Monday, September 10, 2012


By Helena Lehman of the Pillar of Enoch Ministry

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that you read my own rebuttal against this article that was added on March 1st, 2013. A link to it follows a line of asterisks at the conclusion of this article. Thank you for your understanding, and please forgive me for the confusion. God isn't through with me yet, and sometimes I see as in a glass, darkly!

Though it should be perfectly clear, many people don’t seem to think that how someone defines the one Creator God and His Son matters! In fact, how a religion DEFINES GOD determines what sort of “god” they worship. What people say about their god determines whether it is a false or little god, or the One True God. If this is true, then why do people constantly say that the Mormon god or the Muslim god is the same as the Christian God when the truth is that both the Muslim and Mormon theological definitions for our Messiah Yahshua or Jesus, and Yahweh God the Father in Heaven are almost COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from traditional Protestant Christian and Messianic Theology?

To the Mormons, for example, God the Father is a glorified man who became a god, and Yahshua and Lucifer or Satan were his sons that he fathered through sexual union with his wife. Thus, Mormons believe that God the Father has sex and Yahshua and Satan were BROTHERS! They also believe that Yahshua is a glorified man made into a god by living a perfect life. In addition, each Mormon man believes that he will become another Savior God like Christ if they live a perfect life according to Mormon doctrine. This means that Mormons are works-oriented rather than Grace-oriented in their view of salvation, and they also think that all Mormons are little gods being made into bigger gods! Also, the Muslims don’t see Yahshua or “Issa” as divine at all, but only as a lesser prophet than Mohammed!

However, in Christian and Messianic Theology, all mankind is mortal and separate from God due to sin, and no one is equal to God the Father in Power or Glory except Yahshua or Jesus! This is because Yahshua is God’s One and Only Son. Therefore, NO ONE IS LIKE YAHSHUA IN GLORY OR POWER EXCEPT FOR HIS FATHER YAHWEH GOD! The Bible declares that Yahshua is God Incarnate, whereas Lucifer or Satan is a Fallen Archangel, which means that Yahshua and Lucifer could NEVER have been literal, physical brothers! So don’t you dare declare the Mormon god or the Muslim god to be the same as the Christian God, because THEY AREN’T - BY DEFINITION!

So, regarding the coming election of the US President in November 2012, remember that there are other Presidential candidates. For example, I’m voting for Ron Paul if he runs as an Independent! Please forget Romney, who is NOT a Christian. In fact, IF he wins, Romney may bring even more ruin on America than Obama because he thinks he is a god already, whereas Obama, if he is a Muslim, would view declaring himself to be GOD as a terrible blasphemy! Remember that the ANTICHRIST will declare himself to be GOD, and that - unfortunately - is easy for a Mormon to do since all Mormons think that they are gods in the making already.

End of My Original, Flawed Article, in which I was talking like the judgmental and self-righteous Pharisee I was at the time. I am deeply ashamed of how self righteous I was, but want to leave this terrible lapse in good judgment online so that others can see what a true minister of God's Word needs to do when God shows them that they have made a bad judgment call and said some very foolish things that are contrary to God's Word in the Bible. Please read my rebuttal linked to below to see how God truly feels about Muslims and Jews and other Non-Christians, and how He will judge them.

My Rebuttal of March 1st, 2013: 

In this REVISED AND UPDATED ARTICLE entitled: “GOD JUDGES PEOPLE BY THEIR MORAL CHARACTER!”, I explain why I believe that our Heavenly Father shows great mercy and forgiveness even to those who do not know or believe in His Son Yahshua, and He will also show great compassion and mercy when He judges all people by their individual character and their personal works at the time of the Last Judgment.