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The Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius on August 29th, 2020
PLEASE NOTE: I posted my Photo and the Astronomy Program screenshot shown in this article on Facebook in early September, but have not been well enough to post it on my POEM Ministry blog until now. Please forgive the delay. 
For those who have been watching the Heavenly Signs as an indication of where we are on God's Prophetic Calendar, take a look at these photos that I took, and the Astronomy program screenshots that I made of this long-standing 2020 Heavenly line up of Saturn signifying Christ's many Crowns (that Satan has partially and temporarily stolen), and Jupiter or the symbol of Christ as our Suffering High Priest and Kinsman Redeemer. I took these photos of the Moon in Capricorn and the planets Saturn and Jupiter in Sagittarius on the night of Saturday, August 29th, 2020. Here is a screenshot of my Astronomy Program App on my phone showing the exact locations of the Moon and planets and surrounding stars on that night: 

The Signs in the Night Sky on August 29th, 2020 via the SkyPortal App 
Interestingly, Sagittarius the Archer signifies Christ's Return as the Conquering King depicted in the Book of Revelation Chapter 19. Furthermore, massive Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System, followed by Saturn, and they both pertain to different roles that our Messiah Yahshua has already partially fulfilled. Although Yahshua is the King of kings and Avenger of Blood that is signified by Saturn, he temporarily had His rightful place in this world stolen by Lucifer or Satan, who is posing as an angel of light to deceive the whole world. 

Taken together, the constellation Sagittarius and the planets Saturn and Jupiter are all pointing to major roles in our redemption that only Yahshua could fulfill. After His death and Resurrection, Yahshua had already served as our Kinsmen Redemer and this is therefore a clear Prophetic Sign that Yahshua's return to rescue His beleaguered, expectant Bride is very near! So Keep Looking UP! 🙏💖🤩

I'll be writing more about this amazing sign soon! Stay tuned!

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