Sunday, March 24, 2013

Date-Setting, Earmark of the Bride of Christ

By Helena Lehman of the
Pillar of Enoch Ministry

I think skepticism is a virtue when it is backed by curiosity and a true desire to know. That’s what got me started on my quest to read the Bible. It wanted to find all the glaring errors in it, and to expose them. But instead, I found layer upon layer of richness, beauty and truthfulness, and I came to the conclusion that only God could have inspired it.

Once we arrive at this conclusion, believe in Christ, and fall head over heels in love with God, we can become a little overzealous in our love of and desire for God and His Son and Spirit because of the disgusting sinfulness of this world, and the incredibly ugly wickedness of mankind. It can get those of us who love God more than the world so down that, in order to keep our sanity, we tend to focus on the hereafter rather than the here and now. These are the ones who fall into the infamous camp of “date setters”.

Some of these date setters, such as myself, eventually develop the good sense to not view any date with absolute certainty, and we learn to declare that only God truly knows the day and hour so that no one could possibly get their hopes up so high that they crash and burn when the dates pass with no Rapture. But even when we don’t, it should be abundantly clear to anyone who studies our work that we are not trying to “hurt the Body of Christ”. In fact, in my opinion, the only believers we could possibly hurt are the fence-sitters who are so lukewarm and shallow in their love for God that they shouldn’t even be associated with the Body of Christ!

The truth is that we “date setters” are a great asset to the many believers who are like us - the ones who have had enough of this world, and who long for the purity, perfection, health, beauty and love of our Bridegroom. We are the beloved Watchmen (and women!) on the walls and towers of our Spirit-led vantage points above this world. For those who long for Christ, our wistful look at possible future dates for the Rapture is not viewed as a grievous sin, but a sign of devotion to, love for, and fealty to God in a future wife who loves her Betrothed and greatly desires to attend the Wedding of the Lamb.

So woe to those who witness all this love and desire for God, but see only “date setting”! These skeptics are walking on dangerous ground, because their derision and dislike of Christ’s Bride is tantamount to hatred rather than agape love. For this reason, their derision is one of the biggest affronts to our Father God Yahweh, who sees the love and zealousness of the Bride of Christ and her Five Wise Virgin attendants as beautiful and desirable, and a light-filled treasure above all others.

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’”
~*~ Rev. 22:17 ~*~

Yahshua is coming SOON! Maranatha!

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