humbly read the following prayer aloud to God:

Heavenly Father Yahweh, Thank you for sending your only begotten Son Yahshua to die on the Cross for my sins. Without His precious blood that He shed for the forgiveness of sin covering me, I now know that I would have had to perish in Hell forever. I am deeply grateful for being spared from everlasting damnation, and I am truly sorry for all of my sins against You. I hereby ask You to send me Your Holy Spirit to dwell inside of my heart and guide me on how best to love and follow You. Please forgive me for all of my sins against You and against my neighbors, help me to make amends to those whom I have hurt, and help me not to continue to sin.
Please change my heart and help me to flee from sin and show self-control when tempted. Please break every curse that my former life of sin has heaped upon me and my family, and cast every demon that could keep me enslaved to sin into the Abyss, in Yahshua's Name! Also please help me to gradually remove and discard every object in, and aspect of my life that could possibly hold me back from receiving Your full pardon and Your spiritual gifts. 
Heavenly Father, I surrender all that I am, and all that I can be, to You. Please use me and my gifts in any way that You choose to further Your Kingdom, for it is no longer I who wish to live, but I want Christ to live in me and help me to be sanctified by Him. Please help me to grow in Christ to become a New Creation in You that is worthy of salvation and forgiveness. Also help me to remain in your humble service, now and forever! In Yahshua's Name, Amen! 
After saying this prayer, it is important to get yourself a copy of the Bible and make an effort to read through and study the whole book whenever you can find time to do so. Also pray every time you read the Bible and ask God to reveal what these Scriptures mean and how to apply them to your life. Finally, if it is possible, seek the company of like-minded believers in Christ, and fellowship with them on a regular basis. 

Though it would be good if this fellowship was found in a Church, this is not always possible. Therefore, seek to regularly find fellowship in the home of another believer, or online also at one or more of the Social networks like Facebook or Twitter, as I do. Also, if you have any questions about tough issues that you are dealing with that are keeping you from living a godly life, never hesitate to seek the opinions and prayers of other believers to help you in your quest to devote the rest of your life to serving Christ and furthering His Kingdom of Love and Grace. 




God bless you all in Yahshua! Maranatha! 

Get Ready, Yahshua is coming very soon!


Helena Lehman is a Bible Scholar and the Author 
of The Language of God Book Series: A
comprehensive Biblical reference work
containing over 2800 pages in 4 volumes.
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  1. This film so blessed me - just very powerful and ripped my heart out once again. I was saved when I was 11 years old. I have become more Christ like over time. I am 54 years old now. I am so ashamed to say that I have taken advantage of the blood. Sometimes I actually allow the temptation of sin to over take me.....and yet I could have turned away. I ask for your prayers to remain strong and defiant against the evil one who so boldly tempts me. I as you to pray for my weakness as I continue to become more Christ like everyday. Again - thank you so much for this film. I have shared it on FB and I pray that it blesses many more!!!


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